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12 Best Black Friday Social Media Campaign Ideas in 2023

10 minutes read
Best black friday social media campaigns

Social media is a great tool to skyrocket your sales on Black Friday.

It provides you with a huge platform to promote your Black Friday offers and drive traffic to your website. 

However, from a customer's standpoint, social media is a place to connect with people, have interactions and entertain themselves. They don’t want to go through the ads and ‘salesy’ promotions.

And that’s why you need to implement a solid strategy to make your campaigns engaging and effective.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the best Black Friday social media campaigns with tips to help you increase your sales and conversions.

12 Best Social Media Campaign Ideas for Black Friday

1. Collaborate with Influencers

By collaborating with influencers, you can expand the reach of your social media campaigns. It can also help you increase your conversions.

All brands are looking to make the most of Black Friday, so you need to stand apart from the competition. When creating content with influencers, you can come up with some creative ways to share your content.

If you are using Shopify, you can use the Shopify Collabs app.

Be unique and come up with something that no other brand is doing. Here’s an example of how Zando promoted its Black Friday offer by collaborating with an influencer. The brand used TikTok to promote its Black Friday offer along with giving customers a chance to win wardrobe for a year:

An exclusive offer promotion by Zando

Pro tip:

You shouldn’t collaborate with any random influencers just because they have a following on social media. It’s important to perform research on social media influencers before you associate them with your brand. Check out their profile and review their past endorsements.

2. Entice Followers for Email Subscription

Having a huge number of social media followers is great.

But you know what’s even greater? Converting your social media followers into your email subscribers.

You can post about your newsletter and how it’s helping the subscribers. Thus, you can attract new subscribers. On top of that, you can offer a special discount or gift to those who subscribe to the newsletter.

This can provide a major boost to your email marketing campaigns and increase your sales and conversions during and after Black Friday.

This promotional post on X by Zando is a great example of how you can entice your social media followers to join your email newsletter. As you can see, the first condition they set to enter the prize-based contest was to sign up for its newsletter:

Zando’s X post for Black Friday promotion

One more thing to learn from this post is that the brand also encouraged followers to tag 2 friends so that it can help spread the word.

3. Create a Black Friday Giveaway

Giveaways are an evergreen strategy to create excitement among followers and increase engagement. Customers love to get freebies from brands and that’s why giveaways give you the opportunity to draw the attention of your followers.

Brainstorm on the idea to create the most exciting and relevant giveaway for your followers. For example, if you’re selling beauty products, you can offer a bundle package to the giveaway winner.

Here’s one of the giveaway examples that was announced by Baskin-Robbins:

Pro tip:

Encourage your followers to share the giveaway link with their family and friends who might not be following your brand. This way, you can increase not only participation in your giveaway but also your followers on social media.

4. Share Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peeks

Customers love to buy from brands that express the human side of it.

By sharing the behind-the-scenes content, you can show the people behind your brand and the efforts that go into doing what you do.

Share exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses of your team preparing for Black Friday, the excitement, the hard work, and everything you do to build anticipation.

We’re sure your customers would love it!

5. Organize a Livestream

Livestream is one of the best ways to engage with your customers.

However, make sure to notify them in advance before you organize the livestream event. You don’t want to end up being in a live stream with no live audience.

Create the buzz by posting about the upcoming livestream event. 

You need to prepare to ensure the event has either entertainment or value—or even both—to make people attend your event.

During the event, strategically position your promotion. Show customers about your product features, benefits, and answer any questions they may have.

Encourage the audience to share their thoughts on the subject of discussion. Have the approach to interact more with customers than you talk to them. By creating two-way interactions, you can understand your customers better and drive your promotional campaign accordingly.

Pro tip:

Bring an influencer to be part of the event. This way, you can bring the audience to the event that wants to interact with the influencer. Also, provide material (posts) to the influencer to post on their account. It’ll help you expand the audience.

6. Share Great Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Customer reviews or testimonials work as social proof and help increase your brand’s authenticity. As a result, when customers trust your brand and its products, they would be more likely to purchase from your brand.

Research by Medill Spiegel Research Center found that when brands displayed reviews for lower-priced products, the conversion rate increased by 190%. 

