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20 Best Shopify Beauty Stores That We Love in 2023

GemPages Team
5 minutes read
20 Best Shopify Beauty Stores That We Love in 2023

Among the best niches to sell on Shopify, beauty products stand proudly in the top five. Whether you have a burning passion for beauty or are simply looking for the next industry to test the waters, keep reading to get inspired by the best Shopify beauty stores from our curated list and kick this new journey into gear!

Top 20 Best Shopify Beauty Stores to Learn From in 2023

1. Kylie Cosmetics (Cosmetics)

Screenshot of Kylie Cosmetics’ website.

Kylie Cosmetics keeps it simple with their store’s layout.

When “success” is mentioned, this brand owner knows all about it. After Kylie Cosmetics was founded in 2014, the company’s reputation began to skyrocket, and soon became one of the most talked-about makeup lines across the globe. 

Though their lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes, and skincare products can be found in every retailer in the States, the company does offer worldwide shipping. This means their online store receives thousands of clicks daily, and visitors are bound to be impressed with its sweeping layout.

Screenshot of Kylie Cosmetics’s page.

Copy Kylie Jenner’s trendiest makeup looks with the Kylie’s Looks feature.

What we love:

  • Chic and contemporary design (neutral colors, lower-case and slim letters).
  • Product swatches for different skin-tones.
  • The Kylie's Looks section is a treasure trove for makeup lovers, as it offers all the products you need to recreate Kylie Jenner's most iconic looks.

2. nuud (Natural Deodorants)

Screenshot of nuud’s website.

nuud’s minimal website design lets their product shine on its own.

nuud is everything but your regular deodorant. nuud eliminates all the flaws of a traditional deodorant has and embraces an eco-friendly alternative that benefits both customers and the planet. 

nuud’s store design delivers consistent branding and ensures user-friendliness, effectively showcasing their star product. 

What we love:

  • A soothing, muted color palette across the site.
  • Short and sweet CTA buttons (“I want nuud”, “add to cart”).
  • Subscription service - an effective business model for daily-used products.

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3. The Honey Pot (Feminine Care)

Screenshot of The Honey Pot’s website.

Experience a stress-free shopping journey with The Honey Pot.

The women behind The Honey Pot understand the struggles and frustration of feminine care, thus, a plant-powered, clinically-tested system was born. From pads, tampons, and menstrual cups to gentle washes and sprays, The Honey Pot’s products are designed to bring you the utmost comfort without any burden. 

The website is packed with helpful information, authentic demonstration pictures, and candid language - all housed by a vibrant online store. You are guaranteed to find exactly what your body needs with this website’s various handy-dandy tools: a quiz, shop by concern, multipurpose bundles, blogs, podcasts, etc.

Screenshot of The Honey Pot’s product page.

Smart product bundle option made use of by The Honey Pot.

What we love:

  • Buoyant and peppy layout with unfiltered pictures.
  • “Shop by Concern” segment to guide buyers in purchasing the right product.
  • Product bundle option.
  • Attached studies on the product page.

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4. innisfree (Korean Skincare)

Screenshot of innisfree’s website.

Enjoy the best of what Korean skincare has to offer with innisfree.

One quick search of “Korean skincare brands” on the internet and you will see the name innisfree pop up as a top result. Every beauty enthusiast knows Korea is the leading country for skincare, and innisfree has been trusted by millions of makeup lovers worldwide as the bee’s knees. Their Shopify-hosted store is the perfect gateway to get to know more about this brand. 

What we love:

  • User-centered design and elements (simplified navigation, detailed description, instruction video, etc).
  • inni-Friend Rewards to encourage customers to purchase in exchange for incentives.
  • Exciting seasonal campaigns, like their Back to School Guide, that keep things fresh and exciting.

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5. Meow Meow Tweet (Skincare)

 Screenshot of Meow Meow Tweet’s website.

Meow Meow Tweet’s captivating website embodies the brand’s spirit.

Meow Meow Tweet is not your average Joe. You can tell they are truly passionate about skincare just by spending a minute on their website. The dedication shows in the ethically sourced ingredients, low-waste packaging, the brand’s inclusivity, and an outstanding eCommerce store. 

