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How to Add Reviews to Shopify to Build Trust and Boost Sales

GemPages Team
6 minutes read
add reviews to Shopify

All eCommerce stores should have a customer review section to establish your brand credibility and boost sales. 

In this blog, we will guide you step by step on how to add reviews to Shopify and give you some insights on how make the most out of Shopify customer reviews 

Let’s go!

Why Add Reviews to Shopify?

Including Shopify product reviews on your eCommerce store has many benefits that go beyond just receiving customer feedback. Let's take a closer look at some of the key advantages that Shopify product reviews can provide:

Boost Sales

Shopify customer reviews play a crucial role in a buyer's journey as they authentically assess a product's quality. When new customers visit your store, they often need more understanding about your product and may hesitate to purchase. In such situations, reviews act as valuable resources, offering insights from previous buyers.

To further incentivize purchases, consider offering discount codes alongside positive reviews. By showcasing these reviews and providing discount codes, businesses gain favorability, significantly increasing their chances of being selected by potential buyers. Therefore, it is essential to actively gather reviews, as products with a minimum of five reviews are 270% more likely to be sold.

Increase Trust

It is believed that businesses with reviews have 63% higher chance of gaining customer trust. Furthermore, this probability increases even further if the reviews come from KOLs or influencers. The presence of reviews reflects the objective opinions and experiences of current users. As a result, newcomers have a solid basis for evaluating whether or not to trust and purchase a product. 

In other words, a larger quantity of reviews, particularly positive ones, leads to higher levels of trust.

Enhance SEO Efforts

Shopify product reviews can have a significant positive impact on SEO efforts. By providing fresh and user-generated content, they contribute to the continuous update of your website, which search engines favor. 

Additionally, these eCommerce solutions enhance your SEO strategy as Shopify customer reviews often contain specific details and long-tail keywords, improving the relevance and visibility of your product pages in search results. The increased keyword density resulting from reviews further strengthens the association of your website with relevant keywords. 

Moreover, positive reviews enhance social proof and user engagement, increasing the credibility of your brand and potentially attracting more organic traffic to your site.

Improve products quality

Product reviews contribute to improving product quality by providing valuable feedback and insights from customers. Analyzing reviews helps store owners identify areas of improvement, address shortcomings, and make necessary adjustments to meet customer expectations. 

This feedback loop enables continuous refinement and enhancement of product quality based on real customer experiences, while also playing a crucial role in abandoned cart recovery by addressing concerns and boosting customer confidence.

Customer reviews and ratings

Customer reviews are too valuable to ignore in eCommerce.

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How to Make the Most Out of Shopify Customer Reviews

There are several effective strategies for leveraging product reviews to benefit your Shopify store

  • Ask for reviews from buyers through emails after their purchases or by applying incentivized programs.
  • Include reviews in your email marketing campaigns, and conversions might go up.
  • Follow up the reviews. For example, say thanks to the positive ones, apologize and give solutions to the negative ones. 
  • Enable customers to add pictures or videos to the review section to make it more credible.
  • Automate the review gathering process to save time for other, more important work.
  • Try the testimonial pages with the reviews on the products pages to double the benefits. 
  • Try multiple Shopify apps for reviews

Results of reviews on Shopify apps storeThere are 593 apps related to reviews on the Shopify app store. Most of them will charge a small fee but they are also worth giving a try. 

Add reviews to your Shopify store with GemPages
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How to Add Reviews to Shopify

Let’s walk through the steps of how to add a review section on Shopify, which are quite easy. 

But, before doing anything, you will need a Shopify app for reviews. We recommend the Product Reviews app - it is free and easy to set up. 

Step 1: Install Product Reviews Apps

1. Head to the Shopify app store > Search "product reviews" > Choose the one you prefer. 

We recommend using Product Reviews app cause it is free. Besides, try with 45 days of free trial to collect customer reviews, share your social proof, and increase conversion. 

Shopify product review app

2. Hit Add app > Click Install app after the redirection.

Shopify app store

3. Open Shopify admin > Go to Apps section > Access Product Reviews dashboard

Shopify admin

4. Adjust the in-app settings as you want and import the reviews.

Step 2: Add Reviews to Shopify Product Page 

Using Shopify admin

Basically, there are two ways to add the review section to your product pages either through the Shopify admin or through GemPages, which is easier and offers better customization. 

