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50+ Best Black Friday Cyber Monday Email Subject Line Examples

8 minutes read
Black Friday Email Subject Lines

Black Friday is the biggest shopping extravaganza of the year. As sellers, getting ahead of the line is always a smart move. The battle of the inboxes is bound to be brutal, so your goal would be to stand out among the crowd with the best Black Friday email subject lines. 

This article has nothing short of amazing ideas and inspiration to up your Black Friday email game, so keep reading to get an early preparation for this upcoming moneyspinning holiday.

Black Friday Email Subject Lines: How to Do It Right

The secret to an astounding Black Friday email subject line lies in the wording, language, and relevancy. Every other eCommerce business will try their its utmost to be the star of the show, and your job is to outshine them. Let’s get into the details below.

Mention "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday"

Black Friday is not just about one day, it’s an extended fest that covers the whole weekend and the day after. By mentioning both Black Friday and Cyber Monday in your email subject lines, your clients won’t be left wondering when the event will end. Offering exclusive deals on Cyber Monday encourages additional purchases from your store, so be sure to make this extremely clear in your emails.

Impose A Sense of Urgency

The magic phrases are “hurry”, “be quick”, and “limited time only”. FOMO is common and is a part of scarcity in economics. Hit the bull’s eye by incorporating these words into your email subject lines to encourage clients to check out your store and make a purchase.

Use Percentage Discount

Everyone loves the sight of a good deal while shopping. While scrolling through their inboxes, that glimpse of a percentage discount will prompt clients to click on your email and start filling their carts. The best times to use these number discounts in your email subject lines are pre- and during Black Friday.

Keep It Short and Direct

You don’t want your well-thought-out Black Friday email subject lines to be unfortunately cut off in your customer’s inboxes. These emails are virtual pitches that will either grab their attention or get lost in an ocean of other emails. Remember to keep the subject lines short and straight to the point. Our advised elements to focus on are types of deals, percentage of discounts, sale duration, and free shipping. Here are some good examples to follow:

  • Enjoy 30% off on selected items this Black Friday (percentage discount, type of deal).
  • FREE shipping on all orders only on this Cyber Monday - shop now! (free shipping, sale duration).

Personalize and Segment Your List

Tailoring your emails to different customer groups is a great way to increase open rates and traffic to your site while the shopping craze is on the rise. Based on your products and customers’ past purchase behaviors, you can customize different emails to advertise Black Friday that address specific customer segments. For instance, emails targeting new customers could be something along the lines of “Calling all first-time customers: Place your first order with these never-seen-before Black Friday deals!”.

Use Emojis Sparingly

Emojis are a recent phenomenon in this digital era, but their benefits are already recognized. Just like the old emoticons, the colorful emojis help spice up your email subject lines and convey your point across to customers more effectively. Disclaimer: Don’t overuse them! Drowning your texts in a sea of emojis is a deal breaker. If you are a young start-up whose products are advertised towards young Millennials and GenZ-ers, fun emojis in the subject lines could appear more friendly and in tune with them. On the other hand, if your target audience is not frequent emoji users, it could be a better call to not overuse them.

Avoid Spammy Language

A good rule of thumb is “less is more”. You don’t need to throw in every eye-catching word and the kitchen sink to make a good email subject line. Words that could trigger the spam filter include “money”, “click here” and even dollar signs. Excessive use of exclamation points and caps lock is also a no-go. That said, there are other factors involved that could move your emails into the spam box. Make sure to use authentic and descriptive language to avoid being manually marked as spam by the customers.

Optimize for Mobile

This should be a no-brainer when it comes to this handy device. As 85% of users check emails on their mobile phones, your Black Friday and Cyber Monday email subject lines should be optimized for mobile as well. One action we highly recommend is to keep the subject lines no more than 35 characters. This way, customers can have an idea of what your message is right when a notification pops up on their phone. 

