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National Lipstick Day 2024: Check out These Shopify Beauty Stores to Celebrate Early

GemPages Team
12 minutes read
National Lipstick Day 2024: Check out These Shopify Beauty Stores to Celebrate Early

There is a fun holiday for everything, and the classic lipstick is no exception. This year’s National Lipstick Day is just around the corner, and what’s better to do than stay ahead of these enticing deals and score your dream product at a discounted price?

If you are a makeup brand owner, it is also time to gear up and start brainstorming the most alluring campaigns to capitalize on this holiday to the fullest. Need help finding inspiration? Keep scrolling for our list of the best Shopify cosmetics stores.

When is National Lipstick Day?

National Lipstick Day 2024 falls on Monday, July 29. This timeless makeup item has its own holiday and beauty enthusiasts around the world are eager to celebrate it.

You can honor this adored holiday by partaking in the art of putting on makeup, with the lips being the starlet of the show. It is also a great idea to purchase new lip care products as these items are often on sale in commemoration of this holiday.

Can You Sell Lipsticks on Shopify?

Passionate about beauty and wondering if Shopify would be a good place to start your own business? Look no further, the answer is a big YES.

Selling lipsticks, or cosmetics products in general on Shopify is easy and agile. Much similar to other goods like food, furniture, and clothes, cosmetics are among the most common niches for novice sellers to profit from.

That said, there are certain requirements for building a cosmetics store on Shopify that most business owners should take notice of. If you are based in the USA, below are some of the key tasks that need to be tended to:

  • Ingredient safety: your makeup does not need pre-market Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval but should comply with the FDA regulations to ensure no banned ingredient is included in your products.
  • Product testing: certain types of lipsticks might require pre-market testing, depending on your area.
  • Advertising standards: if your product claims to have a specific benefit (i.e. a lip oil that reduces hyperpigmentation), it is important that the claim is truthful to avoid false advertising.
  • International regulations: if you plan on selling internationally, be sure to conduct thorough research on the countries’ local laws.

16 Best Cosmetics Stores to Keep an Eye on for National Lipstick Day

Let’s get to the main event of the show: the makeup companies that are acing the game. All the stores below are parts of the Shopify ecosystem, and they will be the ones to watch this upcoming National Lipstick Day.


Screenshot of Glossier’s website.

Glossier’s lip collection embraces a distinct packaging and top-rated quality.

Glossier was founded in 2014 and has soon gained immense popularity among young consumers. Many reasons have granted this brand such a reputation, in which its minimal approach to the formula and packaging stands out the most. It is not hard to catch a glimpse of this beauty brand in an influencer’s TikTok video or come across several collaborations with micro-celebrities.

This holiday, Glossier will be the one to watch. Its lip care collection is minimal but is always highly sought-after. Take the initiative and browse the brand’s intuitive online store and add your favorite lip products to your cart. Better yet, sign up to be the first one to receive the latest news and promotions as they are rolled out.

ColourPop Cosmetics

Screenshot of Colourpop’s website.

Colourpop’s affordable lip products make it a household name among beauty lovers all over the world.

Many know Colourpop as a budget-friendly makeup brand, and perhaps the products that have launched the company into stardom are its famous lippie stix. Colourpops’s website is incredibly easy to navigate, as picking your lip shade and adding it to your cart can be done without opening a separate tab. The brand’s ethos of offering simple designs with quality formulas has translated into its digital storefront, which is why you would want to take a peep at Colourpop on this approaching shopping day.

Pro tip: Use the inspirational Colourpop website to create your own pages for selling beauty products. Simply insert Colourpop or any reference website's URLs into the GemPages Image-to-layout function window and your website will be ready in minutes!

Milani Cosmetics

Screenshot of Milani Cosmetics’ website.

Milani Cosmetics offers a wide range of lip care items for your everyday needs.

