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How To Create Bundles on Shopify: 2 Simple Ways

GemPages Team
17 minutes read
How To Create Bundles on Shopify: 2 Simple Ways

To maximize revenue on your Shopify store, there are two main ways:

  1. Bring as many new customers to your Shopify store as possible
  2. Have your existing customers spend as much as possible

While the former may turn out to be expensive and takes many efforts, the latter can be much more cost-effective and lucrative.

But how to increase sales with your existing customers or have them spend more?

One of the great techniques to achieve this is to offer Shopify product bundles.

So, this blog post will guide you on the basics of Shopify product bundling, its importance, step-by-step guide, best practices, and the best bundle app for Shopify.

What Are Shopify Product Bundles?

A Shopify product bundle is a technique used by merchants to combine multiple products and offer them as a single package, usually at a discounted price or with a free gift.

For example, if you’re selling personal care products, you can create a bundle of several products such as body wash, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, deodorant, and so on.

Product Bundle Pricing Examples

There are several ways to offer product bundling. Here are some of the most popular ones:

1. Pure bundling

Pure bundling means a set of items that can be purchased only within a bundle or package and not as individual items.

Since this technique limits the choices given to customers, you need to ensure that the products included in the bundle are essential or attractive enough for customers to buy in the bundle deal.

Singer ProSeries™ Bundle available on Wayfair is a good example of pure bunding as it covers the essential items for a sewing kit.

Singer ProSeries™ Bundle in Wayfair’s online store

This bundle from Singer includes scissors, snips, seam ripper, and pins - which makes it a perfect bundle for professionals, novice DIY-ers, and sewists.

2. Cross-sell bundles

In cross-sell bundling, customers are offered complementary products or add-ons along with the main product. One simple example of this technique is selling a phone case and earphones as add-ons along with a phone.

REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.) is a great example of cross-selling bundle offers. REI's product page for Men's pants specifically promotes "Complementary Items" such as t-shirts and hoodies that can go well with the pants.

REI’s product page

REI's product cross sell bundle
REI’s cross-selling bundle offer lets customers add more products related to the primary product that they are looking to purchase.

3. Frequently Bought Together

As the name suggests, these are the types of product bundles where customers are offered products that were frequently bought together in the past or are more likely to buy them together based on the type of products you offer.

ASOS does a great job at recommending highly relevant products to its customers using machine learning. According to Elaine Bettaney - a Data Scientist at ASOS, their AI team developed a machine learning model that can recommend a complete outfit based on the “seed product” that the customer is looking for.

ASOS product page
When a customer is looking to purchase ASOS DESIGN cropped shirt, ASOS recommends matching heel sandals and a tote bag similar to the ones shown with the model in the product image.

4. Mixed Bundles

Mixed bundles combine different individual products that are also available to purchase separately. By purchasing a mixed bundle with a discount, customers can buy those products at a cheaper rate as compared to buying them individually.

Kylie Cosmetics’ Bath & Body Bundle includes six different products that could be bought in a mixed bundle as well as individual items. The price of this mixed bundle is lesser than the total price of all those individual items combined.

Lavender Bath & Body Bundle from Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics has many mixed bundle offers available on their online store.

5. Buy One, Get One (BOGO):

BOGO is one of the most popular and widely-used product bundling types. Customers love when they can buy one product and get another one for free (or sometimes, with heavy discounts).

Clothing brands are usually found promoting such BOGO offers to their customers. For example, buy 2 t-shirts and get 1 free or buy two pairs of socks and get 1 free.

That said, it’s not limited to just clothing brands. Barnes & Noble Booksellers promotes "Buy One, Get One 50% off” and “Buy One, Get One Free” offers for products such as books, eBooks, audiobooks, etc.

Lavender Bath & Body Bundle from Kylie Cosmetics

With “Buy One, Get One Free” offers from Barnes & Noble Booksellers, customers can buy different eBooks or books from the same author or genre.

Why Should You Use Product Bundles?

1. Increase Average Order Value

By bundling your products together, you can sell more products to a customer, and thus, it helps you to increase the Average Order Value (AOV). With higher AOV, you can increase your Return on Investment (ROI) and grow your business faster.

2. Boost Sales

Product bundles are usually sold with a discount offer which encourages the buyers to benefit from the "package deal". If a customer buys those items individually, the total cost would be more as compared to the bundled package. Thus, customers like to take benefit of such offers and it helps you to increase your sales.

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3. Reduce Marketing Cost

If you are marketing every product individually, the marketing cost is most likely to go up. But if you bundle them together and market or advertise them as a single unit, you’ll be able to promote several products at the marketing cost of one product. This will help you to bring down the overall cost, and thus, increase the profit margin.

4. Reduce Inventory

Product bundling can help you manage the inventory of your store if done in the right way. You can also bundle low-selling products along with high-selling ones to increase the probability of selling those products and clear the stock of low-selling products.

