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15 Best Products to Sell on Shopify in 2024

GemPages Team
17 minutes read
best product to sell on shopify

So you are ready to become a seller on Shopify? Very nice.

But before getting your hands on the creation of a store, you should be able to answer this one vital question first…

What are you planning to sell there?

If you are still in the consideration stage, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll give you a general guide on defining your niche and a list of

15 best products to sell on Shopify to get you inspired.

Let’s dive in!

Why Should You Sell on Shopify?

Shopify is a user-friendly, all-in-one eCommerce platform that allows businesses of all sizes to build and run online stores.

So what makes Shopify an ideal place to sell your products?

  • Ease of use: Anyone can create a store from scratch without any prior coding skills and launch the business to the market very quickly.
  • Affordability: You can start using the Basic plan at $29/month, which is good value for money given the powerful features you have.
  • Excellent customer support: You can ask for help whenever you want as Shopify’s technical assistance works around the clock.
  • Mobile friendliness: Rest assured that your store will look on point across different devices and be able to catch up with the trend of mobile shopping.

Still in two minds and want to see if Shopify or Amazon would be a better fit for you? Check this article out: Shopify vs Amazon: Which Is Better For You In 2022?

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Fantastic Features of Shopify

Recently, Shopify has introduced many new features that would help merchants worldwide find it easier to start and scale up their businesses.

  • Shopify Capital: Select merchants are provided with the capital they need to grow their businesses thanks to this cash advance and loan program.
  • Shopify POS Go: You can use this hand-held device to take payments in store. What’s special about it is its connection to backend stock management and reporting systems, keeping all your data together.
  • Shopify Collabs: You can find a community of creators, influencers, and affiliates on this platform and partner with them to elevate your brand.

Niche Markets

A niche market is characterized by the unique preferences of a specific group of customers. The more specific needs you can identify and fulfill, the nicher your store is, and the higher chance you get to beat your competitors who are setting sights on bigger markets.

Down below are three niche markets that you can rarely go wrong with.

Sustainable living

Sustainability is now one of the key criteria to decide whether a product should be purchased or not for a large number of consumers. This feature can be gauged by checking how the products are sourced, produced, and used: Is it cruelty-free? Reusable? Vegan-friendly? Some product ideas are menstrual cups, vegan cosmetics, eco-friendly laundry detergent, tote bags, and bamboo utensils.

Sustainable living trend in the United States

Sustainable living trend in the United States

Fitness and nutrition

There has been a visible effort to maintain good health among people since the height of the COVID crisis. With the rise of healthy living, the need for exercise and good diets has become stronger than ever before. As an aspiring entrepreneur, you surely don’t want to sleep on this exciting opportunity. You can niche down by focusing on one of the following products: sports apparel, dumbbells, running shoes, healthy snacks, protein recovery bars, and so on.

Fitness trend in the United States

Fitness trend in the United States

Nutrition trend in the United States

Nutrition trend in the United States


The need to travel is, without a doubt, evergreen, and becomes even stronger after such a long time of quarantine. It would double the effectiveness if you could combine this market with at least one of the niches mentioned above. Some cool product ideas you could take into consideration are tripods, sustainable backpacks, leak-proof bottles, travel journals, money belts, card holders, and travel pillows.

Traveling Trend in the United States

Traveling trend in the United States

Top 15 Products to Sell on Shopify

1. Pet Toys

Let the figures speak for themselves: in America, around 45.3 million households have cats, and up to 69 million have at least one dog. The thing is, pet owners always want their four-legged pals to be at their best, and therefore are willing to splurge on whatever can make them happy.

In 2021, it is estimated that about $123.6 billion were spent on pet-related businesses in the US. Since the pet industry is only going to thrive, pet toys are excellent items to sell on your Shopify store. In other words, they are the easy option to ensure quick sales.

Selling pet toys on Shopify

However, it is crucial to find a niche as the market is enormous and quite competitive. Some standard product lines for you to consider are toy pom, teacup poodle, and snuffle mat.

Learn more: Shopify Pet Stores: A Beginner’s Guide

2. Cleaning Products

Regardless of the state of the economy, cleaning supplies are probably among the items with the lowest risk of failure. Not only are they in high demand all year round, but they also often sell in bulk, making them one of the most profitable products to sell on Shopify.

