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30 Top Shopify Store Examples That We Love In 2023

GemPages Team
10 minutes read
Shopify store examples

Among million of active Shopify stores, there are the pioneers with their success stories that made the press. But is only revenue making the definition of the best? Well, it depends!  Any business could become the crème de la crème in your eyes as long as it is inspirational enough.

In this blog post,  GemPages team has personally handpicked the Shopify store examples we love, all for different reasons. Let’s stroll along and discover what makes them great.

The Best Shopify Stores In 2023

Clothing And Fashion Stores

1. Fluxies

Screenshot of the Fluxies website.

Fluxies aims to destigmatize periods through one product at a time.

Fluxies specializes in leak-proof panties, reusable pads, and more. It was the first Bristish-born brand of period underwear back in 2017. The company emphasizes on comfort, functionality, and durability for all their products, as well as the positive impact they aim to have on our planet.

What we love:

  • Bright and lively website layout
  • Clear CTA buttons on all sections of each webpage.
  • The ‘Build a Set’ feature for each customer’s concern.

Screenshot of the ‘Build a Set’ feature on Fluxies website.

Fluxies’ ‘Build a Set’ feature makes it easy for their customers to find their best-suited pieces.

2. Ketnipz

Screenshot of the Ketnipz website.

The well-loved ‘bean’ character is featured on the front page of Ketnipz’s website.

Ketnipz is owned by Gen-Z artist Harry Hambley, who is famous for his quirky and relatable light pink cartoon character named ‘bean’. Rose to internet stardom back in 2018, Ketnipz has since built himself a Shopify-based merch store. All the products have his signature artwork printed on them, including apparel, footwear, accessories, and plushies.

What we love:

  • The website has a simple look, focuses on the products and the artwork.
  • Ketnipz’s target audience is mostly teenagers and young adults who enjoy the owner’s art style, therefore, the goods are mainly trendy t-shirts and hoodies in pastel colors.
  • The shop is easy to navigate, with the products on display right on the front page.

3. Allbirds

 Screenshot of the Allbirds website.

Allbirds are among the most well-known, successful fashion stores on Shopify.

If you are looking for a one-stop shop to build an everyday, active-focused outfit, Allbirds has got you covered. They carry everything from t-shirts, underwear, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and hats, to the very product that they are most popular for: shoes. What separates Allbirds from other shoe brands is their material. The two owners have developed a range of shoes made from Merino sheep wool, originated from New Zealand - their home.

What we love:

  • Allbirds offers various product types, but their specialty is shoes. They make sure to show this off by offering a wide range of sneakers and shoes, alongside filtering options for easy searching.
  • First-time visitors are smoothly guided through the whole store with strategically placed CTA buttons and a sticky header that houses all the necessary information.
  • An active ‘Stories’ section to showcase the company’s latest news and updates.

Screenshot of the ‘Stories’ section on Allbirds website.

Allbirds keeps their customers in the loop for the latest news.


Screenshot of the MVMT website.

MVMT provides you with watches without breaking the bank.

MVMT (pronounced ‘movement) has made itself a household name for an affordable watch brand. After 10 years in the game, the hype around this brand does not seem to be subsided. Apart from watches, you can browse eyewear and jewelry on their website as well. This brand is definitely on the top of the list for the best Shopify jewelry store examples.

What we love:

  • All the goods are neatly categorized into styles and purposes.
  • All the photographs are high quality and professional looking.
  • The brand was founded by two college students who couldn’t find affordable and durable watches, so they made their own.

Learn more: How to Sell Watches on Shopify (with Examples and Expert Tips)

5. Teddy Fresh

Screenshot of the Teddy Fresh website.

Fashion enthusiasts are no strangers to Teddy Fresh.

The fashion-forward Hila Klein, wife of Ethan Klein from the internet-popular YouTube channel h3h3Productions, founded Teddy Fresh back in 2017. Most of the designs inherit her own artworks, which are ritzy styling and bright colors. 