What's more interesting is that when brands displayed reviews for the higher-priced products, the conversion rate shot up to 380%.

product review stat

Use your social media platforms to showcase the love your brand has received through some of the best product reviews and testimonials. While text reviews may work fine, it would be even better to post reviews along with images or videos.

You can reward your customers for sharing their honest reviews. For example, if you have a loyalty program, offer 200 loyalty points to share a review for the last purchase and 500 points for a photo review. Or you may give gift cards or discounts as well. 

In a nutshell, they get the reward for their effort of sharing the review and you get social proof for your brand. It’s a win-win situation for both!

7. Take Advantage of User-Generated Content

Customers love to see the product being used by other people before they buy one for themselves. It gives them a sense of trustworthiness. 

User-generated content (UGC) does the same for your products. In fact, a study has found that 79% of customers say user-generated content highly influences their purchasing decisions.

Encourage your buyers to share their pictures with your products on social media. You can offer them some discounts, gifts, or reward points—whatever works for you.

User-generated content is a great asset for multiple types of promotions. You can use these pictures on social media promotions as well as landing pages. You can provide your customers with a link to the landing page to see more user-generated content. 

8. Create Posts for Customer Spotlight

We all love to be in the spotlight, don’t we?

Imagine your picture or story being shared by someone else. It makes us feel special. Give a spotlight to your loyal customers by featuring their stories and experiences with your brand.

This will encourage customers to share their positive experiences with your brand or products. At the same time, other potential customers would desire to have a similar positive experience.

To find such stories from your customers, you can try two different methods:

  1. Proactively ask your customers to share their positive experiences—through social media, email newsletter, or text messages—and share them on your social media accounts.
  2. Search on social media with your brand name and go through all mentions where customers have already publicly talked about your brand. (Sometimes, they might not tag your brand’s account but just mention the name.)

Here’s an example of how Warby Parker found a customer sharing his proud feelings about buying the Warby Parker glasses and the brand shared his story by Quote posting it on its X handle:

9. Organize a Give Back Friday

As a brand, you can take the initiative to contribute some portion of your revenue to a noble cause or charitable organization.

And when you take that initiative, you can let your customers know about how they can contribute to the cause by buying your products or services. 

Be transparent with your customers and let them know how much positive impact it can bring to society or the environment—depending on the type of initiative.

This can encourage customers to shop with your brand and become a part of your initiative. It can also help increase their loyalty toward your brand in the long run.

10. Create Interactive Polls and Quizzes

Make your Black Friday social media campaigns fun and engaging. Creating polls and quizzes is one of the best ways to increase engagement on your social media posts.

Engage your audience with fun polls and quizzes about Black Friday trends and shopping habits. You can also create these polls in a smart way. I can only be interesting for your followers but also help you with some great insights that you can use for your other marketing campaigns.

When creating such polls and quizzes, you can also ask them to tag their friends to bring more people to interact with your polls and quizzes.

11. Create Exclusivity for Your Followers

We all love it when something’s exclusively created for us. Don’t we?

It makes us feel special. So, why not give special attention to your followers as well? Reward them for being there with your brand and appreciate their support.

There are different ways to reward them. You can create an exclusive discount offer for your social media followers or give them early access to your Black Friday collection.

12. Promote Your Loyalty Program Offer

This particular idea is applicable to those brands only that have a loyalty program set on their online store. So, if you have a loyalty program, you can implement this idea as well.

Use your loyalty program to create some exciting offers for your members and share them on social media. Here’s a great example of how GameStop posted an amazing offer on X for its loyalty program members:

loyalty program

Tips for Black Friday Social Media Campaigns

  • Focus on the Most Effective Platform

Your brand may be on multiple social media platforms. However, instead of distributing your efforts on all of those platforms, you can analyze your data to see where you gain the most users from. Focus on those 1-2 platforms rather than putting the effort into all platforms.

  • Run Black Friday Campaign Throughout the Week

Black Friday is the beginning of the shopping season, but there are some other important days followed by Black Friday, especially Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.

Extend your offers till Cyber Monday or prepare for separate campaigns for those days as well. In fact, you can run a week-long campaign. Running the campaign for a week instead of just one day helps busy people who might miss shopping on Black Friday.

