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Why collaborate with CRO experts?

Enhanced website conversion

CRO professionals design compelling, relevant, and targeted landing pages with clear, persuasive CTAs to capture visitor interest and drive action.

Resolved funnel leaks

By analyzing user data, experts pinpoint funnel stages with drop-offs to optimize effectively.

Conducted A/B testing

CRO specialists conduct A/B tests on various elements such as headlines, images, CTAs, and page layouts to determine the most effective versions.

Increased revenue

CRO experts boost sales and profitability through upselling, cross-selling, bundling, and personalized recommendations.

Meet the top-tier CRO experts

Explore the profiles of our partnered CRO experts to find the perfect match for your business needs.

Paddy McLarnon

CRO Specialist

An Irish marketing & CRO expert founded an agency after freelancing and mastering various marketing disciplines. With over a decade of experience serving over 50 brands across CRO, development, and web services, Paddy drives revenue and profit growth for his clients as he focuses on holistic business optimization rather than just conversion rates.



Landing pages

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Devansh Moudgill

CRO Expert

Devansh, from Toronto, Canada, specializes in no-code builders. From startups to established businesses, Devansh has assisted a wide range of clients in enhancing user interfaces and optimizing websites for sales across all screen sizes, with a specialty in designing sales pages that prioritize clicks over aesthetics.


Web Design

A/B testing for CRO

UX/UI design

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Vishal Goswami

CRO Expert

Vishal, CEO of Friction Studio, a leading Shopify agency specializing in CRO, Shopify design and development, landing page design, and UI/UX services. With expertise in creative direction and design, Vishal's team transforms visitor engagement into high-converting digital experiences that drive business growth.


Design & development

UI/UX services

Data-driven strategies

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Svapnil (Goldi) Kambale

CRO Expert

Svapnil is an eCommerce expert with 12 years of experience in designing Shopify CRO websites. Starting his career at IBM, later contributed to startups like Bizeebee and RealBlocks and has been running Capaz Software Labs for more than a decade, he has successfully worked with over 200 clients in the US and UK.

Design and development

CRO Audits

CRO-based redesign

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What's on offer from CRO experts?

Detailed user journey analysis

Tailored strategies to boost engagement and sales

Data-driven optimizations

15% conversion rate growth

after collaborating with CRO experts

10% average order value growth

through tailor strategies

High-performing websites crafted by CRO experts

Our clients, accompanied by our partnered CRO & experts, have elevated their store performance through stunning websites designed to boost engagement and conversions. was enhanced for faster load times and a seamless shopping experience. By incorporating progress bars and limited-time offers, we created a sense of urgency that drove higher conversions.

Our CRO experts optimized this home goods store with an intuitive layout, dynamic product displays, and strategic upselling techniques. The addition of customer reviews and trust badges increased user confidence and purchase rates. saw a significant boost in average order value through the implementation of BOGO offers, free gifts, and attractive progress bars. The user-friendly interface and compelling product descriptions further enhanced CRO.

By adding personalized product recommendations and easy-to-use progress bars, we optimized this pet supplies shop for better CRO. The engaging content and promotions helped foster customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

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