Milana Cosmetics is another affordable makeup brand that has received global attention for its versatility and simplicity. Don’t let the prices fool you, the quality of its products is guaranteed, which applies to the whole brand catalog. The lipsticks embody vibrant looks and color selections, with items fitting for different occasions. It’d be a good idea to check on Milani if you plan on celebrating this holiday by picking a bold, unconventional lip color that takes you out of your comfort zone.

Fenty Beauty

Screenshot of Fenty Beauty’s website.

Browse the trendiest lip oil from Fenty Beauty’s aesthetic storefront.

Rihanna is a world-famous singer, and the artist has proven herself to also be an accomplished businesswoman with the launches of Fenty Beauty, as well as the eminent lingerie line Savage X Fenty. If the brand’s inclusive foundation shades have received their deserved praise, the lip products are equally stunning. On Fenty Beauty’s website, you will find an assortment of lip products, ranging from lip oil, lip gloss, lipstick, and lip stain. If you want to get ahold of these prized goods, make sure to head over to the company’s website to browse further.

Learn more: Learn how to create a high-converting website like Fenty Beauty with GemPages comprehensive guide on creating effective Shopify product pages.

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Haus Labs

Screenshot of Haus Labs’ website.

Elevate your makeup routine with Haus Labs’ lip collection.

Haus Labs is a fairly young cosmetics brand, but its owner is an A-list superstar, none other than Lady Gaga. As eccentric as she is with her music career, the makeup products embrace more traditional looks, while still keeping the soul of the artist. This is what makes the lip collection suitable for both everyday and special occasion uses.

Learn more: Shopify Collections: A Complete Guide (2024 updated)

If your business possesses the same vibe as Haus Labs, go to its website to learn exactly how to replicate the simple, but seamless layout. You may also learn from the brand how they upsell with product bundles by offering related products with discounted prices, effectively boosting sales and improving average order value (AOV).

haus labs

Haus Labs offers product bundling for each lipstick product

Kylie Cosmetics

Screenshot of Kylie Cosmetics’ website.

Kylie Cosmetics’ ample lip catalog places it among the best cosmetics brands.

Everyone, especially millennials and Gen Z-ers, knows who Kylie Jenner is. Rose to fame from a famous family, she has made a name for herself by launching her own makeup brand at the age of 18. Ever since then, every new launch from Kylie Cosmetics has gotten the avid fans riled up, particularly the lipstick collections.

An ample catalog of lip items can be browsed on the brand’s website, from lipstick, lipglosses, lip balms, lip liners, and more. Kylie Cosmetics thrives on creating innovative lip products that become best-sellers without much marketing, all thanks to the exclusive formulas and distinctive packaging. If you're gearing up for the occasion, considering Kylie Cosmetics' annual giveaway on National Lipstick Day can be a fantastic way to celebrate the season. The brand maximizes this holiday by hosting effective social media giveaways, which greatly increase engagement among makeup enthusiasts worldwide. 

Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics runs annual giveaways to celebrate National Lipstick Day


Screenshot of Gisou’s website.

Gisou’s lip products are recognizable from miles away, which makes it one of the most successful cosmetics brands in the market.

Gisou began as a luxury haircare brand but is now carrying makeup products as well. Though this catalog expansion seems daring, the company’s lip oil range has received a lot of praise. The honey-infused lip oils keep the same iconic bottle shape, and they come in six delicious shades. If you are tempted to build a lip balm business or a lip care empire in general, you would want to look at Gisou’s product formula and packaging for a source of inspiration. 

Glow Recipe

Screenshot of Glow Recipe’s website.

Take care of your precious lips with Glow Recipe’s advanced lip care products.

Glow Recipe is the perfect match for aspiring sellers who want to start selling lip balm on Shopify. Also powered by this multifunctional platform, Glow Recipe is solid proof that one can win with one excellent product. Since its focus is on skincare, the brand only carries one lip item: a gloss balm. Nonetheless, this product was awarded “Best Lip Balm” by Allure and Byrdie in 2023.

