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GemPages Exciting Updates: Faster, Smoother & Closer to “Built for Shopify”

GemPages Team
5 minutes read
GemPages Exciting Updates

In this article, we would like to share some exciting news about GemPages’ latest updates released on December 6, 2023 for a smoother user experience. 

Let’s get down to business and check out what you are getting with it.

Newly Integrated Dashboard with Shopify Admin

Updated GemPages dashboard

New GemPages dashboard embedded with Shopify Admin.

GemPages' upgraded dashboard, in sync with the Polaris design system, now integrates seamlessly with Shopify admin. This integration allows you to manage GemPages' pages without leaving the familiar Shopify interface, ensuring a cohesive and efficient page-building and customization experience.

Furthermore, we've optimized page loading speed, meeting Shopify App Bridge standards. This optimization facilitates seamless navigation and smooth page customization without delays. You can save time, enhance work efficiency, and unleash your creative ideas hassle-free.

Quick Access to the Theme Section Feature

Shortcut to the Theme section featureQuick access to the Theme section feature on the GemPages dashboard.

GemPages introduces a helpful shortcut at the top of its updated dashboard, guiding users straight to the Theme Section feature. This way, users can save time searching for the feature and use it more conveniently. 

Tailored Page Creation for Different Use Cases

Templates categorized by specific needs

GemPages now offers templates that are suitable for your specific requirements. 

GemPages introduces additional commonly used page types in this update, expanding beyond the previous five options. By choosing your specific purpose first, GemPages then suggests templates that perfectly align with your needs, whether designing product pages or creating click-through landing pages for marketing campaigns. This improvement can produce more precise results for your pages or eCommerce business.

Easy Page Import and Export Functionality

Page export feature

The page export feature is now available on GemPages.

While not yet released, the new Page Import/Export feature is regarded as a highly anticipated addition that will bring immense value to GemPages users in the coming weeks. 

With this feature, you can save all your hard work on your computer (local machines), ensuring your pages remain safe and accessible whenever needed. Also, it will let you make copies of your stores to test new ideas or sell in different parts of your company without hassle.

For those looking to grow their business in new markets, this feature will be a real-time-saver.  It will help duplicate successful page designs across multiple stores, facilitating growth while keeping your brand consistent.

Accelerated, Seamless, and Enhanced Page Building Today!

GemPages has rolled out impactful updates for a smoother, more user-friendly page-building experience. Try out these enhancements and see how they change how you build pages. Since our goal is to constantly enhance your eCommerce journey, stay tuned for more incredible updates ahead.

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