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All About Shopify Jewelry Stores: A Beginner’s Guide

GemPages Team
10 minutes read
shopify jewelry stores

What Kind Of Jewelry Sells Well On Shopify?

The answer to this is pretty straightforward. Most anything will sell on Shopify; however, you need to introduce a product that most people want.

Sure, handmade jewelry is a great seller, but so are many items that are not handmade.

Most Shopify sellers specialize in a niche, from body piercings to bridal jewelry. For example, you will find more buyers if you sell helix hoop earrings versus handmade epoxy jewelry with dead insects. (Yes! There really are online shops out there that sell these items!)

The top Shopify jewelry stores don't sell the unusual or bizarre. They sell the everyday jewelry pieces that most people want.

Likewise, many of the most successful sellers utilize jewelry dropshipping stores which take the burden of carrying the product on-hand away from the seller. In case you were wondering, dropshipping is the practice of a third party storing and shipping the items on a by-order only basis.

What is the Target Market for Jewelry?

Let's first talk about the essential elements determining an entrepreneur's success. Your small business should focus on increasing sales and generating profits. To increase the profitability of your online store, you should first select and target a successful niche.

Basically, everyone wears jewelry regardless of their gender or age. Yet, the most successful Shopify stores target a specific niche. They say, "write about what you know," which also holds true for selling what you know! If you're a wristwatch enthusiast, that would be the perfect market to sell to. If you love facial piercings, then voila! That is your target market instead! In other words, don't put the cart before the horse and try to sell something you are unfamiliar with.

Therefore, your target market will depend on what you're selling. In most instances, a target market for pocket watches will be a much different audience than a target market for bridal jewelry. You need to plan your marketing and advertising accordingly.

a laptop with an online jewelry store on the screen

Selling jewelry online can be spectacular with Shopify!

How Do I Design My Shopify Jewelry Store?

One of the most impressive elements of selling jewelry online is the plethora of available apps to customize your end-user experience. From creating contact forms to inviting users for shop updates to "Buy Now" buttons, apps such as GemPages are designed to increase sales and promote customer retention. One of the most important factors to consider when designing your Shopify jewelry theme is highlighting the features and benefits of the products.

Shopify jewelry store design DOs

  • DO invite the customer to sign up for an email list by offering a percent-off discount.
  • DO create listings that show the item you are selling in detail.
  • DO use keywords in your listing descriptions.
  • DO create a visually appealing website design that is easy to navigate.
  • DO highlight best-selling items on your home page.
  • DO create trust through posting your reviews on your page.

Shopify jewelry store design DON'Ts

  • DON'T lose leads by not having an email list gathering system in place.
  • DON'T use fuzzy or unfocused pictures in your listings.
  • DON'T falsify the materials used in the products. (For example, don't call an item "Sterling Silver" if it is only sterling silver-plated).
  • DON'T use the pictures of other sellers for your listings.
  • DON'T add music to your page. It is distracting and slows down the site.
Create and customize your Shopify jewelry store your way
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Apps to Boost Your Jewelry Store Sales

In today's ever-changing world of technology, there are many tools that you can put in your toolbox to ensure that you are utilizing the best apps to generate sales. From Ali Reviews for creating a positive social media presence through reviews to Klaviyo, which creates email and SMS marketing, the sky's the limit when it comes to apps that will integrate with your Shopify store to ensure its success.

bracelets and earrings staged for an online jewelry store

Trending jewelry pieces can create revenue!

Selling Personalized Jewelry on Shopify

Custom jewelry is one of the best niches for selling jewelry online, and a Shopify jewelry website is the ideal place to start this business. Not only is custom jewelry a hot seller, but it is also an excellent way to celebrate momentous occasions. However, if you are creating a dropshipping jewelry Shopify site, please remember those custom items take longer for shipping, so list your shipping times accordingly.

How Do I Promote My Jewelry Business?

When selling jewelry online, remember that you don't just hang your shingle out and immediately get sales. Shopify jewelry websites require promotion. There are many ways to do this, and we will explore many of them. The decision of where to sell jewelry online is up to you. However, there are many avenues for you to pursue selling jewelry online successfully. The ways to kickstart your jewelry store on Shopify are as follows:

Facebook Groups for People Who Love Jewelry

People love jewelry, and it shows on social media. Even better, many Facebook groups for those who love to have a little bling on their fingers or ears! The best way to utilize these groups is to join them and network with the people within them. Some may allow advertising; some may not. However, the process of networking within them is priceless. Not only will you possibly make a friend or two, but you might also make a sale! Or two or more!

