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150+ Best Dropshipping Products to Sell in 2023

GemPages Team
17 minutes read
150+ Best Dropshipping Products to Sell in 2023

The booming of dropshipping gives rise to many new business opportunities for entrepreneurs worldwide, but not every dropshipping business turns out to succeed.

One of the trickiest parts of the dropshipping process is choosing the perfect niche or products to sell.

In this blog post, we’ll take that stress out for you with an ultimate list of the top 150+ best dropshipping products to sell in 2023.

What Makes a Winning Dropshipping Product?

A winning dropshipping product can solve customers’ problems while driving profits for your business. Simply put, the ‘perfect’ products for dropshipping should be hot-in-demand, valuable to customers, highly convertible, and have high-profit margins.

Here are several factors you should consider while hunting profitable dropshipping products for your business.

1. Niche Market

Focusing on a niche to serve a specific audience rather than a general market is a great idea to drive your business to the right customer base without too much marketing effort.

The best and easiest way to kick off your niche hunt is to leverage research tools such as Google Keyword Planner or Google Trends to get insights on a dropshipping niche's popularity, potential, and profitability.

A good niche for dropshipping should (1) have a high search volume, (2) be low in competition, (3) always stay in demand, and (4) align with your interests and existing knowledge.

A high-ticket niche with proven demand and appeal allows you to quickly build an engaged community and give your business a competitive edge in the dropshipping market, thus increasing your odds of success. At the same time, it offers you more room to narrow down further or scale up your business in the future.

2. Demand

Demand is crucial to every type of business, and dropshipping is no exception.

No matter what type of products or niche you choose, if there is a demand for it, there is a chance for success.

Picking out trending products with high demand and selling well within a top niche is a great start for a profitable dropshipping business.

Social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest can be great sources for finding trending products. Or, you can utilize Amazon Best Sellers Page or AliExpress Dropshipping Center to find the best-selling dropshipping products by category.

And remember to double-check the popularity of those items using Google Trends. Weep out those with low search volume because even with the most brilliant product idea, you hardly make any money if it does not get public interest. 

Amazon Best Sellers Page

Amazon Best Sellers Page allows you to find best-selling items by category on Amazon.

3. Problem-solving

Look for products that solve a common problem for your target market.

People are willing to pay for a solution once they have problems, and your goal is to bring them the solution they need at a reasonable price at the right time.

By offering products that solve a specific problem, you can boost customer demand and loyalty while creating a competitive advantage and improving your marketing potential.

4. Pricing

One crucial tip during your product hunt is to select dropshipping products with high profit margins to ensure you make a decent profit while still offering a competitive price to your customers. The average profit margin for a dropshipping store lies between 15-20% and can vary depending on your selected niche and product.

Therefore, when choosing a product to dropship or a supplier to source from, think about what price you can charge for the item to make profits after subtracting other costs while ensuring the price is realistic to not scare your customers away.

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5. Quality

If your goal is to build a long-lasting dropshipping business, make sure your products are of high quality.

Do not expect easy money and huge profit by selling poor-quality products, which will soon drive all customers away.

You should order several product samples from suppliers you intend to work with and test the product with your own hands. This way, not only can you check the product’s quality, but it also gives you a chance to check the supplier’s credibility and shipping times.

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6. Seasonality

When wavering between different product types for your dropshipping store, there is another decision you need to make: whether to sell products that are popular all year round or those that only sell well in specific holidays or seasons.

A seasonal product can generate bigger sales during a specific season, such as Christmas or Halloween but lose its momentum for the rest of the year, thus ultimately limiting your profit. Meanwhile, with non-seasonal products, the demand and your sales and profit will be stable during the year.

If you want to dropship products subjected to seasonality, do it in a smart way. You can either mix seasonal products with non-seasonal ones in your store offer or make seasonal products the theme of your business and adjust your store to each upcoming season.

7. Supplier

For each dropshipping niche or type of product, there are a wide array of dropshipping suppliers worldwide, each of which may offer different price ranges and product quality.

Therefore, you are recommended to contact 4 to 5 suppliers providing the product you intend to dropship and check their dropshipping policies and the prices they offer to ensure your profitability and a smooth and simplified dropshipping process.

