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Top 20 Shopify Jewelry Store Examples and lessons to learn from (2023)

GemPages Team
15 minutes read
Shopify Jewelry Stores

Shopify jewelry stores are revolutionizing the way we shop for accessories. With many top-notch examples available, these platforms offer an impressive range of options, each with its unique style and elegance. This article will explore some of the top Shopify jewelry stores setting industry standards.

These Shopify jewelry websites are outstanding examples of creating and optimizing your stores efficiently to boost sales and increase customer retention. 

#1. Satya Jewelry - Spiritual & Symbolic Jewelry

Satya Jewelry is a renowned brand that combines spiritual symbols with beautiful designs. If you are selling symbolic and spiritual jewelry, it is essential to personalize your customers with appropriate taste and guidance. Satya Jewelry provides a quiz right after you land on their website. The quiz is designed to decide the correct product with your talisman.

Also, you can seethe clear call-to-action (CTA) placed on visually striking hero banners, which guide you to different collections right from the homepage. 

On the product pages, comprehensive information about the products, related items, customer reviews, and FAQs are well-organized

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Screen capture of Satya product detail page.

You can find all the needed information on the product detail pages.

Another key feature of this business is its collaboration with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) on marketing campaigns one of the most effective methods to enhance brand awareness and expand the potential customer base. 

What we like about the store:

  • Striking visuals with eye-catching hero banners
  • Optimized personalization
  • Marketing campaigns with influencers.

#2. Livthurlwell - Handmade Contemporary Jewellery Brand

If you are selling contemporary jewelry, you can learn from Livthurlwell - a jewelry brand that marries craftsmanship and creativity in every piece of fashionable design. This Shopify store optimizes user personalization by having location detected by IPs and exchanging currency to the detected country

Livthurlwell provides visitors with a simple user interface with a neat header but a comprehensive footer section. While the headers display essential information categorized as a dropdown menu, all other additional pages, like return and privacy policy pages, are vertically shown at the bottom of every page. 

Tip: To make your header and footer more personalized, you can install a separate theme app to customize them.

On the homepage, a box gift always signals a notification that can capture the attention and increase the interest of a wanderer with a discount offer for everyone to open the box. 

Screenshot of Livthurlwell homepage.

A gift box with discount offers might be the best practice to capture customers’ first glance. 

What we like about the store:

  • Have location detected for better personalization.
  • Clear structure for header and footer.
  • Smart way to display discounts

#3. Chloe + Lois - Chunky Sterling Silver Jewelry

If you are thinking of how to retain customers and encourage them to connect you with more people, you must get exposed to how Chole + Lois kicked off their loyalty program. This sterling silver jewelry brand optimizes its customer approach with a star rewards page where each brand-related activity can earn a discount. For example, a customer can get 10 stars on a product review, and for 200 stars, they can get $10 off for the next purchase. 

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Chloe + Lois star reward page screenshot

The star reward page is a great touchpoint to increase customer retention

Also, users can experience intuitive navigation with the Quick-add feature whenever they locate a product image. Return/refund pages, including fragile products like jewelry, are indispensable for any Shopify store. Chole + Lois is an excellent example of a customer-centric mindset with comprehensive return/refund pages.

Chloe + Lois refund/return page.

Return/refund are essential to a Shopify jewelry business.

What we like about the store:

  • Intriguing loyalty program.
  • Intuitive navigation with the Quick-add feature.

#4. Moon Magic - Authentic Gems Jewelry 

Moon Magic is a typical example of the best Shopify jewelry website for mobile-friendliness. Designing a responsive storefront is not simple, but the website shows its great outcome in layouts, content, and visual elements. 

Pro tip: If you are ready to run a marketing campaign that is optimized for mobiles, check out Top 6 Mobile Landing Page Designs for Inspiration in 2023

MoonMagic mobile look.

Optimizing your website to be more mobile-friendly just like Moon Magic did.

