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Top Lead Generation Landing Page Examples for Your Shopify Store in 2024

GemPages Team
8 minutes read
Lead generation landing page examples

In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, mastering lead generation is paramount for Shopify store owners. An integral aspect of this process is crafting compelling lead generation landing pages. 

Let's explore the essence of these landing pages with 8 stellar examples that can inspire success for your Shopify store. And, discover how GemPages can assist you in creating a highly desirable lead generation landing page.

A Quick Look at Lead Generation Landing Pages

Lead generation landing pages serve as virtual gateways to capture valuable information from potential customers. These pages are strategically designed to encourage visitors to take specific actions, such as signing up for newsletters, requesting more information, or making a purchase. They are the linchpin in converting casual browsers into engaged customers.

A landing page designed for lead generation commonly comprises the following elements:

  • Title: The title is crafted to grab the visitor's attention.
  • Data Collection Form: A form or an uncomplicated method to gather details from the visitor.
  • Call to Action (CTA): Directives instructing visitors on the desired actions, which might include prompts like "Sign Up" or "Download Now."
  • Incentive: A valuable item provided to the visitor as a reciprocation for their information, such as a newsletter, ebook, or a trial of a product.

Top 8 Lead Generation Landing Page Examples

1. Book a test ride for free - Cowboy

The initial standout in our compilation of top lead generation landing pages is Cowboy's test ride booking page. As soon as visitors arrive, the page's purpose becomes immediately apparent – collecting information for test rides. Consequently, the form is streamlined, requiring customers to provide essential details through quizzes and fields.

What sets this landing page apart is its straightforward messaging and uncluttered visuals. The lesson here is that, especially in lead generation, a clean and clear presentation can make a significant impact.

A screenshot of Cowboy’s lead generation landing page.

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2. La porte swim

Emails typically convert at a rate of 15.22%, highlighting why many marketers consider email as one of the most effective tools in their arsenal. Therefore, incorporating email capture landing pages into your lead generation strategy is a sound approach. These pages play a pivotal role in converting website visitors into potential leads or subscribers by enticing them to provide their email addresses in exchange for valuable incentives. 

As an example, La Porte Swim’s lead generation landing page is currently offering a 15% discount to anyone who submits the form with their email. While this may seem like a common practice, it remains an effective method to expand the quantity of potential customer databases. 

Notably, this landing page serves as an exemplary model for your own, featuring a concise description positioned above the form. The well-crafted copies not only communicate the incentive of a 15% discount but also provide customers with a clear understanding of what additional benefits they can expect after submitting their information.

A screenshot of La Porte Swim’s lead generation landing page.

3. Haircare Quiz – naturél (

Customization makes regular visitors become engaged customers by recognizing them as unique individuals with specific needs. It also shows the ability to provide personalized solutions that exactly meet those needs.

A haircare brand, Naturel USA, set up a landing page with a quiz to offer personalized recommendations for potential customers. To view the results, customers simply need to enter their email. It's a friendly approach, showing customers you're open to them sharing their info or getting tailored hair care suggestions based on the quiz insights.

This landing page concept goes beyond just gathering customer information. You can also link relevant products and guide customers to the ones that suit them best. 

A screenshot of Naturel USA’s lead generation landing page.

4. Become an Ambassador – Sur Coffee

Sur Coffee's lead generation landing page offers a unique twist on the traditional approach. Instead of merely gathering information for an enriched customer database, it focuses on building a community of brand ambassadors. As a result, you'll find more content and an invitation for visitors to spend additional time on the landing page.

From the very first moment, you'll discover the "why" behind this landing page. It explicitly outlines the purpose, emphasizing the added value of potentially becoming a brand ambassador. Given its considerably longer format compared to traditional landing pages, multiple call-to-action (CTA) buttons are strategically placed in each section, including the hero banner at the top. This is a key takeaway – a game-changing tip.

A screenshot of Sur Coffee’s ambassador landing page hero banner.

Take a close look at this lead generation landing page example and don't be discouraged by longer forms. While it may seem more extensive than usual, every piece of information requested is crucial. This style of lead generation landing page demands more details upfront, serving as an initial filter for future collaboration or saving time by eliminating irrelevant submissions.

A screenshot of Sur Coffee’s ambassador submission form.

5. Best Ski Yet Giveaway – Best Day Brewing

Best Day Brewing's lead generation landing page serves as a stellar example, emphasizing the effectiveness of simplicity. Their uncomplicated giveaway program focuses on highlighting the benefits for the lucky winner, and the straightforward nature is the key! The form requires only the full name and email, aligning with the game-like essence of the promotion. This approach gives customers a sense of participating in a fun game rather than merely providing information for marketing purposes.

The crucial takeaway from this store and its landing page is the value of simplicity. There's no need for intricate designs or complex sections when running a giveaway. The real appeal for customers resides in the prize itself. Therefore, the emphasis should be on delivering a clear and concise program outline, coupled with transparent award details.

A screenshot of Best Day Brewing’s lead generation landing page.

6. Join (

TupperWare offers another effective lead generation landing page idea. It adopts a traditional approach by displaying a discount alongside a form, enticing visitors to submit their information for the discount.

One distinctive feature is the running banner on the hero section highlighting the benefits of becoming a TupperWare partner. This method serves as a useful reminder to visitors about the main content of the landing page.

While the submission form on this landing page is longer than those on traditional lead generation pages, it's noteworthy that filling in less crucial fields is optional.

A screenshot of TupperWare’s lead generation landing page.