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Consider the following factors when shortlisting the best dropshipping suppliers for your business:

  • Having certain experience in the dropshipping field
  • Featuring a wide product range at affordable pricing and high quality
  • Offering fast and reliable shipping and delivery
  • Having responsive customer service
  • Providing clear return and refund policies

CJDropshipping’s homepage

CJDropshipping is a trusted dropshipping supplier based in China.

150+ Best Items to Dropship on Shopify

With thorough research using various resources, namely Google Trends, Amazon Best Sellers Page, AliExpress Dropshipping Center and many more, we have curated the list of top 150+ best-selling dropshipping products categorized by 10 most profitable dropshipping niches.




Clothing and Fashion Accessories


Baby Products


Home Decor Products


Beauty and Personal Care Products


Kitchen Gadgets


Office Supplies


Pet Care Products


Cell Phone Accessories


Tools & Home Improvements


Sustainable Products

1. Clothing and Fashion Accessories

Google Trends’ data on clothing

Worldwide interests towards clothing over the past five years. Source: Google Trends

Topping our list of the best niches for dropshipping are clothing and fashion accessories, the most popular and consistently profitable shopping category in the market.

According to DataReportal, global spend on clothing items reached US$904.5 billion in 2022, giving fashion the second rank in eCommerce categories with the largest spending.

As a massive industry, the clothing market offers a vast potential customer base, a large selection of product categories to niche down further and a wide range of suppliers available for dropshipping.

Aesthentials dropshipping store

Aesthentials, a female-focused fashion store, succeeds with the dropshipping business model by reacting quickly to new trends and updating its inventory to stay current

Important notes: High demand comes with high competition. Therefore, it is crucial that you narrow down to a particular category and offer distinctive products to define your brand and set your dropshipping business apart from others. Also, fashion trends change quickly, so stay updated with the latest trends and adapt your product offerings accordingly.

Top Dropshipping Products in Clothing and Fashion Accessories:

  1. Sports Bras
  2. Tank Tops
  3. Unisex Clogs
  4. T-Shirts
  5. Loafers
  6. Socks
  7. Bodysuits
  8. Pullover Hoodies
  9. Underwear
  10. Leggings
  11. Sweatpants
  12. Jeans
  13. Travel Packing Organizers
  14. Sunglasses
  15. Jewelry
  16. Floral-Print Kimonos
  17. Nipple Covers
  18. Women’s Handbags
  19. Men's Wallets
  20. Passport Covers

2. Baby Products

Google Trends’ data on baby products

Worldwide interests towards baby products over the past five years. Source: Google Trends

Products for babies and kids are a large and growing market worth about US$73.83 billion worldwide in 2022 and projected to be valued at approximately US$88.72 billion in 2026.

These little ones are growing fast, and there comes a need to regularly purchase new clothes and baby-related items, from diapers, bottles and bottle nipples, to strollers and more. Additionally, baby products are also sought after by those wanting to give them away as baby shower gifts or birthday gifts. This demonstrates a great and constant demand for these items both now and in the future, making it a great niche for dropshipping.

KLA Essentials dropshipping store

KLA Essentials is the one-stop shop for all children essentials. They dropship baby clothes, baby changing units, toys, cradles, swings, and more.

Important notes: Keep in mind that safety and quality are top priorities for parents when selecting products for their babies and kids. Therefore, it is vital that your products are high quality and strictly follow safety standards in order to gain their trust and build a reputation as a credible baby-centered brand.

Top Dropshipping Products in Baby Products:

  1. Baby Wipes
  2. Baby Diapers
  3. Baby Bottles
  4. Baby Bottle Silicone Nipples
  5. Silicone Teething Toys
  6. Baby Carriers
  7. Sponge Bottle Brushes
  8. Baby Healing Ointment
  9. No-touch Forehead Thermometers
  10. Breastmilk Storage Bags
  11. Manual Breast Pumps
  12. Baby Wearable Blankets
  13. White Noise Machines 

3. Home Decor Products

Google Trends’ data on home decor

Worldwide interests towards home decor over the past five years. Source: Google Trends

For years, the home decor market has been a profitable and striking niche in dropshipping with a large audience and a strong demand.