To dive into the website, you can experience an elegant cross-selling technique in the form of product recommendations on the product detail page and checkout page

Moon magic bundles upsell on the product detail page.

How Moon Magic shows bundles to cross-sell on a product page.

Besides, the product description for jewelry also represents its customer-centric approach. The information is disclosed clearly and well-organized, and you can find segmented content in each click. 

What we like about the store:

  • Mobile-optimized page layout.
  • Elegant cross-selling technique.
  • Organized product description.
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#5. Brighton - Handcrafted-designed Jewelry

Brighton Jewelry uniquely blends artistry and craftsmanship, capturing hearts worldwide. With an intuitive reviews section, customers share their authentic experiences, fostering trust and informed choices. Whether you seek exquisite bracelets, necklaces, or rings, the testimonials illuminate the allure of each piece.

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Brighton Jewelry review section.

Clear review section from Brighton Jewelry.

Moreover, Brighton introduces a captivating 'Send a hint' feature, redefining marketing ingenuity. This enables your customers to subtly drop a hint to their loved ones about his/her desired jewelry, enhancing special occasions with sentimental surprises.

Brighton Send a hint feature.

Send a hint” is a marketing technique for your customer.

What we like about the store:

  • Intuitive review section
  • Smart way to do email marketing

#6. Soulfeel - Personalized Jewelry Brand

Soulfeel is a renowned personalized jewelry brand offering captivating designs that celebrate individuality. Their Discount and Sales page ensures affordable, high-quality adornments.

Soulfeel’s discount and sales page.

Creating a page for sales can be captivating to your customers.

The Testimonial Page reveals touching narratives that beautifully capture the essence of your store's creations. From here, your customer's stories with exquisite accessories can capture life's most cherished moments in every piece.

Soulfeel’s testimonial section.

Displaying the customer review is essential to your store, especially when you sell personalized jewelry.

What we like about the store:

  • A page is just for sale-off and discounts.
  • Mind-blowing testimonial page.

#7. Maison Miru - Remixable Jewelry Brand

Up-selling and cross-selling are techniques that any Shopify jewelry business should take advantage of. If you are looking for ways to display bundle upsells, visit Maison Miru - a groundbreaking remixable jewelry brand that empowers customers to curate their style effortlessly. The bundles feature on Maison Miru's checkout page enables easy discovery of complementary pieces, enhancing the overall look and personalization. Along with the discounted price, it has review sections under each item for better understanding.

Maison Miru bundle example.

This is how a bundle upsell in Maison Miru works.

The store's guide page is also another thing you can consider for your store. Users might need to learn how to preserve the jewelry correctly and many more so informing your customers clearly and comprehensively about the guides is extremely important. Maison Miru provides an informative guide page where each piece of content is organized logically.

Maison Miru guide pages

Don’t forget to have comprehensive guide page for every customers to dive in

Moreover, Maison Miru has a subpage for the "Ear Party" collection to boost conversions during special occasions and elevate accessory choices. Scrolling down, you can experience a clear page layout for an easier customer journey. 

Maison Miru’s Ear Party.

Engaging with your customers with built-in events might be the easiest way to increase retention. 

What we like about the store:

  • Creative bundle upsells.
  • Informative guide page.
  • A subpage for occasional events.

#8. Stella & Dot - Women-empowering Jewelry

Stella & Dot operates with cutting-edge technology, proudly powered by Shopify Planet, ensuring a seamless and secure shopping journey for all customers. Not only personalizing users by having their location detected, but the store is also highlighting its core value on the About Us page, not just only about the origins, team information and stuff.

Moreover, its exclusive ambassador program shows its commitment to empowering customers, especially women. This program offers a unique platform for individuals to share their passion for Stella & Dot while earning rewards, fostering a sense of community and support.

Stella & Dot ambassador program.

Consider having an ambassador program to boost engagement and marketing efforts.

What we like about the store:

  • Thorough About Us page.
  • Exclusive ambassador program.