The market for cleaning supplies is booming. According to Fortune Business Insights, the global market for household cleaning supplies is anticipated to reach $320.8 billion by 2028. That means while your shoppers are cleaning up their sinks, showers, and bathrooms, you'll be at the same time clearing out your inventory.

Selling cleaning products on Shopify

You can visit The Laundress to get a glimpse of a Shopify store that is already leading the game, which excels in both appearance and environmental friendliness.

3. Water Bottles

Next on our list of popular items to sell on Shopify are water bottles. For sports and travel gear sellers, this kind of product presents a lucrative business potential. It is anticipated to increase at a compound yearly growth rate of 9.1% from 2022 to 2027, ultimately peaking at $1.4 billion in 2027.

The popularity of water bottles can be explained by the growing interest in healthier lifestyles and increasing concerns about environmental issues stemming from single-use bottles. Google Trends reveals that there are more than 100,000 average monthly searches for the term “water bottles”. For that reason, selling them on Shopify is likely to generate massive sales.

Selling water bottles on Shopify

The best part is, you can readily find them at reasonable costs on wholesale platforms like AliExpress.

4. Skincare Products

Products that enhance one's appearance and sense of well-being will always be sought after.

Many people, especially women, fantasize about having flawless, smooth, and youthful skin. No matter how much that might cost, many will go to great lengths to make their dreams come true.

The demand for skincare products will therefore always be very high. The global market for personal care and cosmetics is anticipated to rise at a compound yearly growth rate of 4.82% and to reach $558.12 billion by 2026, according to a report by Research and Markets.

Selling skincare products on Shopify

The challenge to the sellers, of course, lies in the fierce competition. To rise above the crowd, you need to create a distinctive brand that your target audience would love so much to be associated with.

5. Smartphone Accessories

Today, living without a smartphone is practically unimaginable and, to some people, even downright terrifying. They are now an extension of who we are and an essential part of our life. That’s why around 83.72% of people worldwide own one.

Smartphone accessories can be an excellent option if you're unsure of what the greatest items are to sell on Shopify. Millions of consumers buy them to level up their smartphones' look and functionality, and many deem these accessories as what set them apart from others. That accounts for how the market for mobile phone accessories was estimated to be worth up to $254.5 billion in 2020.

Selling smartphone accessories on Shopify

And since the power of personalization will continue to grow, selling custom smartphone accessories is a simple way to forge connections with your customers and ultimately increase sales. Some ideas include phone cases with custom designs and glass screen protectors (instead of the usual plastic ones).

6. Car and Bike Accessories

Since most people like to accessorize their cars and bikes to make them stand out and perform better, it's understandable that vehicle accessories can make for top-selling items on Shopify.

As for car accessories, bumper stickers, headlamps, fog lights, seat covers, steering covers, and car perfumes are in great demand. By 2022, the market for automobile accessories is anticipated to be worth $522 billion. Selling this sort of product also guarantees a steady flow of income because it is needed throughout the year.

Selling car and bike accessories on Shopify

As for bike accessories, the market is going to boom as more and more people are becoming conscious of living an active lifestyle. Tire repair kits, bike helmets, bike pumps, and bike locks are some essentials for any cyclist.

7. Kitchen Supplies

With a 2.6% rise in annual growth and more than $15 billion in sales over the last five years, the kitchen and cookware industry has witnessed an upward trend. In spite of the intense competition, those who can successfully target niche groups of shoppers will gain a competitive edge over their competitors.

Selling kitchen supplies on Shopify

While there are already some major players in the market, be mindful that they mostly go after the same kind of customers who are older in age and with higher income. You can focus on various products at lower prices by getting bowls, cutlery, dinnerware, cutting boards, and more from AliExpress. Via dropshipping, you can keep the costs down and therefore have an advantage over larger retailers, especially to shoppers that are less inclined to spend on high-end kitchen supplies.

8. Jewelry

Closely linked with the concepts of wealth and success, jewelry is a timeless product category that will never go out of style.

In 2020, the market for jewelry was estimated to be worth $228 billion, and by 2026, the figure will be $307 billion.

Necklace pendants, bracelets, earrings, and rings are some popular items that you can consider for your Shopify store.

