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How to Add A Pop-up on Shopify in 2 Easy Ways

GemPages Team
6 minutes read
How to Add A Pop-up on Shopify in 2 Easy Ways

Adding a pop-up to your Shopify store can be a great way to capture visitor's attention, promote special offers, collect email addresses for marketing, or share important information. You can create a pop-up on Shopify using various methods, including apps or manually adding code to your theme. 

How to add a pop-up on Shopify easily? Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started in a few minutes!

Why The Right Pop-up Is Essential For Your Shopify Store

Pop-ups are extremely useful for collecting email addresses, promoting special offers, recommending products to customers, and so on. These are the cornerstones of sales and customer engagement via pop-ups is your priority so make sure to do it well!

Shopify store pop-up example

An example of a pop-up used in a Shopify page

Learn how to add a pop-up on Shopify to:

  • Direct visitors to a particular product page of your choice
  • Trigger sales and marketing activities
  • Communicate shipping delays due to unexpected events
  • Recommend a complementary purchase/cross-selling at checkout

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How to Add A pop-up on Shopify Store 

If you want to add a pop-up to your Shopify store, you have two options. You can either use a user-friendly third-party app or delve into coding. 

Method 1: Using Third-party Pop-up Apps

This method is the simplest and is highly recommended for most Shopify merchants because it doesn't necessitate any manual coding on your part.

Step 1: Select a Shopify pop-up App

Head to the Shopify App Store and choose a pop-up app that meets your business needs. Find out which pop-up apps we recommend in the later part of this article.

Shopify pop-up App

Step 2: Install the Pop-up App

For the purpose of this tutorial, we’ll install the “Rivo Popups ‑ Email Pop-ups” app. It’s a free app and has an impressive rating of 5.0 from more than 4,000 reviews. 

Install the Pop-up App

Review the Privacy details and Permission details, then click Install app to proceed. 

Install app rivo

Step 3: Set up the pop-up

Decide how the pop-up looks, set its display rules, and fill in the content. Preview your changes and publish. 

set up rivo

Method 2: How to Add a Pop-up on Shopify Store Using GemPages - Shopify Page Builder

While GemPages may not be a dedicated pop-up app, it is the top-rated Shopify page builder that allows you to effortlessly add and personalize pop-ups on your Shopify pages and is proven to be instrumental in empowering your eCommerce campaign. 

Overall, follow these simple steps to add pop-up on your Shopify page: 

Step 1: Install GemPages from the Shopify App Store

Step 2: Access the GemPages Dashboard and click on "Create new page" to open the Editor.

Create new page GemPages

Step 3: In the left sidebar of the Editor, search for the "Popup" element and simply drag and drop it onto your page.

gempage pop up

Step 4: Customize the pop-up 

GemPages' intuitive Editor makes it a breeze to configure your pop-up's settings and style it to your liking. For a step-by-step guide on how to add the pop-up element to your Shopify pages, check out our comprehensive step-by-step guide

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Method 3: How to Add A Pop-up on Shopify By Coding

You can also rely on coding to add a pop-up to your Shopify store.

Step 1: Add a new snippet 

In the Shopify admin, navigate to Sales Channels > Online Store > Themes. Click on the three dots icon for more options. From the dropdown menu, choose the Edit code option.

edit code pop up

Click on the ‘Add a new snippet’ button on the left sidebar.

add snippet

Step 2. Insert a name and paste code to create a popup snippet. Hit Save.

This method requires technical knowledge. You may take help from a Shopify Expert, Partner, or freelance developer.

The Best Shopify Pop-up Apps (Free and Paid)

Rivo Popups ‑ Email Pop-ups

Rivo Popups app

A screenshot of Rivo Popups Shopify app

Rivo Popups - Email Pop ups is a free Shopify app that empowers merchants to expand their customer base by enticing visitors to subscribe. The easy-to-use design style editor makes customizing the discount and pop-up window a breeze. Best of all, once a customer shares their email, their opt-ins are seamlessly added to your Shopify customer list.

Ratings: 5/5 out of 4,334 reviews.