Forget trying to be luxurious or minimal, Meow Meow Tweet chose an artsy and refreshing approach when it comes to web design. The splash of vibrant colors pulls your eyes in, while quirky doodles breathe life into each corner of the store.

What we love:

  • Enticing hero banner (currently used to advertise their seasonal back-to-school deal).
  • Product pages that perfectly match the packaging color, while still providing all the important details: “Multipurpose Manifesto”, “The Breakdown”, “What it is”, and “Real Talk”, a.k.a customer reviews.
  • The FAQ section is divided into “Return + Shipping”, “Ingredients + Safety”, and “Other Stuff” for easy skimming.
  • Subscription and rewards programs that will leave you feeling pampered and appreciated.

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6. Reuzel (Hair Styling Products)

 Screenshot of Reuzel’s website.

Elevate your hair game with Reuzel.

Reuzel is not your average hair wax brand that is heavily marketed to men only (newsflash: women have hair too). Embodying a retro style, this online store is a one-stop shop if you are looking for a classic hair makeover. 

The witty remarks and striking photographs give Reuzel so much character, and their products are undeniable proof that they are one of the top dogs in the business.

What we love:

  • User-friendly interface (noticeable navigation bar, bold texts on contrasting background).
  • Straightforward product page with no distractions and walls of text.
  • Loyalty and rewards program.

7. blu atlas (Men’s Skincare)

Screenshot of blu atlas’s website.

blu atlas’s unique website layout makes it easier for visitors to navigate.

blu atlas is changing the game for men’s skincare with their advanced skin and hair care products. No more “10-in-1” shampoos and abrasive soaps, blu atlas’s products are versatile but intensive at the same time. They believe every man deserves to treat themselves, and this vision has made them one of the top beauty eCommerce sites on Shopify. 

When first visiting the store, your attention will be immediately grabbed by their one-of-a-kind design, detailed product information, and dazzling photographs. 

The blu atlas’s website is neatly designed.

What we love:

  • Unique navigation bar’s layout.
  • The website’s theme transforms as you scroll for an immersive shopping experience.
  • Displayed trust badges (customer and magazine reviews, medical advisory board, feedback photos, etc).
  • Product comparison chart.

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8. Geisha Shaver (Eco-friendly Razors)

Screenshot of Geisha Shaver’s website.

Try out a new way to shave with Geisha Shaver.

When it comes to razors, one of the earliest inventions for hair grooming is a safety razor. Although it takes a similar form to a common modern razor, its benefits and efficiency are unmatched. Geisha Shaver is one of the few women’s safety razor companies that perfects this sustainable tool. This Finland-based store is minimally designed, with elemental segments and pleasant visuals.

What we love:

  • High-quality product video on the homepage.
  • A zero-waste blog to keep customers posted on their upgrades and news.
  • Written instruction and video on the product page.

9. Dossier (Perfume)

Screenshot of Dossier’s website.

Affordable perfumes made fancy with Dossier.

Dossier is the definition of more is more. This Shopify cosmetics store has nearly 100 perfumes and colognes in their possession, and they are determined to help each customer find their best match. Advertised as “Perfumes for the 99%”, Dossier’s products are incredibly affordable, so everybody can pamper themselves without breaking the bank. Although their fanciest product is priced at just under $60, this online store is nothing short of posh and snazzy. Each item is beautifully displayed, with transparent ratings and high-quality photographs.

What we love:

  • A countdown timer for a deal on the top bar.
  • Each product has an “Inspired by” note for a higher-end product, which simplifies the process of finding dupes for popular perfumes.
  • Smart product recommendations (“Best paired with”, “You will also love”, “More of that scent”, etc).
  • A “Most asked questions” section on every product page.

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10. Boie (Oral & Body Care)

 Screenshot of Boie’s website.

Boie focuses on elevating your oral and body care experience.

Boie’s products help customers start their beauty routine in the right foot. Made in the USA with a focus on sustainability, Boie offers four main products that are built to last. No need to sift through endless options - Boie knows exactly what customers need. 

Their website is filled with just the right selection to cater to their customer's desires.