What we love:

  • Teddy Fresh reflects the everyday style of Hila, who is widely loved by the internet. This is one of the fuels for it to take off with flying colors.
  • An ‘Artist Spotlight’ section to highlight their collaborations with other talented artists and designers.
  • The use of whitespace to highlight their products and give a sleek aesthetic to the whole website.
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Electronics and Gears Stores

6. RadioShack

Screenshot of the RadioShack website.

Radio Shack lands Shopify to expand their digital store.

RadioShack started out as a retailer way back in 1921, and now they are a part of the Shopify ecosystem. You can find everything from headphones, cables, electronic kits, gaming gear to apparesl on this website.

What we love:

  • The wide range of products from trusted brands.
  • Convenient browsing without going to a physical retailer

7. Cowboy

Screenshot of the Cowboy website.

Explore a new world of e-bikes with Cowboy.

Cowboy gives you a new way to ride your bicycles. The era of e-bikes is more prevalent than ever, and Cowboy made it possible for you to try them out yourself, whether with a leasing contract or a purchase.

What we love:

  • The website and the e-bikes themselves share the same aesthetic: clean and stylish.
  • The company developed a mobile app to accompany their e-bikes.

8. Popsockets

Screenshot of the Popsockets website.
Popsockets is most known for its iconic phone grips.

The popularity of Popsockets is undeniable. Their rounded phone grips have been copied and replicated countless times ever since they were introduced. They even reached a new height that most recently-launched brands can’t compete: people now refer to a generic phone grip as Popsockets, whether it is made by Popsockets or not. We have seen this classic phenomenon when people say Kleenex instead of tissue, or Q-Tips instead of cotton buds.

What we love:

  • They successfully have built their unique brand identity for a small, seemingly redundant phone grip. These days, it has evolved to take different shapes and forms.
  • Their website is super trendy and eye-catching, with products of different categories and collaboration campaigns plastered all over the front page.

Beauty And Wellness Stores

9. Fybelle

Screenshot of the Fybelle website.

Fybelle gives you another option for safe hair removal.

Fybelle is a single-product store that specializes in a painless hair removal handset. It poses an alternative to a pricy trip to a laser hair removal appointment or other inconvenient hair removal methods.

What we love:

  • The pink-white theme gives off feminine energy to the website, which is ideally appealing to their target customer.
  • A price comparison between their product and other methods can be found right on the front page.
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10. The Honey Pot

Screenshot of The Honey Pot website.

The Honey Pot was built on the basis of improving vaginal health.

The Honey Pot is all about vaginal wellness, and they do not shy away from showing it. Their products are centered around the mission to educate and provide women with products made from natural herbs.

What we love:

  • Suffered from bacterial vaginosis herself, Bea Dixon had a premonition to heal herself and others of the dreaded diseases and discomfort down south. She then founded The Honey Pot.
  • Different products available for different needs (pH balance, odor minimizer, etc.)
  • The website layout is visually pleasing, with the combination of all colors.

11. Meow Meow Tweet

 Screenshot of the Meow Meow Tweet website.

Shop your everyday products in a more striking look with Meow Meow Tweet.

Meow Meow Tweet website will leave you in awe with its meticulous, on-brand design and color scheme. But it is more than meets the eyes. The versatile, colorful product range are eco-friendly.

What we love:

  • Meow Meow Tweet products are vegan friendly, low waste, and affordable. 
  • The vast array of products includes deodorants, cleansers, moisturizers, oral care, and so on. 
  • They have bulk options and a refill program.

12. Manscaped

 Screenshot of the Manscaped website.

Manscaped takes care of everything men’s grooming.

When we said beauty and wellness, that includes men’s grooming as well. Manscaped offers products that ensure you are groomed from head to toe. That includes hair care, body wash, beard trimming kits, etc. 

What we love:

  • Manscaped partnered up with Testicular Cancer Society® to spread awareness for the most common disease among men.
  • Their products are sleek and fancy-looking, as per their website.
  • They developed an app to check for testicular cancer.

Furniture And Home Decor Stores

13. Inside Weather

Screenshot of the Inside Weather website.

