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10 Best Shopify Color Schemes + Color Palette Ideas [2024]

GemPages Team
12 minutes read
10 Best Shopify Color Schemes + Color Palette Ideas [2024]

The color scheme is a crucial element of branding — an element that helps give your brand its identity and voice.

However, you can’t just choose any random colors of your choice and make them part of your branding. Choosing the color scheme has to be a well-thought-out and strategic decision.

So, what are the best Shopify color schemes, and how to choose which colors are most appropriate for your brand?

In this blog post, we’ll guide you on all the essential aspects — including the importance of a color scheme, the best color palettes for Shopify/eCommerce brands, and the key things to consider while choosing the colors.

Let’s get started!

What is a “Color Scheme” in Shopify/eCommerce?

In Shopify, a color scheme is a theme setting where you can define the primary and secondary colors that can be applied to different theme elements throughout your online store.

To update or change your color scheme in your Shopify store, you can go to Shopify admin and then go to Online Store > Themes. Click on the Customize button to open Shopify’s theme editor, and then click on the settings icon to open the color schemes.

Shopify theme editor

In the broader context of eCommerce, a color scheme (also known as a color palette) is a combination of colors used to brand any digital assets. Thus, the color scheme isn’t just limited to your theme elements. 

It goes into every visual aspect of your brand such as your brand logo, product packaging, social media profiles, email newsletter, and so on.

10 Best Shopify Color Scheme Examples [Real Shopify Stores]

Let’s review some of the popular Shopify stores that have done a great job at implementing an impressive color scheme:

1. Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach is a gaming accessories brand that manufactures professional and tournament-grade gaming headsets and headphones that are designed for Xbox gaming.

Homepage of Turtle Beach

Looking at the color scheme of Turtle Beach, especially on its homepage, it’s clearly evident that the brand is focused on its target customers — i.e., gaming enthusiasts.

And that’s why the brand uses dark colors — almost giving the feel as if you’re watching a video game. The best thing about the dark color scheme is that it allows texts to pop up on your screen.

Homepage of Turtle Beach

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2. Heinz

Heinz is the perfect example of a product-based color scheme. As you might already know, Heinz is a food processing company that sells various food items such as tomato ketchup, gravy, mustard, sauces, and more.

Since tomato ketchup is their superstar product, guess what dominates their website design? That's right, it's a sea of red!

Homepage of Heinz

The main color you'll spot on Heinz's homepage is vibrant red. It takes center stage, creating a bold and eye-catching presence.

In addition to red, Heinz incorporates two other captivating colors into their brand palette: sunny yellow and cool blue. These hues complement the vibrant red perfectly, creating a harmonious and eye-catching trio.

Homepage of Heinz

About page of Heinz

3. ColourPop

ColourPop is a beauty and cosmetics brand that offers high-quality products, and its main target customers are women. That’s why they've decked out their website with shades of red and rose pink—two colors that women just can't get enough of.

ColorPop’s homepage

Apart from the above two main colors, it also uses a light shade of lavender color on its product pages - which again is a choice for its target customers.

Lavender color on ColourPop’s product page

4. Heatonist

Now, let's turn up the heat with Heatonist. The brand is all about hot sauces, and their website is sizzling with red and yellow.

Homepage of Heatonist’s website

The header and footer area have used dark black, which makes the other colors shine brightly on the homepage. Also, as you can see in the below image, different colors have been used to categorize the “heat” of their products:

Homepage section of Heatonist’s website

The red color is used by the brand to symbolize the most spicy products.

5. Doona

Okay! So, we’ve seen some brands with awesome bright and vibrant color schemes.

Now, let’s take a look at Doona — a brand that sells tricycles, car seats, strollers, and accessories with a mission of making parenting simple. The brand uses a soft color scheme, and it has a charm of its own.

Homepage of Doona

Doona's website is a treat for the eyes, with a gentle and soothing color scheme. It's clear that they've chosen these light and soft colors intentionally. It's like a warm, reassuring hug from a brand that understands parents.

