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Shopify Pet Stores: How To Do Them Right?

GemPages Team
10 minutes read

“I hope to make people realize how totally helpless animals are, how dependent on us, trusting as a child must that we will be kind and take care of their needs.” – James Herriott

Why Open a Shopify Store for Pet Supplies?

Whether James Herriott, with his affection for creatures of every size, envisioned it or not, he played a role in giving rise to the massive pet industry that exists today.

Pet owners are leaving no stone unturned splurging on their pets, be it on food, clothing, accessories, or grooming.

According to data released by APPA, the American Pet Products Association, in 2023, pet owners in the United States spent $143.6 billion on their furry companions, with nearly $62.7 billion on pet foods and treats; $37.0 billion on Vet Care & Product Sales; $32.1 billion on Supplies, Live Animals & OTC Medicine; and other services is $11.8 billion. Across the continent, the story repeats itself.

All this sales data suggests one thing: when pets and their unconditional love tug at their human caretaker’s heartstrings, loosening purse strings is the equal and opposite response.

Is it any wonder that over the past 10 years, online sales of pet-related products have reached 4x growth?

a man pats his dog

The pet supply industry is booming and Shopify could be your way in.

Pet owners are treating their pets like extended family, and are thus increasing spending across-the-board on pet-related items – especially, premium pet foods. In fact, in 2016, about 14% of pet food launches in the USA were positioned as indulgent or premium!

For an entrepreneur like you, the above facts should give you more than enough impetus to start your very own eCommerce pet foods store and Shopify is one of the easiest ways to start.

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How to Start a Shopify Pet Store?

Starting a Shopify pet store involves a lot of decision-making, much like a bricks and mortar pet store. But first, there are some certain aspects that are unique to an eCommerce store.

Firstly, the scope of your business is wider. You may find your business attracting customers from outside your geographic location.

Secondly, your business is open 24/7, there is no opening and closing of the shutters.

Thirdly, your investment is considerably less than a physical store. You can start small, really small, with optimum inventory, with only yourself as the sole employee and scale slowly.

But to get to that point you need to make a few key decisions.

  • What will your niche be within the pet supplies market?
  • Who will be your suppliers and what arrangements need to be made to help you maintain your stock levels?
  • Are there any statutory issues such as the registrations, licenses, taxation formalities you need to consider?
  • How much inventory should you keep in stock?
  • Will you get professional help to create optimal pricing?
  • How will you market and/or advertise your business?

When you’re ready, you can get started on Shopify. To do this:

  •       Go to Shopify and open an account.
  •       Choose your plan.
  •       Enter your business name (you can buy your business name domain later).
  •       Answer the onboarding survey.

Your online store is ready! You will be taken to your home page where you can start designing your Shopify pet supplies store. This means:

  • You can start adding your products and services.
  • Add your logo and other brand assets that you own.
  • Pick and choose an existing theme, customize your content, layout and typography to reflect your brand.
  • Add your custom domain.
  • Add your store title and a description to help define how your store shows up on search engines.
  • Explore automation templates.

To design your pet store, you can also look at using a no code page builder like GemPages. GemPages has an easy to use drag and drop editor that makes creating a high-converting pet supplies store really easy and fast.

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What Are The Top Selling Pet Products Online?

Retailers – both offline and digital – have reported year on year growth in the following products catering to pets:

  • CBD Oil, an extract from the Cannabis plant.
  • Pretty Litter (it’s kitty litter made from silica). 
  • Dog Beds
  • Toothpaste for Dogs
  • Supplements and Vitamins
  • Treats for Cats
  • Dog Food
  • Deworming meds for pets
  • Ball dispensers.
  • Water bottles for pets!

13 Examples Showcasing the Shopify Pet Stores 

In this section, we look at a few of the top pet stores on the Shopify platform. All these stores have many things in common: they feature clean looks, are simple to use, successfully leverage Shopify and its integrations, and provide highly personalized experiences to customers with a view to encouraging positive buying behavior, and repeat purchases. 

1. The Pawtrait

pawtraits homepage screenshot

If you need hand drawn digital Illustrations of your pets for a gallery worthy frame, then you need to head to The Pawtrait!

At The Pawtrait studio, they specialize in creating custom portraits of pets! Pet lovers themselves, each pet portrait is digitally hand drawn with passion and dedication by the team, making your pet portrait a truly unique masterpiece. 

