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15 Top Home Decor Shopify Stores in 2023

GemPages Team
10 minutes read
Home decor shopify stores
In the ever-evolving world of eCommerce, the home decor dropshipping industry stands out as an enticing choice for retailers due to its lucrative potential. With a growing number of individuals seeking to curate personalized living spaces, the demand for home decor products has surged.

Certainly, Shopify is your empowering partner, enabling you to create captivating online home decor stores that enchant customers globally.

In this blog post, we present you with 15 top home decor Shopify stores, guide you in building your successful home decor Shopify store.

15 Top Home Decor Shopify Stores in 2023

#1 Best Choice Products

Key features: Detailed collections, new arrivals update and best seller recommendation.

Best Choice Products collections and best-selling items.

Discover Best Choice Products' exclusive collections and best-selling recommendations.

Best Choice Products is the go-to online shopping destination for quality products built in-house. It handles over 1200 items, including diverse categories: outdoor and indoor  furniture, seasonal decor products, toys, gifts, etc.

What to learn from:

  • The clear call-to-action buttons throughout the website guide visitors towards desired actions.
  • The products are categorized into well-defined and visually appealing collections, enhancing customers’ shopping experience and driving sales.
  • New arrivals are real-time updated and best-selling items are thoughtfully  recommended, guiding customers towards popular choices that resonate with their preferences.

#2 Pier 1

Key features: Product recommendation, countdown timer on the banner.

Countdown timer on Pier 1’s hero banner.

Pier 1’s countdown timer displays on the hero banner.

Pier 1 is an online retailer that offers a wide selection of merchandise, including more than 5000 items imported from more than 60 countries worldwide, primarily from Asia. Their diverse offerings encompass furniture, decorative accessories, dining and kitchen goods, bath and bedding accessories, as well as an array of seasonal items.

What to learn from:

  • Pier 1’s website designs a countdown timer on the hero banner, urging customers to act swiftly and seize exclusive deals before time runs out. 
  • Product recommendations provide personalized suggestions based on a customer’s browsing and purchase history, enhancing their overall shopping experience.

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Pier 1’s product recommendations.

Explore product recommendations on Pier 1’s storefront.

#3 High Fashion Home

Key features: Clear CTA, flash sale information in the hero banner, suggested designing ideas with different styles.

Flash sale information on High Fashion Home’s hero banner.

Unveil the flash sale details on High Fashion Home’s hero banner.

High Fashion Home is the premier destination for unique home furnishings, fashion, and gifts. It offers contemporary furniture to complement the eclectic and modern lifestyle.

What to learn from: 

  • The comprehensive flash sale details on the hero banner captivate the customers' attention.
  • They provide a diverse range of decorative furniture in various styles, expanding the choices available to customers.

High Fashion Home living room decor items.

An assortment of living room decor items featuring diverse designing styles.

#4. McGee & Co.

Key features: Variable content marketing format (blogs, videos, netflix shows), reward program.
McGee & Co. content marketing formats.

McGee & Co. diversifies content marketing formats.

Are you looking for a vintage-style home decor store? McGee & Co. storefront is truly a good example to inspire you. It presents a stunning array of designer pieces that infuse homes with true beauty and charm.

What to learn from: 

  • McGee & Co. provides a versatile content marketing approach with engaging blogs, captivating videos, and even netflix shows, inspiring action from customers.
  • They bring to customers a detailed reward program. Customers can accrue points and receive dollars off on future orders as a token of appreciation. 

McGee & Co. reward program.

McGee & Co. presents customers with a detailed reward program.

#5. 2 Modern Furniture and Lighting

Key features: Wishlist, clear return and shipping policy.
2Modern return and shipping policy.

2Modern provides customers a clear return and shipping policy.

2Modern is guided by passion for authentic modern design. It curates an original collection of exquisite modern furniture, lighting, and decor, embracing the essence of beauty and innovation.

What to learn from: 

  • 2Modern offers a clear return and shipping policy, providing customers a sense of trust that resonates throughout the entire shopping journey. 
  • They empower customers with a wishlist to save their favorite products, boosting  customer engagement and enhancing their shopping experience. 

2Modern wishlist.

2Modern wishlist enables customers to save their favorite products.

#6. Dormify

Key features: Easy check-out process, multiple customer support options.
Dormify’s checkout page.

Dormify’s checkout page is clear and easy to follow.

Dormify is a one-stop-shop for decorating a stylish dorm room at an affordable price. Everything you need to create the dorm room of your dreams can be found here, including bedding, storage, furniture, decor and more.