These colors aren't just easy on the eyes; they're also smart for highlighting their range of products, most of which are sleek and black. So, it's a win-win – a comforting vibe and a great product showcase.

Homepage of Doona

Homepage of Doona

6. Lucy & Yak

Here comes another awesome brand with an aesthetic online storefront design. Lucy & Yak is a brand that designs colorful and comfy clothing items in Britain and then produces them in India.

What makes Lucy & Yak stand out is its color scheme, which seems to draw inspiration from its mission – creating wonderful products that spread happiness while taking care of our planet. What better way to express that than through a delightful blend of pink and green? 

Our Story page on Lucy & Yak’s website

Our Story page on Lucy & Yak’s website

You can experience this eco-friendly and cheerful color scheme throughout their website, from their "Our Story" page with its natural hues like light pink, tomato orange, green, blue, and light peach to the various product pages that feature different variations of these colors. Lucy & Yak has truly made sustainability look stylish and fun!

Product page on Lucy & Yak’s website

7. Death Wish Coffee

As the name suggests, Death Wish Coffee is a bold and strong coffee brand. Their color scheme mirrors this spirit perfectly by combining black and red.

Homepage of Death Wish Coffee

When it comes to web design, most brands tend to avoid using red for their call-to-action buttons since it's often associated with errors or cancellations. 

However, Death Wish Coffee takes a daring approach. They've strategically integrated a dark black and red color scheme not only on their homepage but also throughout their product pages and CTA buttons. It's a testament to their confidence and commitment to delivering a robust coffee experience that stands out from the rest.

A product page of Death Wish Coffee

8. Tentree

Tentree is a sustainable clothing and apparel brand with a great mission of planting one billion trees by 2030. Since the brand is heavily focused on the environment, its color scheme is based on earthy colors.

Homepage of Tentree

As a primary color, the brand has used different shades of green.

Homepage of Tentree

Also, the isabelline (pale grey-yellow) color in the background makes the design feel cool and soothing. Especially on the product pages, this background color scheme allows the product images to stand out.

Product page of Tentree

9. Wild

Wild is a sustainable body care brand offering refillable natural deodorant, body wash, soaps, and shampoo bars. The brand mainly uses pink, green, and yellow colors. 


One of the interesting things we observed on the Wild’s website was that the footer section has a yellow background color. You’ll hardly find a website with a yellow background color in the footer section. Thus, it creates a unique impression.

Footer section of Wild
Pro tip:

Your website’s color scheme is not just about the colors you set for your theme sections/elements (header, footer, blocks, etc.) but you should also consider the images you upload. Try to create and upload images that are matching with your brand colors.

10. Red Bull Shop US

Red Bull—the energy drinks brand—is one of the most popular brands in the world. Its eye-catching red and blue color scheme has become its brand identity. No wonder the same color scheme is found on its website - Red Bull Shop US.

On this Shopify-powered store, the brand sells its clothing, apparel, and accessories.

Homepage of Red Bull’s website

The great thing about this brand’s color scheme is that it only uses its primary color (red and blue) along with a simple plain white background throughout the website.

Product page on Red Bull Shop US

Best Colors Palettes for Shopify Stores [Based on Brand Types]

Now, let us share some color ideas that we’ve curated for you — depending on the type of brand. You can use the color hex codes to implement these colors or their variations:

1. Beauty & Cosmetics Brands

    If you’re a beauty & cosmetics brand, we can assume your main target audience would be women. Women typically like pink and red colors more as compared to other colors.

    Here’s one of the color scheme ideas for your brand:

    Pink color scheme example

    Pink color scheme example with hex color codes

    Hex Color Codes: #CDB4DB #FFC8DD #FFAFCC #BDE0FE #A2D2FF

    2. Fresh or Vegetarian Food Brands

    The color green is associated with nature. Especially when you think of fresh vegetables, the first color that may come to your mind is green. 

