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The A-Z Guide to Creating Effective Shopify Product Pages (+Best Examples from The Pros)

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shopify product pages

Product pages are the lifeblood of your online store.

An effective product page shows potential customers what a product looks like, tells them what it feels like, and makes them envision their life with your product in it.

Unfortunately, creating killer product pages is not an easy feat. In fact, many brands struggle with product page design.

That's also the reason why we've crafted this article—to help you create eye-popping, high-converting Shopify product pages without a hitch.

In this piece, we'll cover:

  • Vital elements of any great Shopify product pages
  • Outstanding product page design examples to learn from 
  • Easy guide on how to customize Shopify product pages.

    What Is A Shopify Product Page?

    A Shopify product page is a dedicated webpage within a Shopify eCommerce store that showcases information of a specific product. With a clear layout, persuasive call-to-action buttons, and seamless navigation, it encourages potential customers to click to “Add to cart” button and purchase. 

    The purpose of a Shopify product page is to present and promote products, facilitating a seamless shopping experience for customers and driving conversions.

    An online store might have one or multiple product pages—depending on its business model. A single-product store might need only one product page, but a multi-product store demands various product pages.

    The standard layout of a product pageA basic product page consists of a product image, product details, and CTAs

    Must-have Components of A High-Converting Shopify Product Page

    Of course, you only need a product name, a description, and a call-to-action to create a bare-bones product page.

    Nevertheless, Shopify product page templates with basic components are unlikely to sell, which highlights the need for advanced Shopify customization. The more stunning your page is, the more likely it will convert.

    Here’s an overview of the key elements you can include on your Shopify product pages to make them equal parts stunning and high-converting:

    • An SEO-optimized, concise product title.
    • Pixel-perfect product media, including product images, gifs, and videos.
    • A detailed, intriguing product description.
    • Special offers and discounts.
    • Shipping information, return, and refund policy.
    • Ample customer testimonials
    • A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section
    • Compelling add-to-cart call-to-actions (CTAs)

    Learn more: How to Create An Effective Shopify FAQ Page (+ Pre-made Templates)

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      From Trendy to Timeless: 7 Best Shopify Product Page Examples That Slay

      1. Swedishness

      Swedishness, a Scandinavian food brand, knocks it out of the park with its one-of-a-kind product pages.

      Swedishness rings the changes on its product page design by locating all product details on the left and product visuals on the right. The black sidebar menu stays fixed throughout all of the different product pages for easy navigation.

      swedishness product page

      Swedishness’s product page

      If you've decided to bring this jelly sweet mix to your home, click on the black Add to Cart button, and you'll be directed to a checkout window right away.

      Swedishness’s product page 2

      Swedishness’s product page created with GemPages

      Swedishness's product page finishes off with the very last hook. We love how the brand maximizes the footer to highlight the refund policy. Bold, concise, powerful copy gives customers a feeling of security, makes them feel valued, and ultimately convinces them to purchase.

      Swedishness’s product page created with GemPages

      Swedishness’s product page

      2. Vital Proteins

      Vital Proteins is a visual brand, much like its product pages. A clean design style draws your eyes to a few key elements: the product, black copy, and an interactive button.

      Vital Proteins’s product page

      Vital Proteins’s product page

      But the rest of its product page isn't as simple as what you see above the fold. Scroll down, and you'll find more infographics, product related facts and guides, customer feedback, live Q&A, and images to learn more about the product.

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      Screen capture Vital Proteins’s product pageVital Proteins includes other features in their product pages

      There are lots to fawn over here. First, the images visualize all the supplement facts and ingredients, and how customers can make a smooth cup of tasty drink with Vital Proteins's product. 

      Underneath the product’s comprehensive information is a more profound introduction about collagen - their main product and related blog posts, making it easier for customers to compare with other products or  save the recipe for future use.

      Another fantastic thing about Vital Proteins's product page is that it not only gives you a bunch of product details but also provides a live Q&A section, allowing you to check the FAQs or ask questions effortlessly.