Learn more: All About Shopify Jewelry Stores: A Beginner’s Guide

Selling jewelry on Shopify

Minimalist jewelry is a great choice. Though not an untapped niche market, it has always been loved by generations of customers, and will be for decades to come for its elegant beauty. If you want to be a fashion eCommerce merchant, you'll need to upgrade your Instagram game, since nearly all significant jewelry marketing campaigns are glamorously executed there.

9. Shapewear

Shapewear is currently one of the greenest product categories, with its search volume staying high throughout the year in the US. Originating from the lingerie industry, this particular product line has established itself as a promising niche market, offering women a variety of uses that can be worn as a top or with various cuts underneath the main outfits.

Shapewear gives you plenty of flexibility. No matter whether you are selling lingerie or just want to incorporate an additional category into your existing clothing store, you can find shapewear in different colors, sizes, and designs to satisfy the needs of different customer groups.

High search volume of shapewear throughout the year

One of the most lucrative options is high-waist shapewear. Its seamless design helps the wearers look significantly slimmer and truly embrace the “dress to impress” attitude.

10. Vinyls and CDs

In case you didn’t know it, people love to indulge themselves in nostalgia every once in a while, and music is often a very effective means to take us on a journey into the past.

That’s probably the reason why vinyls and CDs are still selling like hot cakes in 2022. To be more specific, the global market for vinyls is currently valued at $1.3 billion while international orders for CDs just underwent 5,404% year-on-year growth. Impressive enough for a product line that seems so outdated at first?

Selling vinyls and CDs on Shopify

Therefore, don’t underestimate what selling vinyl LPs and CDs on Shopify could bring to you. If possible, combine your brick-and-mortar store with a stunning one on Shopify. Many have succeeded that way for not just selling the products, but more importantly offering a holistic experience which immediately makes an impression on visitors.

11. Yoga Mats

Yoga mats have been growing in popularity thanks to yoga's increasing appeal on a global scale. As Google trends demonstrates, the demand for yoga mats has increased substantially in recent years, and it's anticipated that the market will be worth more than $17 billion by 2025.

Selling yoga mats on Shopify

As the industry expands, there are new yoga practitioners every year in search of products that make their pursuit easier. This is a golden opportunity for online business owners, in which you will receive a stable revenue due to the increasing demand. With the average retail price for each yoga mat being at $15, it is fair to say this category makes one of the top products to sell on Shopify. Another plus point is it's very simple to ship them to a global market.

12. Purses and Handbags

As a 2020 report suggests, the market for purses and handbags is valued at around $50 billion and is predicted to increase at a rate of 5.4% annually between 2019 and 2025.

To succeed in this highly competitive market, it is compulsory to find a particular niche and entirely focus on that, instead of experimenting with different niches to see which works. It can be custom women's handbags or men's designer wallets, as long as you determine clearly what the target audience is, how you want the pricing to be, and the level of customization you like to implement.

Selling purses and handbags on Shopify

You can use Print-on-Demand platforms during the creation process to apply your original designs to your items. The alternative would be finding pre-made purses on websites for suppliers and wholesalers like AliExpress.

13. Books and e-Books

While bookstores are very often associated with physical spaces with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, in the modern era, the purchase of books is carried out online more frequently than one might think. About 2.24 million searches for "books" were made every month, according to Shopify.

What you need to do first if you want to get into this market is to decide how to source the books for sale, whether from a wholesaler or a publisher.

Selling books and eBooks on Shopify

You could also consider selling used books, which are easy to find in libraries and secondhand shops. By specializing in a specific type, vintage children’s books for example, you will carve out a unique niche for yourself and have a higher chance of having a much more loyal customer base.

As for sell eBooks, you can refer to How to Sell eBooks on Shopify for some helpful instructions.

14. Homemade Candles

According to MarketWatch, homemade candles have become a necessary component of home décor, with the market predicted to reach $5 billion by 2026. The commercial use of candles has also significantly increased in recent years, with restaurants providing cozy vibes for diners and spas using scented candles for relaxing effects.

