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5 Best Shopify Landing Page Apps in 2023

GemPages Team
9 minutes read
5 Shopify landing page apps

Creating an appealing and effective eCommerce landing page is a cornerstone of nearly every online business. For example, for big eCommerce events like Black Friday, a landing page acts as a conversion hub, simplifying the shopping experience and driving sales. 

They have a clear focus, whether it's promoting exclusive Black Friday deals or enticing early access sign-ups. With their laser-focused design and content, they compel visitors to take immediate action, resulting in greater conversions and campaign success.

However, creating a page that is not only visually appealing but also optimized for user experience and specific business objectives. The good news is, there’s a plethora of Shopify landing page builders that can simplify this process. In this article, we will delve into the 5 best Shopify landing page apps in 2023 that you might want for your business. 

How We Analyze the Best Free Landing Page Builder for Shopify

Choosing the perfect landing page app for your Shopify store is crucial for achieving eCommerce success. To make the selection process easier, we have carefully evaluated various landing page builders based on the following important criteria:

1. Fast building speed

Seasonal events like Black Friday, Cyber Money... can arrive in a flash, but they bring immense profit potential. That's why smart businesses prepare with lightning speed to never miss out on these opportunities.

To curate the ultimate list, we prioritize fast building speed as a top criterion. We all know that taking swift action and staying one step ahead of the competition are the keys to maximizing profits and achieving success.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, you can now generate stunning custom landing pages in just minutes using user-friendly page builder apps, even without coding. 

2. Ease of Use

In this list, we have looked for ones with an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that accommodates users of all technical expertise, ensuring you don't waste time grappling with complex tools.

Our selection process also took into account the availability and quality of user guides and tutorials. These valuable resources serve as essential gateways to help you maximize the benefits of the app, eliminating the need for excessive research and saving you time.

3. Customization

When it comes to picking the ultimate Shopify landing page app, remember this: customization is your secret sauce. After all, your design should be a mirror reflection of your brand's swagger and business aspirations. 

So, we opt for Shopify landing page builders that that let you break free from the limitations of a Shopify theme and customize your pages down to the very last pixel. For those coding wizards out there craving total control, we've got you covered too. Our chosen apps all include a custom code feature. 

Learn more: Shopify Customization: How to Build Custom Shopify Pages That Sell?

4. Compatibility with Shopify

Seamlessly integrating with your Shopify store is non-negotiable for eCommerce businesses. In this curated list, we've done the heavy lifting to bring you apps that play nicely with Shopify themes.

5. Pricing

The price tag often has the final say. It's what determines whether all the factors we've discussed justify the investment and whether it's cost-effective for businesses of all sizes. 

Moreover, the shortlisted platforms should offer a variety of subscription plans to cater to users' specific needs.

6. Reviews

Last but not least, user reviews and ratings are something that should not be overlooked. We will choose which received the most positive and informative reviews. This can not only help to get the important insights of the business and the platform but also indicate their reliability and performance. 

Best Shopify Landing Page Apps - Free plans available

Now, let's dive into the top Shopify landing page apps that offer free plans. This section will provide an in-depth look at each app, including its key features, pricing, and testimonials.

Key takeaways:

Page builder

Highlight features




  • Unlimited published pages for all paid plans
  • AI-feature “Image-to-Layout” to generate editable layouts from reference images or URLs
  • Shopify App element

Starts from $23/ month (billed yearly). Free plan available. 

3.5k 5-star reviews on the Shopify App Store and nearly 600 reviews on Trustpilot


  • Published pages: Varies with paid plans. From 10 pages. 
  • Generate store content with AI
  • Page analytics
  • Multi-store sync

Starts from $29/month. Free plan available.

2.9k 5-star reviews on Shopify


  • Published pages: Varies with paid plans. From 15 pages. 
  • Page analytics
  • Content AI generator (ChatGPT Integration)

Starts from $16/month (billed yearly). Free plan available.

2.1k 5-star reviews


  • Published pages: Varies with paid plans. From 5 pages. 
  • Mailchimp Form Element

Starts from $24/month. Free plan available.

7.9k 5-star reviews


  • Published pages: Varies with paid plans. From 30 pages. 

Starts with $9/month (14-day free trial). Free plan available.