      Vital Proteins' live question section

      Vital Proteins includes a FAQ section in their product page

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      3. The Lingerist

      The Lingerist, a conscious lingerie brand, creates product pages that reflect the energy of feminism.

      The Lingerist’s product page created with GemPages
      The Lingerist’s product page

      The structure of its product page is simple but exceptionally tailored. The page has exquisite images, including lifestyle shots and minimalist photos that capture the entire product against a white background.

      Underneath the Add to cart button, the brand uses a subtle but effective stock quantity display to trigger urgency. It also suggests another product that can be the perfect duo combined with the product you're currently viewing. You know, the cross-selling technique.

      The Lingerist’s product page created with GemPagesThe Lingerist’s product page is designed carefully for a better user experience

      Since many undergarments are not eligible for a return, the brand does everything it can design-wise to reduce friction, questions, and returns. The Lingerist's product page includes as much relevant information as possible, like model size and whether the product fits you in your usual size.

      4. Nutt

      Nutt is a renowned brand that sells daily supplements for energy boosting and muscle building. Nutt's Shopify product pages are modern-looking, colorful, and aesthetically pleasing with a mix of pastel color palettes, high-quality flat lays, easy-to-read fonts, and balanced spaces.

      nutt product pageNuut’s visually pleasing product page is well-designed with fonts, images and color palettes

      Another particular element of these product pages is embedded customer reviews. On the fence about this product? Scroll down for recent testimonials. By including customer feedback right on each product page, Nuut ensures their visitors with proof of their product quality, leading to higher conversions.

      nutt product pageNuut’s product page featuring their honest customer reviews

      5. Nodiee

      Nodiee is a brand that sells portable and versatile white noise machines for good sleep. Its product page focuses on supplying shoppers with all the information they need to make a purchase.

      If you already have your credit cards out, you can go ahead and place your order straight away. To sweeten the pot, Nodiee also offers a quantity discount—buy two, get $20 off and buy three, get $40 off.

      Nodiee’s product page created with GemPagesNodiee’s product page offering buy X get Y to boost sales

      All the product details, including features and what's in the box, are stored under the dropdown menu. Hence, if you're on the fence, you have all the essential information at your disposal to make a purchase.

      Nodiee’s product page created with GemPagesNodiee’s product page with fully detailed information about the product

      Scroll down, though, and a more exciting product discovery awaits. The "why you'll love Nodiee" section, the product comparison graphic that depicts Nodiee's edge over others, and a dropdown FAQ section covering the points most shoppers have.

      Nodiee’s product page created with GemPages

      Nodiee’s product page created with GemPages

      Nodiee’s product page created with GemPagesNodiee’s product page includes product benefits, product comparison, FAQs

      The brand knows the power of testimonials. It spends nearly one-third of the page space to show embedded reviews—to give you a sense of how much previous customers have enjoyed this product.

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      Your product pages could look like these
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      6. BetterMan

      BetterMan, a popular herbal remedy brand from the UK, has harnessed the power of online presence by creating captivating Shopify product pages. 

      The brand establishes its identity by using a consistent color code of blue, black, and white on both its packaging and product pages.

      BetterMan Shopify Product Page ExamplesBetterMan Product Page Examples

      BetterMan's product page is strategically designed to boost sales. The price after the discount is prominently displayed in the middle, making it more appealing and visible to consumers. Additionally, subscribed members receive an additional 15% discount, promoting customer loyalty and retention. 

      To simplify the checkout process, multiple payment options are available, and the brand assures customers of bank-level security.

      BetterMan trust signalsTrust signals that make your product more trustworthy!

      BetterMan uses various trust signals like testimonials, customer reviews, security badges, and researches to enhance their product trust. They also display Dr. Stephen Booth's advice, emphasizing that their product contains herbal ingredients and has undergone clinical testing.

      Betterman product pagesQuote from Dr. Stephen Booth

      BetterMan testimonials

      The brand focuses on increasing conversion rates by bundling products, promoting cross-selling, and encouraging customers to make additional purchases. This not only streamlines customers’ buying process but also helps to boost sales in a single click.

