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The Top 15 Shopify Fitness Stores in 2023: What Are They Doing Right?

GemPages Team
12 minutes read
The Top 15 Shopify Fitness Stores in 2023: What Are They Doing Right?

Are you looking to take the fitness market on board? Are you already a part of the industry and want to learn from the frontrunners? This blog post has the answers to both of these questions. We will touch on the current state of the digital fitness segment and explore the best Shopify fitness store examples, as well as helpful tips to apply to your eCommerce business.

Is Fitness a Profitable Shopify Niche in 2024?

The digital fitness industry has seen a boom in recent years, especially during the height of the pandemic. The call for an alternative to working out without leaving the house was on the rise, and online fitness courses and well-being services were the talk of the town.

By the end of 2023, the Digital Fitness & Well-Being market in the United States is expected to reach US$19.27 billion. In a 5-year timespan, that number is projected to amount to US$25.22 billion, with a steady annual growth rate of 5.53%.

On a global scope, the industry’s revenue will also observe an 8.73% annual growth rate, with the projected market volume peaking at US$126.50 billion by 2028.

These statistics are conspicuous proof that getting into the virtual fitness industry is still profitable in 2024, and for years to come.

Whether you are in the early stage of building an online fitness empire or looking to impart transformative changes to your business, there is bound to be valuable information in this article. Let’s check out the Shopify fitness stores that are on top of their game right now and see what they are doing right.

The Best Fitness Stores That Are Thriving on Shopify in 2024

1. Gymshark

    Screenshot of Gymshark’s website.

    Gymshark’s dynamic website cements its position as one of the best in the fitness industry.

    Although this list is not ranked by chronological order, Gymshark still deserves to come in number one. This reputable athleisure brand was founded in 2012 and has seen constant success ever since. Their first physical store was opened in 2021, almost after a decade of selling online. If this is not solid proof that they have got a dope website, we don’t know what could be.

    With its impressive collections of women’s and men’s wear, you won’t find yourself running out of options to shop from. The sticky search bar follows as you scroll down the well-organized homepage for convenient searching. The clear “Shop Now” buttons all across the site and the “Quick Add” option when you hover over the product listings are the cherries on top.

    Gymshark also offers seamless checkout, with secured payment options and transparent fees. This is definitely a prime example to learn from.

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    2. Alphalete

    Screenshot of Alphalete’s website.

    Stay active and fashionable with Alphalete.

    Started by Christian Guzman - a fitness enthusiast who wants to inspire people to stay active, Alphalete perfectly embodies the essence of fashionable gym wear.

    Everything about Alphalete screams excellence, from the eye-catching hero video to the dark background that highlights their professional product images. The navigation bar is kept simple, whereas a “Quick Add” option is utilized for convenient shopping. You won’t need to keep scrolling to oblivion to find a product. The brand keeps its store visually interesting and user-friendly at the same time. During this Black Friday, they also added a countdown timer element on the homepage as a reminder to customers to shop right away for this big sale.

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    3. Alo Yoga

    Screenshot of Alo Yoga’s website.

    Explore a modern approach to yoga clothing through Alo Yoga’s website.

    This brand can be seen topping several lists of the best Shopify fitness stores on the market, and there is a good reason for that. Alo Yoga offers yoga clothes that can be worn on and off the mat. Their designs are not flashy, with most items coming in neutral tones. This aesthetic translates to their website as well. The layout is kept minimal, with solid colors and simplified titles. The subtle nudges to get customers to sign in for rewards are strategically placed across the web page without being too on the nose.

    There are many things to love about Alo Yoga’s store, but we are especially infatuated with the “Alo in The Wild'' segment, which handily combines User Generate Content with a “Shop the Look'' option. This feature alone explains why this brand is always on the top of one’s mind when it comes to yoga clothing.

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    4. POPFLEX

    Screenshot of POPFLEX’s website.

    POPFLEX is one of the rising workout clothing brands at the moment.

    If you are a so-called “doom scroller” when it comes to social media, you might have come across Blogilates - a YouTube star with an undying love for Pilates. Her brand - POPFLEX, is most well-known for actively listening to its customer’s suggestions and constantly improving its designs.

