IMALENT is a leading brand in manufacturing and supplying flashlights for different purposes.
Guangdong, China
Increase in conversion rate
Years using GemPages to create an appealing online store

CEO of IMALENT's quote about GemPages

Leveraging GemPages’ robust customization and conversion optimization capabilities, IMALENT - a leading flashlight brand, witnessed a remarkable 600% increase in conversions and ​​transcended the limitations of basic Shopify themes to craft a sophisticated, branded online store.

The Seller: IMALENT - Pushing the Boundaries of Illumination with the World’s Brightest Flashlight

Established in 2012, IMALENT is all about high-quality flashlights that serve different purposes, from daily use to national public services, thus becoming indispensable tools for adventurers, professionals, and everyday heroes. IMALENT has built a strong brand identity centered around delivering the world’s brightest flashlights.

IMALENT has a unique way of advertising the products, as they brought the products into blockbuster films such as "The Mummy" and "Ready Player One," as well as popular TV channels like "BBC Channel 5 - The Gadget Show." This allowed IMALENT to enter global markets, providing fast-delivery services to customers worldwide. 

IMALENT online store homepage

The Challenge: Encountering Customization Limits When Designing their Online Store

“Before GemPages, we encountered challenges such as limited customization options, and difficulty in creating engaging pages. An excellent store needs attractive store pages.” - CEO at IMALENT.

The initial phase of setting up an online store came with its share of challenges. While Shopify provides a fantastic platform for merchants to establish their online presence quickly, the IMALENT team encountered difficulties in going beyond Shopify's default customization and building a branded store. 

IMALENT then discovered GemPages - a drag-and-drop page builder that allows any seller to create a visually appealing and high-converting Shopify store effortlessly. GemPages stands out among other competitors with its conversion-focused features, intuitive Editor, seamless compatibility with the latest Shopify themes, and excellent customer service.

The Solution: GemPages - An Effortless and Conversion-driven Page Builder for any Shopify Seller

“The decision to choose GemPages was influenced by the user-friendly interface - which is easy to use even for novices; the wide range of customizable elements; and the fact that finding customer service help when I encounter difficulties in page creation is fast and effective.” - CEO at IMALENT.

Easy to Customize and Optimize Store Pages, even for Novices

“The best thing about GemPages is the ease of use, and the templates set up are very user-friendly. For example, we can add videos to make the page more interesting without hurting SEO.” - CEO at IMALENT.

GemPages impressed first-time users like the IMALENT team. The intuitive drag-and-drop Editor and a variety of easily customizable templates and elements allow IMALENT to customize and optimize professional and high-converting store pages such as homepage and product pages. These features have fully addressed the customization obstacles they met with Shopify. 

While IMALENT leverages GemPages to craft high-converting product pages, their trust extends beyond mere sales funnels. They recognize the vital role of a captivating About Us page in building brand trust and fostering deeper connections with customers.

IMALENT About Us page

IMALENT uses GemPages to build a compelling About Us page that resonates with their audience

Conversion Booster: Up 600%

After launching their Shopify online store with GemPages, IMALENT witnessed an impressive increase in the conversion rate, with a 600% surge in the second year, and maintained consistent growth of 22% and 63% in the subsequent two years.

Their secret? Compared to other flashlight eCommerce stores, IMALENT stands out with a professional and conversion-focused website, powered by engaging videos and well-designed product pages. 

Beyond intuitive design tools, GemPages prioritizes seamless mobile responsiveness and optimized page loading speeds. As IMALENT aims to bring a closer look at the products to customers through engaging videos. Thanks to GemPages, “adding a video will not affect loading speed while adding visual impact”, said CEO at IMALENT. 

a screenshot of IMALENT flashlight demo videos

IMALENT can showcase the videos on the website without downtime

GemPages is proud to play a pivotal role in helping IMALENT showcase their top-of-the-line flashlights with pride. The product benefit sections are meticulously designed to highlight the unique value proposition of each flashlight, driving customer conversions. 

a screenshot of IMALENT flashlight product page

IMALENT shows the product details along with images and videos

Utilizing GemPages, IMALENT adds social media sharing buttons to encourage customer engagement. By allowing the customers to share the products they find interesting or valuable on social media, a sense of community around the content is fostered.

a screenshot of IMALENT’s product detail page with social media buttons

IMALENT adds social sharing buttons within the product detail page

Top-notch Customer Services

“If I encounter a need to customize a page, GemPages provides very fast and efficient customer service to ensure that the problem is solved effectively.” - CEO at IMALENT.

GemPages' responsive customer service provided quick and 24/7 support whenever needed, solidifying GemPages as an indispensable tool in enhancing the Shopify storefront experience for IMALENT.

Wrapping Up

IMALENT's journey from a traditional manufacturer and wholesaler model to a dynamic eCommerce business marks a strategic evolution to meet the change in consumer behavior and technological advances. 

Partnering with GemPages, IMALENT was able to create a rich and engaging storefront, fostering customer's trust and loyalty.