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15 Best Shopify Art Stores To Inspire You in 2024

GemPages Team
12 minutes read
15 Best Shopify Art Stores To Inspire You in 2024

If you have a knack for creating art and are looking for an outlet to let yourself be heard, we have got you covered. Building an art gallery or physical storefront might be arduous for first-time business owners, that is when a digital platform like Shopify becomes the MVP.

The online art market is blooming, and there is no better time to kickstart your business than now. If you are looking for examples to emulate success, take a peep at these Shopify art stores in this blog to get inspired.

Everything You Need To Know About Selling Art on Shopify

Is Selling Art Online Profitable?

Art comes in various forms and appeals to everyone. While " art " has many definitions, we will focus on the tangible aspect of art in this blog.

In eCommerce, pieces such as prints, posters, and canvas paintings are among the most common items to be sold. So, is there a large enough market for stores that sell art to make profits?

Let’s look at the data.

From the value standing at $14.38 billion in 2022, the global online art market is reported to grow at a steady 6.5% between 2023 and 2030.


Grand View Research shows that market digitalization enables artists to offer a wide range of art with detailed information, building buyer trust for informed decisions.

For merchants, online storefronts are excellent for reaching a wider audience globally, as opposed to selling art locally at a much smaller scale.

With that being said, the need for art never seems to die down. By showcasing your art virtually, the benefits are apparent for both parties.

Can You Sell Art on Shopify?

When it comes to the eCommerce art market, Shopify is bound to be the star of the show.

This platform is a reliable host for businesses of all shapes and sizes, where art stores are no exception. Endorsed by Shopify itself, art is definitely a prevalent niche to sell on this host website.

Screenshot of Shopify’s webpage.
Let your art creations be known by choosing Shopify as your host platform.

Some of the most common art categories that sellers can tap into include:

  • Wall art
  • Postcards
  • Graphic prints
  • Art and craft supplies
  • Wearable art
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Painting kits
  • Pottery
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How To Start a Shopify Art Store in 5 Steps

Starting an art store on Shopify is similar to any other niche. With automated features that were created for a streamlined process, sellers can easily build an online art storefront in 5 steps.

Step 1: Set up your online store

First and foremost, you need to create a Shopify account. If this is your first time trying this eCommerce platform, the free trial option is the perfect solution to kickstart your business with no upfront costs.

Once you have signed up, make sure to utilize tools like Business Name Generator and Logo Maker to actualize your store. If satisfied, it is time to upgrade to a long-term plan and start applying personal changes.

Step 2: Configure the theme and product pages

Your chosen theme will decide the appearance of your website. Thus, it is the first detail that you should take note of while configuring your online store.

Screenshot of Dawn theme in Shopify theme store.

Dawn is the top choice among the free themes in the Shopify theme store.

Dawn and Impact are some of the most popular go-to themes that Shopify sellers favor. Additionally, choosing themes based on their price range is a clever move, especially for small-scale businesses. With Shopify themes, the free ones are no less stunning than their expensive counterparts.

When your store has received a makeover, the product pages should be your top priority next. This is where people will view your artwork in detail, look for descriptions and shipping information, and so on. Ensure each art piece gets to be seen in all of its glory.

Step 3: Select third-party apps and add-on tools

Third-party apps never go out of style. The Shopify app store is there for a reason, and letting one or more of these apps help you further complete your store is always recommended.

Depending on your business model, there is guaranteed to be an app that makes it easier to run your store.

From building brilliant landing pages to optimizing email marketing, customer reviews, and referral programs, these add-on tools can save you time and resources in managing your business.

Step 4: Set up payment gateways and shipping options

A transparent payment system increases customer loyalty and a positive brand image. As art pieces often come with a higher price tag, you want to assure your customers that their transactions are protected. By implementing well-known payment gateways like Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and Apple Pay, customers will feel more inclined to finish their purchases with you.

When you are based on Shopify, your business can make use of the exclusive, fully integrated Shop Pay payment method, which makes for a smooth checkout process.

Similarly, buyers should be informed of your shipping and return policies before placing an order. By being transparent with this information, your business will appear more reputable.

All of these settings can be customized on the Shopify admin dashboard.

Step 5: Launch and market your business

If you are fond of the look of your art store, it is time to make it rain.

Nervous about launching your eCommerce store for the first time? No sweats! You can make changes at any time.

Precautious methods like A/B testing are also vital in keeping your store running smoothly.

If everything is up to par, marketing is the next big project to be in action. Communities are the backbone of the art industry, whether online or offline. Joining forums, groups, and meetings, and connecting with people alike are imperative to your business’s success.

Additionally, you can head over to GemPages’ extensive eCommerce blog list to equip yourself with constantly updated marketing tips to level up your online business.

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Top 15 Successful Shopify Art Stores For Your Inspiration

Simon Says Stamp

Screenshot of Simon Says Stamp’s website.

Simon Says Stamp dedicated its website to providing paper crafters with all the supplies they need to make their next projects shine.

