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10 Best Shopify Jewelry Themes in 2023 (Paid and Free)

GemPages Team
10 minutes read
10 Best Shopify Jewelry Themes in 2023 (Paid and Free)

If you want your jewelry products to captivate your customers, you need a store that is both stunning and feature-rich. Thankfully, our list of the top 10 best Shopify jewelry themes will get you started!

These incredible themes are specially crafted to grab your customers' attention with their breathtaking beauty and user-friendly navigation. Whether you're selling delicate necklaces or sparkling rings, these Shopify themes for jewelry will showcase your brand's unique qualities right from the moment visitors land on your site.

So, let's dive into the dazzling details of each custom theme and find the best Shopify theme for your jewelry store!

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What Makes a Great Shopify Theme for Jewelry Brands?

When it comes to selecting the best Shopify theme for a jewelry store, several important factors should be considered. Here are the key features you should pay attention to:

Comprehensive Product Filtering

A jewelry shop should make it easy for customers to sort items by price, material, and type. Look for a Shopify theme that has an extra filter option to make it easy for customers to find what they want. Most customers spend an average of 53 seconds on a website. So, make it worth their while!

Color Swatches Availability

Jewelry comes in a rainbow of colors. A theme with color swatches allows your customers to visualize and select their favorite options effortlessly. Who doesn’t love to have choices, right?

Visual Appeal and High-quality Imagery

Jewelry is a feast for the eyes, so it's crucial to choose a Shopify theme that embraces a clean and elegant aesthetic. By doing so, your store will beautifully accentuate the allure of the jewelry, creating an unforgettable shopping experience.

Showcasing your jewelry with high-quality images from different angles and lighting conditions is also a must. That’s why the Shopify theme of your choice should be able to handle large media. 

Speed Score

Loading speed is crucial. Period. A website that loads quickly keeps people interested and lowers exit rates. That's why we’ve done the hard work for you by running performed speed tests on demo stores (Homepage only) of each theme using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. 

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Mobile Responsiveness

Ensure the theme is responsive and works well on mobile devices since this is a popular hangout spot for most buyers. With a flexible design, your website will look good and work well on phones, tablets, and computers.

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10 Best Shopify Themes for Jewelry Stores In 2023

And here's the cherry on top: our list of top 10 Shopify jewelry themes includes both paid and free options, so you can choose according to your budget. 

1. Dawn

a screenshot of a jewelry store using Dawn Shopify theme

Alecrim introduces a minimalist yet appealing look by using Dawn

There are good reasons why Dawn is the default theme for all stores and among the most popular Shopify free themes for jewelry. First, Dawn's clean and minimalist design will help put your jewelry goods front and center, which will easily attract customers. Additionally, the Dawn theme is compatible with large-size media files, helping your customers see your jewelry products in detail. 

And the best thing is - it’s free!

Theme styles: Default

Pricing: Free

Review: 111 reviews, 37% good.

Average speed core: 89

Key features:

  • Quick-loading time for customer retention
  • Chic and simple design to make products stand out
  • Mega menu with banners
  • Integrated sales and marketing tools, such as promotion banners, cross-selling tools, suggested goods, etc.
  • Quick buy and quick view that speeds up the checkout process

2. Impulse

a screenshot of a jewelry store using Impulse Shopify theme

First Lady Diamonds uses Impulse to enhance visual storytelling

Impulse, a powerful visual storytelling Shopify theme, will captivate your customers from the moment they arrive on your site. it allows for large media upload, wide spacing and parallax, creating a clean and modern aesthetic for your jewelry store. 

Its advanced collection filtering offers both sidebar and pop-out filter options, helping you effortlessly guide your customers to their desired products with ease. And for Shopify jewelry stores with an extensive array of collections, Impulse truly shines. Its mega menu list provides a seamless browsing experience, allowing your customers to explore your beautiful jewelry offerings.

Theme styles: Modern, Bold, and Clean

Pricing: Unlimited free trial, $350 when publishing 

Review: 836 reviews, 95% good.

Average speed core: 85

Key features:

Getting the word out about tiles and pages

  • Banner ads and marketing tiles
  • Powerful sort-and-filter functions
  • Variations in color swatches
  • Collection sub-listing
  • Animation effects for product highlights (picture galleries, zoom, rollover, and so on)

3. Prestige

a screen recording of a jewelry store using Prestige Shopify theme

With Prestige, Blossom Copenhagen builds a sophisticated and upscale brand image

Developed by Maestrooo, the Prestige Shopify theme is a testament to luxury and sophistication, catering to businesses aiming for a premium high-end brand identity. Boasting an impressive 95% positive reviews from its users, this unique jewelry theme offers a wide array of useful features such as the mega menu, color swatches, and slide-out cart that can boost conversion and user experience. 