What to learn from:

  • Dormify has a checkout page with a clean, light-colored, and distraction-free background. The checkout process is quick and easy with some basic information such as contact information, shipping address, etc. 
  • It provides customers with multiple support options, including: chat, email, text, call. The support team is always ready to lend a helping hand, ensuring every customers’ experience with their services is smooth and satisfactory.

Dormify’s multiple support options.

Dormify provides customers with multiple support options.

#7. Burke Decor

Key features: BD rewards.

Burke Decor is an online boutique complete with decorative home products, gifts, furniture and other delights to make living more enjoyable. The items in Burke Decor are designed by designers all around the world.

Burke Decor rewards program.

Burke Decor crafts an alluring and comprehensive rewards program.

What to learn from:

  • Burke Decor designs a meticulous rewards program called BD Rewards, featuring a straightforward and attractive mechanism for earning points that can be converted into dollars off future purchases. This enticing program fosters customer engagement, encourages repeat visits, and enhances the overall shopping experience.

#8. The Citizenry

Key features: Customer reviews, display star ratings.
The Citizenry’s product star badge.

The Citizenry displays product star badge on the product page.

The Citizenry is a globally renowned home decor brand. With a commitment to excellence, their product lines showcase handcrafted textiles, accents, and furniture, masterfully crafted using premium materials and artisanal techniques. 

What to learn from:

  • Product star badge is shown on the Citizenry's product page. This badge is a testament to the brand's commitment to exceptional quality and customer satisfaction, instilling confidence in potential buyers and encouraging them to make informed and confident purchase decisions. 
  • They display reviews from customers who have purchased products. It is the quickest and most effective method to build trust with your visitors, converting them into loyal customers.

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The Citizenry’s customer reviews

#9. Iron Accents

Key features: High-resolution image, product-focused design. 
Iron Accents’ high-resolution images and product-focused design.

Iron Accents utilizes high-resolution images and provides product-focused design.

Founded in 1999, Iron Accents firmly believes in the magic that hand-craftsmanship brings to homes, embracing the idea that iron's quality and durability give rise to truly unique products. They have dedicated their time and knowledge to finding the perfect iron and metal pieces to complement today's home. 

The Iron Accent collection features a wide range of unique iron pieces supplied by over 70 individual artists, blacksmiths, manufacturers and importers. 

What to learn from:

  • Iron Accent storefront has product-focused design, emphasizing their beauty and uniqueness. With captivating high-resolution images adorning every corner, each product can showcase its intricate details and craftsmanship. This thoughtful design approach not only entices customers but also helps them make informed purchasing decisions.

#10. Jennifer Furniture

Key features: Markdown deals, shop famous designer brands.

Jennifer Furniture’s markdown deals.

Jennifer Furniture offers markdown deals to motivate customers to make purchasing decisions. 

Jennifer Furniture, a leading full-line retailer, offers the best in home furnishings from an extensive range of trusted brands. It ensures that every customer who steps into its storefront will have their living spaces adorned with authentic luxury and sophistication.

What to learn from: 

  • Markdown deals are the highlight spot of Jennifer Furniture marketing strategy. By providing customers with discounted opportunities, they enhance the customers engagement and drive them to make purchase decisions.
  • Jennifer Furniture shows a wide range of renowned designer brands on the storefront. It helps to elevate their brand image and foster brand loyalty.
Jennifer Furniture’s renowned designer brands.

Jennifer Furniture displays renowned designer brands to foster brand loyalty.

#11. Jonathan Adler

Key features: Intuitive product filers, compelling product descriptions.
Jonathan Adler’s intuitive product filters.

Jonathan Adler’s intuitive product filters allow customers to easily navigate through their vast selection.

Jonathan Adler is a furniture retailer and online retailer that offers eye-catching, stylish designs with a commitment to a fair price and with an emphasis on chic statement pieces.  Their extensive selection includes: sofas, chairs, tables, lighting, decoration items, and more.

What to learn from: 

  • Jonathan Adler's intuitive storefront features product filters for easy navigation based on name, type, color, collection, material, and price.
  • All products on page have captivating and compelling product descriptions, which vividly convey the essence and allure of the items. 

Jonathan Adler’s compelling product descriptions.

Jonathan Adler’s products have captivating and compelling descriptions.

#12. Scandinavian Designs

Key features: Location detected.

With over 40 stores across the United States, Scandinavian Designs is the premier modern contemporary home furnishings destination - offering quality craftsmanship at an outstanding value.

What to learn from: 

  • Experience convenience at its finest with the Scandinavian Designs store page, featuring location detection that effortlessly guides customers to the nearest store. 

Scandinavian Designs’ location detected.

Find your nearest Scandinavian Designs store with location detected feature.