    Green color scheme example

    Green color scheme example with hex color codes

    Hex Color Codes: #38A3A5 #57CC99 #80ED99 #C7F9CC #22577A

    3. Computers, Smartphones, or Electronics Brands

    The color blue is associated with trustworthiness, and that’s one of the reasons you’ll find many brands in these segments using the blue color. Computer brands like Dell, Intel, and HP also use blue as their primary color.

    Apart from blue, black and grey are also commonly popular colors among such brands. So, we’ve created two different palettes for each of these color schemes:

    Blue color scheme example

    Blue color scheme example with hex color codes

    Hex Color Codes: #00A6FB #0582CA #006494 #003554 #051923

    Black and grey color scheme example

    Black and grey color scheme example with hex color codes

    Hex Color Codes: #F8F9FA #E9ECEF #ADB5BD #6C757D #343A40 #212529

    4. Home Essentials Brands

    For home essentials such as furniture, kitchen items, or decorations, you could go with a variety of color schemes. However, two of the popular colors in this category are blue and orange.

    Blue color scheme example

    Blue color scheme example with hex color codes

    Hex Color Codes: #8ECAE6 #219EBC #023047 #FFB703 #FB8500

    5. Sports Equipment Brands

    The color yellow is considered a symbol of enthusiasm and cheerfulness. Also, it’s a great color to grab the attention of the visitors. Similarly, the color red is considered to be a bold and competitive color. 

    Thus, yellow and red are popular colors for sports brands. Also, black color can be a great choice as it symbolizes power.

    Mixed color scheme example

    Mixed color scheme example with hex color codes

    Hex Color Codes: #282A3E #8D99AE #CFD11A #EDF2F4 #EF233C #D90429

    6. Clothing & Apparel Brands

    For clothing and apparently brands, it’s hard to definite 1-2 color schemes because this category consists of multiple different sub-categories or niches within its umbrella.

    However, based on popular color schemes, here are some of our recommendations to make your creative juices flow:

    6.1 Earthy Color Scheme

    Earthy color scheme example

    Earthy color scheme example with hex color codes

    Hex Color Codes: #264653 #2A9D8F #E9C46A #F4A261 #E76F51 #E0FBFC

    6.2 Bright Color Scheme

    Bright color scheme example

    Bright color scheme example with hex color codes

    Hex Color Codes: #17FFC4 #CC17FF #6917D0 #FF1791 #17FFEE #262626

    6.3 Modern Look

    Modern color scheme example

    Modern color scheme example with hex color codes

    Hex Color Codes: #E63946 #F1FAEE #A8DADC #457B9D #1D3557

    7. Fast Food Brands

    Colors can not only influence our emotions but hunger as well. Yes, the color red triggers hunger and that’s one of the reasons you’ll see it used a lot in the fast food industry.

    On the other hand, the color yellow is associated with happiness and friendship. So, these two colors are definitely a great choice for this category.

    Red and yellow color scheme example

    Red and yellow color scheme example with hex color codes

    Hex Color Codes: #D40000 #E12C2C #FFA500 #FFD700 #F8FFE5

    Helpful Resource:

    We’ve created these color palettes and visuals using an amazing tool — Coolors — which lets you generate, explore, and visualize color palettes. We’re not affiliated with it, but we just wanted to share it so that it can be helpful.

    Why is Color Scheme Important in eCommerce?

    • Helps create your brand identity

    When someone says, Nike, the first thing that may come to your mind would be its black-colored swoosh. When you go to Nike’s website, you’ll find its major color scheme is black too.

    That’s how the brand creates its unique identity. When you’re using a consistent color scheme, people can recognize your brand even by just looking at the colors.

    • Increases your conversion rate

    Colors can influence 85% of customers' buying decisions, and thus, your conversions. Here’s an interesting study done by HubSpot:

    When HubSpot ran a test with two different CTA button colors — green and red — with over 2,000 website visits, it was found that the red button outperformed the green button.