It's as easy as 1,2,3. Simply send them your pet photo, they will get a drawing right away, and your portrait will be delivered to your door! You have a choice from a range of products such as framed pawtraits, to mugs, and phone cases.

Customer and pet satisfaction is guaranteed and plenty of testimonials from their happy customers are there for reference.

The Pawtrait is a trusted and committed brand dedicated to helping pet owners showcase their beloved furry friends. 

Why we love this store:

  • Eye-catching colors
  • Creative images
  • Welcoming the holidays
  • User-friendly interface

Pro tip: As soon as you enter the Pawtrait homepage, you will be impressed by the extremely cute collection. That will attract customers to click and immerse themselves in the world of pets. Create your own collections like that with GemPages.


2. Natural Pet Supplements

natural pet supplements homepage screenshot

Discover safe, effective herbal medicines for dogs and cats at Natural Pet Supplements. The premium-quality supplements are made with human-grade herb concentrations, ensuring high strength and low doses. Rooted in ancient practices and supported by modern science, the herbal medicines are tested for purity and safety. 

Natural Pet Supplements uses only premium ingredients to develop nutritional supplements for the well-being of your pets.

In particular, Natural Pet Supplements uses GemPages to build their Shopify online store.

Why we love this shop:

  • Smooth user-friendly interface
  • Bright, synchronized colors, evoking a feeling of energy
  • Pet images posted are realistic and look very happy

3. SG Smart Paw

SG SmartPaw is a Singaporean pet supplies store. They sell a wide range of pet technology products. 

SG SmartPaw offers top pet brands catering to various care needs. With a focus on innovative pet technology, they aim to simplify pet care. Their commitment to quality service and premium products fosters strong customer relationships and ensures pets remain socially engaged and mentally happy. 

Build homepage with GemPages

To own an online page store that conveys its message as well as showcases all products, SmartPaw also uses Shopify third party app - GemPages. 

Entering the product page, users will immediately see a list of special products, especially red-tagged products with preferential prices. The bundle pricing strategy is applied here to motivate customers to take action and increase the conversion rate for the store.

Why we love this store

  • Showcase trusted and beloved brands for pet's every need
  • Deliver comparison table for views to consider
  • Product diversity

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4. Outbound Canineco

Outbound Canineco stands out as a comprehensive pet store, offering a diverse range of accessories for pets. The website boasts a clean and clear interface, allowing buyers to navigate through each section effortlessly, with concise and informative details.

Upon entering the homepage, visitors are greeted with prominently featured and promoted products. As users scroll down, they encounter a dedicated section highlighting upcoming pet markets, exclusively designed for event information display. This innovative feature caters to customers seeking a physical connection with their purchases, allowing them to bring their pets along for a more personalized shopping experience. 

A screenshot of a Outbound Canineco homepage’s section.

Outbound Canineco provides a section for upcoming markets for better offline sales.

Beyond merely selling products, this store fosters a vibrant pet enthusiast culture by actively participating in local pet events and co-marketing initiatives with other pet brands, including pet photography and pet care services. This unique approach sets Outbound Canineco apart, making it more than just a shopping destination but a hub for pet lovers to connect and share their passion.  

A screenshot of Outbound Canineco’s webpage.

Outbound Canineco offers a webpage for supporting other pet organizations to spread the love for pets.

For those seeking inspiration on effective social marketing strategies, Outbound Canineco sets a prime example. The store employs a traditional yet highly effective approach by encouraging customers to become brand ambassadors. By urging them to share pictures on social media and tag the brand, the store creates a priceless visual testimony that resonates with potential buyers. This tactic not only enhances customer engagement but also establishes a sense of community around the brand.

A screenshot of Outbound Canineco social marketing.

Why we love this store:

  • Comprehensive product range
  • Community building
  • Innovative event section
  • Effective social marketing

5. Millys

If you're in the business of selling pet haircare products, Milly’s serves as an excellent model. This store demonstrates a keen understanding of users' pain points, particularly the time constraints they face. To address this, the search box is strategically designed with a contrasting color against the background. Upon landing on the website, users' attention is immediately drawn to the search box, streamlining their product search process. Additionally, the thoughtful categorization further enhances the user experience, as products are displayed in alphabetical order accompanied by respective images, contributing to a user-friendly UI/UX.

