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GemPages 7.0: AI-powered for Unmatched Performance and Experiences

GemPages Team
6 minutes read
GemPages 7.0 Introduction

If you are an online store merchant or a freelance website designer, you know how important it is to have an Editor that's equal parts powerful and easy to use. That's why we are excited to announce the release of the new GemPages 7.0, designed to offer better performance, more possibilities, and a more pleasing customer experience. 

Let's find out the highlights of the new GemPages 7.0 and its critical updates and benefits in this article.

AI Implementation to Create Instant Layouts

The revolutionary Image-to-Layout is the most exciting feature to be introduced in this Editor 7.0. It is the first AI-powered feature developed by GemAI - GemPages' built-in AI engine, unlike anything you've ever seen.

GemPages 7.0

With just a few clicks, you can transform your reference image or URL into a fully editable layout. Whether you wish to recreate a particular example or embark on a new design journey, the Image to Layout feature simplifies the process with its user-friendly and intuitive interface. 

Not only does it simplify the page-building process, but it can also transfer stores from other eCommerce platforms such as Magento or WordPress to Shopify effortlessly. All designs are precisely converted to the new destination. 

After creating your layout or transferring stores, customization possibilities are endless. You can effortlessly modify colors, add new elements, fine-tune the layout, and explore numerous other options to make it stand out.

Image to layout GemPages

 Image-to-Layout - GemPages’ first-ever AI-powered feature

Faster Store Building Speed

Being prioritized with a user-centric approach, GemPages 7.0 can deliver four times faster building speed. Thanks to the optimized Editor's technology and simplified workflow, we've made building websites smoother and more efficient, which escalates customer satisfaction during and after use.

GemPages 7.0

Customize your Shopify store pages effortlessly
Build high-converting Shopify pages fast. Optimize performance at ease. No coding needed.

More Intuitive Editor Interface

The next thing you will notice about GemPages 7.0 is a complete overhaul of element design, making it more powerful and beginner-friendly than ever before. The redesigned element icons now look like they will appear on your page, so you can see exactly what you are building in real-time.

GemPages 7.0

In this GemPages 7.0, we also introduce Inline Text Editor, which gives you greater control over text formatting. 

Say goodbye to the hassle of coding and tedious technical details that slow down your content creation process. Now, with just one click on a text element, you can easily access a range of intuitive and powerful text styling tools.

Inline text editor

We also add a brand new search bar, so you can quickly find the specific function you need. After typing in the search bar, the Editor will display a list of relevant settings and functionalities.

New element list

Ability to Customize Your Existing Theme

Customizing Shopify themes just got easier with GemPages 7.0. 

Theme section

The sections created by the Editor are compatible with all Shopify themes, making it possible to edit your store without rebuilding it entirely. This feature opens up new possibilities for store owners who want to update their pages without undergoing a complete overhaul.

Moreover, whether you want to add a new product page or landing page, GemPages 7.0 gives you the tools you need to make it happen.

GemPages 7.0: More in pack

The features mentioned above are just the beginning of what GemPages 7.0 has to offer. Brace yourself for a more intuitive and seamless experience with enhanced functionality in the Sidebar & TopBar, Section Builder, and Drag & Drop features.

Learn more: Detailed Introduction to Editor 7.0

With GemAI, the powerful engine developed Image-to-Layout, we position ourselves as pioneers in page builders, leveraging artificial intelligence's potential to transform how our customers create and customize their high-converting pages. Image-to-Layout is one in a dozen of innovative features to be powered by GemAI.

Wrapping Up

GemPages 7.0 is a significant update to our page builder that offers faster performance, better capabilities, and a delightful customer experience. If you are interested in trying out our new Editor, be sure to join our waitlist today. You will be the first to know about GemPages 7.0's rollout, so you can explore all the new features and capabilities as soon as they're available.


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