Note: Make sure that offering a low-selling product with a high-selling one should not impact your brand’s credibility.

5. Makes Handling and Shipping Easier

If you are managing the fulfillment and shipping of the products on your own, product bundling can help you better manage your handling and shipping. It will help you to ship less number of boxes for more products. This not only makes the process more convenient but also helps you to reduce the cost.

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How to Create a Product Bundle on Shopify?

In this guide, we’ll take you through two different methods of creating a product bundle on Shopify:

  1. Create a product bundle within Shopify Admin and GemPages
  2. Create a product bundle using a Shopify product bundle app

      Create a Product Bundle within Shopify Admin and GemPages

      You can watch this video for a visual instruction or scroll down for a step-by-step guide on how to create Shopify product bundles

      Step 1: “Add Product” to Create A Bundle

      First, we're going to create a new bundle product from the existing individual products as shown in the example: Blue Gem Hydration Mask, BlueGem Cleansing Water, and BlueGem Toner.

      To create the bundle product, click on the Add product in the top right corner.

      add product in the Shopify admin

      After clicking on the Add product button fill in all the details for the bundle product such as Title, Description, Media (product images), and so on.

      add product title and media

      Step 2: Set bundle pricing and discount

      Now, we'll set pricing for the bundle offer to create a "Buy more, save more" offer. Let's say one BlueGem Cleansing Water bottle is $70. So, two bottles should cost $140. However, if we add a 30% discount, the final bundle price would be $98.

      Buy more, save more offer

      To set this pricing, we’ll insert $98.00 in the Price section and $140.00 in the Compared at price section on the product page in Shopify admin.

      Add the pricing of the bundle

      Once you fill in the complete details, you can create another bundle for a cross-sell offer for all three products using the same method.

      Step 3: Design Your Product Bundle with GemPages

      For this step, you first need to ensure that your Shopify store has the GemPages app installed. If you haven’t already, you can start using GemPages with a free plan available.

      Once you have the app ready, go to the GemPages editor page and select the preferred template.

      Click on the Library option and you’ll see different tabs for Elements, Blocks, and Templates.

      Design product bundles with GemPages page builder

      Click on Blocks, and type in the keyword “bundle” in the search field to view all the bundle blocks available for you to design your product page.

      GemPages has a bunch of templates for product bundles

      Once you have imported the selected bundle block, you can start placing the products and customizing your bundle block as per your need. Finally, when everything is set up, you can hit Publish button in the top right corner to launch your bundle offer.

      The product bundle designed with GemPages

      Create compelling product bundles with GemPages
      Quickly create product bundles that drive more sales with GemPages. Free plan available. No coding required.

      Create a Product Bundle Using a Shopify Product Bundle App

      If you’re planning to use a Shopify product bundle app, the process to create a bundle would vary depending on the app that you install. For this guide, we have used the “Frequently Bought Together” app as an example.

      This app has a quite simple and easy-to-follow process to set up.

      Step 1: Select Your Product Bundle App

      Go to the Shopify App Store and search for product bundle apps and you’ll find plenty of apps in the search results. If you want, you can directly type in the name of the app to quickly find your specific app.

      select your product bundle app

      Once you’ve found your app, go to the app, and click on Add app button.

      Step: 2 Install the Product Bundle App

      Once you click on the Add app button, you’ll be taken to the Shopify admin window. Click on the Install app button.

      install the app

      Once the app is installed, you’ll see the installation wizard where you can follow just a few simple steps. Click on Next to continue proceeding with the initial setup.

      the installation wizard

      Step 3: Choose the Number of Recommendations

      Choose how many product recommendations you’d like to display on your product page. You can choose up to three product recommendations. Once chosen, click on Next again.

      choose the number of recommendations

      Step 4: Select the Widget Location

      In this step, you can choose the position or placement of the widget. The app will provide you with 4 different options or locations:

      1. Below the 'Add to Cart' button
      2. Below the description, in the right column
      3. Below the product, taking the full width
      4. At the bottom of the page

        Once you’ve selected the widget location, click Next again. And don’t worry about the location setting, you can always go into the configurations to change it later if needed.

        select the widget location

        Step 5: Enable the App and Complete Configuration

        Once you've selected the widget location, you can click on Start with the app enabled! Or if you want, you can skip enabling the app, and do it later once you configure your discounts and other settings.

        start with the app enabled

        After completing the initial setup, you can explore and configure other app settings as per your requirements. You can configure Manual bundles, Discounts, Visual preferences, and so on.

        configure other app settings

        Best Practices for Shopify Product Bundles to Increase Sales

        Product bundling is a useful technique to boost your sales and generate more revenue. But it’s important that you use the right strategies depending on your business and target audience.