#9. Jewelry by Johan - Unconventional Alternative Metals Jewelry

Jewelry by Johan's storefront design and page building embody a seamless blend of elegance and functionality for a Shopify jewelry store. At first glance, the homepage captivates with a dynamic carousel, drawing visitors into unconventional alternative metal jewelry. The clear calls-to-action (CTAs) strategically placed throughout the carousel entice customers to explore further, enhancing user engagement.

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Also, its blog page offers a treasure trove of unique content, providing a glimpse into the brand's creative process, behind-the-scenes stories, and jewelry insights. This informative content not only adds depth to the shopping experience but also fosters a sense of connection with the brand.

Jewelry by Johan Blog section.

Blogs are great tool to provide intriguing user generated content.

This store has an sticky Accessibility Menu button for better website access by people with disabilities. They also use a third-party tool called UserWay for enhanced accessibility.

Tip: You can build sticky buttons with GemPages.

Jewelry by Johan’s accessibility menu.

Taking care of disabilities is also important for any Shopify store, including jewelry businesses.

What we like about the store:

  • Strong first-impression on homepage with a autoslide carousel.
  • Captivating CTAs.
  • Information-rich UGC.
  • Accessibility menu to target disabilities.

Tip: To create eye-candy homepages, you can browse GemPages’ customizable pre-built templates.

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#10. I Hate Steven Singer - Fine Diamond Jewelry

If you are building a store with user-friendliness and authenticity, refer to I Hate Steven Singer. This esteemed Fine Diamond Jewelry retailer sets itself apart with thoughtful design elements. The show/hide filter in the left sidebar streamlines the browsing experience, allowing customers to find their desired pieces effortlessly. 

Additionally, intriguing microcopies add a touch of charm and personality throughout the website, enhancing the overall user experience.

I Hate Steven Singer microcopy example.

Make sure your microcopies short and intriguing.

What we like about the store:

  • Concise microcopies.
  • Ability to hide/show filter bar.

#11. Gear Jewellers - Luxury Engagement Jewelry 

Gear Jewellers, a purveyor of Luxury Engagement Jewelry built with Shopify, impresses with its customer-centric approach. Investing in customer service is never a loss because your customers can provide feedback if they are not satisfied with your business, which can help you learn and improve your bussiness. That's why Gear Jewellers introduces its customer service in multiple gadgets, including Live Chat, Emails, and Physical Appointments. 

Gear Jewellers customer service options.

Having multiple ways of customer service might be a plus.

Testimonials are great for improving trustworthiness and authenticity on any Shopify jewelry website. Insights from delighted customers with unforgettable and cherished experiences should be displayed on the homepage to get the best explosion to new customers. You should place both customers’ feedback and their star ratings for a more visualized experience.

A screen capture of Gear Jewellers review section.

Appreciating your customers and encouraging them to post more reviews to diversify the review section.

Moreover, increasing customer interaction by encouraging them to click, tap and scroll is a great way to keep them stay a little bit longer and get chances for more products to be unveiled. As Gear Jewellers does, customers can click on certain parts of the picture to get a more detailed view of the item attached. 

Gear Jewellers’ interactive navigation example.

Interactive navigation means your users showed so great interest in your product that they need to click on each item.

What we like about the store:

  • Interactive navigation.
  • Multiple gateways to get customer services.

#12. Maria e Luisa - Italian Style Jewelry Brand

Maria e Luisa, the epitome of Italian Style Jewelry, captivates with its striking Shopify jewelry store design. From the moment one enters the website until the final purchase, Maria e Luisa's key features enhance the journey, leaving customers with an unforgettable and gratifying shopping experience. The visual-striking motion hero banner immediately transports visitors to the allure of Italy's fashion scene. 

Furthermore, embracing convenience, the brand offers multi-payment options, including the most popular ones like Shop Pay, Pay Pal and G Pay, ensuring a seamless and secure checkout experience.


Maria e Luisa checkout page example.