A screenshot of search box of Milly’s search box.

Milly’s seach box is well in contrast with the background color.

Another notable feature of Millys is its effective utilization of limited space to showcase products. The store owner skillfully employs a combination of colors to emphasize sales badges and calls-to-action (CTA). This design choice makes it significantly easier for buyers to digest crucial information quickly and intuitively understand where to take action.
A screenshot of a Milly’s product section.

Why we love this store:

  • Intuitive search functionality
  • User-friendly categorization
  • Efficient use of limited space
  • Effective visual hierarchy for important information
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6. All Things Canine

Are you familiar with the website vibes of the 2010s? If so, All Things Canine is channeling that nostalgic spirit, creating an atmosphere that feels like a trip back to the good old days. The store strongly emphasizes navigation, a crucial aspect due to its extensive range of products. Two navigation options are strategically positioned—one traditionally in the header and the other on the left side beneath a search box. Both features provide buyers with a seamless and efficient experience searching for their desired products.

A screenshot of All Things Canine’s navigation bars.

A noteworthy approach to cross-selling is the highlighting of popular products. Implemented as a sticky bar, this section showcases items with the highest number of purchases. This design choice makes it considerably easier for buyers with similar interests to make informed decisions. 

A screenshot of All Things Canine’s popular products section.

Why we love this store:

  • Nostalgic 2010s vibes
  • Strategic navigation placement
  • Effective cross-selling with popular products

7. The Furry Fox

Struggling to organize your pet products for easy understanding? Discover The Furry Fox pet store. This shop employs simple verbs to segment its products, such as wear, play, and sleep. Even new pet parents can easily grasp that if they're looking for pet toys, they should head to the "play" tab.

A screenshot of The Furry Fox’s categories.

But this store offers more than just products; it provides valuable blog posts with pet care knowledge. Buyers not only purchase items but also gain information to better care for their "furry fox." This dual focus not only enriches the customer experience but is also efficient for SEO, contributing to improved store rankings in search engines.

A screenshot of The Furry Fox blog posts.

A clever tactic to prompt buyer action is through microcopies. This store utilizes straightforward terms to engage site visitors, like “scratch time,” directing them to the “Scratch” collection. A manual slider has also been added to enhance the section's visual appeal.

A screenshot of The Furry Fox section.

Why we love this store:

  • Simple product segmentation (wear, play, sleep)
  • Informative blog posts for pet care
  • Engaging microcopies for easy navigation
  • Visual appeal with manual slider

8. Occam Stores

Occam Stores serves as an exemplary model for a pet store embracing minimalism. With its simple designs and structures, the store captivates visitors with clear and concise information. In a departure from conventional stores, Occam Stores opts not to feature a hero banner, instead directing attention straight to its products. This approach proves efficient, saving buyers valuable time that would otherwise be spent scrolling to find the product section on the homepage. Notably, all elements within the store maintain a consistent aesthetic, creating a visually cohesive and pleasing experience.

A screenshot of Occam Stores homepage.

Furthermore, Occam Stores strongly emphasizes providing comprehensive product descriptions on the individual product detail pages. The store goes beyond the surface, explaining the design rationale and highlighting what sets each product apart. This commitment to transparency allows buyers to discern the intrinsic value of each product beyond mere visual impressions.

A screenshot of Occam Stores product detail page.

Why we love this store:

  • Minimalistic design approach
  • Efficient homepage layout
  • Consistent aesthetic vibes
  • Comprehensive product descriptions

9. Check Pup

Being a one product Shopify store, Checkup excels in featuring its essential product - the dog wellness test kit. Every element on the website showcases the product's benefits, prominently including a comparison table on the homepage. By offering a direct comparison with competitors, Checkup engages confident buyers positively, emphasizing its product's unique advantages in the market.

A screenshot of Checkpup comparison table.

Recognizing the significance of product reviews for any store, especially in the pet industry, Checkup takes a strategic approach. The store places the most crucial information at the beginning of each review, allowing buyers to quickly skim and scan key points before deciding whether to delve deeper. This thoughtful design enhances the overall customer experience, effectively saving buyers' time and facilitating informed decision-making.

A screenshot of Checkpup product review.

