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The Seller: Hystar - a Dynamic Startup in the Gaming Realm

Established in March 2022, Hystar emerged as a dynamic startup specializing in delivering top-notch gaming products and accessories, igniting passion within the gaming community. Entering the competitive market as gaming products, however, seemed to be a crucial challenge for a self-funded business. 

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Hystar eventually managed to sail through the tough beginnings and achieved remarkable results. By strategically collaborating with prominent creators and brands, while also tapping into GemPages’ innovative capabilities, Hystar has captivated a huge audience's attention and converted them into customers.

The Challenge: Difficulty in Creating a Branded Online Storefront

Prior to discovering GemPages, Hystar encountered challenges in building and customizing their online store. Shopify's limited customization options prevented Josh, a business owner with no expertise in coding, from creating a branded website that captured the essence of Hystar. 

What the Hystar team expected from a page builder was not only the ability to ensure brand identity but also conversion-oriented and mobile compatibility. Hence, they sought a page builder that could assist them in achieving the desired conversion rates and push Hystar to stand out among the competitive gaming market. 

The Solution: GemPages - a Game-changer Streamlining Page-building Process

In searching for the best solution for the situation, Josh and his team tried different page builders. Reflecting on the experience, Josh Moore, CEO of Hystar, remarked, 

“We tried two different page builders, but the other two just lacked an easy way to customize while everything in GemPages was pretty easy. ”

Upon discovering GemPages, Josh uncovered a game-changing solution that transformed Hystar's online store and propelled them to new heights of success. With GemPages' intuitive customization tools and user-friendly interface, Josh and his team finally found the flexibility and freedom they needed to bring their vision to life. GemPages' advanced features, such as A/B testing and preset templates, also empowered Hystar to optimize a branded website for peak conversion and engagement.

“I like the preset templates of GemPages as well. I can just click one and then edit it the way I like. And the overall price for what you get from it is really good compared to the other ones.”

 - Josh Moore, CEO at Hystar.

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Effortless & speed-hacking customization options

As Hystar needs to craft diverse types of pages, from seasonal landing pages, product pages, to homepage, they require easy-to-use yet fully customizable elements and templates tailored to each page type. 

“The separation of different modules and different row classes on your page makes it so much easier to customize things.”

- he said.

GemPages leaves an indelible impression with its intuitive Drag & Drop Editor, which simplifies the process even for novices. GemPages also empowers Hystar to swiftly create branded templates, enabling them to build branded pages quickly and effortlessly and keeping them on track with seasonal campaigns.

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One of Hystar’s product pages was optimized with GemPages user-friendly interface

Valuable insights through A/B testing function

With limited experience in website launches, Josh could hardly know which elements and features would work best for Hystar. Utilizing the A/B testing function (A/B Testing is now only available in GemPages v6), Josh conducted a comparative analysis between two versions: one featuring a sticky add-to-cart and the other without. 

Following a thorough evaluation of their performance, Hystar observed a remarkable 50% increase in conversion rates with the former, aiding them in making informed decisions. The feature has provided Hystar with golden insights, empowering Hystar to opt for the most suitable options, optimize performance, and achieve significant boosts in conversion.

screen capture of hystar sticky add to cart elements

Sticky add-to-cart element that helps boost conversion

Exceptional customer support experience

Throughout their journey with GemPages, Josh and his team reached out to GemPages for support whenever they needed to resolve technical challenges. Prompt responses, expert assistance, comprehensive guidance, and a commitment to customer satisfaction from GemPages ensured a seamless experience for the business. With GemPages' unparalleled support, Hystar successfully built a branded look for their online presence that captivated their audience and distinguished them in the competitive gaming landscape.

“I just submit a message on the live chat and within a few minutes or less than an hour, somebody gets back with me and they've even gone into my code and found out that another app was causing issues.”

- said the CEO of Hystar. 

The Outcome: Staggering 200% Surge in Conversion Rates

GemPages' cutting-edge features play a vital role in boosting conversion rates and enhancing the overall user experience of Hystar. Within just two years of integrating GemPages into their online store, Hystar witnessed a staggering 200% increase in conversion rates - an undeniable testament to the solution's effectiveness in driving tangible results. 

In addition to the boost in conversion rates, the volume of shipped orders and customer ratings also serve as notable evidence of Hystar's dedication and resilience, complemented by the support of GemPages' page builder. Hystar has successfully fulfilled over 30,000 orders and was ranked the #1 Desk Mat of 2024, boasting an impressive 5-star rating over 1,600 times. Their social media footprint has also witnessed remarkable growth, acquiring an impressive following of 224,000 followers. 

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Wrapping Up

Hystar's success story is a testament to the transformative power of GemPages. By leveraging GemPages' advanced features and solid support, Josh and his team were able to overcome challenges, drive significant business growth, and position Hystar as a leading company in the gaming accessories market. As Hystar continues to expand its product offerings and reach new milestones, GemPages remains a trusted partner in their journey to online success.