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10+ Best Shopify Shipping Apps for A Seamless Post-Purchase Experience

GemPages Team
9 minutes read
shopify shipping apps

On Shopify, increasing conversion and repeat clients is all about allowing customers to get cheap shipping rates and monitor & track their orders. This is precisely where the best Shopify Shipping Apps come in!

In this article, we have collated a list of the best Shopify shipping apps. We have reviewed each app and provided you with each app's most relevant and highest-ranked features.

Why Do You Need a Shopify Shipping App for Your Online Store?

Shopify shipping apps can make your life a lot easier. They take away the burden and do a LOT of things away from you so that you can focus on what you do best: improving your products and service offerings.

These apps use automation to do multiple things that would’ve otherwise taken a lot of your time.

  • They can automate the process of printing shipping labels, calculating shipping rates, and tracking packages.
  • Through these apps, you can provide valuable customer support and shipping insurance.

What to Look for in a Shopify Shipping App?

The best Shopify shipping apps will offer features that make it easy to manage your shipping process. Look for apps that offer features like:

  • Print shipping labels
  • Offer shipping insurance
  • Provide customer support
  • Notify customers of shipping updates
  • Increase sales with shipping discounts
  • Automatically calculate shipping rates
  • Purchase shipping labels
  • Track packages.

Apart from these points, the best Shopify shipping apps should also be affordable for you, provide live customer support in a language you’re familiar with, and have great reviews.

10+ Best Shipping Apps for your Shopify Stores

1. Easyship - All in One Shipping

Easyship - All in One Shipping Shopify App

Easyship makes it easier for you to control all aspects of a shipment

Ship globally with Easyship's global courier solutions. Easyship helps merchants across the globe to deliver to their customers at discounted rates. With custom branding and easy insurance, your brand will gain exposure and reliability among buyers.

Ratings and reviews: 4.4 (365 reviews)

Businesses love Easyship’s intuitive interface and customer support. The shipping rates on offer are very attractive, which leads to good revenue generation for them.

Highlight features:

  • Best discounted rates with leading courier services such as DHL eCommerce, USPS Priority Mail, etc.
  • Use automation to increase efficiency in your workflow in essential tasks such as courier selection, product value, etc.
  • Get access to an all-in-one shipping management interface and perform tasks such as saving product specifications, printing labels, downloading transaction statements, etc.

Pricing and Plan:

Free Plus  Premier
- $29/month $69/month
Up to 50 Shipments Up to 500 Shipments Up to 1,500 Shipments

2. Shipping Rates - Shipeasy

Shipping Rates - Shipeasy

Shipeasy provides you with the best shipping rates.

Shipeasy has more than 20 parameters that allow you to calculate the best shipping rates and ensure your offerings are sent to your clients at the best price. From DropShipping to Fashion, Shipeasy is helpful for any business.

Ratings and reviews: 5 (249 reviews)

Shipeasy’s customer support and installation help rank as one of its best features. The easy installation process makes people comfortable using its many features.

Highlight features:

  • Calculate shipping rates based on numerous rules such as order parameters, the distance between warehouse and client, etc.
  • Ship from multiple locations in all countries that support Shopify without implementing any code.
  • Calculate per product and per item based shipping, and combine final shipping cost based on different rule parameters.

Pricing and Plan:

Free Plus  Premier Advanced
- $9.99/month $14.99/month $19.99/month
Set-up & testing Distance, postal/zip code based shipping Product based shipping Carrier based shipping rates

Note: Premium plans include everything from the cheaper plans.

3. Shipping Rates Calculator Plus

Shipping Rates Calculator Plus

Shipping Rates Calculator Plus offers discounted shipping rates.

Say goodbye to abandoned carts with Shop Circle’s Shipping Rates Calculator +. This powerful Shopify app lets you increase your profits by maximizing conversions. Customers get an idea of the costs quickly through upfront shipping rates.

Ratings and reviews: 4.9 (366 reviews)

Shop Circle’s geolocation-based shipping calculation helps businesses reduce cart abandonments. Customers don’t need to provide any input for shipping rates to show. Their help and support services are rated well.

Highlight features:

  • SC Rate Calculator works with real-time carriers, for example, USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc.
  • With a single click installation, this rate calculator works with all themes, multiple warehouses, and pop-up carts.
  • The adaptability and flexibility of this calculator make it compatible with any device, in addition to complete CSS control.

Pricing and Plan:

Free Growth
- $7.99/month
Installation and customization Full host of features

4. Advanced Shipping Rules

 Advanced Shipping Rules

Advanced Shipping Rules uses more than 20 parameters to calculate shipping rates.