Simon Says Stamp’s online store is always buzzing with the latest paper crafting supplies. Accessories, cards, stamps, ink, stencils - you name it, this store has it. The website does not rely on splashy product images or a contemporary layout but adopts a rather busy, but approachable vibe. You will reminisce about walking into the local arts and crafts store while visiting Simon Says Stamp’s website.


Screenshot of Sanrio’s website.

Sanrio enthusiasts are no strangers to this famous brand’s online store that houses the most delightful merchandise of its characters.

We are all familiar with the lovable Sanrio characters, but did you know its online store is powered by none other than Shopify?

This worldwide famous company owns a superb online store, ensuring every character has a dedicated product list. Shoppers can browse by product types, seasonal campaigns, and of course, the adorable characters. The background is plain to highlight other elements and maintain a consistent presence. Details such as breadcrumbs and CTA buttons guide buyers around the website and drive sales naturally.


Screenshot of Artistro’s website.

Artistro provides all things art and craft supplies for everyone to channel their inner artists.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional artist, Artistro is the one-stop shop for your painting needs. Shop high-quality pens, paints, and art materials that complement your artwork - all from this colorful site. Small but effective details like bundle option, sticky “Add to Cart” button, star ratings, etc. make this a prime example of the best Shopify art store examples.

Darn Good Yarn

Screenshot of Darn Good Yarn’s website.

Darn Good Yarn is the hub for knitters and crocheters to start their next projects.

Arts and crafts are for everyone, whether as a favorite pastime or a life-long career. To make sure there is no shortage of supplies, stores like Darn Good Yarn have been doing god’s work of providing this community with a wide array of crafting resources.

Whether you are a team knitter or crocheter, this store is guaranteed to have the best-quality yarn to kickstart your next project. Given the choice to shop by fiber, weight, or kits - shoppers are welcome to explore Darn Good Yarn’s products with its intuitive online store. Fell in love with its products? Sign up for the Yarn of the Month club to have these yarns delivered straight to your doorsteps every month.


Screenshot of Fantagraphics’ website.

Explore Fantagraphics’ extensive collections of comics and graphic novels on its online store.

Fantagraphics offers a more unconventional art style, which takes the forms of comic books and graphic novels. Founded to honor the art of storytelling, this outlet shifts the focus on the cartoonists who have been creating captivating art independently. The “Artists” menu is made to feature a complete list of every artist whose work has appeared in Fantagraphics’ extensive collection. 

While there are no gaudy product images to be found, these over-the-top elements seem redundant for the kind of art that this brand brings.

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Screenshot of IKONICK’s website.

Browse and shop high-quality wall art from IKONICK’s collections.

Canvas prints are ICONICK’s specialty, with each sporting a motivational message.

With a focus on sports legends like Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali, these prints make impeccable gifts for sports enthusiasts. Proudly made in the USA, these art pieces are lively, damage-resistant, and totally worth the hefty price tags. Using a minimal font and basic navigation menu, the whole website looks sleek and neat - which aligns with its products.

Factory 43

Screenshot of Factory 43’s website.

Factory 43’s online store offers a fun experience for buyers to shop the latest art prints and accessories.

Factory 43 has appeared in our list of the best Shopify t-shirt stores, and it deserves a spot in these top Shopify art store examples as well. 

Offering prints in the forms of t-shirts, posters, and a variety of accessories, this company is a master in the Print-on-demand sub-niche. Its prints are vibrant in colors, alongside a reasonable price tag. Being a part of the Shopify ecosystem, the Shop Pay payment option is seamlessly integrated. As a whole, Factory 43’s online store is minimal, clean, and in tune with the art it offers.


Screenshot of Inkbox’s website.

 Express yourself with Inkbox’s semi-permanent tattoos that have emerged as a new-fashioned accessory.

Temporary tattoos might be a new fad, but they offer a convenient way to express one's personality without the lifelong commitment of permanent ink.

Understanding this need, Inkbox was born. This brand’s vast array of tattoo designs offers a modern solution for experimental adults while giving tattoo artists a solid platform to showcase their skill sets.

The website has a clear layout, with the smart use of drop-down menus for easier navigation. Landing on their homepage, after scrolling down a little bit a mailbox popup to show an attractive discount of 20%, also to gather visitors' contact. By placing a “How It Works” on the top menu and FAQ on the product page, Inkbox has got visitors covered with every question they might have.

Pro tip: A pop-up helps generate more leads and overall serve advertising purposes. Try it to see your online store's conversion

Maison Miru

Screenshot of Maison Miru’s website.

Specialized in jewelry making, Maison Miru’s storefront is a goldmine for simple and one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.

Hand-crafted jewelry is wearable art, and Maison Miru is a prime example of this niche. Founded by a Stanford engineer, this brand brings art and science together. Its online store is the hub for showcasing the most dazzling jewelry pieces and telling a story with every item. With clever product categories and labels, shoppers will surely not miss any of Maison Maru’s most sought-after products. Are you having questions? Head over to its care and styling guides for all the answers you need.

