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GemPages and Appstle Subscriptions to Announce Third-Party Integration Partnership

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Gempages Appstle

GemPages is delighted to announce our partnership with Appstle Subscriptions as a third-party integration partner. 

Appstle Subscriptions allows customers and business owners to customize their subscriptions according to their requirements. Additionally, its performance tracker feature provides a convenient way for sellers to stay updated on their business status.

This collaboration surely brings a powerful subscription management tool to GemPages users, unlocking new possibilities for their businesses. 

How Can the Integration of GemPages with Appstle Benefit You?

The integration of GemPages with Appstle Subscriptions will provide you with the tools you need to supercharge your subscription growth:

  • Create subscription offers that convert in just a few clicks. Build-a-box, bundling offers, upsells, tiered discounts, you name it.
  • Reduce customer churn with flexible subscriptions, free product offers, discounts, and seamless integration into your Shopify store.
  • Maximize profit and achieve efficiency with inventory management controls, customizable billing options, and bulk automation.

With GemPages and Appstle Subscriptions, building store pages, automating billing, simplifying the purchasing journey, and increasing recurring revenue are all at your fingertips.

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About Appstle Subscriptions

Appstle Subscriptions is one of the most preferred apps for subscriptions businesses or businesses that use subscriptions as one of their business models. Ranking number one, it is the only five-star app in the subscriptions category. The app currently supports more than 8000 Shopify businesses across industries.

Amongst its most talked about features is Appstle’s 24x7x365 product and customer support. Merchants can receive quick and efficient solutions to any problems on the site directly from 24x7x365 available merchant success team members.

Appstle Subscriptions’ key features:

  • Supports different types of subscription models
  • Self-managed subscriptions for customers
  • Targeted upselling
  • Multi-tier discounts
  • Custom shipping
  • Dunning and cancellation
  • Merchants can create and manage different types of subscription plans
  • Seamless migration from other apps
  • Personalized email notifications for customers
  • Auto billing for subscription products
  • A real-time product performance tracker

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About GemPages

GemPages is a one-stop storefront customization solution for multiple eCommerce platforms. Named in the top 3 Shopify page builders, GemPages empowers e-sellers to design and optimize their stores effortlessly with intelligent and intuitive features. The company has helped over 165,000 merchants build sales-boosting and stunning stores and is en route to transforming the global eCommerce industry.  

GemPages key features: 

  • All page types are customizable: Home, Product, Collection, FAQ, Blog Posts, and Landing Pages
  • AI implementation to instantly generate layouts from a reference
  • Stunning mobile-friendly templates that work with the latest Shopify themes
  • Conversion-driven elements that utilize FOMO: Countdown Timer, Stock Counter, etc.
  • Customize blocks and elements with advanced options: Animations, Flow actions, etc.
  • Automate content updates & build efficiently: Page Scheduling, Template Saving

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The integration of Appstle Subscriptions with GemPages provides store owners with a comprehensive solution to increase their recurring revenue by empowering subscription plans. Try Appstle Subscriptions out today and experience the seamless integration for yourself.

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