The fact is nowadays, people, especially millennials and gen Z, are willing to spend more money on decorative items to beautify their living space, giving the home decor market consistent popularity and growth. In 2022, American consumers were revealed to spend approximately $188 billion on home decor.

Besides, home decor is a broad category offering a vast selection of items, such as wall art, curtains, mirrors, decorative objects, furniture, rugs, and textiles, several of which have low production costs and high profit margins.

Haus London

Haus is a popular home decor dropshipping store in the U.K

Tips: If you are looking to stand out from other home decor dropshippers, focusing on sustainable decorative items may be a great place to start.

Learn more: 10 Best Home Decor Dropshipping Suppliers for Your Online Store

Top Dropshipping Products in Home Decor Products:

  1. Throw Pillows
  2. Picture Frames
  3. Rugs
  4. Smart Speakers
  5. Curtains
  6. Candles
  7. White Noise Machines
  8. Reed Diffusers
  9. Grass Bouquets
  10. Sofa Covers
  11. Wall Decor
  12. LED Strip Lights
  13. Smart Light Bulbs
  14. Wall & Table Clocks

4. Beauty and Personal Care Products

Google Trends’ data on beauty products

Worldwide interests towards beauty products over the past five years. Source: Google Trends

Similar to the fashion industry, beauty and personal care products are an evergreen market that is never out of trend because people are now more conscious of outside appearance, personal hygiene and self-care.

According to Statista, revenue in the Beauty and Personal Care industry amounted to US$564.4 billion in 2022, with the personal care segment being the largest, recording a market volume of US$254 billion.

Pro tips: With rising incomes and enhanced living standards, consumers increasingly prioritize product effectiveness and ingredients over price, giving rise to a category of vegan, organic, clean, and natural beauty products. That’s where dropshipping businesses like yours can target to win a competitive advantage.

Top Dropshipping Products in Beauty and Personal Care Products:

  1. Hair Strengthening Oil
  2. Acne Pimple Patches
  3. Mascara
  4. Moisturizing Creams
  5. Eyeliner Pencils
  6. Makeup Removers
  7. Concealers
  8. Lip Gloss
  9. Acne Foaming Washes
  10. Cotton Swabs
  11. Hairbrushes
  12. Hair Straighteners/Hair Curlers
  13. Acne Treatment Gel
  14. Enhancer Lotions
  15. Hand Soaps
  16. Cotton Rounds
  17. Hydrating Serums
  18. Face Masks
  19. Bath Bombs
  20. Beard Grooming Kits
  21. Electric Toothbrushes
  22. Water Flossers

5. Kitchen Gadgets

Google Trends’ data on kitchen and dining

Worldwide interests towards kitchen and dining over the past five years. Source: Google Trends

Kitchen and dining supplies are popular and essential all year round, making them a solid contender among other best-selling dropshipping products on this list.

Especially after national lockdowns, more and more people are getting into cooking and are now more willing to cook their meals in the comfort of their homes. This provokes a surge in demand for kitchen appliances and a considerable growth potential for the kitchenware market.

Vertoku kitchen gadgets dropshipping store

The brand Vertoku dropships chef knives 

Healthy and time-saving cooking also witnesses an increased interest, giving smart and efficient cooking gadgets like air fryers, choppers, and blenders more room to shine.

Top Dropshipping Products in Kitchen Gadgets:

  1. Air Fryers
  2. Digital Kitchen Scales
  3. Stainless Steel Tumblers
  4. Shaker Bottles
  5. Dish Cloths
  6. Vegetable Choppers
  7. Blenders
  8. Can Openers
  9. Food Thermometers
  10. Rice Cookers
  11. Food Storage Containers
  12. Salad Spinners
  13. Waffle Makers
  14. Kitchen Scissors
  15. Electric Pepper and Salt Grinders
  16. Knife Sharpeners
  17. Lunch Boxes
  18. Kitchen Rugs

6. Office Supplies

Google Trends’ data on office products

Worldwide interests towards office products over the past five years. Source: Google Trends

From scalpers, pens, and pencils to printers and big notice boards, the demand for office products remains consistently high as they are essential for both working and learning environments. The ‘back to the office’ season after the corona crisis even drives more momentum to this market.