        Here are some of the best practices to level up your Shopify product bundling strategy:

        1. Plan Your Bundling Strategy

        Every store is different and that’s why every store may need a different strategy based on its target audience and type of products. It is crucial that you prepare a product bundling plan and strategy.

        Here are some fundamental aspects to consider in your planning and strategy:

        • Know your target audience: To create a bundle offer that would sell, you need to know your target audience very well. Identify what your target audience is looking for. You can even perform research on competitors as they would have a similar audience to see what is selling the most.
        • Prepare a product list: Create a list of the products along with the product types, categories, and pricing of those products. This is important to get better ideas for bundling, especially if you’re selling several products in your store.
        • Use a data-driven approach: Analyze the data of your existing customers and observe the buying patterns of your customers. Which products are they buying together on a regular basis? Based on the data analysis, identify the opportunities to bundle the products that your customers are already buying from your store.
        • Find the right products: Once you have the list and data, figure out which products would make an exciting and valuable package from a customer’s standpoint.

        2. Create a Fascinating Bundle Offer

        This is one of the most important aspects for the success of your bunding offer. This is where you can finalize what kind of offer you want to give or how much discount is to be given.

        While you need to ensure that the offer is attractive to the customers, you also need to make sure that you have enough margin to provide that offer in the long run. You can perform some research on successful product bundling strategies and even come up with creative ideas based on the research and studies.

        Interesting findings on product bundling techniques and offers:

        • According to research by the AMG Shopper Panel, 66% of customers prefer “BOGO free” promotions compared to other types of promotions.
        • A study has found that promoting your package with the term "free gift" instead of "bundle" can reduce product returns.

        3. Design Your Store for The Bundle Offer

        Just creating a solid bundle offer isn’t enough. You need to make your customers aware of the offer by putting it in front of their eyes.

        Here are some of the key areas of your Shopify store that you could use for your bundle offer promotions:

        • Homepage: When it comes to promoting your product bundle offer on your website, what could be a better place than your homepage? You can even include it in the hero image section on your homepage.
        • Announcement Bar: You can write a concise and captivating message about your product bundle offer in the announcement bar and provide a link to the product page or landing page.
        • Pop-up: Pop-ups can also be a great way to promote your product bundle offer. Make sure to use a product image, the key benefits of the offer, and a clear Call to Action (CTA) button in the pop-up window.

        4. Create a Killer Landing Page

        A landing page is a standalone web page where customers land after clicking on an ad or any promotional link. This page is specifically created for the promotion or advertising of a product or service and gives a higher conversion rate if used in the right manner.

        You can create a landing page for your bundle offer and list all the benefits and features of your bundle product. You may also find this article helpful to learn more about Creating A Striking Shopify Landing Page.

        Quick Helpful Tips:
        • Use a Page Builder App: GemPages is a powerful Shopify page builder app that can help you create a customized homepage, product pages, and landing pages. With quality website design and high-converting store pages, you can increase your conversion rates.
        • Create compelling CTA buttons: Whether it’s your product page or landing page, the CTA button is one of the most important elements to drive conversions. Make sure that your CTA buttons are designed and placed appropriately.

        5. Promote Your Bundle through Email Marketing

        Here are some of the things that you should consider while promoting your product bundles through email marketing:

        • Personalized Emails: You can create a campaign based on the target audience and send personalized emails to a certain segment of your customers. Personalized emails can increase the likelihood of engagement from customers.
        • Captivating Subject Lines: It’s important to ensure that your email subject line catches your customer's attention to open the email but do not use wrong click-baiting techniques as it can have an adverse impact.
        • Use cart abandonment campaigns: According to Klaviyo, an abandoned cart email campaign is one of the best email marketing strategies for their customers. On average, abandoned cart emails help business owners to earn $5.81 in revenue per recipient.

        6. Use Quality and Powerful Copywriting

        Why should a customer purchase your bundle offer and spend more money instead of buying a single product?

        What are the benefits and features of your bundle product?

        Your website or product copy should immediately and effectively answer these questions to persuade the buyer to hit that “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” button.

        Pick The Best Shopify Product Bundles App

        1. Frequently Bought Together

        As we just saw in the above step-by-step guide, the Frequently Bought Together app can help you display personalized product recommendations on your product pages. The app uses an AI algorithm to generate these recommendations.

        Frequently Bought Together - Shopify app demo for product bundles

        Frequently Bought Together helps you to sell more by promoting the other relevant products based on automatic as well as manual recommendations.

