Data Retention Policy

Last updated: May 13th, 2021

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Please read this data retention policy carefully

At GemPages, a product of Seal Commerce Asia (“GemPages”, “Company”, “us”, or “we”), we respect and protect the privacy of visitors to our website,, and the other websites under the domain (collectively, the “Sites”), and our users who use our SaaS product, web design software, tools, and related services (together with the Sites, the “Services”).

This Data Retention Policy (“Policy”) explains how we manage your user data and content data after you have decided to discontinue using our Services.

Any discussion of your use of the Services in this Policy is meant to include your visits and other interactions with the Sites and Services, whether or not you are a user of GemPages’s SaaS product.

Why do we delete user data?

We delete data for a variety of reasons.

  • According to Shopify, once you uninstall our app you are revoking your permission for us to access your data. After 48 hours of the action, we receive a request to erase all customers’ personal information that was collected when the application was installed. 

  • To act in accordance with GDPR laws and respect your rights to privacy. Refer to the section above for more information on how GemPages complies with GDPR.

  • To optimize existing infrastructures by reducing our footprints and operating costs.

  • It is unreasonable for us to retain un-updated personal data for no beneficial reason. We do keep analytical data for research purposes but they are not identifiable.

Data Retention Periods

If you uninstalled our application on the Shopify admin, your data will be deleted permanently after 3 months. You can reinstall our app and retain your data.

When your free trial expires, you will receive an email notification about the expiration. Your data will be deleted permanently after 12 months. All features will be blocked until a plan is selected. In case you have not yet tested all our features, you can request a trial extension after completing our survey.

If you have been inactive, customer data will be removed permanently after 12 months of inactivity. Customer accounts are considered inactive if they have not signed in or performed any activity for an extended period of time.

When your Shopify store is closed for any reason, your data will be deleted permanently after 3 months.

Data Subjected to Erasure

The list below outlines the type of data that is deleted permanently.

Here is the list of data stored within GemPages and subjected to erasure:

User information: all data from this document with these main attributes

User-generated data:

  • Draft pages and history

  • EmailUploaded media assets (except on live pages)

  • Sync data (with third-party applications)

Be noted we don’t manage your Shopify store data. This data will be re-synced if you reinstall GemPages again

  • Pages

  • Products

  • Collections

We do keep analytical data but not personally identifiable information.

Live Pages

When you create a store, your live pages belong to Shopify and are stored in their archives even after you uninstall our application.

However, we do not recommend using other apps to edit or change existing pages. Applications like Shopify editor or other design apps use distinctive codes and page styling that might not be applicable to GemPages. Using different tools will also require additional re-editing and re-publishing through the GemPages app. 

How to Retain the Data

We will send an email notifying you of when we will erase your data for each case. Make sure you reinstall GemPages or log in to the app before the erasure date.

GDPR Compliance

According to Article 17 of the GDPR, users have the right to view and request the erasure of personal data concerning them via this form. Upon receiving the request in writing and verifying the users, we will process the request within 30 days depending on the complexity and extent of the request. We will also notify any third-party data processors regarding the request.

It is in our legitimate interest to comply with legal obligations, thus, we must retain certain personal data to resolve legal disputes, establish and or defend legal claims. Data is also used in cases of public interest especially the health sector, historical research, establishment and defense of legal claims, etc.

Please note that even when processing erasure requests under the GDPR, we must still keep invoices and documents pertaining to accounting.

If legally required, we may share your information with the competent authorities. If users violate any applicable law, we are legally obligated to disclose any information about the case to the appropriate regulatory authority.

Update Notice

We can make changes to the policy anytime without prior notice. The date of the latest update is displayed on top. For any inquiries, please email us at or by post to:

Seal Commerce Asia

16th Floor, TNR Tower, 54A Nguyen Chi Thanh Str

Dong Da Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam.