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10 Creative International Women's Day Campaign Ideas (+Examples from Top Brands)

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International women's day campaign ideas

While every day should be celebrated as women’s day, March 8 brings an opportunity to celebrate women who have triumphed over patriarchy.

For brands, this is also a great occasion to stand out, build brand love, and ultimately boost sales through the International Women's Day Campaigns. 

If you are looking for some International Women's Day Campaign Ideas, you’ve come to the right hub. In this article, we’re going to share with you a slew of suggestions on how to promote your business on women’s history month. 

10 International Women's Day Campaign Ideas to Get You Inspired

The global theme of International Women's Day 2023 is #EmbraceEquity, with the intention of breaking down gender norms, denouncing discrimination, bringing light to bigotry, and promoting acceptance. 

Here are the top 10 International Women's Day Campaign Ideas inspired by this message. 

1. Spotlight Female Employees in Your Team

    Running a successful business is the sum of the efforts and contributions of a team, with employees constantly working hard to keep the business running smoothly. On International Women's Day,  as a business leader, instead of spending mountains of money to invite celebrities to do marketing, a perfect way to celebrate the contributions of women and promote gender equality is to spotlight female employees in your team. 

    Heineken did these International Women's Day Campaign Ideasbrilliantly:

    HEINEKEN Malaysia #BreaktheBias campaign

    Shared as a social media series, the #BreaktheBias tale of HEINEKEN Malaysia women aims to give female executives and employees a platform to discuss the adversity they've experienced and how they've overcome it. 

    We love the way HEINEKEN inspires women from different backgrounds in all walks of life - representing a diverse and inclusive society. This is a really effective way to bring your brand closer to the masses, as every woman in these stories can be someone out there, "if they can do it, you can too."  

    In a similar vein, LinkedIn has performed its first international International Women's Day (IWD) 2021 campaign, which highlights the personal experiences of seven women from around the world who talk about the challenges they've faced and the ways in which they've overcome the epidemic.

    Covid-19 has had a negative impact on the job market, with women being laid off at a rate that is twice that of men. This LinkedIn ad campaign honors women who have achieved great things and emphasizes the significance of "community." 

    LinkedIn we can do it campaign photo

    By highlighting female members of your group or community, you show a real effort to achieve gender equality, not just words, which is a great way to create a good impression on customers, especially female customers.

    2. Empower Women-owned Businesses

      Featuring Women-owned Businesses will be one of the meaningful International Women's Day Campaign Ideas that show respect to talented businesswomen. 

      The NYC Department of Tourism is running a campaign called  “The Women Who Made NYC History”  to draw attention to the many women-owned businesses and public spaces in New York City that have made an impact locally and beyond. 

      Women business owners and campaign ideas are linked to physical locations that residents can visit and/or purchase from, driving up both tourism and sales for associated goods. These established range from hotels and restaurants to boutiques and museums. There are also shows and exhibitions. 

      Exhibitions of NYC and brand

      In a similar line, on International Women's Day 2019, PayPal launched the #BalanceForBetter campaign with the goal of creating a more gender-balanced workplace and combating current bias.

      PayPal hosted a panel discussion including four successful women to highlight the fact that addressing the gender gap is a business issue, not only a women's issue.

      The way PayPal executed this campaign is extremely subtle: the entire video was shot by an all-female production team and camera from there, highlighting the power of female camaraderie in achieving any goal.

      3. Create Ladies’ Favorites Bundles

        Creating Ladies' Favorites Bundles is one of the great International Women's Day Campaign Ideas to boost sales and help promote the new product lines that come with it because usually, customers will prefer to buy product combos for a more favorable price. 

        Jewelry brand Gorjana has teamed up with women's clothing brand Richer Poorer to provide a two-piece collection to benefit Dress For Success Worldwide West and its mission to provide career development tools to disadvantaged young women. With a target of $50,000, Richer Poor and Gorjana have collaborated to sell International Women's Day gift ideas like ribbed tanks and necklaces, with 100% of the net proceeds going to the charity. 

        Another retail brand, Here Here Market, showcases its sophistication with the launch of Unique Food Baskets That Combat Homelessness. The market has three special gift baskets for International Women's Day: the Female Founders Food Collection, the Sauce, Spice, and Everything Good Mix, and the Snack to the Extreme box.  

        Gift baskets for International Women's Day

        Gorjana and Here Here Market did a great job of boosting conversion by offering bundles of products to serve as gifts for women. If you are planning a campaign for Women’s Day, you should consider this idea and take the two businesses as inspirations. While it might sound difficult to create product bundles, it would be easier if you follow this guide: How To Create Bundles on Shopify: 2 Simple Ways, as we provide you with a step-by-step guide to create bundles, along with tips and best practices.

        Learn more: Everything You Need to Know About Bundle Pricing on Shopify

        4. Run Exclusive Deals for Female Customers

          This is one of the International Women's Day Campaign Ideas that are deployed a lot and will often be effective because who doesn't like promotions, right? These deals can be considered as presents from businesses to customers, thus not only driving sales but also impressing your customers and developing brand recognition.

          Nykaa is having a storewide sale in honor of International Women's Day, with discounts of up to 80% off. Incredibly, you may save up to 80% on every single brand! Whether they intend to shop or not, everyone will stop at Nykaa's social media posts or stores because maybe they can find a bargain.

          Nykaa discounts of up to 80% off

          5. Include Freebies for Every Purchase

            Freebies can range from as simple as International Women's Day stickers with feminist slogans or messages that customers can put on their laptops or water bottles to show their support for women's rights, a special tote bag with a unique design that celebrates women or features an empowering message, a branded water bottle, etc. 

            Cosmetics or health care brands often apply this idea because they are both gift-giving and instead of a form of product trial. 

            For example, in 2020, L'Occitane offered a free gift with any purchase over $5 on International Women's Day. The gift included a hand cream, soap, and a cosmetic bag. 

            Even International Women's Day Campaign Ideas like these work in areas you wouldn't expect: travel services. In 2020, Airbnb launched a social media campaign called #HostWithHer, which highlighted female hosts and offered a free night's stay to select customers who booked a stay with a female host. 

            AirBnB campaign #HostWithHer poster

            6. Run A Giveaway on International Women's Day

              It's a win-win situation when a brand offers a giveaway on social media, benefiting both the customer and the brand. The shares and hashtags that are often used by customers when participating in the giveaway are free promotions - this is what International Women's Day Campaign Ideas is all about. 

              Jewelry brand Kendra Scott ran a giveaway on International Women's Day in 2020, offering a set of their earrings to one lucky winner. To enter, participants had to share a photo of the woman who inspired them and explain why.

              Kendra Scott giveaway poster

              The key is to make the prize relevant to International Women's Day and to encourage participants to share their stories and celebrate the women in their lives.

              7. Organize A Social Media Photo Campaign That Embraces Women’s Unique Beauty

                A Social Media Photo Campaign that promotes the normalization of differences in appearance, that every woman is beautiful in her own way, has always been one of the International Women's Day post ideas that receive public acclaim. 

                Dove has been running an international advertising series dubbed "Real Beauty" since the early 2000s with the aim of praising genuine, natural beauty. Dove's campaign kicked off with the release of a string of out-of-home advertisements (OOH). Instead of utilizing models, Dove had famed portrait photographer Rankin capture real ladies with imperfections in the face and body.

                Then, on the image's right side, there will be tick boxes for people to vote for the photo like "fat or fit"... The campaign drew 1.5 million hits to Dove's "Campaign for Real Beauty" website, which is enough to see how powerful its media is.

                This campaign of Dove has still lasted until now, which is more than 18 years old and still brings extremely significant effects, enough to see how International Women's Day Campaign Ideas like these will be extremely effective.

                Dove campaign image

                Another brand, Victoria's Secret, featuring Emily Bendell's Bluebella, also ran a lingerie photo campaign with oversized and transgender models after being repeatedly boycotted, criticized for lack of diversity in images, designs and unwillingness to change the way it works. This change has helped the brand save its business when sales on the lingerie brand's online shopping channels have increased by 33%!

                Victoria's Secret ft Emily Bendell's Bluebella campaign

                8. Hold the “Name the Dame” Minigame on Social Media 

                  If you are looking for International Women's Day Campaign Ideas with low cost but still high spread ability, organizing minigames is a good option. One of the best Women's Day games is "Name the Dame." The goal of this quiz is to determine whether or not you know the famous woman who said it or accomplished it.

                  An example of the “Name the Dame" game

                  In 2020, watch and accessories brand Fossil ran a Facebook game where followers had to match famous quotes about women with those who said them. Participants who got all the answers right were entered into a prize draw.

                  In 2020, beauty retailer Sephora ran an Instagram quiz to test followers' knowledge of women's history. Participants had to answer multiple-choice questions about famous women throughout history, with prizes awarded to those who got all the answers right.

                  Sephora minigame quiz

                  These are just a few examples of how brands have engaged their audiences with fun and interactive social media campaigns for International Women's Day. The key is to create a campaign that is relevant to your brand and encourages your followers to celebrate and empower women in women’s history month.

                  9. Launch A Campaign Video

                    Launching video marketing campaigns is a great way to expand your consumer base and make meaningful connections with prospective buyers across many social media platforms if you are wondering what to post for International Women's Day.

                    The content for these International Women's Day Campaign Ideas is quite diverse, you can refer to some topics that have attracted a lot of public attention in the past time such as: 

                    • Feature inspiring women: Create a video highlighting successful and inspiring women from all walks of life.Cleverly integrate your brand's products into their daily lives, to see your brand acbrands customers at every stage of life.
                    • Promote your female-led initiatives: If your brand has initiatives or programs that are led by women, create a video that promotes and celebrates these initiatives. This can be a great way to showcase the positive impact that your brand is having on women's lives.
                    • Highlight your support for women's causes: Film a video that highlights how your brand is supporting women's causes and organizations. This can be a great way to showcase your brand's values and commitment to gender equality.
                    • Partner with a female influencer: Consider partnering with a female influencer who aligns with your brand values and mission. Together, you can film a video that promotes your message and reaches a wider audience.

                    Remember to keep your messaging positive, inclusive, and authentic. The goal of your video marketing campaign should be to celebrate and empower women, and to showcase your brand's commitment to gender equality and diversity.

                    The "Because She Watched" campaign, which features Netflix's original shows and films with strong female characters, is fantastic. The actress from "To All The Guys I've Loved Before," Lana Candor, narrates the commercial to emphasize the impact media has on women by giving them a sense of belonging and empowerment.  

                    Popular Netflix shows and movies are incorporated into each segment of the video to emphasize that women are now not only supporting roles but also protagonists. Come to think of it, what woman wouldn't love to support a female-centric studio!

                    Apple also produced an ad campaign titled "Behind the Mac," which highlighted influential women in many areas who use Macs to make their dreams come true. The image of Macs appears throughout the entire video with the participation of many celebrities such as Beyoncé, Gloria Steinem or Tarana Burke.

                    What we love about this campaign is that its content can be applied to other important dates, not only in women’s history month, meaning your brand can run a series with a consistent message throughout the year!

                    10. Give Back on International Women's Day

                      In women’s history month, giving a part of the revenue to Women's Charity Organizations is a humane way to boost sales.

                      The Harper Wilde Be Kind Bra campaign is an initiative by the lingerie brand Harper Wilde to promote body positivity and self-love.

                      The Be Kind Bra campaign encourages women to be kind to themselves and to embrace their bodies just the way they are. The campaign includes a series of ads featuring women of different shapes, sizes, and ethnicities, with messages such as "Perfectly imperfect", "Love your curves", and "Be kind to yourself".

                      In addition to the advertising campaign, Harper Wilde also donates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of their Be Kind Bra to non-profit organizations that promote women's empowerment and body positivity.

                      Be kind bra website

                      5 awesome gift ideas for Woman's Day

                      Now that you've gathered inspiration for your campaign, let's kick off the preparations to approach Women's Day. 

                      Otherwise, if you're just planning for a seasonal business, Women's Day is indeed a profitable idea you can start your business. To assist you in selecting the perfect products for this special occasion, we'd like to propose 5 best gift ideas that you can offer to your customers.

                      1. Personalized Jewelry

                      You can think of offering your customers with customized jewelry pieces like engraved necklaces or bracelets, allowing them to add a personal touch with names, initials, or meaningful dates. What is personalized will always be particularly meaningful yet unique, thus might be a product that will sell on this special occasion.

                      Learn more: 7 Best Print on Demand Jewelry Suppliers in 2024

                      2. Customized Self-Care Kits

                      You may provide your customers with personalized self-care kits containing items like scented candles, essential oils, bath bombs, herbal teas, and relaxation masks. A self-care kit that is tailored to cater to different preferences can be a unique and thoughtful gift option for Women's Day. Also, consider partnering with local artisans for handmade products and gift promoting.

                      3. Empowering Art Prints

                      If you are able to design art prints, you may consider selling them for Woman's Day. Exclusive art prints featuring empowering quotes, illustrations, or affirmations celebrating the strength and resilience of women are not only the ideal presents for the occasion but also shows support and honor for women.

                      examples of art prints as gifts for Women's Day

                      Learn more: 

                      15 Best Shopify Art Stores To Inspire You in 2024



                      4. Flower bouquets and botanical gifts

                      Women like flowers. Who doesn't know? Flowers are a very familiar gift but never fail. To make the gifts more special, consider personalizing the flower bouquets with heartfelt messages or presenting them in boxes filled with a variety of botanical delights, along with care instructions and decorative pots. This eco-friendly and nurturing gift idea brings the beauty of nature into the recipient’s home year-round.

                      5. DIY Craft Kits

                      DIY craft kits like macrame wall hangings, terrarium-building kits, or hand-lettering sets are becoming trending present ideas recently. These presents serve as sources of inspiration for creativity and self-expression. Also, the hands-on process offers a fun and fulfilling way for women to unwind and explore their artistic side, which makes the gift more valuable.

                      Examples of DIY craft kits as gifts for International Women's Day

                      Putting the ideas into practice

                      Take our suggestions for inspiration or make use of your own out-of-the-box ideas to celebrate Women’s Day and, at the same time, grow your business. If you are having trouble with starting off your business, don’t worry, here is a step-by-step guide to grow your business with no money (plus an exclusive deal for you). GemPages' tips empower you to transform your business idea into reality, yielding profitable results without the need for substantial capital investment.

                      What took you weeks, now takes minutes with GemPages
                      With GemPages, you can build professional and high-converting Shopify pages, from landing page, homepage, product page - or even your entire store effortlessly. No coding or design skills are required.

                      Time to Get Your Campaign Game on Point!

                      Women's History Month provide a unique opportunity for businesses to show their support for women and promote gender equality. By creating a thoughtful and impactful International Women's Day campaign, brands can celebrate the achievements of women, raise awareness about important women's issues, and showcase their commitment to gender equality and diversity, thereby building users' love for the brand and boosting sales from these promotional activities. 

                      Above are 10 International Women's Day Campaign Ideas inspired by brands around the world, along with 5 Best Gift Ideas for Woman's Day. To create a campaign for your brand, try to integrate your brand's personalization elements so that they show your support for women while also promoting your brands and products.

                      FAQs about International Women's Day Campaign Ideas

                      What are some common themes for International Women's Day campaigns?
                      There are many themes for International Women's Day, some of the popular ones include:

                      1. Women's Empowerment
                      2. Advocating for Gender Equality
                      3. Encouraging Action
                      4. Celebrating Women's Achievements
                      What is the best International Women's Day Campaign?
                      Some examples of successful IWD campaigns include:

                      1. #MeToo and Time's Up movements
                      2. 'Balance for Better' campaign in 2019
                      3. 'Choose to Challenge' campaign in 2021
                      4. 'Women in Leadership' campaign in 2020
                      What are social media post ideas for International Women's Day?
                      1. Share stories of inspiring women
                      2. Highlight your brand's commitment to gender equality
                      3. Run a social media contest or giveaway to receive International Women's Day gifts.

                      These are just a few International Women's Day Campaign Ideas on social media. The key is to create content that is relevant, engaging, and celebrates the achievements and contributions of women.

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