Be Consistent with Your Brand

Even the smallest detail needs to stay on brand with your business. When clients have become similar to your brand’s language and spirit, they will be more likely to recognize your emails if they carry the same tone. The use of slang and emojis could make or break you, depending on the consistency between your brand and these Black Friday sale subject lines.

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Remember the Pre- and Post-Black Friday Emails

Make sure to tie up all the loose ends. The emails days or hours before zero hour are necessary reminders for your clients to keep an eye on the upcoming Black Friday sales, while the post-holiday emails advertise Cyber Monday’s exclusive discounts. These emails keep the shopping spirit high, thus, customers are more prone to make purchases over and over.

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Top 50 Black Friday Email Subject Line Examples + Pro Tips

1. Pre-Black Friday email subject lines

Screenshot of Kawaii Pen Shop’s Black Friday email.

This store uses a countdown timer and a raffle to encourage customers to take action on Black Friday.

Subject line:【BOOOOM 💣💥 】The biggest DEAL in the history of Kawaii Pen Shop 😱

Pre-Black Friday emails are extremely important, as they remind customers of the existence of your business and a great chance to make the first impression before the biggest sale holiday starts. As seen above, Kawaii Pen Shop makes use of emojis, enticing language, and interesting content to ideally introduce their deals for Black Friday.

Examples of Pre-Black Friday email subject lines:

  • "Pre-Black Friday Sneak Peek: Unbeatable Deals Await"
  • “Don't wait for Black Friday! Enjoy x% off now.”
  • "Early Access to Pre-Black Friday Deals - Don't Miss Out!"
  • "Pre-Black Friday Warm-Up: Incredible Offers Just for You"
  • "Pre-Black Friday Preview: Get a Head Start on Savings"
  • "Beat the rush! Pre-Black Friday deals with discounts up to y%"
  • "Pre-Black Friday Countdown: Amazing Discounts Await"
  • "Shop Smarter: Save Big with Pre-Black Friday Offers"
  • "Pre-Black Friday Flash Sale: Limited-Time Deals Inside"
  • "Shop early and save big! Up to x% off on your favorite items.”
  • “⏰ Limited time offer: Enjoy y% off before Black Friday madness ⚡”

2. Early bird/VIP email subject lines for exclusive sales

Examples of early bird/VIP email subject lines for exclusive sales:

  • “Early bird savings: Up to x% off before Black Friday frenzy 🐦”
  • "Exclusive VIP Black Friday Preview: Be the First to Shop!"
  • "Jumpstart Your Savings with Early Bird Black Friday Offers!"
  • "Get Ahead of the Crowd: Early Bird Black Friday Offers Inside"
  • "Early Bird Special: Exclusive Black Friday Deals Just for YOU!"
  • "Early Bird Bonanza 🛍️: Grab Unbeatable Black Friday Deals Now"
  • "VIP Insider: Don't Miss Out on Exclusive Black Friday Offers"
  • "VIP Black Friday Preview: Shop Before Anyone Else"
  • "Shop Smart, Shop Early: Early Bird Black Friday Offers Await"
  •  "Thank You for Your Loyalty: Early Black Friday Deals Exclusively for You"
  • "Black Friday Like Never Before: Exclusive Sales for Our VIPs"
  • "Unlock Exclusive Early Black Friday Discounts: Limited Time Offer"
  • "For Our Exclusive Members: Black Friday Savings You Won't Find Anywhere Else"

3. Black Friday email subject lines

Screenshot of Smosh’s Black Friday email.

Smosh brings on the holiday spirits to advertise their Black Friday sales.

Subject line: SHOP BLACK FRIDAY! Up to 30% OFF Sitewide.

Smosh keeps it short and effective with a straightforward email subject line to announce their percentage discounts for Black Friday. There are no other distracting elements, hence a quicker open rate and more website visits.