1. Access Shopify admin > Go to Online store > Click Themes.

Shopify admin

2. Click on Customize for your current theme.

Shopify admin

3. Navigate to the product page template that you want to add reviews to.

Shopify admin

4. Choose add block/ section depending on where you want to place the reviews.

Shopify product template

5. In the menu, scroll down to find Apps > Click Reviews.

Shopify product template

6. Move the review part to anywhere you want and hit Save.

Shopify product template

Using GemPages

You can also easily incorporate reviews into your Shopify stores using GemPages. GemPages is a recognized Shopify page builder that helps you build and customizes store pages (no coding required) and integrate over 30 third-party apps. Currently, GemPages Editor is available in two versions. Let’s find out ways to use each now!

Using GemPages v6

With GemPages v6, you spend less effort to add the reviews. Settings are shown live on the product page and interactions are easy.  

1. Open the GemPages dashboard > Choose the product page you want to add reviews to.
2. All eyes to Library > Hit Elements > Click Third-Party  toggle Product Reviews.

GemPages library

3. On the left sidebar, navigate to Third-Party > Product Reviews.

Add product review app to GemPages

4. Drag and drop Product Reviews to the suitable place (within the Product pages).

Add product review app to GemPages

5. Customize the element as you desire (remember to Preview) then hit Save > Publish when satisfied.

You can watch this video to see how to integrate a third-party app to GemPages v6.

Using GemPages v7

GemPages v7 is in beta mode and currently applicable to a group of users. Integrating third-party apps including review apps becomes more intuitive and convenient. Let’s start adding a review app to GemPages v7.

1. Open the GemPages dashboard > Choose the product page you want to add reviews to.

2. Scroll down to find Shopify Apps > ChooseProduct Reviews.

Adding review app to GemPages v7

3. Drag and drop the widget to desired area.
Adding review app to GemPages v7
4. Customize the element as you desire > Publish once done.

Learn more: GemPages 7.0: AI-powered for Unmatched Performance and Experiences

Best Examples of Review Section on Shopify


Igennus’s product page

Igennus displays the total number of reviews and the star ratings right on the product page. 

Igennus uses Product Reviews app integrated with GemPages. This is truly an example to follow when it comes to how to add reviews to Shopify.

The shop’s review section is really easy to spot and it makes the page look clean.

Buyers can easily read individual reviews by clicking on "Customer Reviews". This helps to build trust and can encourage more purchases.

Adrenaline RC Racing

Adrenaline RC Racing’s product page

Adrenaline RC Racing’s customers can easily see the number of reviews as well as the average star ratings of a product.

The store strategically includes the review section on each product page to catch the eye of potential customers. This way, shoppers can gain a clearer understanding of the product, which can support their decision-making process. 

The owner of Adrenaline RC Racing is also utilizing the Product Reviews app to showcase Shopify customer reviews.

The Glow Factor

The Glow Factor’s product page

The Glow Factor store has a nice design for the review section.

The Glow Factor includes reviews on the product page, but the customers must scroll down halfway to see them. 

Even though you know how to create a good-looking review section using the Product Reviews app, be aware to place it somewhere easy to see and interact with. 

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Important note: 
  • Place the reviews in appropriate locations to maintain aesthetics and enhance customer experience.
  • Place the review section in a way to encourage buyers to leave their opinions there.


Getting Shopify product reviews to appear in your stores is a great way to boost the purchasing intentions and increase sales.

In the above section, we recommend using the Product Reviews app, but others might fit you better. Do the A/B testing and decide which one works best. 

Don’t forget to integrate reviews with GemPages because you will be surprised by the huge outcomes. With us, the process of how to add product reviews on shopify gets easier, better and nicer.

Important note: For further information, please contact GemPages Help Center via this live chat to enjoy 24/7 support!

FAQs About How to Add Reviews to Shopify

Does Shopify have a review feature?
If you are referring to the default Shopify admin, then the answer will be no. It is only possible to include Shopify customer reviews through an external app designed specifically for them.
How do I get a product review?
The easiest way is to ask the customers directly. You can prompt them to leave a review on the successful purchase page or emails.
How to add AliExpress reviews to Shopify?
If your store is new, but you still want real reviews, you can add them from AliExpress. Consider these apps to add AliExpress reviews to your Shopify product pages:

1. Ali Reviews and Product Reviews
2. AliExpress Reviews
3. Rivyo Product Reviews & Q

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