Another standout feature of Prestige that makes it a go-to Shopify theme for jewelry stores is its enhanced search functionality. Customers can effortlessly find their desired products by utilizing various search filters such as color, size, or category. The user-friendly display of search results ensures a seamless navigation experience, allowing customers to easily discover products that align with their preferences.

Theme styles: Allure, Couture, Vogue

Pricing: Unlimited free trial, $350 when publishing 

Review: 582 reviews, 90% good

Average speed core: 79

Key features:

  • EU language translations (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES) to attract international clients.
  • Countdown timer to create urgency and prompt action for limited-time deals, sales, and promotions.
  • Showcase your jewelry's colors to improve the browsing experience.
  • Quick view to simplifying customer experience, making discovery and decision-making easier.
  • Stock counter to show real-time stock availability to create urgency and encourage purchases.

4. Expression

a screenshot of a jewelry store using Expression Shopify theme

Stylemined uses Expression to ensure flawless display on all devices

Expression is a Shopify theme suitable for jewelry stores with large inventories since it can feature multiple products or promotions in a grid-style layout throughout the store. The theme is also well-known for its device responsiveness. 

Moreover, it is optimized for long-form text portions, enabling merchants to captivate potential customers via relevant content. 

Theme styles: Innovate, Oxford, Naturale, and Ocean

Pricing: $240

Review: 68 reviews, 94% good.

Average speed core: 77

Key features:

  • Stock counters, pop-up ads, and recommended goods are used to get customers' attention.
  • Currency conversion for different countries
  • Language translation available for EU regions (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES) 
  • Rollover effects with product images
  • Easily customizable pre-loader 
  • Product ratings and reviews

5. Envy 

a screenshot of a jewelry store using Envy Shopify theme

Tresor The Label uses Envy to give off a lookbook vibe

Envy perfectly captures the lookbook vibe, making it the ideal choice for fine jewelry stores.  Its image hotspot linking feature allows merchants to tag images for easier in-context discovery of products. 

Envy also comes with many features optimized for jewelry stores like color swatches, in-menu promotions, mega menus, and sticky headers.

Theme styles: Gothenburg, Stockholm, Oslo, and Copenhagen.

Pricing: $350

Review: 212 reviews, 92% good

Average speed score: 60

Key features:

  • Scrolling effect with parallax
  • Back-in-stock alerts and promotional posters for sales activities
  • Available color samples
  • Endless scrolling to keep visitors on site longer
  • Banners on mega menu
  • Quick buy, slide-out cart features to lower cart abandonment rate 

6. Atlantic  

a screen recording of a jewelry store using Atlantic Shopify theme

Femme Luxe uses Atlantic to showcase the quality of their materials

Atlantic is one of the best paid Shopify jewelry themes out there. From natural to expensive styles, every jewelry shop owner can find one that beautifies your collection. With interactive features like image zoom, live search, multi-column menus, and more, you can display your products in the best light.

Quick buy, slider, and video integration are all useful features to highlight store products.

Theme styles: Chic, Modern, Light, and Natural

Pricing: $280

Review: 215 reviews, 97% good.

Average speed score: 70

Key features: 

  • Quick buy option that allows customers to add products to the cart without leaving the site
  • Countdown timer, product badges, slide-out cart, and promotion banners to promote buying
  • Image zoom, live search, and menu options with more than one column to find products more easily

7. Cascade 

a screenshot of a jewelry store using Cascade Shopify theme

Idamari uses Cascade, one of the most well-liked Shopify themes

With 100% positive reviews, Cascade is a crowd favorite and a good Shopify theme for jewelry stores. What sets this theme apart is its asymmetrical collection grid, which aims to displays your jewelry products in a flowing style. If you prefer a more traditional approach, Cascade still comes with a standard grid template, giving you the best of both worlds. 

Theme styles: Elegant, Classic, and Modern

Pricing: $320

Review: 89 reviews, 100% good.

Average speed score: 84

Key features:

  • Mega menu with multiple columns to edit
  • Full-width multimedia area to better integrate customers into the website experience 
  • Newsletter signups for lead generation
  • Split product templates or multiple product templates to animate product display
  • Sticky headers for easy website redirection

8. Story 

a screenshot of a jewelry store using Story Shopify theme

abroad uses Story, a feature-rich Shopify theme

Similar to Dawn, Story is a feature-rich Shopify theme with minimal theme setup steps, helping merchants to go live faster. This theme also allows for prominent logo placement, enhancing brand visibility. This key makes it easier for businesses to establish their brand identity online. 