Glow Recipe kept the packaging in tune with the rest of its catalog while introducing a remarkable formula to make the product shine on its own. If clean beauty is your specialty, Glow Recipe will definitely be a heavy contender to watch out for.

Pro tip: Learn from Glow Recipe and add product discount prices to your product pages to capture visitors' attention. Here is how to add product prices with GemPages.


Screenshot of Morphe’s website.
Morphe’s classic lipsticks can be conveniently purchased from its digital storefront.

If you have been infatuated with makeup for 10+ years, then Morphe is no stranger. The company is an OG in offering top-notch, no-fuss makeup products. With such steady quality for years, the price tags are definitely unbeatable.

This National Lipstick Day, Morphe should certainly be on your radar. Whether you prefer a matte lip liquid, a velvety lip mousse, or a creamy lipstick - Morphe will have you covered. Since the brand is trusted by numerous beauty bloggers and makeup artists, it is not difficult to discover amazing deals and exclusive discount codes, thus, be sure to keep an eye open to get yourself a goodie.

ILIA Beauty

Screenshot of ILIA Beauty’s website.

ILIA Beauty’s lipsticks not only look good but are nourishing to your lips as well.

ILIA Beauty has been in the industry since 2011, and its philosophy has still been the same ever since its official launch: creating beauty products that are clean to the skin as well as the Earth. This motto is evident in the brand’s chic and minimal website design.

Similar to other brands on this list, ILIA Beauty carries different types of lip care, with a focus on hydrating and reviving the lips while adorning them with pretty colors. If this brand seems to match your vibe, why not stop by and check out its deals on this upcoming lipstick day?

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Dose of Colors

Screenshot of Dose of Colors’ website.

Dose of Colors’ lipsticks are fitting for different occasions with reasonable price tags.

The name Dose of Colors says it all. In the store, you will find lipsticks and lip glosses in a variety of shades to fit different makeup looks. The products come in traditional round tubes, whose images are clearly shown and well-organized for quicker browsing and ordering. Not relying on fancy design elements, Dose of Colors simply lets the products speak for themselves with their quality.

Though they are already reasonably priced, you can snatch these lip items at even better prices on the upcoming National Lipstick Day. Want to receive the promotion the moment it drops? Click the sign-in button on the top right corner to be let in on exclusive offers this holiday and the ones to come.

Milk Makeup

Screenshot of Milk Makeup’s website.

Milk Makeup is not exempt from the lip oil fad, as its eCommerce store carries a wide collection of them.

When you think of hip and trendy, you think of Milk Makeup. This is one of the companies that young clients are automatically drawn to, thanks to the swanky packaging and versatile formula. Like many other lip brands, Milk Makeup carries a wide range of lip products. No matter what you come on the site for, you will most likely leave with more than you had in mind.

The newly-introduced Water Jelly Tint has instantly made a splash (no pun intended) among micro-celebrities and beauty influencers online. The popularity stems from the cutesy packaging and unique texture of the product, which many were tempted to sneak a bite of.

Milk Makeup opts for a distinctive product design, where the brand name is etched across the tube. This way, no one will mistake its products for another brand. Curious about how Milk Makeup designed its eCommerce store to drive sales? Head over to its website to be amazed.

Hourglass Cosmetics

Screenshot of Hourglass Cosmetics’ website.

Hourglass Cosmetics’s products can be used in your daily makeup routine, as well as for a full-glam look.

Hourglass Cosmetics’ prices are pretty stiff, but it has every reason to do so. Being a mid-to-high-end cosmetic brand, the company has stayed consistent year after year by perfecting its products and pumping out only the crème de la crème. The lip collection is concise: lip balms, lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip oils. Every item has a unique design but still embraces the uniform essence of the brand: luxury and outstanding. For shoppers, Hourglass Cosmetics is the best brand for you to try this approaching holiday if you have not already. On the other hand, merchants in the same industry will also garner plenty of inspiration after scrolling through the site.