What we love:

  • Clean and orderly layout on every page.
  • An exclusive recycling program that ensures the brand’s sustainability.
  • Bundles and family pack options. 

11. OUAI (Hair Care)

Screenshot of OUAI’s website.

Let OUAI take you on a vacation through their online store.

Every store on this list has its own aesthetic, and OUAI is not an exception. Scrolling through their website feels like you are reading a fashion magazine, with extravagant photographs and visually pleasing texts. While they excel in hair care, OUAI also offers a range of body care products, perfumes, and accessories. There’s no doubt about OUAI’s product quality by the way this company presents themselves virtually.

Screen recording of OUAI’s product page.

OUAI’s feature for buyers to see the results of their Leave In Conditioner.

What we love:

  • Nominal side navigation menu.
  • Interactive features on the product page (“Click and Hold”, “Smell this”).
  • Curated FAQ for each product.

12. Sugardoh (Sugar Waxing)

 Screenshot of Sugardoh’s website.

Sugardoh leads a new revolution in hair removal.

Inspired by the ancient Egyptians, Sugardoh is on a mission to give your skin the pampering it deserves. With a beginner-friendly approach and a hip, revolutionary edge, Sugardoh is the answer to all your hair removal needs. 

What we love:

  • Coherent color combo throughout the whole store.
  • Complete instructions, FAQ, and customer reviews on every product page.
  • Customer testimonials on a full-screen, attention-grabbing popup.
  • A fun quiz for buyers to get to know their products and encourages purchasing.

Screenshot of Sugardoh’s popup.

Sugardoh smoothly inserts a popup screen without interrupting buyer’s journey.

13. Topicals (Skincare)

 Screenshot of Topicals’ website.

Love the skin you are in with the help of Topicals.

Gaining breakneck popularity through TikTok and Instagram, Topicals has proven in the last three years that they’re not just a craze, but the real deal. The brand is on a mission to break the stigma surrounding skin conditions and support mental health with their clinically proven products. 

And let's not forget their stunning packaging and trendy online store - it's the perfect platform for spreading their empowering message. No airbrushed photos here, Topicals embraces the unfiltered truth about skin conditions and offers a solution to help customers feel confident and authentic.

What we love:

  • Buyers can shop by skin concerns.
  • Shipping & delivery information and FAQ can be found on the product page.
  • The “Questions” section next to customer reviews opens up discussion about the product.

14. Dollar Shave Club (Shaving Products)

 Screenshot of Dollar Shave Club’s website.

Shake up your shaving routine with Dollar Shave Club.

Shaving, a routine for many, shouldn't be a daily struggle. Dollar Shave Club could be the store people need for shaving satisfaction. Affordable razors and shave cream can be found right in their online store.

What we love:

  • Clear-cut price comparison to another brand right on the homepage to highlight their product’s benefits.
  • Bold texts and CTA buttons.
  • Product recommendations on the product page and cart.

15. OUI the People (Skincare) 

Screenshot of OUI the People’s website.

Find your next favorite skincare product from OUI the People.

At OUI the People, their mission is clear: to create products that make customers feel great inside and out. They don't advertise their products as "anti-aging" or "flawless" because they believe in embracing natural beauty. Instead, every item is designed to target specific body concerns. With their collection of body balm, serum, and polish, you'll rediscover your love for yourself.

What we love:

  • The “In the News” segment highlights the brand’s position, as trusted by reputable magazines.
  • Various payment options to make shopping easier.
  • Extensive FAQ page.

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16. Sugarbear (Vitamins)

Screenshot of Sugarbear’s website.

All of Sugarbear’s products are cleverly showcased on their homepage.

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Sugarbear - a veteran among the top health and beauty Shopify stores. Founded in 2015, this company soon cemented its stance as one of the most reputable vitamin gummies on the market. The famous bear-shaped gummies started out as a hair care supplement, which could be seen used by numerous celebrities at the time. After 8 years in the game, Sugarbear has grown significantly, and their website reflects precisely that.

What we love:

  • Visible site search on the top navigation bar.
  • Informative product description.
  • Transparent customer testaments and product ratings.

17. Not Pot (CBD Supplements)

Screenshot of Not Pot’s website.