Why we love this store:

  • Strategic product presentation
  • Effective use of comparison tables
  • Prioritization of key information in product reviews
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10. Pet Store

If you're in the business of selling products for various types of pets, take a cue from Pet Store. Their approach centers around minimalism, effectively handling a vast array of products. The store categorizes items based on their intended purpose for each type of pet, allowing users to easily navigate to specific sections such as "toys" for dogs and cats.

A screenshot of Pet Store homepage.

In the realm of eCommerce, cross-selling plays a pivotal role in boosting revenue. Pet Store excels in this aspect by recommending related products alongside those customers' views. This strategic move provides buyers with more pet options, with essential information such as price and applicable discounts.

A screenshot of Pet Store you may also like section.

Why we love this store:

  • Thoughtful minimalism
  • User-friendly categorization
  • Strategic cross-selling

11. Dog Quality

Dog Quality provides an excellent example of leveraging blog sections for effective cross-selling. As you scroll down the homepage, a dedicated blog post section unfolds, presenting a blog post along with a segment showcasing products mentioned in that specific post. This thoughtful integration proves beneficial for buyers who are persuaded by the article and wish to make a quick purchase. Furthermore, the store features a convenient quick buy option on every product, allowing buyers to make instant purchases.

A screenshot of Dog Quality blog post section.

Additionally, Dog Quality prioritizes a smooth and fast user experience across every touchpoint. This optimization ensures that buyers can swiftly find and acquire what they need within a matter of minutes. 

A screenshot of Dog Quality product listing page.

Why we love this store:

  • Strategic integration of blog sections for cross-selling
  • Quick buy option for instant purchases

12. Warren London

As one of the most popular pet stores in London, Warren London excels at making a lasting impression on its visitors, thanks to a compelling commercial featured prominently on the homepage. What sets this store apart is its strategic use of celebrities in the commercial, elevating the marketing approach to be more effective and influential.

A screenshot of Warren London homepage.

Beyond the star-studded commercials, the true magic lies in the store's product descriptions. Each product boasts a clear and straightforward description that outlines its features and delves into the materials used and the reasons behind its selection. Every bullet point in the product information section is carefully crafted to address buyer concerns comprehensively, eliminating customers needing to seek answers elsewhere on the website or contact the store directly.

A screenshot of Warren London’s product description.

Why we love this store:

  • Strategic celebrity-driven marketing
  • Clear and comprehensive product descriptions to address buyer concerns effectively

13. Zee Dog

You might want to learn from Zee Dog’s FAQ page. It's so comprehensive that reaching out to customer support becomes almost unnecessary. The questions are thoughtfully categorized, covering common topics related to their business. Users can effortlessly scroll through and find the answers they need. 

The color scheme on this FAQ page is simple yet effective, emphasizing the most crucial information—the questions and their answers. After all, you wouldn't want your buyers to feel overwhelmed on a page meant to assist them, right?

A screenshot of Zee Dog FAQ page.

Another noteworthy aspect that positions this as an exemplary Shopify pet store is its approach to showcasing its sales program. Zee Dog skips the need for flashy banners and opts for a straightforward approach—a picture of the product with promotion phrases and a clear call-to-action, using contrasting color grades. Here, minimalism is the key, streamlining both your efforts and the buyer's search for promotions within your store.

A screenshot of Zee Dog’s promotion section.

Why we love this store:

  • Comprehensive FAQ section with thoughtful categorization for user-friendly navigation
  • Minimalistic approach to sales program display with an effective use of color to highlight key information
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7 Shopify Pet Store Themes You Should Consider

You've gathered inspiration from the 14 best Shopify pet stores. Now, as you aim to create a store that stands out like them, let's explore these five themes from the Shopify theme collection and two prebuilt templates from GemPages.

#1. Shopify Pet Theme - Taste

Price: Free

As Shopify mentions, this theme is deemed "ideal for specialty products and bold branding." The elements within the theme are supportive, offering flexible design and customizable settings that empower you to align your experience with your brand vision. If you're in search of a theme that can effectively emphasize your brand's story, don't overlook this one.

You can try the theme here.

A screenshot of a Shopify pet supplies theme.

