Skin Matter is an online skincare and self-care shop that curates and sells natural products with sustainable packaging from innovative niche European brands.
Skincare & Self-care
Berlin, Germany
Increase in customer retention rate
Increase in conversion rate
Years using GemPages
Olga - owner of skin matter
Skin Matter was founded on a lofty mission: to give a voice to truly innovative, niche European skincare brands. To convince customers to try out these new brands, building trust via informative and helpful content is a must.

Delivering “clean beauty” in its true essence

As an enthusiastic consumer, Olga Zilinska finds it hard to navigate the skincare jungle. The number of products, promises, and new brand overload makes the buying experience chaotic and painful. Buzzwords such as "green beauty" or "clean beauty" are overused by big brands without much attention to sustainable packaging or responsible distribution.
Skin Matter's goal is to find and sell natural skincare brands that really care about their production, packaging and efficiency of the products.
I was looking for skincare products in which sustainability, curation, and efficiency meet in one fun experience! With skincare and self-care focus only, there are no empty promises, unrealistic prices, and needless packaging on Skin Matter. ” - says Olga.

The need for a proper blog

The skincare industry requires extensive trust-building and product education before customers are willing to buy. Olga knew that her blog's content and visual presentation needed to evoke trust and add value to the brands she curates.
She also wants her blog to be "colorful" in terms of layouts and elements so that she can tell each brand's unique story in different inspiring ways.
In order to achieve all that, she needed a builder with well-designed templates and many customizable elements.
On the other hand, Skin Matter's website was launched in July 2020, when the pandemic hit the world, and was built in less than one year.
With Olga being the one-woman show who handled everything, she needed a solution that allowed quick and easy page building so that she could publish 1-2 blog articles a month without sweating.

The Shopify page builder that checks every box

GemPages was Olga’s first choice, and she found everything she needed in one place.
GemPages was a great solution, easy to use and at the same time offering all the features that a colorful blog should have.
Thanks to GemPages’ sleek templates and an ultra intuitive Editor, blog building was made a straightforward process instead of an uphill battle. All Olga needed to do is to pick a template then start inserting her content.
Usually, I make sure I have enough powerful creatives to illustrate the article, then I make sure the text is final, then I choose a Gempages template that I would like to modify and update for my needs. If all the elements are there, this takes less than 1-2 hours, which I find pretty quick and easy!
Customization also couldn’t be easier. Olga can simply drag and drop any element from an extensive library into the articles and see changes in real time.
Olga has made the best use of GemPages’ elements to convert readers to customers. At the end of her articles, the readers often find a collection of products, hand-picked by Olga, that is relevant to the content.
Product List Elements at the end of a blog article to convert readers to customers

Product list elements at the end of a blog article to convert readers to customers.

Customer service is another factor that adds to Olga’s satisfaction with GemPages.
If I have a question, customer service is always there for me.

The effort paid off

Compared to the previous year, Olga saw an increase of 26% in customer retention and 105% in conversion rate. Many customers found Skin Matter via articles, made purchases, then came back and repurchased again. It's proof that Skin Matter successfully helped people navigate the skincare jungle and earned trust from them.

The long-term plan revolves around blog marketing

Acknowledging the power of content marketing, Olga decided to transfer the budget on paid marketing and advertising to SEO for the long term.
She will continue to build her blog as an information hub for skincare, and to promote the idea of self acceptance and love, as “skincare ritual is like a self-love declaration.” - adds Olga. Following this decision, GemPages will still be her page builder of choice for blog content.