Learn more: Learn from Hourglass and 10+ inspired stores to create an impressive above-the-fold section that significantly drives web visitors’ engagement.

Rare Beauty

Screenshot of Rare Beauty’s website.

Purchase the best-quality lip items from Rare Beauty’s storefront.

Despite being in business for a shy 4 years, Rare Beauty is not to be underestimated. Founded by the multitalented Selena Gomez, the brand has seen major success in the beauty industry. Known for its face care and makeup products, Rare Beauty is worth stopping by during this National Lipstick Day. With a limited collection of lip products, each item is still full of great reviews, where customers rave about its deep pigment and top-level formula.

That said, whether you are looking for a hydrating lip balm, velvety soft lip oil, or a long-lasting lip liner, Rare Beauty will have it in store. There is a reason why this store is performing so well among other Shopify businesses in the same niche.

Florence by Mills

Screenshot of Florence by Mills’s website.

Touch up your makeup while taking care of your skin with these products from Florence by Mills.

Florence by Mills is owned by none other than Millie Bobby Brown - a talented young actress, known for her role as Eleven in the hit series Stranger Things. This is one of the most reputable brands for clean beauty, with the clientele being Gen Z-ers. Thus, its catalog focuses more on skincare and makeup solutions that embrace the customer’s natural beauty, rather than completely changing it.

Florence by Mills products come in adorable packaging and are all cruelty-free. If you have not given this brand a try, this is a great time to start supporting young entrepreneurs.

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Sunset Makeup

Screenshot of Sunset Makeup’s website.

Try out these viral lipsticks from Sunset Makeup with a swift purchase from its website.

Sunset Makeup seems like an odd one out on this list, due to its audacious color selections of lipsticks and lip stains. This approach reinforces the brand’s mission: providing smudge-free, long-lasting makeup products for performers and artists. With that being said, of course, some items work well with a daily makeup look. Being an indie brand, Sunset Makeup has not yet achieved immense success like its predecessors. However, the company has received a lot of attention online for its impressive makeup-testing videos, which help it grow exponentially.

If you have been dying to try a young and fun makeup brand, Sunset Makeup is the perfect contender in celebration of the anticipated National Lipstick Day.

Pro tip: A visually stunning and innovative website captures the essence of the brand, attracting beauty enthusiasts and potential customers by providing an immersive experience. Create a captivating homepage for your fancy makeup brand to effectively showcase the uniqueness and artistry of your offerings.

Pucker Up and Celebrate National Lipstick Day with Us

Whether you are a seller or an avid online shopper, this is the time to start celebrating National Lipstick Day by checking out these assorted cosmetics brands in our list above. For sellers, it means crafting brilliant campaigns to draw visitors to your site and see that sales skyrocket. For shoppers, it is the perfect moment to keep your eyes peeled and get your hands on those exclusive deals that only come once a year.

Feeling inspired by these A1 websites and want to emulate their success? Let GemPages help you build the online store of your dreams, all hosted by Shopify - a long-standing, reputable eCommerce platform.

FAQ about National Lipstick Day

When is National Lipstick Day?
National Lipstick Day is celebrated on 29th of July every year.
Where to find deals for National Lipstick Day?
Most cosmetics stores run exclusive deals on National Lipstick Day. Be sure to check out your local makeup outlet, and visit online stores of cosmetics brands to stay in the loop for any upcoming promotion. This list of the best Shopify lipstick stores from GemPages will give you a helping hand on where to look.
Can you sell cosmetics on Shopify?
Yes, you can sell cosmetics on Shopify. You can either self-produce, start a white label/private label brand, or tap into dropshipping as the chosen dropshipping model. If you are based in the USA, assuring that your products comply with the FDA is a requirement before starting.

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