    Carrying an extensive collection of ethically made active clothes, workout equipment, and accessories, the brand’s online store is your one-stop shop for all things comfortable and high-quality. Every product’s size options are displayed right on the listing, coupled with a “Quick Buy” button as you check out its images. The product page is a work of art, with every component you can think of. The meticulousness in designing the products is truly reflected in the brand’s layout.

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    5. Outdoor Voices

    Screenshot of Outdoor Voices’ website.

    Shop ethically and smoothly on Outdoor Voices’ website.

    This brand is a bit of an odd one out since it carries a clothing line that embraces the spirit of doing things and moving, instead of the common notion of traditional fitness. Thus, Outdoor Voices’ online store also possesses vibes from another realm. Its website is sleek and modest, but incredibly charming. 

    Apart from the appearance, Outdoor Voices’ navigation is also top-notch. Upon visiting, you are greeted with a streamlined navigation bar, an attention-grabbing hero image, and hard-to-miss CTA buttons. In order to not clutter the homepage, the brand put most of its information on the bottom section, which is slowly revealed as you scroll. By keeping its website minimal, Outdoor Voices efficiently conveys its personality and vision.

    Pro tip: Arranging products by collection not only makes your website neat but also attracts users because of the sophistication in every detail.

    6. Splits59

    Screenshot of Splits59’s website.

    Elevate your wardrobes with Splits59’ clothing line.

    Splits59 is a women’s clothing brand based in the city of Angels. How does it rise above as one of the most talked about indie fitness brands in such a busy market like L.A? It’s quite evident just by looking at its website.

    Claimed to be retro-inspired and made for the modern woman to be both a head-turner and comfortable, Splits59’s website truly exudes a stylish feel as if you are walking around their physical store. The traditional navigation bar is omitted, where all the crucial elements are neatly tucked away in the hamburger menu on the left. As you scroll, you can find full-sized photographs of their items. Each product has a useful little badge on the top left that denotes its most prominent feature, which makes it a ton easier to shop.

    When it comes to basic yet contemporary designs, Splits59 definitely takes the cake.

    7. Vitality

    Screenshot of Vitality’s website.

    Get the workout clothes that boost your confidence with Vitality.

    Whether you are a frequent gym goer or a newbie who is getting into fitness, Vitality got you covered. With the mission to offer sustainable workout clothes that cater to real bodies, you can see people of all shapes and sizes sporting the products, which run from size 2XS to 3XL. 

    What other elements make this store great? Perhaps it is the clever segments (i.e. New Releases, Fall Favorites), the product badges, the creative shopping options (Shop by Color/Fabric), or the nifty QR code that promote its app.

    Needless to say, we have fallen in love with Vitality’s Shopify store. It is a model business with a plethora of brilliant elements to copy from.

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    8. Gym + Coffee

    Screenshot of Gym + Coffee’s website.

    Gym + Coffee carries a wide array of clothing that fits your everyday needs.

    Gym + Coffee began its journey with a humble, yet promising hoodie. Over time, the brand has evolved into a world-class fitness store, while still keeping hoodies as a staple in its collection.

    Built around communities, Gym + Coffee’s website does not shy away from bringing its mission closer to the customers. The reward program is highlighted on their homepage, with rotating customer reviews right below. Their collections are versatile, with items for women, men, and kids.

    Bonus points: with Black Friday rapidly approaching, the company makes use of a countdown timer on its top bar, as well as a fixed hero image above the fold to promote its holiday deals.

    9. NOBULL

    Screenshot of NOBULL’s website.

    Get into the workout spirit with NOBULL’s merchandise.

    NOBULL is more than a regular athleisure brand. Its community consists of Olympic athletes, football players, medical professionals, and fitness aficionados from every field and skill level.

    Its website is designed like a sports magazine. The “Shop the Category” streamlines customer’s shopping journey, while an “Athlete Spotlights” section and customer testimonials are proudly displayed.

    NOBULL offers a sweeping number of high-quality fitness goods at reasonable prices, all housed by an outstanding online store. We can see why this brand has appeared on quite a few of the “Best Shopify Fitness Stores” lists.