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East Fork Pottery

Screenshot of East Fork Pottery’s website.

Find the most charming pottery pieces on East Fork’s online store.

Pottery is a form of art that is made with an abundance of love. With East Fork, each item is handled with care and respect. Its values have translated into its digital storefront, from the striking product images to the beautifully written product descriptions. Every element on East Fork’s website is purposeful and coherent with the rest of the pages. Customers will have a pleasant experience navigating around the site with ease.

Painting To Gogh

Screenshot of Painting To Gogh’s website.

Uncover your new pastime with Painting To Gogh’s art kit.

Painting With Gogh is proof that the online art market is more diverse than any other niche. To give every person a great painting experience right in the comfort of their own home, this brand’s products are designed to be user-friendly, yet fun and intricate at the same time. The options to shop bundles and pay with Shop Pay are sales-driven details that make this store approachable and more trustworthy among its shoppers.

Learn more: Everything You Need to Know About Bundle Pricing on Shopify


Screenshot of 20x200’s website.

Cherish your art collection with 20x200’s diverse art pieces.

Founded in 2007, 20x200 is a veteran among the best art storefront examples. With the mission of providing Art for Everyone in mind, this store is not short of art pieces with wildly different price tags. That said, each piece is treated the same, with stunning photographs, artist statements, and a noteworthy artist feature on every product page. Though having an impression collection, 20x200 keeps it clean with its smart product filters and drop-down menus.


Screenshot of Schoolhouse’s website.

Shop quality, long-lasting decor pieces on Schoolhouse’s website.

Schoolhouse is not your average art store. This Oregon-based brand offers everything home decor, with every product carrying a precious message: a valuable heirloom that gets passed down over generations.

Its wall art comes with a higher price tag than most stores in the same niche, but these pieces are exceptionally made. A well-placed “Pairs Well With” section on each product page reinforces cross-selling, which is a simple yet effective tactic to drive sales.

Pro tip: In online shopping, one of the best times to offer more products is right after customers add an item to their cart. Leveraging the Popup feature enables you to effortlessly craft a cross-sell popup in mere minutes. 


Screenshot of Drool’s website.

Drool is not short of unique pieces of art prints for your decoration needs.

If you are in search of a reputable outlet for art prints, Drool is the answer. The brand offers wall art of many colors, with handy pre-made print sets for shoppers who look for remarkable decor combinations. Haven’t gotten a clear idea? The art finder quiz to the rescue. If you prefer manual browsing, look up art pieces by artist, color, or style to find the best match that perfectly encapsulates your style.

Drool’s product page also has all the good stuff, from customer reviews, and community posts, to a humble “As Seen On” section that boasts all the most well-known digital magazines.

Wall of Art

Screenshot of Wall of Art’s website.

Dive into the world of curated artworks on the Wall of Art storefront.

Wall of Art is not just an online art store, it is a digital exhibition of artwork from your favorite local artists. Adopting the philosophy of replacing half-hearted decoration with art that you love, the brand has compiled a phenomenal collection of art pieces from artists around the world. Each item is deliberately shown with high-quality photographs, which are sold alongside suitable frames. The option to pay with Klarna is clever for buyers to have a more convenient payment gateway.

Showcase Your Artistic Flair With a Shopify Art Store Today

Shopify is an infallible eCommerce host for businesses of all kinds. The art market is diverse, and all types of art are welcomed on this universal platform (as long as they abide by the guidelines, of course). The starter kit to build an online art store is simple: a passion for art and a well-crafted business plan.

Better yet, various third-party apps support your online storefront with the tiniest details. GemPages is one of the household names for landing page builders on the Shopify app store, and it could be the solution you need to build the art store of your dreams.

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FAQ About Shopify Art Stores

Can I sell art on Shopify?
Yes. Shopify is a hotbed to sell all things art. Check out these Shopify art store examples that are thriving for inspiration to kickstart your own art-selling business.
What type of art can I sell on Shopify?
Many types of art can be sold on Shopify. Some examples include:
  • Wall art
  • Postcards
  • Graphic prints
  • Art and craft supplies
  • Wearable art
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Painting kits
  • How do I price my art?
    There is no universal benchmark when it comes to pricing art. However, a general guide is available for online art sellers to have a reference point:
  • Conduct market research: check out art stores that are in the same niche as you and get an overall grasp of what the pricing range could be.
  • Consider your wage: if the art is made by yourself, it’s important to not undersell. Here is a useful formula to price your products:
    Hourly wage x Hours spent Material costs = Your final price.
  • Do price tests and adjust if necessary.
  • How do I market my Shopify art store?
    Online art stores are often built on communities. Getting yourself familiar and involved with online communities for artists and art enthusiasts is a surefire method to boost your store’s engagement. Using common sales-driven strategies is also advised in running an art eCommerce store.

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