      BetterMan’s Product Bundles

      BetterMan’s Product Bundles

      At the end of the page, BetterMan boasts a standout footer with Instagram integration that catches the eye. Those attractive thumbnails increase the chances of customers clicking through, resulting in more engagement and interaction with the brand.

      Betterman footer

      Learn more: If you are a Shopify e-seller, you may wonder how BetterMan can build this Shopify product page with multiple functions, as by default, Shopify pages don't allow for easy customization of layouts. Instead, you have to modify custom HTML or CSS code to make changes. 

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      7. Bunny James Boxes

      Bunny James Boxes, a US-based online brand that offers healthy snacks, also has a product page that you may get inspired by. 

      The moment customers land on their product page, they are greeted by an attention-grabbing hero banner that highlights their core offering: snack gift boxes. This tactic piques customer interest and encourages further exploration of the product.

      Bunny James Boxes Shopify Product Page Example
      Bunny James Boxes homepage banner

      Navigating to  the product listing page, you can see the design is visually focused, with high-quality images showcasing colorful features and eye-catching items. Up-close shots are also included to highlight key details, giving customers a clear view of the product and a sneak peek of what it's really like.

      Multi-product pages by Bunny James Boxes

      Your multi-product pages could look like these

      On the product detail page, the high-quality product images are quite striking. Customers can even zoom in and out, allowing them to closely examine the texture, color, and other details that are not visible in a regular-sized image. This feature helps customers make informed purchase decisions and boosts their confidence in the product.

      Product page zoom in function

      The brand also offers bundle options right under the product to enhance customer engagement. These added bonuses can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, making them feel valued and appreciated. A little goes a long way, and Bunny James Boxes knows how to go the extra mile.

      Bunny James Boxes bonuses

      Bonuses that Bunny James Boxes offer

      Bunny James Boxes' product pages prioritize clarity and convenience. The product descriptions provide all the necessary information for customers to make informed decisions, while the prominent "Add to Cart" button enables easy purchasing.

      Toward the bottom of the page, you will find recommendations for related products. These suggestions aim to promote cross-selling and boost the potential for sales.

      Bunny James Boxes vegan products
      Bunny James includes related product recommendations in each product page

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      How to Create Shopify Product Page?

      After perusing all of the high-converting and visually appealing pages, you may feel compelled to craft your own Shopify product page. 

      Fear not, as we will provide a clear and concise step-by-step guide on how to create one.

      Step 1: Log in to your Shopify account and navigate to the "Products" section. Click on the "Add product" button to create a new product listing.

      Create product page on Shopify

      Step 2: Enter the product title, description, and images. Make sure to include high-quality images that showcase the product from multiple angles.
      Create product page on Shopify

      Step 3: Set the price and any applicable discounts or promotions.
      Create product page on Shopify

      Step 4: Choose the product type and collection. This will help organize your products and make them easier to find for customers. Add any relevant tags or keywords that will help customers find your product in search results.
      Create product page on Shopify

      Step 5: Set the shipping and fulfillment options for the product.

      Create product page on Shopify

      Step 6: Customize the product page layout and design using one of Shopify's pre-built templates or by creating a custom design using third-party integration such as GemPages.
      Create product page on Shopify

      Step 7: Preview the product page to make sure it looks and functions as intended.

      Create product page on Shopify

      Step 8: Save the product page so it is now on your Shopify store!

      Create product page on Shopify

      How to Customize Shopify Product Pages with GemPages?

      We've just shown you seven outstanding Shopify product page examples. As you can see, all these product pages went beyond the standard default theme and basic Shopify customization.

      To transform your page to a high-converting product page, consider using GemPages page builder, an easy yet effective way to perform advanced customization for your Shopify product pages. And the best part is you don't need to know a lick of code!

      Customize your product pages your way
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      With GemPages, there’s no need to start from a blank slate. Just choose from our collection of ready-made product page templates and make it yours by uploading your products, inserting some fresh content, and adding images, videos, animations, and effects.

      Here is a quick guide to bring your expected product pages to life.

      Step 1: Go to the GemPages dashboard and click on the Create New Page button. From the use case list, select your page type. Click on the Product Page.