Examples of Black Friday email subject lines:

  • "🛍️ Ready, Set, Shop! Black Friday Deals are Here!"
  • "Black Friday Madness: Unbeatable Deals Await!"
  • "Get Ready for Black Friday: Our Biggest Sale of the Year"
  • "Black Friday Blowout: Massive Discounts Await You"
  •  "⚡ Black Friday Lightning Sale: x% Off for a Limited Time!"
  • "🔔 Black Friday Alert: Unbelievable Savings Await You"
  • “Black Friday Spectacular: Up to y% Off Selected Items!"
  • Your Ultimate Black Friday Guide: Unmissable Deals Inside"
  • "💥 Explosive Black Friday Deals: Shop 'til You Drop!"
  • "🔥 Don't Miss Out on the Hottest Black Friday Deals!"
  • "⚡ Get Ready for Black Friday Blitz: Lightning Deals Await! ⚡"
  •  "🚀 Blast Off into Black Friday: Unleash the Savings! 🚀"
  • “ Black Friday Special: Enjoy x% Off Your Entire Cart!"

4. Post-Black Friday email subject lines

Screenshot of Strawberrynet’s Black Friday email.

Enticing Cyber Monday deals from Strawberrynet.

Subject line: Extra 12% Off Cyber Monday sale ENDS TODAY‼️

Strawberrynet takes care of its post-Black Friday email marketing excellently by reminding its customers of the continuing Cyber Monday deals. By displaying percentage discounts and inviting language in the subject line, buyers will find it hard to miss the offers they are having.

Examples of post-Black Friday email subject lines:

  • "Post-Black Friday Deals: Extend the Savings!"
  • "Black Friday Encore: Last Chance to Score Big Savings!"
  • "Still in Shopping Mode? Check out Our Post-Black Friday Offers!"
  • "Black Friday Hangover? We've Got the Cure: Post-Black Friday Deals!"
  • Didn't Get What You Wanted on Black Friday? We've Got You Covered!"
  • "Post-Black Friday Clearance: Unbelievable Deals Await!"
  • "Black Friday is Over, but the Savings Party Continues!"
  • "Shop from the Comfort of Your Home: Cyber Monday Deals Are Here"
  • "Get Clicking: Cyber Monday Deals You Can't Resist"
  •  "💻 Cyber Monday Madness: Up to y% Off Sitewide!"
  • "⚡ Secret Cyber Monday Sale: Exclusive Discounts Revealed!"
  • "For Your Eyes Only: Exclusive Cyber Monday Offers Inside!"
  • "🎉 Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Double the Deals, Double the Savings!"
  • "Black Friday to Cyber Monday: Get Ready for a Weekend of Epic Sales!"

Maximize Your Black Friday Campaign with More Than Just Email Subject Lines

Email subject lines play a crucial role in the success of your Black Friday campaign. But let's not forget that email is just one piece of the puzzle. Other sales and marketing tactics in your arsenal will help you get the most out of your Black Friday campaigns, and a powerful Black Friday landing page stands out as a must-have. 

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Don't limit yourself to just good email subject lines. Take advantage of all the tools and tactics available to make your Black Friday campaign a resounding success.

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FAQ about Black Friday Email Subject Lines

What do you say in a Black Friday email?
Black Friday email subject lines should include content relevant to the holiday only. Deals and discounts should be announced with direct and exciting language to capture the customer’s attention. The email itself should contain aided visuals to highlight these deals.
What time should I send Black Friday emails?
Black Friday emails can be sent out days and hours before the event, on the day of, and after the day has ended. We highly recommend pre- and post-Black Friday emails if you have continuing deals throughout the holiday.
How long should a Black Friday email subject line be?
A Black Friday email subject line should be kept short and to the point. Typically, a subject line with no more than 7 words has the best open rates.
Can I use emojis in Black Friday email subject lines?
The use of emojis should be relevant to each business’s needs, target audience, and overall style. Though this is up to each business, it is recommended to keep it sparingly to eliminate distraction and keep it professional.

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