#2. Shopify Pet Theme - Minion

Price: $250 USD

Versatility is key with this theme. With 24 sections at your disposal, you have the freedom to tailor a distinctive layout for every page. The flexible design and customization options empower you to bring your envisioned design to life. Additionally, the theme provides three types of navigation, enhancing your store's layout, design, and options to perfectly align with your brand.

You can try the theme here.

A screenshot of a Shopify pet supplies theme.

#3. Shopify Pet Theme - Vision 

Price: $300 USD

This theme is great for high-volume stores to process a large number of transactions in a given period. Moreover, the visual can help you to showcase images to support brand storytelling through all sorts of media like photos, videos, GIFs…

You can try the theme here.

A screenshot of a Shopify pet supplies theme.

#4. Shopify Pet Theme - Upscale

Price: $350 USD

This premium theme is loaded with advanced features and exceptional flexibility. Upscale elevates your user experience with optimized search, filtering, and navigation, ensuring nothing impedes your customers from discovering and effortlessly purchasing your products. Taking inspiration from proven conversion drivers, Upscale provides everything you need to promote products, cross-sell, and boost conversions, including promo banners, popups, tiles, and more.

You can try the theme here.

A screenshot of a Shopify pet supplies theme.

#5. Shopify Pet Theme - Honey

Price: $390 USD

This theme stands out for its ability to make any image shoppable. Utilizing Honey's 'Shop the Look' section and three QuickShop options, converting your site visitors into customers is now more seamless than ever. Furthermore, the theme provides customizable products without the need for additional apps. You can incorporate engraving or monogramming, enable customers to upload custom files, select personalized colors, or include a message.

You can try the theme here.

A screenshot of a Shopify pet supplies theme.

Tip: Shopify offers up to 75 themes for pet supplies businesses. If you don't find any of the recommended themes appealing, you can explore more options by searching here.

#6. GemPages’ pre-built template - Pet Toys Landing Page

GemPages Pet Toys landing page template

#7. GemPages’ pre-built template - Pet Supplies Landing Page

GemPages Pet Supplies landing page template

Top Shopify Pet Stores: Tips and Tricks

An online pet supplies store must have in place certain key elements in order to be successful.

As we have stated earlier, the critical thing is to get customers to visit your online store, engage them in a convincing manner with your story, to then trust you enough to place an order.

With this in mind, here are a few tips to keep in mind, to have a successful online Shopify pet store.

  • Your online store must have a simple, clutter free user interface. The less clutter, the better.
  • The products being featured must provide all information that is needed to enable the customer to make a decision. Navigation must be easy, simple and seamless. Placing orders, making payment, and the delivery process must be straightforward and clear.
  • Once an order is placed, make sure there is an easy way for the customer to get in touch with Customer Support, should it be required. Offer all options to get in touch – via phone, email, and/or chat.
  • A picture tells a thousand words. Make sure your online store is visually appealing and create good quality product images.
  • Use the power of social media to reach and engage with your core audience
  • Publish blogs, YouTube videos, and Instagram pictures to remain fresh and relevant to your audience.
  • Consider reaching out to influencers to recommend your products. The trust factor is built on such endorsements and it’s easy to do with Shopify’s Collabs app.
  • Use reviews and testimonials to build trust and confidence.

These are some of the most important tips and tricks that you should consider in order for your online pet store to be a success. This list is merely illustrative, and not exhaustive.

However, keep in mind that your approach to making your website standout should be to differentiate yourself from the competition and to showcase your store’s unique value proposition.

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FAQs about Shopify Pet Stores

How can I customize the appearance of my Shopify pet store to align with my brand identity?
Shopify provides a range of pet-centric themes in its theme collection. You can easily customize these themes using the theme editor, allowing you to adjust colors, fonts, and layout to match your brand vision. Additionally, consider exploring third-party landing page apps such as GemPages for more advanced customization options.
Can I easily integrate a subscription model for pet food or supplies in my Shopify pet store?
Yes, Shopify supports subscription models. You can use apps like ReCharge or Bold Subscriptions to set up recurring orders for pet essentials, making it convenient for customers to receive regular shipments of their pet products.
How can I showcase customer reviews specifically for pet products on my Shopify store?
Shopify allows you to feature product reviews, and there are apps like Yotpo or that specialize in showcasing and collecting reviews for pet-related items. You can try GemPages’s integrations for faster and easier product review display.
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