Best One Product Shopify Store Examples from Top Brands (and Why They’re Awesome)

Ginny Tran
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Best One Product Shopify Store Examples from Top Brands (and Why They’re Awesome)

As the market is becoming increasingly crowded, consumers face the paradox of choice. Having an abundance of options can actually leave customers feeling overwhelmed and confused.

These changing customer sentiments are forcing many brands to rethink their business strategy.

Instead of going for a scattergun approach and selling a vast product range, many upstarts choose to pare back their line to a single "hero" product. Taking one product strategy allows brands to be laser-focused and niche, zeroing in on customers' specific wants and needs.

In this article, we've rounded up several top one product brands we think are the best to have on your radar as you consider creating your own one product Shopify store.

But first, let's make sure we are all on the same page in terms of what a one product Shopify store actually means.

What Is a Single Product Shopify Store?

A one product Shopify store, as its name suggests, is an online store dedicated to a single product or service.

Crocs, Casper, and Spanx, to name a few, are some of the most well-known brands that have built their empire based on "hero" products and later expanded into new categories to reach more customers and flesh out assortments.

5+ Successful One Product Shopify Stores to Get You Inspired

Kulala Land

Kulala Land uses vibrant colors to its advantage. But the colors aren't just limited to backgrounds and product images. Even the fonts are colorful and give off a pleasant, youthful feeling.

One product Shopify store: Kulala Land

Across the homepage, the brand also displays customer reviews, the founder profile, and a FAQ section to increase product confidence and eventually convince visitors to purchase.

One product Shopify store: Kulala Land

One product Shopify store: Kulala Land

Foot Folder

This Shopify one product store has a clean, modern, and sleek design. A beautiful blend of high-quality visuals, micro animations, balanced whitespaces, and engaging copy keeps eyes on the site and shines the spotlight on its single product: The Sole File.

One product Shopify store: Foot Folder

One product Shopify store: Foot Folder

Scrolling through the homepage, you can also view the product in different colors. Underneath each color option is a button that leads to the product page.

One product Shopify store: Foot Folder

State of Kind

State of Kind, a single-product skincare brand, mirrors its "do more with less" philosophy through a clean, minimal, and simple site design. It uses just the right amount of text and visuals to avoid being illegible and overwhelming.

One product Shopify store: State of Kind

One notable thing about this store is that it dedicates a separate page named "Our Philosophy" to tell the story behind the product. This is an excellent takeaway as to how you can help potential buyers better understand your product and increase positive brand image.

One product Shopify store: State of Kind


When you first enter the Thinx site, it's hard to ignore its design. The brand focuses on visual presentation rather than being covered in too much text.

One product Shopify store: Thinx

It has lots of product videos (probably way more than most one product stores out there) but nothing that would require film festival-level videography. The iPhone camera is all you need to produce videos like Thinx's!

One product Shopify store: Thinx

Sure, videos won't get any standing ovations. But they do help to increase conversion rates. According to Kissmetrics, site visitors are 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a video on a website.

No crazy efforts, but these small touches can revolutionize your Shopify one product store and your sales, too. So, why still roll your eyes at the idea of doing videos?


Bokksu, a Japanese subscription-based single product store, does a great job presenting its solid brand identity via its website.

One product Shopify store: Bokksu

The branded color orange is everywhere throughout the site—in the header section, hero banner image, product shots, text, and CTA buttons. This visual consistency creates a memorable experience that encourages customers to associate the color orange with the brand.

One product Shopify store: Bokksu

What's more, the brand also has a short video on the homepage explaining why Bokksu is selling an experience, not just products. By subscribing to Bokksu, you can learn, taste, and experience Japanese culture from the comfort of your own home.


PillowPup's target audience is people who love dogs and who like lovely souvenirs, and its online store resonates with that audience.

One product Shopify store: PillowPup

First off, PillowPup puts many cute photos of fluffy friends on the site, from the hero banner to the product images.

One product Shopify store: PillowPup

The brand also explains the creation process using cute dog icons, emojis, and informal language that speaks to its target audience.

How to Build a One Product Shopify Store?

A multiple-product store needs multiple Shopify product pages. Meanwhile, a one product Shopify store is dedicated to a single product, thus, most of the time, one product page would suffice.

The fewer pages your store has, the less effort and time you'll spend creating, customizing, and optimizing them. It's a fact!

You simply have to figure out what you want to sell, create store pages quickly with a drag-and-drop page builder, and then start marketing.

Step 1: Choose the "hero" product to sell

If you're going to be selling just one thing, you should make sure that the product you choose is really, really good.

But how do you decide that one perfect product for your store?

Scott Hilse, an entrepreneur who successfully built a six-figure eCommerce business by selling just one product, shared some golden rules for choosing the "hero" product.

Rule 1: "I would never ever ever sell a product that I could get at Walmart or any average store that's around. I go for impulse buys."

Rule 2: "Find a product that most people haven't seen before and make for a good video. Especially starting off, you don't want to start with a really boring product. You want something that's fun."

