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GemPages x Heatmap: Third-Party Integration

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GemPages vs Heatmap

Gempages is thrilled to announce a new exciting integration! Welcome Heatmap - the world's first revenue-tracking heat map for eCommerce - to our partner network.

With the power of GemPages and Heatmap, you can now build a stunning and high-converting storefront while gaining a comprehensive overview of its performance through detailed data analysis. 

Let’s maximize your store's potential and drive your revenue by checking the details below!

How Can The Integration of GemPages with Heatmap Benefit You?

If you're searching for a heat map that provides in-depth data analysis to identify revenue-generating elements or conversion obstacles on your website, you've likely encountered numerous heat maps that merely track clicks. However, clicks do not mean revenue! Don't worry, Heatmap is here to address all your concerns.

How can benefit GemPages users

Heatmap is the only heat map in the world with revenue & AI insights to increase your revenue. When you add Heatmap snippets on your site you can easily:

  • Visualize Revenue Data on your website 
  • Increase conversion rate by understanding what elements drive conversion and how much revenue comes from each. 
  • Get insights into what are Conversion Killers or Revenue Drivers on your site. 
  • Analyze your website with all your core e-commerce metrics in mind: Average Order Value, Revenue, Click through rate 
  • Build a higher conversion brand that listens to what customers are responding to.
  • Make better web optimization decisions using click and revenue data. 

About Heatmap

Heatmap, the world's first revenue-tracking heat map for eCommerce, helps performance focused brands uncover what elements on their website are revenue drivers or conversion killers. Paired with our AI insights, brands are able to understand their website traffic and how to optimize their website to convert more customers. Our platform-agnostic approach allows you to leverage the power of heat map no matter your platform. You can do all of this with a few simple steps, making it easy to start the migrating solutions like Clarity or Hotjar.

Heatmap key features:

  • Visualize revenue on your website.
  • Provide true data that you can take action on.
  • Identify revenue drivers and conversation killers with AI.

About GemPages

GemPages is a one-stop storefront customization solution for multiple eCommerce platforms. Named in the top 3 Shopify page builders, GemPages empowers e-sellers to create, customize and optimize their stores effortlessly with an AI-powered feature and intuitive elements. The company has helped over 165,000 merchants build sales-boosting and stunning stores with less code and is en route to transforming the global eCommerce industry.   

GemPages key features: 

  • All page types: Home, Product, Collection, FAQ, Blog Posts, and Landing Pages
  • Stunning mobile-friendly templates that work with the latest Shopify themes
  • Conversion-driven elements that utilize FOMO: Countdown Timer, Stock Counter, etc.
  • Customize blocks and elements with advanced options: Animations, Flow actions, etc.
  • Automate content updates & build efficiently: Page Scheduling, Template Saving

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With the numerous benefits to your business, you’ve likely interested in using GemPages and Heatmap.

All you need to do is have both apps connected! Why not take a try today and experience our combined benefits firsthand?

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