Backbone Swag is an online apparel brand selling clothes and accessories, designed by its owner, Justin Wegner. Backbone Swag offers both the ability to buy limited items one at a time or to join a subscription service and receive new freshly designed t-shirts each month.
Texas, US
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Entrepreneur, Justin Wegner, knows that when it comes to eCommerce the smallest features can sometimes make the biggest difference.

The best ideas are often born of necessity

Backbone Swag was just a side hustle for Justin Wegner in addition to his main job as a photographer. But when Covid-19 hit, and photography was no longer an option, he threw himself into his t-shirt business. A move that brought this young entrepreneur great success.

At the heart of this full-throttle approach was a subscription service whereby customers would receive a t-shirt each month for a fee. 

Get an exclusive T-shirt delivered to your door each and every month

Now, buying t-shirts online is a universal concept, subscription services, however, are relatively unknown when it comes to fashion. 

Justin recognized that he would need to educate his customers and to do that he would need a landing page that explained the subscription model and why it was worth signing up to.

Once his potential customers understood the service and had an easy way to subscribe, his theory was that online subscriptions would surge. 

As a photographer and designer, Justin had a clear idea of how the subscription page should look. However, he was not given enough options to customize the page to his specific needs with the default Shopify. 

The search for a solution

Justin didn't want to mess around with Shopify code. He wanted something quick and easy and decided to look for a page builder. 

Design eye-catching pages at ease without messing around with code

After careful consideration, he decided that GemPages was the best fit for his needs due to its flexibility, intuitiveness, and efficacy.

First and foremost, the flexibility gave him a sense of control.

Before GemPages, Justin was limited by whatever his Shopify theme had. With GemPages, however, that burden was lifted and he was able to customize Backbone Swag to his specific needs. 

"I customized blocks, modified the text, changed the images and button colors. If I wanted to add something to the template, I gave it a try," he said. 

Customize all design elements to maintain brand consistency across the entire site.

Moreover, creating a page with GemPages was a very straightforward process, and he intuitively knew what needed to be done. 

"If I wanted to add spacing on the top. Cool! I added twenty pixels and I could see the changes immediately," he said.

Justin said GemPages enabled him to design his subscription page on the fly, including editing multiple pages all at once and creating a template he could assign to different pages. 

Last but not least, using the GemPages app saved him a lot of time and effort. 

He says Backbone Swag was up and running within an hour. This was in stark contrast to the 30 to 40 hours he had spent customizing his Shopify theme the first time around. That 30 to 40 hours that he saved, he says, could then be spent on the things that matter, like his sales strategy or quality time with his family. 

Making money around the clock

Justin says he now makes money in his sleep. Something he had only ever dreamed of, and it was all thanks to one little feature in one remarkable app–GemPages.

Since his subscription landing page was first launched, the conversion rate on his subscription service has increased by 2% monthly. More importantly, it brings in customers who stay anywhere from six to 12 months, Justin says

From such a small idea, Justin has built something remarkable and you can too. With a broad range of features that allow you to customize your eCommerce store to the fullest, GemPages is the all-in-one app you need to grow your business and your sales.