Purchase stunning furniture that fits your needs on Inside Weather.

Just bought a house and looking for custom-made furniture to make it a home? Look no further than Inside Weather. Over 1,500 reviews have raved about this company, with the highest praises for their couches, chairs, headboards, shelves, desks, you name it. 

What we love:

  • To avoid any confusion and time-consuming back and forth, Inside Weather lists out the details regarding their business right on the front page. 
  • Visitors are not overwhelmed with colors, as the site uses a light gray color block on a white background to promote simplicity and cleanliness.

14. Brosa

 Screenshot of the Brosa website.

Find affordable furniture on Brosa.

Brosa offers all the essentials for house movers or people who are looking to breathe new life into their living rooms. They carry furniture pieces for every room in the house without outrageous prices.

What we love:

  • Products are grouped into categories and displayed as you scroll through their site without the need to change tabs.
  • The use of a hamburger menu and filter options for quick searches.

15. Decoralist

 Screenshot of the Decoralist website.

Decoralist is one of the best furniture and home decor stores on the market.

Another home decor and furniture store on our list is Decoralist. That said, this store offers way more than what you have in mind. Decor, bedding & bath, and lighting are just titles for numerous sub-categories that contain every product you can imagine.

What we love:

  • A giant collection of versatile products that can be filtered search by material, color, design, etc.
  • Simple design with smart use of white space.
  • Constantly updated blogs on the front page for all thing decoration.
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Foods And Beverages Stores

16. Outer Aisle

Screenshot of the Outer Aisle website.

Outer Aisle shows a different way to enjoy your favorite foods.

As seen on most major food networks and press, Outer Aisle is the ultimate keto-friendly, low-carb digital grocery store that offers sandwiches, tortillas, and pizza crusts.

What we love:

  • With the love for vegetables and grains, the store wears a green color.
  • There are ‘Find a Store’ and ‘Recipes’ sections.

17. Beavertown Brewery

 Screenshot of the Beavertown Brewery website.

Beavertown Brewery masters in all thing beer.

This London-housed brewery’s website oozes an unique characteristic on every page. The blocky, comic-styled texts among all these colors and illustrations on the front page already show what vibe this store possesses without even clicking on the others.

What we love:

  • Beavertown keeps it hip, while still authentic. They bring this style to their beers and merchandise in real life.
  • You can’t be lost if you try. Every category is neatly placed along each other, with a clear CTA button on each one.

18. Twrl Milk Tea

 Screenshot of the Twrl Milk Tea website.

Try out milk tea with Twrl Milk Tea.

With over 100 stores in the US, Twrl Milk Tea has built a name for itself as the dairy-free, low calories milk tea brand. Although not made fresh, many people chose to pick up a can of Twrl for the similar flavor and less sugar.

What we love:

  • Their website store is a textbook example of an amazing online store. The combination of colors, bold texts, CTA buttons, high-quality pictures, and Instagram pictures on the bottom of the page are just a few elements that make Twrl Milk Tea stand out.

19. Pipcorn

 Screenshot of the Pipcorn website.

Pipcorn makes eating popcorn exciting.

This women-owned, minority-owned company focuses on nothing but popcorn. Their products are non-GMO, gluten-free, and perfectly seasoned.

What we love:

  • They categorize their popcorn snacks by shapes and give the option to build a bundle.
  • The website has a neutral tone to make its product photos pop (all puns intended).

Pet Products Stores

20. PetCulture

 Screenshot of the PetCulture website.

PetCulture is a name for dog and cat owners.

The first one on the list for the Shopify pet store examples spotlight is PetCulture - a go-to if you own a dog or cat.

What we love:

  • This retail store carries every common brand of dog/cat food, treats, beds, bowls, toys, etc. The sky’s truly the limit.
  • The products are separated into dog and cat, or by category for easy shopping.

21. The Pawtrait

 Screenshot of The Pawtrait website.

Create your own ‘pawtrait’ with The Pawtrait.

