Cookie Chips is a start-up cookie baking mix company founded by Joanne Adirim, a best-in-class pastry chef who has made gourmet desserts for fine dining establishments across North America.
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To make an impression on snack enthusiasts, the brand has used GemPages to design a website that brings about a truly “fresh-from-the-oven” experience.

The first out of the box

The best part of being a professional pastry chef is innovating desserts. It's been my passion for 25 years,” says Joanne Adirim, Cookie Chips’ Founder & Executive Pastry Chef. It is her pastry prowess, passion for baking, and pursuit of indulgent treats that drove Joanne to redefine what “baking mix” actually means. 

Mainstream baking mixes are boring. They are not fun to make, and deliver products that are just “okay”, Joanne says. She wanted to kick the game up a notch by offering unique baking mixes that are super fun and easy for home bakers to work with and gift themselves premium bites of delight. 

Therefore, they rolled out Cookie Chips’ "Bakery Quality, Pastry Chef Crafted" baking mix in August 2022.  

With this product launch, the brand needs an online store that can deliver the same unique experience as its products do, where anyone can feel at home, appreciate the craftsmanship in bakery, and embrace the DIY spirit.

Not just another cookie-cutter website

Alexander Schwartz, Cookie Chips’ Co-Founder & CEO, has been the mind behind the brand’s Shopify store. 

The website is extremely important to Cookie Chips’ success, he says. 

People must come to our website and vibe with our values. Our message is to bring artisan baking into everyone's home, making it fun, and inclusive.

Starting with a Shopify default theme, he soon realized that it lacked much of the functionality to create the website he envisioned. That’s when he started to look for a page builder. And GemPages won his trust.

GemPages was selected when I saw how powerful it was,” Alexander says. 

A playful and engaging page design 

The moment visitors land on the homepage, they will be welcomed by a festival of visually pleasing colors in the background, together with large, high-resolution pictures of sumptuous cookies dunked in milk or laid out beautifully. 

GemPages is also fully integrated with Instafeed, allowing Cookie Chips to make its Instagram content blend seamlessly into the store. This not only enriches the visual experience but also triggers more social media interactions.

Instafeed integration gempages cookie chips website
Cookie Chips integrates Instafeed on the homepage via GemPages

The vibrant look and feel are also translated into blog posts in the form of tutorial videos. They can be easily embedded alongside the given recipes, whipping viewers up into the right mood for baking. “I’m grateful for the medium of the baking blog,” Joanne once stated. It’s her sandbox for creative expression, and all of those captivating blog posts that manage to keep visitors coming back for more are made possible by GemPages.

Straightforward website navigation 

User-friendliness is key–All first-time visitors should find it effortless to explore the website. That’s why Cookie Chips’ menu bar is being kept minimal, with the number of tabs restricted to five at maximum.

This minimalistic approach is also applied to the product page, which only makes room for the basics, including prices, bite-sized descriptions, and CTA buttons.

An eye-catching CTA button that leads to the product page is also inserted at the end of every blog post. That way, viewers can find what they need right after reading a delicious recipe.

CTA buttons blog posts gempages cookie chips

The strategic placement of a CTA button at the end of every blog post

An informative hub of useful baking knowledge

The brand has dedicated a separate landing page to its general baking guide. There, the baking process is broken down into simple steps, accompanied by a demonstration video and an exhaustive list of essential tools.

cookie chips landing page
 “How to Bake’ Em” landing page

As for its recipe blog -“From The Pastry Kitchen”, new pages are produced at least once a month. Constantly updated blog posts have been a means for the brand to share tasty dessert recipes, thereby cultivating a close connection with its customers.

This whole process of page creation has been made easier with the help of GemPages’ diverse features and devoted customer support team. 

My experience with GemPages has been overwhelmingly positive. The templates are wonderful, the ease of use is phenomenal, the integrations are helpful, and what I must emphasize is the technical support. It’s unbeatable. There’s never anything that cannot be accomplished.” Alexander says.

Initial results and future prospects

Cookie Chips’ website has been doing a good job.

People are loving the website, which is translating into our ever-increasing conversion rate. We're seeing a 12% increase in conversion rate with our landing pages,” Alexander highlights.

To reach a larger audience in 2023, Cookie Chips is planning on further growing its blog while revamping the look and feel of the website. “We’ve been doing a ton of A/B testing of our current pages, and have been redesigning them quite a bit,” Alexander adds. “We will soon be ramping up the number of new pages to 2-3 times a month. GemPages is going to be a big part of that.”