    Yes, 21% more visitors clicked on the red button as compared to the green button.

    Pro tips:

    Just because something worked for a brand doesn’t mean it should work for you as well. It’s crucial to set the right color for the CTA button depending on the overall color scheme of your brand. Make your CTA button stand apart from the entire page. Also, run an A/B test to see which button works the best for conversions.

    • Express emotion to better convey your message

    When you convey your message by spoken words, you can convey your tone easily. But when you need to convey something in a text or visual form, colors play an important role in expressing the emotions or feelings behind the message.

    For example, red color is used to express love. If your brand is selling products that are intended to be sold to romantic couples, the color red could be a great choice for your primary brand color.

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    What Should You Consider When Choosing the Color Scheme?

    • Target Audience

    For anything related to marketing, the target audience/customers is the biggest factor that drives any strategy. Consider who your ideal customers are and use the color scheme accordingly.

    In one of the color studies, it was found that men prefer bright colors significantly more than women. On the other hand, women prefer soft colors.

    • Cultural Aspects of Your Target Market

    If your brand is focused on a specific country or region, you may want to consider the cultural aspects associated with colors.

    For example, red is considered a symbol of love in many countries; however, in China, the color red is considered auspicious and a symbol of celebrations and prosperity.

    • Type of Products

    The product type is also one of the crucial elements in defining your brand’s color scheme. As we saw in one of the above examples, if you’re selling healthy and vegetarian food items, green color and its related shades would be more suitable to your brand. 

    It goes without saying — this criterion is applicable when you’re focusing on selling just one or a few products. If you’re a general store selling hundreds of different products, this does not apply to your business. 

    • Your Competitors

    Competitor research comes into the picture for choosing your color scheme as well. Choosing a different color scheme from your competitors can help you stand apart from them. But again, this might not be applicable in all cases, and you may have certain similarities if you’re following an industry-specific color scheme.

    Pro tip:

    Even if you decide to follow certain types of colors according to the industry, you can still add your own creative element to the color scheme. For example, you can add a different secondary color in your color palette that can differentiate your brand from others. After all, the idea is to make your unique brand identity. So, be creative.

    • Color Combination

    You’ll need more than one color in your palette to design your store. Thus, it’s important to choose colors that look good when used together.

    While there are some colors that go well together, there are also certain color combinations that might not look good together. For example, red and purple, red and green, or pink and green may not make the best color palette.

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    Final Thoughts on Color Schemes for eCommerce

    Your brand’s color scheme is a great medium to showcase your brand’s personality and convey the message in the right manner.

    The good thing about the color scheme is that it can be changed in the future if needed. But it is not to say that you should change the color scheme regularly.

    It takes time to create and build an image of your brand in your customers’ minds. You can’t just keep changing it. So, invest some time to research, brainstorm, and finalize your brand’s color scheme.

    FAQs about Color Schemes in Shopify

    What is the best Shopify color?
    It actually depends on multiple factors, such as your target audience, cultural aspects, type of products, and competitors. But in general, here are some of the best colors that you may consider for your Shopify store: black, pink, green, blue, red, and yellow.
    How do I make my Shopify store look amazing?
    You can give your Shopify store an amazing and aesthetically pleasing design by creating various blocks and giving them a cohesive color scheme. Your theme may have certain limitations as to how you can create and arrange blocks, and thus, you can also use a page builder app like GemPages to design the store with customizations of your choice.
    What color attracts the most sales?
    There are certain colors that can evoke desires and emotions, and they can be used to drive sales. For example, red is a powerful color, and it can make you feel hungry. Blue color evokes calmness, and pink color can influence impulse buying, especially if your target audience is women.
    What is the best color for an eCommerce store?
    Choosing the best colors for your eCommerce store depends on the type of business, and mainly, your target audience. In general, primary and secondary colors — black, pink, green, blue, and red are some of the most widely used colors in eCommerce stores. For the background color, you may go with a neutral color such as a shade of white or light gray color.

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