Bambri’s Advanced Shipping Rules is an intelligent rule-based shipping calculator system that gives you full control over your product shipping. From making sub-zones to advanced rates, this app is one of the most powerful ones out there.

Ratings and reviews: 4.8 (428 reviews)

Blending shipping rates are something that most businesses struggle with, but Bambri’s Advanced Shipping Rules users say otherwise. They vouch for its power, intuitiveness, and integrations.

Highlight features:

  • You can set up rates based on products, with categorization based on prices. From flat rates to real-time rates, everything can be customized.
  • Sub-zoning is the most rated feature of ASR. Through this feature, you can use postal codes to restrict and allow your products to be featured in certain areas.
  • With your orders going worldwide, the shipping rates are the least of your problems with Advanced Shipping Rule’s intelligent price blending.

Pricing and Plan:

Lite Standard Pro Unlimited
Free $29/month $59/month $99/month
Up to 2 Product Groups Up to 5 Product Groups Up to 20 Product Groups Unlimited Product Groups

5. netParcel

Screenshot of the netParcel homepage

Save money, and time and increase brand reputation with netParcel

Ship from anywhere globally to Canada and the US at the best prices with netParcel’s premium shipping services. This app works with UPS, Purolator, GO Logistic, etc. Discounted rates and promotional offerings it’s all available at netParcel.

Ratings and reviews: 4.7 (236 reviews)

Start-up businesses appreciate the value of netParcel’s services and how it makes shipping services easier.

Highlight features:

  • Bulk shipping and importing orders to netParcel is easy and convenient.
  • With multiple rates available for shipping routes from multiple carriers, you can always be sure you’re getting the right price.
  • Label printing, scheduling pick-ups, everything becomes easier with netParcel.

Pricing and Plan:

This app is free to install.

6. AfterShip Order Tracking & SMS

AfterShip Order Tracking & SMS

AfterShip Order Tracking & SMS provides you with unique functionalities that can make tracking more personalized.

A professional suit with a whole host of features that are the best way to describe AfterShip Order Tracking & SMS. Give your customers the power of tracking with real-time notifications and tracking.

Ratings and reviews: 4.7 (3580 reviews)

Most customers positively review and use the app in all their Shopify stores. The customer service is reviewed as fast, responsive, and immensely helpful.

Highlight features:

  • AfterShip® Protection powered by InsureShield® shipping insurance gives you enhanced protection against damaged, lost goods.
  • Get access to detailed analytics to track your business growth and improve on the shortcomings.
  • Available in German, French, Spanish, and Italian, so now you can send Configure notifications for order status updates such as Info Received, Out for Delivery, Available for Pickup, Failed Attempt, etc., in many languages.

Pricing and Plan:

Free Essentials Essential Plus Pro
- $11/month $35/month $119/month
Up to 50 Shipments Up to 100 Shipments Up to 500 Shipments Up to 2,000 Shipments

Packlink PRO Shipping Platform

Packlink PRO Shipping Platform supports all major courier services

Packlink PRO is a pay-for-use platform that only charges you for the service that you use and nothing else. It has multiple integrations and carrier supports that help you automate your shipping process easily.

Ratings and reviews: 4.7 (829 reviews)

Packlink PRO Shipping Platform has made it easy for users to find the best shipping options. They say it provides instant quotes from multiple carriers to compare prices and find the best option for their needs.

Highlight features:

  • You gain access to great pre-negotiated rates, including domestic, international, and express. With Packlink PRO, you can save processing costs and time.
  • Automation with Packlink PRO improves your business output. You can print shipping labels in bulk to save on printing costs.
  • Increased conversions by introducing several carrier options at the checkout stage. Integrate carrier service point pickers and let users choose any delivery mode.

Pricing and Plan:

This app is free to install. But you will be charged for each shipping label purchased.

8. ShippingEasy

ShippingEasy Shopify App

Say goodbyes to all your shipping woes with ShippingEasy

ShippingEasy offers high discounts on leading carriers' services, and its automation services increase the efficiency of your workflows. Among its features is the ability to market your brands through email marketing.

Ratings and reviews: 4.6 (600 reviews)

Users love the email marketing features and the integrations ShippingEasy has to offer. Combining two shipments into one order is among its best features, as such functionality is unavailable on Shopify.

Highlight features:

  • ShippingEasy allows you to control everything in one place. Now, you can sync, process, and print labels with one tool.
  • It has many email templates you can use to provide information related to orders and marketing your service or product offerings.
  • Customer brand tracking pages allow you to make a mark and grow your reputation; sign-up forms help you make your marketing email list.