 CBD products made cool by Not Pot.

Not Pot is breaking down the stigma around CBD products, one gummy at a time. Get ready to step into a world of 90s anime art style, aesthetically pleasing y2k-inspired visuals, and dreamy product images. 

The self-branded “dealer” behind this company aims to infuse this precious earth-grown plant into supplements, skincare, oils, and pet treats. But that’s just a fraction of their mission. Not Pot believes in cannabis legalization and its impact on racial and gender equity in the US, so while this might look like a regular eCommerce store, it’s also a safe place to spread awareness on this prevalent issue.

What we love:

  • Meticulous visuals on every page (product photoshoots, fun animation, pastel-colored background).
  • Engaging product description.
  • Transparent drug facts, ingredients, lab reports, etc.
  • Featured photos and reviews from real users.

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18. Colourpop (Cosmetics)

 Screenshot of Colourpop’s website.

Colourpop makes use of the front page to advertise their latest campaign.

Makeup enthusiasts are no strangers to this LA-based cosmetic brand. The iconic pencil-shaped lipsticks had soon become a staple in every makeup lover’s bag ever since its first popularity in 2016. Starting as an eCommerce store, Colourpop's website has had a glow-up as the brand gained more mainstream recognition. 

What we love:

  • Campaigns and collaborations are highlighted on the homepage.
  • Professional product images.
  • Collapsible hamburger menu with explicit product categories for easy searching.
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19. oVertone (Hair Coloring Products)

Screenshot of oVertone’s website.

oVertone instills a sense of trust in their visitor through customer testimonials on the front page.

Don’t get it twisted, oVertone is not just another hair dye brand. The two founders specifically created an alternative to the plethora of traditional damaging hair dyes on the market. Their color conditioners are nourishing and anti-damage, while still possessing the same vibrant look. Understanding the limits of online shopping, their website is cleverly designed to give buyers a virtual hands-on experience as they explore the store.

Screen recording of oVertone’s front page.

The color try-on feature helps customers decide before purchasing.

What we love:

  • Customer testimonials and reviews on the homepage and product page.
  • Virtual color try-on with several hair color options.
  • Useful blogs and videos on their products and latest hair fads.

20. Bathing Culture (Natural Bathing Products)

Screenshot of Bathing Culture’s website.

Bathing Culture captures visitor’s attention with a full-sized photo of their products.

When it comes to serving both people and the planet, Bathing Culture excels. They use only natural ingredients and environmentally-friendly packaging that can be recycled or refilled. 

Their commitment to sustainability and harmony with nature is evident throughout their Shopify store, with candid and lively pictures that beautifully showcase their aesthetically pleasing products. No fancy photoshoots necessary!

Screen recording of Bathing Culture’s product page.

The sticky “Add to Cart” button follows you as you scroll along their product page.

What we love:

  • The minimal navigation bar to omit distraction.
  • Comprehensive product page with a sticky “Add to Cart” button.
  • A unique "Bath Tapes" collection to accompany you during your bathing session.

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Why Beauty and Wellness Can Be a Lucrative Niche for You

Beauty is timeless and always in demand, making it an ideal niche to explore. In this digital era where it is easier than ever to find what you need behind a screen, a virtual beauty store is a rational way to launch your next brand. 

Revenue in the Beauty and Personal Care industry was calculated to be US$564.4 billion in 2022, with personal care having a market volume of US$254 billion. Our list includes brands that were first introduced merely 3 years ago or stores that don’t have a vast number of products. What makes them successful is how they start, and more importantly, the nerve to start from scratch. 

If you are still on the fence about whether to bite the bullet, we hope this blog has given you the dose of inspiration needed to kickstart your journey. And if you do decide to take the plunge, GemPages can be the perfect companion to help you build your own business in this booming industry.


Can you sell beauty products on Shopify?
Yes. You can sell makeup, skincare, hair care, supplements, perfumes, etc. products on Shopify, as long as they comply with Shopify’s policies.
Is beauty store a good niche for Shopify?
Beauty falls among the most profitable niches to sell on Shopify. It could become a thriving business with the right research and resources.
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