Using Instagram to Promote Your Jewelry Store

They say that "every picture tells a story, don't it?" This fact is why Instagram is one of the premier social media websites for Shopify jewelry stores. Not only can you display your items, but you can also network to gain friends and sales. Instagram is the perfect platform to show off your jewelry dropshipping store or handmade jewelry store. Whether you're selling earrings or pocket watches, Instagram is the perfect place to turn your store into a top online jewelry store.

For more advice on presenting your photos on Instagram, see also: Shopify Product Images.

a girl sells jewelry online through a live stream

Social Media Sells!

Engaging Influencers to Promote Your Jewelry

One of the neatest features of social media is the ability of strangers to collaborate together. Social media influencers have taken the term "word of mouth" to a whole new level. In case you were wondering what a "social media influencer" is, they are people who promote video reels, blog posts, photo posts, and text posts regarding an item or topic of interest.

How this works for the most popular online jewelry stores is that the jewelry store will approach an influencer with the promise of sending them an item and the influencer will review it on their social media pages and website. Regarding the cost of this promotion, generally, it is only the price of the item you send for review.

The best part is that some social media influencers have millions of followers. Social media influencers have vastly changed the landscape of marketing and promotion, and it dramatically benefits anyone with a Shopify jewelry store who is looking to promote it. Whether you're selling handmade jewelry online or custom dropshipping jewelry, a social media influencer will be sure to bring customers to your website.

Shopify Jewelry Store Examples

One of the questions that any new business owner should be asked is their goal in selling and how they wish to present themselves. For example, would you model your store after Victoria's Secret or Target if you were selling ladies' undergarments? Obviously, the answer is Victoria's Secret! Look at the top Shopify jewelry stores below to see how they've utilized both the Shopify platform and the Gem Pages app to create some of the top online jewelry-selling stores.

Gardens of the Sun

Screenshot of the homepage of Gardens of the Sun

Gardens of the Sun uses GemPages and Shopify to sell their colored stones and rings online.


Screenshot of the jewelry 316 webpage

Taiwan’s Jewelry 316 uses GemPages and Shopify to sell a range of jewelry including necklaces.

Hamra Jewelers

The homepage of Hamra Jewelers with a picture of a Rolex watch.

Selling high-end watches online is easy with Shopify and GemPages.

The Jeweller Plug

Screenshot of the Jeweller Plug homepage

The Jeweller Plug uses Shopify and GemPages to sell jewelry for both men and women.

These Shopify jewelry store examples are the perfect representations of how to do things correctly when setting up your Shopify jewelry store.

In essence, the topic of how to start a jewelry store on Shopify has many complexities and different business decisions you can make. Yet, as many online sellers have found, it is a business that is not only rewarding financially but is also an online business that allows them to practice their passion for jewelry. Please take all of this into account when setting up a jewelry Shopify site to create the revenue that both you and your piggy bank are dreaming of!

Your Shopify jewelry store could look like these.
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FAQ about Starting Shopify Jewelry Stores

Is Shopify good for jewelry businesses?
Yes! Shopify is an excellent online jewelry selling platform for the jewelry store entrepreneur.
How much do small jewelry businesses make?
Like any other business, the bigger the effort the bigger the rewards. You can make anywhere from a few bucks a month (not exaggerating) to tens of thousands of dollars a month! It all depends on the items you choose to sell and the effort you put into your jewelry selling endeavor.
How much money do you need to open a jewelry store?
It all depends on which route you choose to go. If you are creating handmade jewelry, then you will need to purchase materials on top of setting up your Shopify website and making an advertising budget. If you are creating a jewelry dropshipping store, you only need to create a Shopify site and budget for advertising. In reality, you can start your Shopify jewelry store for under $100 in either scenario.
What type of jewelry is most profitable?
The profitability of any jewelry sale depends on three factors—desirability, availability, and cost of materials. For example, if you sell a trending item and find it at a lower production cost, you will make more money. Custom items also fetch more in listing price due to their personalized nature. However, the amount of revenue you create depends on you being a leader in your niche and creating the most excitement for your product.
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