Blue Coolers is a manufacturer of high-end, heavy-duty 10-day ice coolers and other outdoor products for both wholesale and direct consumers through Shopify.
Ice coolers, outdoor products
United States
Thousands of thousands dollars
saved on storefront design
Years using GemPages to build a thriving business
Marcus Sorensen - CEO at Blue Coolers' quote about GemPages

The Seller: Blue Coolers - Making Adventures More Enjoyable

Blue Coolers is a manufacturer of high-end, heavy-duty 10-day ice coolers and various outdoor products. Their product line caters to adventure seekers and families who value quality and durability. They operate with a dual sales model, supplying both wholesale and directly to consumers through their Shopify store, which plays a significant role in their business. Their mission is clear - empowering customers to "get out and enjoy the journey" alongside their loved ones.

Founded in 2019, Blue Coolers has experienced steady growth in the outdoor gear market.  Their recent acquisition of Cactus Sports further strengthens their position in the industry and expands their product offerings.

screen capture of blue coolers homepage

Blue Coolers’ homepage gives off a professional image and showcases the founders’ passion for outdoor activities

The Challenge: Limited Resources to Build a Fully Customized Storefront

While establishing its online presence, Blue Coolers desired a professional, brand-centric website. However, Marcus Sorensen - CEO of Blue Coolers, acknowledged the financial limitations of their company in the early days:

"We knew we wanted a professional customer-facing website that would tell the story of our brand. And we didn't have thousands and thousands of dollars to build that ourselves or to hire somebody to do it."

The lack of initial capital restricted their options for building a fully customized website. Blue Coolers needed a solution that balanced affordability with the ability to showcase their brand effectively.

Eventually, the leading provider of outdoor products discovered GemPages, a drag-and-drop page builder designed for Shopify as an optimal solution to their obstacle. 

The Solution: GemPages to Maximize Facebook Ad Spend & Craft a Premium Online Presence

Effortless Customization for Effective Brand Storytelling

We had to look for tools through the Shopify store that could help us accomplish that, and GemPages was a big part of that process, allowing us to build customized pages that had a professional look and would tell the story of our brand and products that we wanted to tell.

- CEO at Blue Coolers.

Initially, the Blue Coolers team used Shopify’s standard templates but they didn’t allow them to achieve the desired level of flexibility and creative direction for customizing product pages and landing pages - two of the most important types of sales pages.  

GemPages, the top-ranked drag-and-drop Shopify page builder, proved to be the answer.  The app offered a wide range of design options and functionalities, allowing Blue Coolers to tailor their online store and landing pages to their unique brand identity. 

Marcus also highlighted GemPages' customization flexibility compared to other page builders.

"We are trying to place text, images, and fonts in certain places on the page," he said, "GemPages gave us a lot of flexibility to do some of those things."

This level of control over design elements allowed Coolers to position key information and visuals, ensuring their brand message resonated clearly.

Let’s take Blue Coolers’ product pages for an example. Their design strategically uses blue, their brand color, to create a cohesive experience. Additionally, persuasive elements like trust badges, relevant testimonials, a well-defined product benefit section, and a comprehensive FAQ section work together to convince potential customers.

screen capture of blue coolers product page

Blue Coolers’ product pages are built and customized with GemPages

Blue Coolers also found GemPages’ Editor and Dashboard high performing and intuitive. Such a minimal learning curve was crucial for Coolers, allowing them to get their brand story out there quickly and efficiently.

Increased Conversions & Optimized Facebook Ad Spend

One of the most significant benefits Blue Coolers experienced with GemPages was the ability to create custom landing pages for their Facebook ad campaigns. Early in their business, they faced a challenge: driving a lot of traffic from their Facebook ads but struggling to convert that traffic into actual sales. 

This is a common hurdle – WordStream data shows that Facebook ad campaigns directed to general website homepages typically see conversion rates around 3.33%, whereas campaigns that utilize landing pages can achieve conversion rates as high as 10.47%.

GemPages makes it fast and easy for the Blue Coolers team to design custom landing pages that maximize their ad spend and boost conversion. Landing pages “continue to tell the story from the ads” and mirror the visuals, creating a smooth transition for website visitors. This continuity ensures clarity, boosts trust and keeps visitors focused on the specific product or offer advertised.

As a result, Blue Coolers saw a significant improvement in their conversion rates – website visitors became paying customers at a much higher rate.

Building that landing page, which we use GemPages to do, was an important step in helping improve conversion rate and taking that ad traffic from just site visitors to actually ultimately paying customers,

said Marcus.

Cohesive Brand Experience with Well-designed Blogs and Branded Pages

Lifestyle brand Blue Coolers understood that simply showcasing product features wasn't enough. They craved a deeper connection with their audience, one that resonated on an emotional level. Their goal? To highlight the experiences their coolers enabled for families.

GemPages empowered Blue Coolers to create a series of compelling blog posts and branded pages (like their About Us section) that were both SEO-optimized and visually engaging. These elements effectively communicated Coolers' brand story and the memories their products helped create.

screen capture of blue coolers blog

Blue Coolers’ blog posts to tell stories and convey messages as a lifestyle brand

Wrapping Up

Blue Coolers has efficiently leveraged GemPages’ unique features to tailor a branded website that can deliver their messages directly to visitors, build trust, and turn visitors into their customers. By utilizing GemPages, not only expenses for hiring a website developer are saved but also advertisement spending is allocated effectively.

With a commitment to fostering unforgettable outdoor adventures for families, Blue Coolers continues to evolve. As families have Blue Coolers by their side on these adventures, GemPages is proud to be a part of this exciting journey, providing the tools to bring their stories to life.