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    10. iFIT

    Screenshot of iFIT’s website.

    Experience a new workout environment with iFIT.

    iFIT is one of the leading Shopify stores that sell digital products, namely virtual workout classes. By enabling people to bring the gym into the comfort of their own homes, this service was a gold mine for fitness lovers during the pandemic.

    It would take a whole separate blog post to introduce this company’s services, as it seems to put its heart into assisting you every step of the way in your fitness journey. From Global Workouts, Studio Classes, to even Cooking Classes, etc., all are iFIT's effort.

    Since its products cannot exactly be captured in still photographs, iFIT makes use of a full-screen hero video and other interactive visuals to transform its website into a compelling booklet that answers all the customer’s questions. 

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    11. WHOOP

    Screenshot of WHOOP’s website.

    Stay updated with your health with WHOOP - a revolutionized wearable tech.

    There are a hefty number of fitness watch brands on the market, so what sets Whoop apart from the rest?

    The brand claimed that “no other wearable gives you a more comprehensive look at your body’s key performance data”. Whoop tracks your sleep quality, mental load, stress, and general health to keep you in the best state.

    For a one-product store, the website is everything but boring. The use of interactive visuals that gradually unfold as you scroll imposes a sense of modernity, while extensive data instills trust. Frequently updated blogs are also a great medium for visitors to get to know its products more intensively.

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    12. Everlast

    Screenshot of Everlast’s website.

    Step into the ring with the finest boxing gear from Everlast.

    Everlast is the world’s leading boxing brand, with its history dating back to 1910. This veteran also has an incredible eCommerce store that offers all things in the ring. 

    The website adopts black and white as its principal colors. The striking photographs showcase their products without the need to overly elaborate. The navigation bar is well-organized, with categories for both professional fighters and casual fitness enthusiasts. The handy Glove Finder feature is genius for amateurs who are looking for a quality pair of boxing gloves.

    13. Active Truth

    Screenshot of Active Truth’s website.

    Celebrate your bodies with Active Truth’s fitness clothes.

    Active Truth believes “women deserve better from the activewear market”, and they delivered. Their products stand out with their inclusive XS to 3XL size range, candid product images of real women, and a maternity line for active mother-to-be’s. Active Truth keeps its website clean and fresh, with pops of colors here and there. Its product page is complemented with several payment options, care instructions, and other helpful details. This store keeps things simple, while still having answers to your concerns on every page.

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    14. Crossrope

    Screenshot of Crossrope’s website.

    Crossrope revolutionizes rope-skipping with its intuitive programs.

    Skipping ropes was fun when we were kids, and it still is. Understanding this, Crossrope has offered a wide range of rope-skipping merchandise for adults, with first-rate items, including a smart jump rope set that connects to its phone app. 

    Since we are constantly in motion while skipping ropes, Crossrope’s website makes use of videos, gifs, and illustrations to demonstrate its products. Clear CTA buttons are placed all throughout the page, with several community tabs to showcase their items in action.

    For a store that offers products with a basic premise, Crossrope has done an exceptional job at building a website that captures its mission.

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    15. 310 Nutrition

    Screenshot of 310 Nutrition’s website.

    Spice up your gym session with 310 Nutrition’s health-boosting treats.

    Fitness is not just about burning calories, you need to fuel your body, too! You don’t think we would close this list without mentioning one of the best Shopify nutrition stores, do you?

    When it comes to supplements for gym goers, 310 Nutrition knows all about them. Their virtual wellness store carries shakes, superfoods, collagen, teas, etc., you name it. The store is stamped with truth badges, transparent ingredients, real customer testimonials, and healthy recipes. With no gimmicks and no flashy product images, 310 Nutrition is straightforward with its crafts. This makes them one of the top dogs in the market.