Don’t limit your customers with a certain payment option. Try to offer them different methods and see the difference.

What we like about the store:

  • Eye-catching hero banner.
  • Diverse range of payment options.

#13. Lucid Gem Studio - Moissanite Diamond Rings

Lucid Gem Studio, a premier destination for Moissanite Diamond Rings, stands out with its user-friendly website. The intuitive navigation, complemented by the quick view feature, ensures a seamless browsing experience, allowing customers to explore their stunning collections effortlessly. 

More noticeably, this Shopify jewelry store offers a clear, detailed product description with valuable insights, empowering shoppers to make informed choices. The sticky newsletter registration form also keeps visitors engaged, offering exclusive updates and promotions. 

Lucid Gem Studio sticky newsletter registration form.

Newsletters are great way to keep your customers updated with latest branded news.

What we like about the store:

  • Intuitive navigation with quick view feature.
  • Sticky newsletter.
  • Comprehensive product description.

#14. Vintouch Italy - Classic Italian Jewelry

Vintouch Italy, the epitome of Classic Italian Jewelry, showcases a website as elegant as its jewelry offerings. A store's standout feature is the captivating display of media featuring their brand, proudly showcasing esteemed names like Vogue British, Vanityfair, The Guardian, and more. These prestigious mentions add authenticity and recognition, instilling confidence in the brand's craftsmanship and design.

Vintouch Italy media featuring section.

If your store was featured in any media, make sure to showcase it on the homepage.

In addition to this alluring feature, the website offers an efficient filter tool, allowing customers to browse through their extensive collection easily. The intuitive navigation streamlines the search process, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.

A clear call-to-action (CTA) guides visitors to explore further, encouraging them to immerse themselves in the world of Vintouch's classic Italian jewelry. This direct and inviting CTA creates a sense of excitement and curiosity, motivating users to explore their timeless collections.

What we like about the store:

  • Media features on homepage.
  • Fully-functional filter bar.
  • Captivating CTAs.
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#15. Tresor the Label - Gold Plated Jewelry Brand

Tresor the Label, a Gold Plated Jewelry brand, sets the stage for a captivating shopping experience with its well-crafted Shopify jewelry website. The eye-catching hero banner immediately grabs attention, showcasing the brand's allure and sparking curiosity among visitors. As users delve deeper, they are greeted with a clean and elegant page layout highlighting each jewelry piece's beauty.

Tresor the Label’s page layout example.

The prerequisite for a storefront is a clear and user-friendly page layout.

One of the standout features of Tresor the Label's website is its effective cross-selling technique under product detail pages. The brand strategically suggests complementary pieces to shoppers, encouraging them to explore matching sets or items that enhance their selection. This technique not only adds value to the customer's purchase but also fosters a sense of trust in the brand's expertise.

Tresor the Label’s product recommendations.

Recommending products following a product helps to increase sale significantly.

What we like about the store:

  • Clear page layout.
  • Effective bundle upsells.

#16. Ana Luisa - Reasonable Designer Jewelry 

Ana Luisa, a leading brand offering Reasonable Designer Jewelry, stands out with its customer-focused website. The FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page on Ana Luisa's website serves as a valuable resource for customers seeking answers to common inquiries, from shipping and delivery details to returns and exchange policies. This well-organized section addresses various topics, providing clarity and guidance throughout the shopping.

Categories in Ana Luisa’s FAQ page.

An FAQ page that covers everything users often struggle with could be extremely handy.

Another standout feature is Ana Luisa's membership program, rewarding loyal customers with exclusive perks and offers. This program fosters a sense of belonging and appreciation, inspiring customers to return for more enchanting jewelry pieces.

Ana Luisa’s membership page.

Ana Luisa persuades customers to come back for shopping through a diverse-benefit membership program.

Aside from those features, the store covers location detection providing a personalized shopping experience, catering to each visitor's preferences and needs, and a clear sale-off section allows customers to find irresistible discounts, making luxury jewelry more accessible easily.