You can turn your pet into a celebrity with this website. Upload your fur (and non-fur) babies’ pictures and get a framed photo, phone cases, mugs, stickers, etc.

What we love:

  • Their service is essentially just printing your pet’s photo and putting it on various merchandise, but they are still able to make the website interesting and informative (guides, customer reviews, previews of the products, etc).

22. Morgan and Me

Screenshot of the Morgan and Me website.

Shop eco-friendly dog products on Morgan and Me.

Dog collars are what they are all about. They believe every dog deserves a comfortable and stylish collar that lasts.

What we love:

  • Morgan and Me opts for a pastel color combination, with the focus on their mission and product introduction without any distraction.
  • The products are customizable.

23. Chippin

Screenshot of the Chippin website.

 Explore healthier dog food options on Chippin.

Chippin is all about your pets, and the planet. They are all for drool-worthy treats that are made from planet-friendly proteins.

What we love:

  • Their products will not only keep your fur babies full and happy, but they also calm the stomach and are low in calories.
  • The store is packed full of colors, which embodies the spirit of your goodest boys.
  • Important information (veterinary nutritionist profile, ingredients) can be found on the front page as you scroll along.
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One Product Stores

24. Kulala

 Screenshot of the Kulala website.

Kulala focuses on the product that they do best.

If you have had a peek at our list on Mono-brand Magic: One Product Shopify Stores Done Right (2023), you would see that we have given our praises to this clever store. There is a reason that it is often seen on the list of the best one-product Shopify store examples. Many customers have made their red light sleep lamp a must-have in their households for a good night's sleep.

What we love:

  • Kulala manages to pack their store with information on every page. The front page includes customer reviews, FAQs, and more.
  • The use of muted yellow and white colors gives the website a calming and relaxing aura.

25. GiveMeTap

Screenshot of the GiveMeTap website.

GiveMeTap’s mission is beyond just a normal business.

GiveMeTap was born after the founder - Edwin Broni-Mensah realized how hard it was to refill his water bottle in one of the busiest cities in the world. As his mind wandered back to Ghana where there is a serious water shortage, he founded GiveMeTap to give back to his community. Every GiveMeTap bottle sold equals 5 years of clean drinking water for a person in Africa.

What we love:

  • Edwin approached his business with a vision out of kindness, not for profit. This mindset is what keeps his store running and thriving.
  • 50,000 people have been provided with clean drinking water, while 45 million plastic bottles are reduced.
  • The front page has a clear CTA button that links to the ‘Our Story’ page, not the product page. This goes to prove where the owner stands and what he prioritizes.

26. Lunchskins

Screenshot of the Lunchskins website.

Lunchskins specializes in sustainable food storage bags.

Lunchskins provides you an alternative to single-use plastic food bags with their reusable and washable bags. Their mission is to become a companion with you in the journey of reducing plastic products.

What we love:

  • The products are food-grade, but they can totally be used for a variety of storage purposes.
  • The website is professional looking.

And Many More

27. DoughNats

 Screenshot of the DoughNats website.

DoughNats makes delicious treats and makes it fun.

We can guarantee that anyone with a sweet tooth will be mesmerized by this bakery’s Shopify store. DoughNats offers baked goods like donuts (duh!), cookies, bundt cakes, and fun treats like popcorn and ice cream.

What we love:

  • DoughNats offers allergy-friendly and vegan baked goods.
  • They have a physical store in Montreal while taking orders from their websites (nationwide only) and they did an amazing job at showcasing their products and their bakery at the same time.
  • The website is pink-white themed, which brings fun and bright vibes.

28. Goofboard

Screenshot of the Goofboard website.

Goofboard is a brand of practice boards for beginner surfers.

This California-based Shopify store is home to the snazziest surfboards, but not aquatically. Their balance boards serve as a tool for riders to experience the feeling of surfing, while on land. This one-of-a-kind concept is what Goofboard truly embraces.

What we love:

  • The boards are made from a non-plastic, sustainable material.
  • You can find everything on the front page, including the balance boards, other products, product demo videos, and customer reviews.