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    How to Build a Top-notch Shopify Fitness Store: Follow These Tips and Tricks

    Find your niche

    “Fitness industry” is an umbrella term that includes a vast number of sub-categories. Trying to cover all components of the fitness and well-being market is not an advisable move from us, especially if you are an independent entrepreneur. Instead, follow this basic guideline to help you pinpoint the exact segment that you want to tap into:

    • Identify a pain point
    • Study the fitness industry in your area and worldwide
    • Channel your strengths and passions (i.e. whether you want to lean towards a clothing line or a virtual fitness service)
    • Research customer’s demands and shopping trends within the industry

    Some of the most common segments in the digital fitness industry include: fitness clothing, gym courses, yoga classes, nutritious recipes/supplements, equipment, etc.

    Make use of visual content

    This tip is applicable for eCommerce stores of all fields. However, it is especially crucial when you own a fitness business. For instance, visitors are coming onto your website and looking to sign up for a virtual yoga class. Unlike in-person classes where it is easier for customers to observe before biting the bullet, virtual workout classes need to sell their products via the use of enticing photographs and videos. Therefore, instruction and demo videos are paramount to the success of your store. The upfront investment in high-quality visuals will likely pay off in the long run.

    Create a user-friendly website navigation

    We have mentioned “user-friendly” and “user-first” several times in this blog post. Basically, they are terms that describe an intuitive website that is easy to navigate. Customers shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to make a purchase from your store.

    For a fitness store that has a wide range of products, this feature is ever more emphasized. Elements like search functionality, visual cues, and breadcrumbs are all essential to make up a user-first online store.

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    Do proper research

    Although there are industries and business models that require more or less research than others, equipping yourself with proper knowledge of the fitness industry can’t be omitted. With extensive research, you can offer sustainable clothing that lasts, or more importantly, quality workout equipment, effective weight-loss recipes, and safe supplements. Making profits is one thing, but you will need customer loyalty to last long in the game. This can only be achieved through an ethical business model.

    Display trust badges

    Trust badges are the bomb, as they are the ultimate influences on your customers. If you are a private trainer, be sure to display the necessary certificates on your homepage. In case you are a trusted athleisure brand with positive magazine endorsements, showcase them too! Customer testimonials, UGC, and so on are also amazing seals of approval that make your business stand out.

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    Use fitting templates

    An appropriate template helps your website look more professional. Following the fitness theme, these templates from GemPages could become your best friends in your next venture in the industry.

    1. Sport Hub

    Screenshot of GemPages’ fitness template.

    Display the latest activewear collection with the help of this fitness template.

    Sport Hub template dons a bright and cheery spirit, in which each segment has a purpose. This is perfect for an indie sports brand that is just starting out and is looking for a simple layout that lets its products speak for themselves. Optimized for desktop and mobile, this template is minimal, yet impactful.

    2. Performance Supplements

    Screenshot of GemPages’ fitness template.

    Create a fitness store that showcases your products efficiently with this template.

    This template highlights the content above the fold efficiently. Whether it is a hero image of your current deal or the best-seller collection, this layout will surely grab your visitor’s attention and keep them on the site. The demo template design is ideal for a gym supplement business, but as each detail can be easily customized, you can make use of it however you fancy.

    3. Fitness Leading Generation

    Screenshot of GemPages’ fitness template.

    Show what you have to offer with this sales-driven template.

    If you are planning on selling virtual workout classes, this template has your back. There are already-made input boxes and an urging countdown timer to get your visitors to sign up for your service, right the second that they land on your site. Personalizing this template by adding and removing other components below, right at your fingertips with full freedom in the GemPages editor.

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    The Bottom Line

    Each of these Shopify fitness stores has a unique feature that helps them stand out among the crowd. However, they all have one thing in common: they are benefiting from the Shopify ecosystem to its full potential. As long as you are currently on the platform, you can make the list one day, too. Learning from the best and doing it better is the way to go.

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    FAQ About Shopify Fitness Stores

    Is fitness a good market on Shopify?
    Digital fitness and well-being is a profitable market on Shopify, with an increasing annual growth rate and a vast array of segments to tap into.
    Can I sell virtual fitness courses on Shopify?
    Yes. Virtual fitness classes are a popular product that has garnered an active community of users across the globe.
    Is Gymshark a Shopify store?
    Yes. Gymshark is one of the most well-known fitness stores on Shopify.

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