Learn more: The Ultimate Landing Page Checklist You Need in 2023

  • Prepare Your Content in Advance

Creating content takes time. Waiting till the last few days might result in struggling to find content ideas. Start preparing content as early as possible so that you can create quality content.

  • Create a Buzz Around the Followers

Apart from the content that you’ll publish for the Black Friday events and offers, you can also create additional content just for the purpose of creating a buzz when you’re nearing Black Friday.

  • Create a Black Friday Special Theme

Just as you’d design certain parts of your website for Black Friday, you should also redesign your social media platforms. Come up with a color scheme for Black Friday and blend it nicely with your brand’s color scheme.

Use GemPages, a Shopify page builder, to give your Black Friday campaign an amazing shine. The extensive template library from GemPages makes it easy to bring your ideas to life without any coding knowledge. From stunning landing pages to captivating product pages, GemPages has got you covered.

With GemPages' intuitive drag and drop editor, you can effortlessly add your desired elements to your page, and customize your storefront with Black Friday vibes. Let visitors truly feel the festive spirit!

Your landing pages could look like these
Try GemPages for free to create high-converting landing pages for any marketing campaign. No coding is required.
  • Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags help users find specific content on social media. By using hashtags in your social media posts, you can expand the reach of your posts. Research which hashtags are trending during Black Friday week and use them in your posts, but again, those hashtags need to be relevant.

Pro tip: Create your brand hashtag. The famous clothing and apparel brand—Calvin Klein—has created a popular trend of sharing posts using #mycalvins on Instagram. This is a great social media campaign as it not only expands the reach of the brand on social media but also creates free user-generated content.

Posts with #mycalvins on Instagram

  • Create Urgency by Emphasizing the Offer Duration

Urgency is one of the best marketing tactics to entice customers to buy any product or service.

Give reminders to your customers that the offers are for a limited time only. It creates FOMO (fear of missing out) and customers who don’t want to miss out on the opportunity will definitely buy from your brand. 

For example, you can inform your customers about the shipping deadlines. Let them know by what date they should place the order to get it delivered by/before a specific day.

However, make sure that you’re not trying too hard to notify your customers frequently. You don’t want to annoy your customers and block or unsubscribe you.

Pro tip: GemPages might not be your typical Shopify countdown timer app, but it’s armed with many conversion-focused elements - a sales counter clock included.

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Ready to Run your Black Friday Social Media Campaigns?

We hope these social media marketing campaign ideas will help you create a great marketing strategy to boost your sales on Black Friday. Make sure to prepare in advance and implement your strategy on the platforms where your target customers are most active during the season. 

A social media campaign can benefit significantly from a dedicated landing page. It's the perfect hub for hosting social media contests, and giveaways. Streamline the process by outlining the rules, collecting entries, and providing all the essential details in one convenient place.

If you're in need of an instant solution for your Black Friday campaign, look no further than GemPages. With GemPages' AI feature Image-to-Layout, 80+ templates, and the most intuitive Editor, you can build, customize, and optimize any landing pages in minutes. Get ready to crush the competition like never before!

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FAQs about the Black Friday Campaigns

What makes a good Black Friday campaign?
To make the most out of your Black Friday campaign, you need to focus on the right channels and create relevant offers for your customers. Social media plays a huge role in increasing the reach and bringing traffic to your website.
How do you attract customers on Black Friday?
You can create engaging social media campaigns to attract your followers and provide them with good reasons to buy from your brand. To do this, you can create different types of campaigns such as giveaways, polls, quizzes, livestreams, influencer collab, and so on.
What is the best social media marketing campaign?
It depends. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to create the best social media marketing campaign. It mainly depends on factors like your target audience, the product or service you’re selling, and the platform on which you’re promoting your brand. That said, in general, influencer collab and giveaways are two of the most popular social media marketing campaigns.
How do you promote a Black Friday sale on social media?
To promote your Black Friday sale on social media, you can redesign your social media profile and publish promotional posts with the Black Friday theme. Create buzz around your new offers by organizing different activities that drive engagement from your followers.
What are some good social media campaigns?
Here are some examples of social media campaigns: offering giveaways, creating polls and quizzes, organizing livestreams, collaborating with influencers, and so on.

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