7. Artificial plants for your company | aplanta

A targeted B2B lead generation landing page by Aplanta focuses on gathering leads through its "Contact Us" page. The layout commences with a striking hero banner featuring a prominently colored CTA button that directs users to a comprehensive form. Additionally, as you scroll through the page, the CTA button persists in each description section, providing multiple opportunities to engage. Towards the end of the page, a concise form with only three required fields awaits.

This landing page serves as a quintessential example of a lead generation page, presenting all relevant information upfront for customers to understand its purpose immediately. Furthermore, the inclusion of multiple CTA buttons enhances the user-friendliness of the landing page.

8. Rewards — MUJI

The final example of an outstanding lead generation landing page is Muji's rewards page. This page effectively gathers customer information by offering register rewards through a form.

Distinguished by Muji's unique brand style, the landing page stands out by elegantly showcasing its products alongside the registration process.

A noteworthy feature of Muji's lead generation landing page is its encouragement for visitors to refer friends. By providing email information, visitors can avail themselves of a 15% discount and receive rewards, adding an engaging and rewarding element to the lead generation process.

A screenshot of MuJi’s lead generation landing page.

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How to Create a Lead Generation Landing Page on Using GemPages

To craft an effective lead generation landing page that attracts and captures numerous visitors, utilizing a page-building platform like Shopify is essential, especially if you are creating a Shopify-specific landing page. However, for those with a creative vision seeking more flexibility, Shopify's customization options may prove limiting.

Here comes an alternative solution: Landing page builders on Shopify. And, GemPages is one of the top landing page builders on Shopify, helping you create, customize and optimize Shopify stores effortlessly and with a reasonable cost. Taking storefront customization to the next level, GemPages offers a diverse set of features, including an AI-powered feature, enabling you to design a lead generation landing page exactly as you envision it.

1. Use pre-built template

GemPages boasts an expanding collection of pre-built templates specifically crafted for various purposes, including effective lead generation. Among the noteworthy options are two popular templates tailored for lead generation landing pages: the Ebook Landing Page and Fitness Landing Page.

Using these templates is incredibly straightforward, you will just need to follow this step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Install GemPages from Shopify app store.

Step 2: Navigate to GemPages’ dashboard > Choose Create new page > Click Version 7 with more upgraded features.

A screenshot of GemPages’ create new page.

A screenshot of GemPages’ editor versions

Step 3: Choose Lead generation page use case. You will see there 2 recommended pre-built templates.

A screenshot of GemPages’ use case filter.

Step 4: Choose your preferred one by clicking Select and you will be directed to the Editor with the chosen template.

A screenshot of GemPages’ pre-built template in its Editor.

2. Use Image-to-Layout

Image-to-Layout is an AI-powered feature which can swiftly generate customizable layouts, saving hours that would otherwise be spent crafting layouts from scratch. From here, you can create a lead generation landing page with less manual effort.

Since you're already in the Editor, following the earlier instructions on using pre-built templates, we'll continue guiding you from this point.

Step 1: Navigate to the AI button on the left sidebar and click on Image-to-Layout.

A screenshot of GemPages’ Image-to-Layout in its Editor.

Step 2: You have 2 options to use the feature—either from a URL or by uploading an image. In either case, you will need to refer to and interact with the feature as it instructs on the screen.

A screenshot of GemPages' Image-to-Layout.

This is when you're about to insert a URL into the Image-to-Layout.

Step 3: Wait for the feature to generate > You will be able to choose which sections you want to implement into the Editor > Hit Generate.

A screenshot of GemPages’ Image-to-Layout in its editor.

A screenshot of GemPages’ Image-to-Layout in its editor.

Step 4: Customize what you've obtained from the Image-to-Layout.

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Optimize Landing Page for Lead Generation: Proven Techniques

Looking at these exceptional examples, you'll notice some common elements. Let's distill what you should incorporate into your lead generation landing page.

Crafting Irresistible Headlines

Creating compelling headlines is a crucial aspect of your lead generation landing page, as it serves as the initial point of contact for visitors. Your headline forms the first impression and sets the tone for the entire page. Therefore, it is imperative to invest time and creativity in crafting headlines that not only captivate attention but also precisely articulate the purpose and value proposition of the landing page. 

Visual Appeal

Humans are inherently visual beings, and your landing page visuals can significantly impact user engagement. Incorporate high-quality images, graphics, or videos that not only showcase your product or service but also evoke emotions and align with your brand identity. Visuals should complement and reinforce your value proposition, guiding visitors through a visually stimulating journey.

Concise Forms

The primary objective of a lead generation landing page is to collect valuable information from your visitors. However, the key here is brevity. Keep your forms concise, asking for only the essential information you need. Requesting too much information upfront can be a deterrent, leading to form abandonment. Strike a balance between gathering valuable data and respecting your visitors' time.

Conversion-Driven CTAs

The CTA is the linchpin that transforms a visitor into an active participant. Craft a compelling CTA that clearly communicates the next step you want your audience to take. Whether it's signing up for a newsletter, downloading an ebook, or making a purchase, the CTA should be strategically placed, visually prominent, and feature persuasive copy that reinforces the value of the action.

Learn more: Effective Tips to Create Call to Action Buttons that Convert

Mobile Optimization

In an era where mobile devices dominate online interactions, ensuring your lead generation landing page is optimized for various screen sizes is non-negotiable. A responsive design guarantees a seamless experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones, capturing leads from users accessing your page on diverse devices.


As we conclude this comprehensive guide, it's evident that lead generation landing pages are a cornerstone of success for Shopify stores in 2024. The showcased examples illustrate diverse approaches, while GemPages empowers you to bring your vision to life. By implementing proven optimization techniques, your Shopify store can not only capture leads effectively but also nurture them into loyal customers.

Your landing pages could look like these
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