#13. Spatial Shop

Key features: Multiple payment options, pay later with no interest policy, pop-ups.

Spatial Shop’s pop-up.

The Spatial Shop exclusive pay later offering pop-up attracts the visitors' attention.

Spatial Shop is an online store specializing in furnishings and decor, boasting a vast array of furniture and decor items. Their dedicated focus lies in enhancing the value of the properties they style, ensuring an elevated and refined aesthetic for your living spaces.

What to learn from:

  • Spatial Shop offers a "pay later" option with no interest. It is strategically displayed on a pop-up, attracting the attention of website visitors. 
  • The flexibility of multiple payment options at Spatial Shop makes customers' shopping experience seamless and hassle-free.

Pro tip: A word of caution: don’t overuse those popups or you’ll chase away your prospects! And the good news is that GemPages offers a customizable pop-up element that you can add on any page.  

Customize your Shopify home decor stores effortlessly
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#14. Affinity

Key features: Mailing list, testimonials. 

Affinity’s mailing list.

Affinity mailing list aims to notify customers about their exclusive offers, promotions, new arrivals and more

Affinity offers a collection of outdoor living furniture and accessories that help customers create a luxurious outdoor experience, no matter the season. Designed with a unique blend of modern and contemporary aesthetics, Affinity’s customers easily transform their backyard space into their own private oasis with any of its expertly crafted, transitional pieces.

What to learn from: 

  • Affinity's store page has a mailing list feature, allowing customers to subscribe and stay updated on exclusive offers, promotions, new arrivals and more. 
  • Testimonials section is a way to provide valuable insights from satisfied customers, guiding other potential customers towards making confident and informed decisions.

Affinity’s testimonials.

Affinity gains customers' trust through their testimonials section.

#15. Pravi - Urban Home

Key features: Brand identity with yellow color, intuitive search bar. 
PRAVI’s brand identity enhancement.

PRAVI enhances its brand identity with a yellow color scheme.

Established in 2018, PRAVI stands as a pioneering and distinctive concept store for departments in Peru. With a diverse range of furniture and decor items, they have mastered the art of infusing a unique look into every living space. 

What to learn from:

  • The bold and vibrant yellow color scheme on PRAVI's storefront is a reflection of its unique brand identity
  • You'll find an intuitive search bar on the PRAVI store page, making product searching a breeze. 

Tips and Tricks for Designing a High-Converting Home Decor Shopify Stores

Check out some valuable tips and tricks for designing a high-converting storefront that will elevate your online business to new heights:

  • Cohesive Brand Identity: A consistent and cohesive brand identity establishes trust and recognition, enhancing customer loyalty.
  • High-Quality Product Images: Stunning product images create a lasting impression on customers, elevating the perceived value of your offerings.
  • Product Bundles: Offering product bundles entices customers with value and convenience, encouraging them to make larger purchases.
  • Compelling Product Descriptions: Engaging product descriptions highlight the benefits and features, compelling customers to make informed decisions.
  • Clear CTA: A clear call-to-action prompts customers to take action, increasing conversion rates and driving sales.
  • Detailed Customer Reviews and Testimonials: Positive reviews and testimonials build trust and credibility, influencing potential customers to make a purchase.
  • Easy Checkout Process: A streamlined and user-friendly checkout process reduces cart abandonment and improves the overall shopping experience.
  • User-Friendly Navigation: Intuitive navigation simplifies the browsing process, helping customers find products quickly and easily.
  • Buy Buttons: Strategically placed buy buttons prompt customers to take action, leading to quicker conversions.
  • Detailed Product Collections: Well-organized and comprehensive product collections help customers find what they need, encouraging exploration and additional purchases.
  • SEO Optimization: Implementing SEO best practices improves your store's visibility in search engines, attracting more organic traffic.
  • Add FAQs: Including a FAQ page addresses common customer questions, reducing support inquiries and providing valuable information.

If you're looking for a page builder to implement the above tips and tricks, GemPages is a good choice for you to consider.  With all the essential tools and features, it empowers you to build a successful and thriving online store effortlessly.


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Home decor stores have the potential to be highly profitable, boasting profit margins ranging from 20% to 45%. Given the high demand for home decor products, the profit potential is substantial. However, it's crucial to determine the appropriate price range for your products to maximize profits. Before promoting your store offline, make sure to establish a strong online presence by setting up an online store.
What are the trending home decor products to sell online?
Here are some of the latest trends in home decor products, including houseplants, 3D arts, sculptural vases, curved furnishings, mirrors, decorative bowls and plates, etc.
What are the best home decor dropshipping suppliers?
Check out a detailed overview of the 10 best home decor dropshipping suppliers for your online store.
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