What we like about the store:

  • A thorough FAQ page.
  • Intriguing method to increase retention rate by a rewarding membership program.
  • Optimized personalization.

#17. GLD Shop - American Urban Style Jewelry 

One of the most prominent Shopify jewelry stores in this list is the GLD Shop, renowned for its American Urban Style Jewelry, thrives on a strategic approach that sets it apart in the industry. Implementing KOL (Key Opinion Leader) marketing is key to their success, leveraging influential figures to promote their brand and products. Collaborating with big brothers in entertainment like Marvel, NBA, and more further solidifies their presence in the urban fashion scene, attracting a wider audience and elevating their brand appeal.

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GLD Shop’s official collabs.

GLD Shop’s official collabs.

The GLD Shop also utilizes Trustpilot, a trusted customer review platform, to enhance its trustworthiness. Through authentic feedback from satisfied customers, potential buyers gain confidence in the quality and reliability of their jewelry offerings.

The GLD Shop footer screen capturing.

Show your customers that you are “trusted for a reason”.

What we like about the store:

  • Marketing with KOLs and big brands.
  • Highlight Trustpilot review.

#18. Victoire Collection - Parisian Style Jewelry

Victoire Collection, the epitome of Parisian Style Jewelry, distinguishes itself with its captivating website features. The seamless integration of Instagram brings the allure of Parisian fashion to life, showcasing their exquisite jewelry pieces in real-life settings and inspiring customers with trendy and elegant styling ideas.

Victoire Collection’s Instagram integration.

Integrating social media into your store might be intriguing to customers.

Brief and clear product descriptions accompany each jewelry item, providing in-depth details and insights into the materials, design, and craftsmanship. This transparent approach empowers customers to make well-informed choices, ensuring they find the perfect pieces that resonate with their individual style.

Victoire radiance bracelet product description

A short but clear and straightforward product description from Victoire Collection

What we like about the store:

  • Instagram integrated as testimonial section.
  • Clear and straightforward product description.

#19. Cernucci - Stylish Urban Jewellery

Cernucci, a leading brand in Stylish Urban Jewelry, exhibits an intelligent and practical approach to its Shopify jewelry business. The transparent display of seasonal sales, such as the "Back to School" promotion, immediately catches the eye and entices customers to explore their diverse and trendy jewelry offerings.

Cernucci back to school sale off.

A clear display of seasonal sales on Cernucci.

Tip: You can use Back to School templates to design the best seasonal sale off layout for your store.

The brand employs a savvy cross-selling technique on product detail and checkout pages. By suggesting complementary items or accessories that pair well with the selected piece, Cernucci encourages customers to complete their look, enhancing the overall shopping experience easily.

Bundle upsells on a product page.

How Cernucci is cross-selling items in a product detail page.

What we love about this store:

  • Promote sales on homepage.
  • Smart way to upsell.

#20. AMYO Jewelry - NYC Made Jewelry 

AMYO Jewelry, a beacon of NYC Made Jewelry, stands out with its customer-focused features. The brand's comprehensive guides on choosing the appropriate size for their jewelry pieces ensure that customers make informed decisions, avoiding any sizing mishaps and ensuring a perfect fit upon purchase. This thoughtful approach showcases AMYO's dedication to customer satisfaction and highlights its commitment to delivering a seamless shopping experience.

Amyo clear categories on the Guide page.

Amyo’s comprehensive guides.

Additionally, the sticky filter on the product listing page further enhances the user experience. As customers explore the extensive collection, the filter remains accessible and visible, enabling easy navigation and effortless browsing through various categories, materials, or styles.

Amyo sticky filter bar.

Adding a sticky filter bar on product pages helps to enhance customer experience.

What we love about this store:

  • Comprehensive guide pages.
  • Sticky filter bar on product listing page.
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Formula to Successful Shopify Jewelry Websites

The success of Shopify jewelry store examples lies in a careful blend of strategic elements that elevate the customer experience to new heights. If you don’t know where to start optimizing your jewelry store, check these bullet points.