Moreover, the Advanced Search feature included in the Story Theme Shopify enables seamless navigation for your customers. This intelligent tool swiftly filters through your inventory, effortlessly connecting customers with the products they're seeking. It acts as the ultimate companion throughout your customers' shopping journey.

Theme styles: Chic, Modern, Light, Organic

Pricing: $300

Reviews: 20 reviews, 95% good

Average speed score: 69

Key features:

  • Translations into EU languages (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES)
  • Store finder for easy location 
  • Swatches of various colors for a fulfilling buying experience 
  • In-menu promotions at the stock counter

9. Fashionopolism

a screenshot of a jewelry store using Fashionopolism Shopify theme

 Jennie Kwon Design uses Fashionopolism, a feature-rich Shopify theme 

Fashionopolism, designed with a strong focus on fashion brands, offers a wealth of features that are equally well-suited for Shopify jewelry stores. This theme is centered around showcasing products and comes equipped with all the necessary tools to beautifully present your collections while maintaining their trendy appearance. 

In terms of loading speed, Fashionopolism holds a favorable position among the audited Shopify themes. Its emphasis on effective collection presentation streamlines the product organization process, allowing you to efficiently manage its offerings with minimal administrative effort.

Theme styles: Empire, Galleria, Haute, and Atelier

Pricing: $250

Review: 182 reviews, 96% good. 

Average speed score: 85

Key features:

  • Permanent sticky menu.
  • EU (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES) translations.
  • Product flags to display extra information about the products being viewed.
  • Parallax effects to attract attention and better integrate shoppers into the site.
  • Stock counter features to encourage purchases.

10. Broadcast 


Broadcast’s quick pivoting features make it a top choice for Shopify jewelry stores

Broadcast can help you get up and running quickly with your new online jewelry store. You can quickly build your ideal website with little work and start selling jewelry online in minutes.

Broadcast is one of the best Shopify themes for jewelry because it lets you make live pages extremely suitable to tell brand stories. Just like its name, you can use features such as a memorable tagline, a beautiful hero video, and a CTA button to get people to take action.

Theme styles: Clean, Modern, and Bold

Pricing: $300

Review: 167 reviews, 94% good

Average speed score: 63

Key features:

  • EU (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES) translations
  • Beautiful picture hover effect for a seamless experience
  • In-menu advertisements
  • Available color samples
  • Diverse built-in sections for multimedia content
  • Sales-beneficial elements, such as product suggestions, recently watched items, a stock counter, a promotion banner, a promotion pop-up, etc.

How to Choose the Right Shopify Theme for Your Jewelry Store

Our curated list of the best Shopify themes for jewelry stores takes into account essential elements of storefront design to help you make a more informed decision. But remember, there are other steps to consider as well.

  • Business size matters: Find a theme that meets your business demands and budget. If you're just starting, look for a Shopify theme that is easy to set up and cost-effective.
  • Learn from others: Success in the jewelry industry begins with learning from those who have paved the way. That's why we've compiled a list of the 20 best Shopify jewelry stores to inspire you. Take notes, gather inspiration, and see what strategies are working for others in the industry.
  • Customize your store: While our recommended Shopify themes offer a stunning look, customization is key to standing out in a competitive market. Luckily, many Shopify page builders can help jewelry store owners like yourself effortlessly craft a customized appearance and keep customers onsite via conversion-ready elements. 

GemPages, the top-ranked Shopify page builder offers a powerful visual editor, 80+ pre-built templates, and many conversion-ready elements, helping you design eye-catching storefronts smarter and faster.

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Final Words

Ultimately, choosing the right Shopify jewelry theme is crucial for a professional and trustworthy online presence. Consider factors such as speed, product showcasing, visual appeal, and so on when selecting the best theme for your jewelry store. Trust our list to help you find the perfect fit that aligns with the needs and desires of your business.

FAQs About Jewelry Themes for Shopify

What Are The Best Shopify Jewelry Themes?
The best jewelry theme for your business depends on your specific needs. If you're just starting, Dawn is a fantastic option with its free plan and array of helpful features. If you're ready to take your business to the next level and don't mind investing in a paid theme, Impulse, Prestige, and Cascade are highly rated for customer satisfaction, performance, and design.
Are Shopify Paid Themes Worth It?
Paid themes typically offer more features to ensure a seamless user experience and boost sales.
Does Shopify Work Well With Jewelry?
Absolutely. Shopify is a great platform for selling jewelry, as well as other e-commerce businesses. With fair pricing and a range of sales and marketing tools, Shopify provides everything you need to successfully sell and promote your jewelry online.

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