Roeda Studio is a business that offers a diverse range of hand-painted home decor items and interchangeable seasonal decorations, primarily magnetic.
Home decor
Michigan, United States
Return customers
Tens of thousands
Dollars saved from DIY a website instead of outsourcing
Years using GemPages to create visually stunning pages
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The Seller: Magnetic Artistry Roeda Studio - Brightening Your Life

Roeda Studio, a Michigan-based metal art company, specializes in creating magnetic home decor items designed to be interchangeable for every season. The business was founded by artist Carol Roeda and is now managed by her daughter Amy Borst, with the assistance of an all-women team. After decades of launching and operating, Roeda Studio prides itself on being a renowned brand in the area, providing hand-painted, high-quality metal art pieces for both offline and online customers.

Roeda Studio’s handcrafted metal art products

Roeda Studio’s handcrafted metal art products

The Challenge: Struggling with Blending Creativity and  Productivity in Online Presence

Roeda Studio initially encountered limitations with Shopify's standard page customization, which hindered their ability to effectively showcase the brand's creative vision. As a company known for its artistic flair and seasonal offerings, Roeda Studio needed a platform that could provide flexibility and customization options beyond what Shopify standards could offer.

One of the challenges that we had early on was that we created our website a couple of years ago and began selling online. However, our Shopify page builders didn't offer a ton of flexibility. They're great for more clean, simple web pages, but our brand is very creative, and we wanted to be able to have more flexibility in how we structured our web pages. So that was a big struggle at the beginning. - Elizabeth explained.

The Solution: GemPages Transforming Roeda Studio's Website into a Creative Hub

Upon discovering GemPages, Elizabeth and her team found a solution that addressed their website challenges. GemPages' intuitive interface and extensive customization features allowed Roeda Studio to design visually appealing and highly functional landing pages that accurately reflected their brand's identity. With GemPages, Roeda Studio gained the flexibility and creative control they needed to elevate their online presence and engage their customers effectively.

screen capture of roeda studio homepage
Roeda Studio’s homepage made with GemPages

A straightforward web designing tool with various customizable elements

GemPages allows Elizabeth and the team to effortlessly build and modify web pages with a diverse range of fully functional elements. When they first touched GemPages, they started with a page from scratch and quickly grasped how to drag-and-drop elements, add calls-to-action (CTA) buttons, and other layout elements to create visually appealing pages containing the brand's essence.

Relating GemPages elements that are of great help to the brand, Elizabeth emphasized:

“We utilize a couple of CTAs per page so we definitely are able to convert, especially with using the product placement on those pages and people being able to just add to cart immediately. We also use a slide-out cart so time spent on the website is pretty short.”

Roeda Studio adds the cart drawer element to their product pages

Roeda Studio adds the cart drawer element to their product pages

Roeda Studio utilizes GemPages’ high-converting CTAs such as "Buy now" or "Learn more" and the cart-drawer element to effectively drive conversions while enhancing customer experience on the website. By strategically implementing these elements on their pages, the business ensures that customers can easily navigate through products and swiftly proceed to purchase, streamlining the buying process.

A space for creative art ensuring cohesive brand narrative

GemPages has played a crucial role in helping Roeda Studio leverage its creative images and artwork to reinforce brand identity and effectively communicate its message. With GemPages, Roeda Studio has the flexibility to combine product collections with rich media elements such as images and videos, which is crucial for demonstrating how their magnetic decor can be used in various settings. Despite the richness of their significant use of photos and videos, GemPages maintains fast loading speeds, which significantly enhances the customer experience. 

Roeda Studio product pages

Roeda Studio is able to upload full size and full resolution product images.

The app also enables Roeda Studio to integrate the brand palette and fonts with creative visuals into their website while maintaining optimal functionality and performance. This has not only strengthened their brand identity but has also fostered a positive user experience that supports their business growth and customer loyalty initiatives.

“We have a very consistent color scheme that's used throughout our products. Being able to set all of those in GemPages, set all of our different fonts, build things pretty seamlessly, and make sure everything follows our brand identity has been super helpful”, Elizabeth noted.

A piece of equipment for speed-hacking the page-building process

Page-building process, what was once a time-consuming task for Roeda Studio, now transformed into a streamlined and efficient workflow with GemPages. By utilizing pre-built templates and intuitive drag-and-drop features, the team was able to quickly create and update landing pages tailored to their seasonal and promotional needs. This ease of use allowed them to focus more on creative content and less on technical hurdles, ensuring their website remained visually appealing and engaging for customers. Additionally, the ability to schedule page launches and updates meant that their marketing campaigns could be executed seamlessly and on time, further boosting their operational efficiency and overall online presence.

“It's super easy to just change things out for next week's promotion, and schedule it. It is such a nice function being able to schedule the publish so we don't have to relink everything”, said Elizabeth.

The Outcome: Achieving a 60% Customer Retention Rate

“We haven’t seen an increase across our retail for the past two years. So it's been reassuring to know that the work that we've been doing with GemPages [...] has been resonating with our customers, in turn, has incited them to have a larger order value, come back more frequently and build a stronger customer relationship.” - Elizabeth highlighted.

Since implementing GemPages, Roeda Studio has observed positive changes in their conversion rates and sales performance. With GemPages' visually appealing and user-friendly landing pages, Roeda Studio has successfully attracted and retained customers, leading to a 60% retention rate and higher order values. 

GemPages has also reduced Roeda Studio's financial burden by empowering them to build and redesign their online store independently. By leveraging GemPages, they have saved tens of thousands of dollars that would have otherwise been spent on outsourcing web development to an external agency or department. This autonomy not only saves money but also affords Roeda Studio “having all the control” and “being able to know exactly what our vision is and execute it”, ensuring their complete control over their digital presence.

Wrapping Up

GemPages has proven to be a valuable asset for Roeda Studio, empowering them to overcome their website design challenges and unlock new growth opportunities. By providing a user-friendly interface, artistic customization options, and boosting page-creating speed, GemPages has enabled Roeda Studio to elevate their online presence and deliver an exceptional customer experience. As Roeda Studio continues to thrive in the competitive landscape of eCommerce, GemPages remains an essential tool in their digital toolkit, driving success and innovation every step of the way.