Pricing and Plan:

Starter Growth Basic Plus
Free $19.99/month $29.99/month $49.99/month
Up to 25 Shipments Up to 50 Shipments Up to 500 Shipments Up to 1,500 Shipments

9. Ship, Rate, and Track

Ship, Rate, and Track

Ship, Rate, and Track is the best Shopify shipping app for FedEx

Primarily built for businesses using FedEx, this app does it all. Tracking live rates, printing shipping labels, and letting your customers track orders, everything is possible with Ship, Rate, and Track by PluginHive.

Ratings and reviews: 4.9 (255 reviews)

The integration process with FedEx is quick and easy, and throughout the process, the team at Ship, Rate, and Track is there to help you with it. Users find this to be helpful, as one of their biggest motivations to use this app is its excellent FedEx integrations.

Highlight features:

  • Get negotiated and discounted rates directly from FedEx and display live rates depending on the product dimensions and weight.
  • Integrate two of the best FedEx features, i.e., FedEx One Rate and FedEx SmartPost, into your Shopify workflow.
  • Determine the best packaging method for the order with Ship, Rate, and Track’s innovative packaging models.

Pricing and Plan:

This app is free to install.

10. Zonos Duty and Tax

Zonos Duty and Tax Shopify App

If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to calculate duty and tax, look no further than Zonos Duty and Tax

Calculation and collection of land cost made more accessible for all international clients! Zonos Duty and Tax enables cross-border shoppers to automatically and accurately calculate land costs through their highly structured and efficient software. It offers services of upfront payment so that customers are satisfied with additional delivery charges.

Ratings and reviews: 4.7 (120 reviews)

Users can’t get enough of Zonos’ streamlined and transparent international shipment system. Land cost calculation and store configuration are made precisely easier for clients because of the top-notch team that Zonos provides.

Highlight features:

  • Zonus facilitates accurate calculations for different postal and express carriers and provides customized service levels and transit times.
  • Exercise complete control over the shipping rate using multiple carriers or directly coordinate with your shipping account to work out your desired rates.
  • Calculation includes landed costs like duty, tax, brokerage, VAT, bond, and ancillary, along with API integrations like USPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.

Pricing and Plan:

This app is free to install. You will be charged $20/month and 1.9% transaction fee for international orders. The initial setup fee starts @ $1,000

11. AfterShip Returns Center

AfterShip Returns Center Shopify App

AfterShip Returns Center will level up the post-purchase experience for your customers.

Guaranteeing a positive post-purchase experience. AfterShip Returns Center is a returns management platform created for rapidly expanding enterprises. It assists its customers in increasing brand loyalty and converting returns into new sales.

Ratings and reviews: 4.6 (1824 reviews)

Customers are extremely satisfied with AfterShip because of the immediate customer service and prompt assistance they provide. Amateurs are especially in love with the app because it is easy to figure out how to use and allows for a seamless workflow.

Highlight features:

  • Allows for flexible returns in a few clicks by putting in the order number and email.
  • Gives you the option to return goods to the store, refund to the original payment method, replace an item, exchange the item or keep the item with the refunded money.
  • Efficiently manage all your returns by syncing and tracking your orders and checking the detailed timeline of your return request and delivery processes.

Pricing and Plan:

Free Essential Pro Premium
- $11/month $119/month $69/month
3 returns/month 20 returns/month 400 returns/month 400 returns/month

Try Out These Shopify Shipping Apps for Your Best Fit

Take your Shopify journey to the next level and increase your profits with these 11 best Shopify shipping apps. These apps will help you reduce workload and increase conversions.

Besides Shopify shipping apps, you can also install a Shopify page builder to customize your store pages. Using a drag-and-drop page builder like GemPages is the easiest, quickest yet most effective way to create stunning, fast-loading, and responsive pages.

And the best thing is you don’t need any coding skills!

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FAQs about Shopify Shipping Apps

What is the best Shopify shipping app?
There are a lot of apps in the market that can compete for a position in this list, but we recommend each for a specific purpose. These are Shopify's top recommended Shipping apps:

1. Shipping Rates - Shipeasy
2. Shipping Rates Calculator Plus
3. Advanced Shipping Rules
What to look for in a Shopify shipping app?
When looking for the best Shopify shipping apps, there is a range of considerations that you must keep in mind. These include customer support, live rates, printing features, notifications, etc. Find out more here.
How do I get the best shipping rates on Shopify?
Getting the best shipping rates on Shopify can be challenging. That is why we recommend using shipping calculator apps such as Advanced Shipping Rules, Shipping Rates Calculator Plus, etcetera.
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