        Rating and reviews: 4.9 out of 5 (2150 reviews)

        Highlight features:

        • Fully customizable: Allows you to change all colors and sizes. You can choose the placement of the widget on your product pages and show product review stats from some of the popular product review apps.
        • Flexible recommendation algorithms: The app gives you the flexibility to use different types of recommendations that can be shown to your customers.
          • Automatic recommendations - Show AI-powered recommendations based on the past purchase history of your store.
          • Manual recommendations - Manually create your own product bundles as you wish.
          • Random recommendations - When there is no sufficient data for the app to show automatic recommendations, you can show random products that can be filtered by collection, product type, and vendor.
        • Bundle discount upsell: Please make a note that the types of discounts available on this app are percentage discounts, fixed-amount discounts, free shipping, and the option to offer the cheapest product for free. It also lets you apply automatic discounts to the bundles.

        Frequently Bought Together Pricing:

        • The app offers a 30-day free trial.
        • Under its New Business plan, it currently indicates to be free for Basic and Shopify stores created in the last two months.
        • Paid plans start from US$9.99/month for unlimited products and orders without any traffic limit.

        2. Zoorix: Cross Sell & Bundles

        In the product bundle apps category, Zoorix is one of the highly-rated Shopify apps. The app supports various types of bundle offers such as frequently bought together, volume discounts, and warranty upsells as well.

        Zoorix: Frequently Bought Together - Shopify app demo for product bundles

        Zoorix app lets you create multiple types of product bundle offers. This also enables you to try and experiment with different offers to see which one works the best.

        Rating and reviews: 5.0 out of 5 (469 reviews)

        Highlight features:

        • Mobile optimized design: The app makes upsell bundles look great and function well on mobile devices and in any screen size or resolution.
        • AI-Powered recommendations: It helps you show automatic recommendations through its advanced cross-sell system and your store's past orders.
        • Mix & Match bundles: Customers can mix and match products to create their bundles based on collections.
        • Discount flexibility: You can offer volume discounts as well as quantity discounts.
        • In-cart upsell opportunities: Apart from product page upsells, the app also lets you create conditional and contextual cart upsells.

        Zoorix Pricing:

        • The app offers a 30-day free trial.
        • Free plan available for up to 50 store orders per month (not generated by the app).
        • Paid plans start at US$7.99/month for up to 100 monthly store orders (not generated by the app). All plans of this app include all features, including the free plan as well.

        3. Bundles Upsell | PickyStory

        PickyStory is packed with a bunch of features that could help you to provide various types of bundle offers to your customers. On top of those features, the app also helps you to provide AI-powered personalized recommendations for related products.

        PickyStory - Shopify app for product bundles

        With PickyStory, you can offer and test different types of bundle deals and layouts to find the perfect one for your business.

        Rating and reviews: 4.9 out of 5 (334 reviews)

        Highlight features:

        • Flexible Bundle Offers: You can promote "Frequently Bought Together" items to your buyers or they can "Mix and Match" products to get their desired bundle. Also, it will allow you to offer bundles with discounted pricing on any page. For example, you can offer products A + B + C for a 10% discount.
        • Combo Products: This feature allows you to bundle multiple products as a single item. It also allows you to advertise the bundle product through your marketing channels. For example, you can offer products A + B + C as a single package of $95.
        • Bundle Builder/Custom Bundle: You can let the customers create their custom bundles by choosing their favorite products from a wide selection of products that you can curate for them. For example, a customer can choose any three products from a specific collection.
        • Kits/Volume Discounts: You can offer tiered pricing to your customers based on the number of items purchased by them. This way, you can incentivize your customers with more discounts when they buy more from your store.

        PickyStory Pricing:

        • The app offers a 7-day free trial.
        • One of the best things about this app is its pricing plans and structure. The app is free to install for stores with $0-$100 revenue earned through PickyStory.
        • Paid plans start from US$9.50/month for stores with $100-$200 revenue earned through PickyStory.

        Launch Your Shopify Product Bundles in Style

        That’s it for now about Shopify product bundles!

        We hope that this detailed guide will help you in the journey of launching and scaling your product bundle strategy.

        Depending on the various factors that go into the bundling strategy, we also hope that you’d be able to make the decision on the best bundle app for Shopify.

        And don’t forget - whenever you’re ready to launch your Shopify product bundle strategy, you can do so with GemPages to design and style your website with a free plan and no credit card required!

        It's time to raise the bar for your storefront!
        Take your storefront to the next level with GemPages page builder. Free plan available. Upgrade as you scale.

        FAQs about Shopify Product Bundles

        Can you bundle products in Shopify?
        Yes, you can. Shopify app store has many different apps that allow merchants to create various types of product bundles and offer discounts to customers.
        How do I create a Shopify combo product?
        The easiest way to create a Shopify combo product is to do it using a Shopify bundle app. Depending on the type of combo offer you want to create, you can install a suitable Shopify bundle app and follow its process to create a combo product.
        How do you price a product bundle?
        To make your bundle offer attractive to customers, you should keep the price of the bundle lower than the total price of the individual products. Keep the calculation simple for customers to understand it easily. Also, you can conduct competitor research to create a competitive offer.

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