  • Striking visuals: Eye-catching images and appealing aesthetics draw customers in, creating an instant connection with the brand's jewelry offerings.
  • Intuitive navigation: Seamless and easy-to-use navigation ensures customers can explore the website effortlessly, finding their desired pieces without any hassle.
  • Compelling product description: Detailed and engaging product descriptions provide valuable information, showcasing the unique features and craftsmanship of each jewelry item.
  • Customer reviews and testimonials: Social proof through genuine customer feedback builds trust and confidence among potential buyers, encouraging them to make a purchase.
  • Mobile-friendly design: A responsive and mobile-friendly website design caters to on-the-go customers, enhancing the overall shopping experience.
  • User-friendly navigation: A well-organized website structure and intuitive categorization allow customers to browse through jewelry collections smoothly.
  • Fast loading speed: A fast-loading website ensures a seamless browsing experience, preventing customers from getting frustrated and leaving the site. Check out how to make your Shopify store load faster.
  • Trust and security: Clearly displayed return and refund policies, as well as secure payment options, instill confidence in customers when making a purchase. Also, don’t forget to have legal pages configured.
  • Clear Call-to-Action (CTA): Effective and visible CTAs guide customers towards the checkout process, encouraging conversions.
  • Upselling and cross-selling: Suggesting complementary pieces or accessories enhances the shopping experience and increases the average order value.
  • Social proof and social media integration: Showcasing customer photos and integrating social media platforms expand the brand's reach and authenticity. You can also learn more about adding YouTube videos to your Shopify store here.
  • Customer support: Prompt and helpful customer support ensures that customers receive assistance and have a positive shopping experience.
  • Influencer and affiliate marketing: Partnering with influencers and affiliates to promote the brand and its jewelry to a wider audience.
  • Offer discounts and special deals: Providing occasional discounts and exclusive deals, especially during seasonal holidays, attracts more customers and boosts sales.

And here’s a good thing, there’s a one-stop shop solution that can help you with the above checklist. GemPages offers not only pre-built templates to design eye-catching storefronts but also advanced elements to boost productivity and sales like third-party integrations, conversion-driven features, highly-responsive layouts and more. You can start designing your jewelry store for free by trying GemPages today!


In conclusion, we've embarked on a mesmerizing journey through the top 20 Shopify jewelry stores, witnessing the artistry and success within the thriving e-commerce landscape. These exceptional examples have showcased the power of Shopify in creating stunning online jewelry destinations that captivate customers worldwide.

If you're feeling inspired to embark on your own jewelry retail venture, look no further than GemPages. From beautifully designed templates to seamless integration, GemPages empowers you to create an enchanting shopping experience that reflects the essence of your jewelry brand.

FAQs About Shopify Jewelry Stores

Can I sell jewelry on Shopify?
Absolutely! It's an excellent platform for jewelry sales. Shopify allows you to sell jewelry without incurring any marketplace fees, granting ownership of your customer list, and providing greater control over your business operations.
How to start a Shopify jewelry store?
You can start your Shopify jewelry business with these steps:
Step 1: Identify your merchandise
Step 2: Establish your brand identity
Step 3: Commence production
Step 4: Arrange a dedicated jewelry studio or workspace
Step 5: Capture high-quality images of your products
Step 6: Create your e-commerce jewelry store
Step 7: Promote your brand in the online market
You can a beginner’s guide about Shopify jewelry stores for more information.
How to sell personalized jewelry on Shopify?
To sell personalized jewelry on Shopify, follow these recommendations:
Step 1: Get the hang of the market
Step 2: Develop a Shopify store
Step 3: Create personalized jewelry
Step 4: Add basic product descriptions
Step 5: Install and configure a product customizer application
Step 6: Promote your personalized jewelry
Check out to learn more about selling custom products on Shopify.
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