112 5-star reviews

#1. GemPages

On top of the list of the best Shopify page builder apps, you should not overlook GemPages. GemPages is a well-loved Shopify page builder that offers e-sellers a faster and smarter approach to building, customizing, and optimizing your storefront. 

In addition to some essential features found in a landing page builder, such as an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, 100+ sales and marketing elements, and multiple page types, GemPages provides a growing list of Shopify-compatible seasonal landing page templates and sections. This means you can create professional-looking and conversion-ready landing pages with minimal coding and maximum customization.

A screen recording of GemPages’ Black Friday template

Key Features of GemPages

What really sets GemPages apart is the AI-powered feature called Image-to-Layout. This feature, available on all plans, enables users to create and edit layouts based on reference images or URLs. With Image-to-Layout, users can create landing pages and customize them effortlessly to kickstart their campaigns quickly. 

Recently, GemPages has introduced the Shopify App Element. This feature allows users to seamlessly add third-party apps to their GemPages-powered pages, even if they’re not on the integration list. It is worth noting that GemPages ensures your designs shine on desktop, tablet, and mobile screens. Your pages will always look incredible, no matter where they're viewed.

GemPages Pricing

GemPages offers a complimentary plan with essential features, and a variety of paid plans to meet different business needs and stages. Plus, all paid plans allow for unlimited published pages. 

Check out GemPages Pricing and get the most suitable subscription plan for your business.

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GemPages Testimonial/Review

Having garnered an impressive 3,500 5-star reviews on the Shopify App Store, it's evident that our platform has resonated positively with store owners. As Alexander, Co-Founder and CEO of Cookie Chips, once said:

“My experience with GemPages has been overwhelmingly positive. The templates are wonderful, the ease of use is phenomenal, the integrations are helpful, and what I must emphasize is the technical support. It’s unbeatable. There’s never anything that cannot be accomplished.” 

You can read more reviews on GemPages here.

#2. Shogun

Shogun is another strong contender for the list of best landing page builders and is one of Shopify's first-page builder apps. Notably, Shogun empowers A/B testing of various page versions to identify the most effective conversion strategies, making it a potent marketing tool.

A screenshot of Shogun homepage.

Shogun Key Features

Shogun simplifies page performance tracking with its built-in analytics system, which monitors popular page metrics such as bounce rate and sessions without the need for third-party tracking tools. Additionally, Shogun's advanced content synchronization across multiple stores can prove beneficial for managing multiple stores simultaneously.

Last but not least, its AI SEO feature can be a time-saver by intelligently generating and updating SEO-friendly page titles and metadata fields.

Tips: Check out this SEO checklist if you are a Shopify beginner.

Shogun Pricing

Shogun's pricing starts with a free plan, offering 1 published page and limited feature access. Beyond that, you can choose from their various subscription options. For example, the Build plan costs $29 per month, allowing up to 10 published pages.

Shogun Testimonial/ Review

Shogun has 2.9k reviews on Shopify which shows it has a lot of fans. A customer from Japan shared that his experience with Shogun was useful. To take his words, “Without "Shogun", the page would no longer be possible”.

#3. EComposer

EComposer is another free Shopify landing page app that should be included in this list. EComposer provides a range of extensions designed to enhance page appeal and boost conversion rates, including sticky "Add-to-Cart" buttons and cross-selling sections featuring popular products.

 A screenshot of EComposer homepage.

EComposer Key Features

One outstanding feature worth exploring in EComposer is the Global Block and Section Builder. These features serve the same purpose: to insert customized sections built with the page builder between Shopify sections and into Shopify themes. Users have the flexibility to rearrange sections, remove unwanted elements, or add new ones to tailor their pages to their preferences.

The Shopify landing page app builder also boasts an extensive library of 360+ templates and page elements, all of which are fully customizable. 

EComposer Pricing

EComposer offers a free plan that allows up to 3 non-product pages. Paid plans include Standard ($16/month), Pro ($32/month), and Premium ($124/month). The difference lies in the number of pages you can publish, templates you can save and priority supports.

EComposer Testimonial/ Review

With 2.100 reviews on Shopify, EComposer shows no less than an attractive page building destination for store owners. As Tyler from Yoga Junkies once shared, he would recommend this app because it had built-in customizations which made “Shopify a lot easier to work on”.