Pricing: Free

Key Features:

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Full control over when and how the popup appears, with options to set specific timing, page display rules, and discounts.
  • Display a persistent sticky coupon bar reminding visitors to use their promotion
  • Custom CSS code available

Best for:

Shopify sellers who want to build their email list using an exit-intent popup. No code is required.

Privy - Pop-ups, Email, SMS

Privy app

A screenshot of Privy - Pop-up, Email, SMS Shopify app

Privy - Pop-up, Email, SMS has received the highest number of customer reviews among the apps featured in this article, totaling 24,802 reviews. Its pop-up functionality allows users to easily design and launch pop-up campaigns within minutes using a drag-and-drop editor. Privy offers various options, including spin-to-win wheels, countdown timers, and shopping cart savers, along with pre-made templates for convenience.

Ratings: 4.6/5 out of 24,802 reviews.

Pricing: Free until you collect 100 mailable contacts. Afterward, you’ll need to choose a paid plan. Paid plans start at just $30/month for 1,500 contacts and email marketing features.

Key Features:

  • Support many pop-up types: spin-to-win wheels, countdown timers, shopping cart savers, etc.

Best for:

Shopify sellers who want to build their email list using an exit-intent popup. No code is required.

GemPages - Shopify Page Builder

A website with codes, texts, and a hero image of a confident woman

Why create pop-ups separately when you can do it with GemPages in one?

While GemPages is not a pop-up app per se, it is the top-ranked Shopify page builder allowing users to effortlessly add and customize pop-ups, as well as other sales and marketing elements, on their Shopify pages. 

With an extensive user base and rave reviews, GemPages is the go-to choice for building, customizing, and optimizing your Shopify store.

Ratings: 4.9/5 out of 3,667 reviews.

Pricing: GemPages offers a free plan, but for access to CRO elements like pop-ups, you can upgrade. 

Key Features:

  • AI-Powered Design: The AI feature Image-to-Layout generates reference images or URLs into editable layouts.
  • The Most Intuitive Editor: With a drag-and-drop Editor and 100+ sales & marketing elements, you can effortlessly customize and optimize your pages to create professional-looking and conversion-ready pages.

Best for:

GemPages is best for store owners, dropshippers, or freelancers looking to build, customize, and optimize their Shopify pages.

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Optimonk: pop-ups for mid-sized Shopify stores

A pink background with a bottle image and a woman in an advertisement

Discover how to add subscribe pop-up on Shopify with Optimonk

Optimonk is an excellent choice for mid-sized Shopify stores that want to leverage the power of pop-ups. It offers lead-capturing features to ultimately reduce cart abandonment and increase sales.

Ratings: 4.9/5 out of 824 reviews.

Pricing: Free. Premium plan starts from $39/month.

Key Features:

  • Exit-Intent Technology: Optimonk's exit-intent technology can detect when a visitor is about to leave your site and immediately entice them to stay with a pop-up.
  • Targeting Options: Target specific pages, products, or customer segments with personalized pop-ups.
  • Analytics: Optimonk provides detailed analytics and reports to help track the performance of your pop-ups.

Best for:

Mid-sized Shopify stores with a focus on effective exit-intent pop-ups and increasing their conversion rates.


If you want a pop-up on your Shopify store, it's important to consider your specific business needs, budget, ease of use, and personal preferences. Pop-up apps are a great choice for users who prioritize efficiency, as they offer convenience and a wide range of features. On the other hand, custom pop-ups provide extensive customization options, but require more time and technical expertise. 

FAQs About Adding A Pop-up on Shopify

Should I add a pop-up to my Shopify store?
It all boils down to your marketing and business goals. In peak marketing seasons, pop-ups can be extremely useful to promote special offers, announce upcoming sales, and keep visitors on your page longer.
How can I add a pop-up to my Shopify store?
To add a pop-up to your Shopify store, you can use a pop-up app or coding. No-code designers can opt for the first method, while more technical designers would prefer the second one.
What is the best free pop-up app for Shopify?
Wisepops, Optimonk, Sales pop-up by Proof Bear, and GemPages stand out in their own ways. Define your needs and choose the best one to boost your product offerings. For example, you can pick GemPages for a rich template library without starting from scratch. More advanced features in Wisepops would be beneficial for big teams.

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