29. MESS in a Bottle

Screenshot of the MESS in a Bottle website.

This business carries an inspiring MESSage.

MESS in a Bottle is not your typical clothing store. Their mission is to help you deliver the message and hard-to-say sentiments to your loved ones, or even yourself. This Baltimore-born brand has a wide range of t-shirts, outwear, plus-size apparel, kid's clothes, home decor, accessories, and even pet fashion.

What we love:

  • Every piece of clothing exists to express an important and inspiring message.
  • The use of bold texts and full-screen photos gives their website a dazzling look.
  • Most of the products are packaged and shipped inside a bottle, which is both a fun and unique concept.

30. Uppercase

 Screenshot of the Uppercase website.

Uppercase has garnered a loyal readership of designers and artists since 2009.

Uppercase is a Canada-based subscription service for magazines and books. Readers are welcome to choose a yearly subscription to their latest issues, or purchase back issues, all about designs, illustrations, and creative ideas. This store is among the most adored Shopify art stores.

What we love:

  • Uppercase is a one-woman business, in which Janine - the owner, personally takes care of every affair, including designing, editing, and publishing.
  • The website is authentically designed, where the striking colors come from the magazines and books themselves.
  • Uppercase operates on a subscription-based model. If you plan to pursue a Shopify subscription box business structure as well, definitely check it out!
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How To Pick A Product Niche For Your Shopify Store

Let’s get one thing clear: there is no textbookto picking a product niche that will make you successful in an instant.

Below is a few factors that we would suggest you put on the checklist when defining  a product niche for your Shopify store:

  • Know your target customer: based on your store location, or the areas that you plan on expanding your business to, doing research on what they are into and whether the product fits their customs and culture, etc. This will help you weep out the unsuitable choices.
  • Budgeting correctly: the financial means that you acquired might not be enough to buy and stock products (i.e. electronic gear, high-end supplements, etc). Picking a niche in accordance with your funds ensures the sustainability of your business.
  • Make sure it’s Shopify compatible: this means that the product you intend to sell might not comply with Shopify TOS, or the quintessence of your product of choice cannot be sold digitally. 
  • Get to know your competitors: this includes who they are, what you can learn from them, and what to avoid to not make the same mistakes as they did. In the long run, there is a chance your competitors can turn into business partners. 

By keeping an eye out for what is currently on the market, you can capitalize on the latest trends and implement it to a product. Alternatively, following your passion and making money out of it is also a gateway to elevate your career path.

The Best Brand Building Tips For Your Shopify Stores

We have a detailed article on 12 Brand Building Tips Shopify Store Owners Need to Know over at GemPages that will be sure to help you find the best tactics to build the business of your dream.

Here is a quick summary of the tips and tricks to look for:

  1. Prioritize Product Quality
  2. Establish Your Brand Personality
  3. Consistency Is Key
  4. Understand the Your Target Customers
  5. Exceed Customer Expectations
  6. Know Your Competitors
  7. Identify What Makes You Different
  8. Associate with Strong Brands
  9. Integrate Your Brand into Every Aspect of Your Business
  10. Start Spreading Brand Awareness
  11. Conversations with Your Customer Helps Build Your Brand
  12. Having Long-Term Strategy Is Essential

Over To You

These successful Shopify store examples from various industries are the bee’s knees for reasons that are unique to each of them. Whether they are in the same market as you or not, we believe that there’s something to learn from them no matter what. 

Now it’s your turn to become the next generation of pioneer Shopify stores.

FAQ About Shopify Stores

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What are the best products to sell on Shopify?
There is no concrete answer on what the best products to sell on Shopify are. However, you can check out the list of 15 best products to sell on Shopify in 2023 for your reference. Nonetheless, this article has compiled a list of the best Shopify store examples that have found success in different fields. A read will potentially help you decide on what the best call for your store will be.
Can I sell digital products on Shopify?
People are raving about digital products now more than ever. Shopify is the perfect host site to start your digital product business. Knowing this sentiment, GemPages has put out helpful articles to get you started.

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