      Customize your Shopify product pages using GemPages

      Step 2: Explore the GemPages template library to find the one that fits your needs. All GemPages templates are mobile-responsive, so you can rest assured that your Shopify product pages look on point on whatever devices your customers are browsing.

      You can hover over the template and it will automatically scroll down to the bottom of the page for you to preview, or click on the Eye icon to check if it matches your requirements. Click on Select to pick the template and start making your mark.

      GemPages template library

      GemPages offers an extensive library of ready-made templates

      Step 3: Click on the Save button to save your work. You can later come back and add more visuals and content to your product page. The page will be automatically switched to draft mode. Hit Publish as you're ready, or schedule your publication date.

      Customize your Shopify product pages using GemPages

      Pro tip: : If your brand has multiple products and each product has a different product page, our Global Styles feature can help make things easier for you. This feature allows you to make all your modifications in one place, save them as a preset, and apply them to each of your product pages (or any page type, for that matter).

      Here is the easy guide on how to use our Global Styles feature to ensure brand consistency across your pages. Check it out!

      5 Shopify Product Page Templates by GemPages That You Should Use to Drive Conversion!

      #1. Template with Split-screen Layout

      Looking for a classic template that gets the job done? The split-screen layout is a no-brainer. With its straightforward design, it's an optimal way to showcase your product information and increase conversions. This layout divides your page into two sections - one for product images and the other for product details, CTA buttons, and other essential elements.

      Split-screen Layout product pageTemplate with Split-screen Layout

      #2. Template with product detailed information

      This template features a comprehensive detail about the product features, producing process, and even related certificates as the centerpiece of the page. This template is the perfect match for products that are elaborately made of various materials or ingredients and bring enormous benefits to human health or the natural environment.

      Template with product detailed information

      Template with product detailed information

      #3. Countdown Timer or Limited-time Offer Template

      Countdown timer or limited-time offer template creates a sense of urgency that encourages immediate action. This design element leverages the psychology of scarcity and time sensitivity to drive conversions and focus on customers' fear of missing out on a great deal.

      GemPages Countdown Timer or Limited-time Offer Template

      GemPages Countdown Timer or Limited-time Offer Template

      #4. Template with Product Bundles Offer

      Product bundles templatePromote your cross-selling by using the product bundles template!

      The "Template with Product Bundles Offer" is a product detail page layout designed to showcase and promote bundled product offers. It presents a combination of related products or services that are bundled together at a discounted price or with added value. 

      The template typically highlights the main product, which serves as the centerpiece of the bundle, and displays the complementary items or services included in the package.

      Pro tip: Consider offering product bundles to increase your average order value as your customers tend to buy more than what they actually need. Check out the tips to set pricing for your product bundles.

      #5. Technical Specification-Focused Template

      This template is specifically designed for products that have complex features, specifications, or details that are essential for potential buyers to understand before making a purchase decision. By capturing the essence of the product, it’s easier for customers to understand if the product fits their needs and make faster purchasing decisions. 

      The template is applicable to various products with comprehensive specifications, such as smartphones and other mobile devices, home appliances, electronics, and security systems.

      Techspec focused template

      Let customers know details about your product!

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      FAQs about Shopify Product Pages

      How do I create my product page on Shopify?
      To create a product on Shopify, go to your Shopify admin dashboard and click on Products from the left-hand menu. Then, click on the Add product button and enter the product details, such as title, description, price, and images. Once you have filled in all the necessary information, click on Save product to publish it on your online store. Check our article for more details
      How to create multiple product pages on Shopify?
      To create multiple product pages on Shopify, you need to create collections and assign products to them. Each collection will have its own page with a unique URL.

      To create a collection, go to the Products section in your Shopify admin, click on Collections, and then click on Create Collection. From there, you can choose the products you want to add to the collection and customize the collection page.
      How do I show products on pages on Shopify
      To show products on pages on Shopify, you can use the product section on the page editor. Simply go to the page editor, click Add section, and select Product from the list of options. Then, you can choose which products to display and customize the layout and design of the section.

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