Rule 3: To narrow down product choices, think of the potential of the market. What's something that a lot of people have? What's something they use every day?

You also need to execute product research.

Stay calm! Product research doesn't necessarily mean something complicated or full of data.

It can be as simple as checking Google Trends to see whether there is demand for the product you're about to sell.

Or, join Facebook groups, check out Pinterest boards, Tiktok videos, Instagram hashtags, and look at the social media profiles of your target audience.

If your product meets all the rules above and answers a specific need, you might have a winner!

Step 2: Build your online store

Once you've determined which product to sell on your one product Shopify store, it's time to build your store so you can start making money online.

Here's how you can create your one product Shopify store:

1. Choose the right Shopify theme

Shopify is the best eCommerce platform on which you can build your very own one product store. This platform offers an extensive library of mobile-responsive, sleek, and eye-popping themes.

Shopify themes

Whatever industry you're in and whatever product you wish to sell in your Shopify one product store, you will likely find a theme that lives up to your expectation.

We have crafted a complete guide here to help you in detail on this topic: How to choose the right Shopify theme for your store.

2. Add product content

Next, you need to add the sole product to your store.

Adding products to your Shopify store is a very straightforward process. Shopify provides you with all the fields; you just have to fill them in with the corresponding information.

However, you don't need to enter every product detail right off the bat. You can fill in the most crucial ones first, and add more information as you go.

Adding product content on Shopify

Note: For your product information to be displayed in full length in search engine results, you should keep the product title under 70 characters and the product description under 320 characters.

3. Fine-tune your storefront

Congrats! Now you have a bare-bones store. It's time to add some bells and whistles to enhance the allure of your store and showcase your single product.

Using a visual page builder like GemPages is the easiest, quickest, yet most effective way to further customize your store pages.

GemPages page builder

GemPages empowers you to create, customize, and optimize your store pages for conversion. No coding required!

Whether you want to launch promotional campaigns to cash in on key shopping seasons or compelling holiday-based campaigns fitting the joyous occasion, GemPages can help you accomplish all these!

GemPages page builder

With an excellent rating of 4.9 out of 5 from 3,010+ reviews, GemPages has proven to be a trusted Shopify app for thousands of Shopify merchants and brands.

You want to kick the tires before deciding to commit? Make use of the Free plan to explore the app. No credit card is required.

Step 3: Start marketing

Never put all your marketing eggs in one basket. In other words, go for a multichannel marketing strategy.

Let's say you've added three marketing channels to your business. That's three more funnels. Three other ways to reach new customers. Three more places for your product to strut its stuff. Of course, that also means more work and effort.

Begin with social marketing strategy. Build the business profile on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etcetera.

Next, connect your Shopify store with these platforms so that you can sell on both platforms simultaneously.

The good news is Shopify allows you to connect your online store with multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and TikTok. This means you can add shopping tabs to your social profile or link directly to your product pages.


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We also recommend you try out influencer marketing. It's the best way to reach new audiences, build brand awareness, and work with collaborators who can create viral content and make sales for you.

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Why Should You Consider Selling One Product?

Now that you have a better idea of what successful one product stores look like and how to create a one product Shopify store that converts.

Still, if you need some more motivation to roll up your sleeves and get started, take a glance at these advantages of selling one product:

  • Less workload: Instead of having 11 great products, you only need to focus on one. That means less work and time investment.
  • Optimized marketing budget: 100% of your marketing budget will be spent on only one product rather than a vast range of products. No more pressure when allocating your budget.
  • Hire a small team. Single product stores don't require much maintenance, so you only need a handful of people to do marketing, manage your website, and stay on top of your production line.
  • Great for branding. Brand recall is more robust when you have that one product customers will remember you for.

Wrapping Up

That's pretty much it about one product Shopify stores. Although a lot goes into building one, by this point, you're armed with all the nuts and bolts to kick off your own one product Shopify store.

The best time to get started is always now. Stop procrastinating and start creating your dream store today!

Don't forget to head over to GemPages when you're ready to construct and customize a Shopify store that's equal parts stunning and high-converting!

FAQs about One Product Shopify Store

What is Shopify used for?

Shopify is a specialized eCommerce platform on which you can build your own online store. It's the same as renting a building to set up a physical store but digital.

Can I sell only one product on Shopify?

Yes! You can sell a single product or a single product line on Shopify.

Shopify has many features and third-party apps, making it much easier for single-product stores to operate and maximize their sales.

How to sell on Shopify without inventory?

Dropshipping is a business model allowing entrepreneurs to sell products without carrying any stock.

When a customer buys a product from your dropshipping store, the third-party supplier ships it directly. The customer pays the retail price you set, you pay the suppliers' wholesale price, and the rest is your profit.

Is a one product store better for dropshipping?

Generally, dropshippers should start with 5-10 products, with the primary being 1-3.

The reason behind that is it will help you sustain your business. Even if you're not able to generate profit from one product, you may from the other and build your business through trial and error.

What are trending Shopify products?

Yoga mats, T-shirts, jewelry, and pet toys are trending Shopify products in 2022.