#4. PageFly

PageFly is one of the most popular Shopify landing page builder apps. With PageFly, crafting web pages for desktops, tablets, and smartphones becomes a breeze. In the meantime, PageFly boasts a diverse selection of over 100 page templates, simplifying the customization of your page's appearance. PageFly also provides robust tools to assist entrepreneurs in launching and establishing thriving businesses from the ground up such as business idea generator, profit margin calculator and so on.

A screen capture of PageFly homepage.

PageFly Key Features

One of PageFly’s standout feature is the "Saved Section". This allows users to save existing sections or create new ones and reuse them across multiple pages. Instead of recreating them every time, you can simply save and add them to any page with just a few clicks. This convenience not only promotes design consistency across your site, but also saves you hours of design work.

If you plan to execute email marketing activities for your campaign, don't neglect PageFly's Mailchimp form element. This feature is designed to help you collect customer emails directly on your Shopify landing page using PageFly.

PageFly Pricing

To determine the most suitable option for your needs, explore PageFly’s pricing plans, which include a Free Plan, a Pay-as-you-go Plan (starts from $24 per month), and an Unlimited Plan ($99 per month).

PageFly Testimonial/ Review

When examining PageFly's reviews section on Shopify, it's noteworthy that the page builder has garnered an impressive 7.9k reviews. As Richard Cawkill, the Founder of The Sustainable Watch Company, aptly puts it, 'Through PageFly, we've been able to build many pages, and that was really great in terms of allowing us to expand our website and build it in an effective way.

#5. Pagetify

Established in 2022, Pagetify is the newest entrant in the page-building arena. However, its age doesn't reflect the quality of features it offers. Pagetify provides essential features that every page builder should have, such as drag-and-drop elements, pre-built templates, and more.

A screenshot of Pagetify homepage.

Pagetify Key Features

One of its most practical features is the page history function. This feature automatically saves, reverts, and allows you to reuse blocks, templates, and pages hassle-free within their editor.

Additionally, Pagetify offers a prominent feature worth exploring: priority support. Given that it's a relatively new page builder, resources for learning and using the app might be limited. However, their priority support can offset this challenge, ensuring you receive instant and responsive assistance whenever needed.

Pagetify Pricing

The Pagetify Free plan offers essential features, the Basic plan at $9/month adds customization options, the Pro plan at $19/month includes unlimited page types. For the ultimate package, choose the Pagetify Premium plan at $59/month with unlimited page types and maximum page history limits.

Pagetify Testimonial/ Review

Pagetify has garnered an impressive 112 5-star reviews on Shopify, primarily praising its exceptional website-building capabilities. As Magmart from Romania put it, 'I'm glad to say that this was the best app that I could use to build my website. This was really helpful and, also, free.'

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Best Practices to Use a Landing Page Builder

Watch tutorials to get the most out of the page builder

To help users navigate potentially-confusing features, most page builders offer user-friendly tutorials and guides. These resources provide a more intuitive and quicker solution compared to comprehensive help centers. Tutorials are designed to address specific user pain points, making them highly user-centric. 

For instance, GemPages 101, a tutorial series for version 7, focuses on addressing common user concerns that have been thoroughly studied. This approach ensures that users can easily grasp and make the most of the latest features.

A screen capture of a GemPages 101 YouTube playlist.

GemPages 101 tutorial series can guide users to get the most out of GemPages v7.

Take advantage of customer support

Feel free to reach out to customer support for assistance when facing challenges or questions. Their responsive support team can significantly improve your experience. You can find instant help through the chat box on the landing page or by accessing their vibrant community. 

Catch up with page builder’s latest features

You should be well-informed about the landing page builder's latest features and updates. These enhancements can bolster your page's performance, enhance customization options, and streamline your workflow.

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Which is the Best Free Page Builder for Shopify?

In conclusion, the choice of the best free page builder for your Shopify store will depend on your specific requirements and preferences. Each of the mentioned landing page apps—GemPages, Shogun, EComposer, PageFly, and Pagetify—offers unique features and benefits that can help you create stunning and effective landing pages for your e-commerce store.

Consider your business goals, level of technical expertise, and desired features when making your choice. If you are looking for a page builder that offers fast and smart solutions, GemPages stands out with its AI-powered Image-to-Layout feature.

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