A quick glance at Google Trends reveals that there is a steady demand for homemade candles across the world:

Stable search volume of candles throughout the year

Starting a profitable candle company on Shopify should be pretty straightforward. Not only does it require low initial investment but it also is easy to customize for different needs and purposes. This is a must-have item for nearly all special occasions, and you can expect them to fly off the shelves this Valentine’s Day.

15. Health Supplements

After the COVID pandemic, people began to be extremely mindful of their health. As a result, you can anticipate a vast flux of sales of vitamin and mineral supplements if you are thinking about selling them on Shopify.

In fact, health supplement products brought in a staggering $21 billion for merchants worldwide in 2021. According to Statista, that figure will increase by 3.21% by 2025.

Selling health supplements on Shopify

Starting a health supplement business might be a bit difficult due to the legal implications surrounding it. However, you will be well on your way to being wealthy once you know your way around those intricacies and offer reliable, high-quality products.

How to Find The Best Products to Sell on Shopify?

Again, it would be best if you could find your own niche, which will reduce the competitiveness and let you spend less on marketing campaigns.

Here is a video that lists out the basic steps suggested by Shopify experts.

Essentially, what you need to do is to identify the point where your interests and what’s trending intersects. In order to do so, you need to:

Narrow down your interests: Make a list of whatever piques your curiosity, be it adventure, animals, or food, then go with your top three favorites and dig deeper into them. For instance, if you like fashion, then is it clothing or accessories? For adults or children? Classy or grunge? What sort of materials? Make it as specific as you can.

Analyze trends and search results: To check what works well and what doesn’t, use tools like Semrush or Trend Hunter to research trends, and Google Trends for more insights. You can also study trending Instagram hashtags to see how consumers react to certain product types, and drill down the top-selling products on Amazon or eBay to gain more product ideas.

What Makes a Good Product for Your Shopify Store?

While your product could be nearly everything you can think of, there are several criteria you need to consider to make sure your product will sell well, especially if you are a dropshipper who wants simple shipping and quick results.

Pricing: The range of $10-$50 is the best. Since whatever costs more than $50 often entails hesitation, you don’t want your customers to question their purchase impulse way too much. On the other hand, anything cheaper than $10 is likely to generate little profit in return.

Weight and size: You certainly want your products to be easy to package and compress for shipping. Make sure they are as light as possible, or you might need to pay some extra fees for shipping and storage. Around 1-2 kilograms makes a good fit.

Seasonality: It is highly recommended to sell products that are in demand throughout the year. Don’t go after items with short life spans, in which they are used only within a certain period of time like winter or Christmas holiday.

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How to Promote and Grow Your Shopify Store?

Once you’ve picked out your niche products, what is equally important is how you advertise them to your customers. Here are some key ways to encourage people to engage with your brand.
  • Leveraging your Facebook and Instagram channels: Build content for your Facebook Page and constantly update new information. If your product needs stunning visuals and wider reach, try to make the most of Instagram Stories.
  • Taking advantage of blog and SEO optimization: You should create blog posts right on your Shopify store for more organic traffic, team with other bloggers for higher brand awareness, and optimize your website to be more Google-friendly to rank better on search engines.
  • Spicing up your store with a YouTube channel: You can partner with influencers to do product reviews, provide useful tips and tricks in animation videos, or introduce new products in a much more lively way. Check it out How to Connect Your Shopify Store to YouTube

Wrapping Up

We hope that at this point, you’ve gathered enough information and confidence to pick your niche and embark on your eCommerce journey. Once the ideas are clear and the plans are set, the rest is anything but difficult. By going with Shopify, you can set the ball rolling in just a few hours.

However, if you want to push the envelope in terms of store design, then you might need some help from a page builder.

With 60+ professional-looking templates for a wide variety of industries, GemPages has been trusted by 24,000+ merchants worldwide and emboldened a large community of entrepreneurs to thrive.

Thousands have made the next big thing in the eCommerce world with GemPages, and you could, too. Explore our pricing plans now and set your business up for success!

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FAQs about Best Products to Sell on Shopify

What are some niche markets that are great for beginners?
Sustainable living, Fitness and nutrition, and Traveling stand at the top of the list.
How to check which products are trending?
The fastest and simplest way is to use Google Trends, where you could learn about the popularity of certain keywords across different regions within different periods of time. The search volume will reveal how strong a trend is.
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