Besides, the industry serves a large pool of customers, from remote or on-site workers to large or small and medium-sized businesses to freelancers, teachers, and students. Companies and schools usually buy office items in bulk and are more likely to become repeat customers, thus giving you an excellent chance to increase your profit margin.

That’s why office supplies make for profitable dropshipping products for your business.

Notebook Therapy

Notebook Therapy, as its name suggests, mainly sells notebooks. But they also sell (precisely, dropship) other things like tote bags, watercolor pens, sticky notes, and more.

Top Dropshipping Products in Office Supplies:

  1. Printer Papers
  2. Laptop Stands
  3. Scissors
  4. Lined Note Pads
  5. Ink Cartridges
  6. File Folders
  7. Heavy-Duty Packaging Tapes
  8. Paper & Credit Card Shredders
  9. Permanent Markers
  10. Desk Mats
  11. Desk Organizers
  12. Gel Pens
  13. Whiteboard Erasers
  14. Pencils
  15. Staplers
  16. Sticky Notes

7. Pet Care Products

Google Trends’ data on pet care

Worldwide interests towards pet care over the past five years. Source: Google Trends

Recently, pet adoption has witnessed a significant surge in popularity across the globe, especially after the pandemic. A 2020 survey revealed that 7 out of 10 households in the US own a pet. This boom in pet ownership has contributed to the growth of the pet care market segment, valued at US$280 billion in 2022.

Meowingtons pet store

Meowingtons is a leading dropshipping store for everything feline-related

Pet owners consider their pets a family member and thus do not hesitate to spend significant money on high-quality products for their furry companions. This brings a constant demand and great potential to this market, making pet-related products a perfect dropshipping niche idea.

Tips: As pet lovers now take their pet’s mental and physical health much more seriously, consider bundling your pet offerings with quality pet care products such as pet vitamins, grooming products, pet toys and treats, clothing, etcetera.

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Top Dropshipping Products in Pet Care Products:

  1. Canned Cat Food
  2. Odor Eliminators
  3. Cat Litters
  4. Dog Poop Bags
  5. Pee Pads
  6. Dry Dog Food
  7. Pet Hair Removers
  8. Dog Dental Care Chews
  9. Flea & Tick Prevention Products
  10. Probiotic Supplements
  11. Rawhide Kabobs
  12. Dog Chew Toys
  13. Dog Treats

8. Cell Phone Accessories

Google Trends’ data on phone accessories

Worldwide interests towards phone accessories over the past five years. Source: Google Trends

It is no doubt that today everyone has at least a cellphone; that’s why phone accessories are highly sought-after items that people most commonly choose to purchase online. Google Trends data shows that phone accessories have witnessed a quite steady trend over the past five years, demonstrating a stable demand for this segment.

Besides, phone items such as ring lights, phone cases, screen protectors, green screens, etc., can be mass-produced for comparatively low cost and sold at a significant markup, thus giving you good profit margins.

Burga dropshipping store

Burga is a top-notch dropshipping store in the cell phone accessories niche

Tips: With high demand and good profit margins, phone accessories are a golden goose for your dropshipping business. However, it may come with increased competition as well. One small tip is to work with a print-on-demand supplier to provide custom products, making your brand more appealing to customers who prefer personalization and uniqueness.

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Top Dropshipping Products in Cell Phone Accessories:

  1. USB-C Power Adapters
  2. Screen Protectors
  3. Waterproof Phone Cases
  4. Portable Chargers
  5. Phone Tripods
  6. Selfie Sticks
  7. Wireless Chargers
  8. Ring Lights
  9. Wireless Headphones
  10. Solar-Powered Chargers
  11. Car Phone Holders

9. Tools and Home Improvements

Google Trends’ data on home products

Worldwide interests towards home products over the past five years. Source: Google Trends

During the national lockdowns, the market for home improvement products surged to an unprecedented level as individuals sought to enhance the comfort and functionality of their living spaces. Despite the lifting of lockdowns, the demand for these items has continued to grow, making it a profitable dropshipping niche to dive in.

Wallplate Warehouse home improvement dropshipping store

The dropshipping model allows Wallplate Warehouse to have the staggering range on offer, in a huge range of sizes, materials, and types

From smart technologies like air purifiers, security cameras, and air filters to home tools like lights and hooks, home appliances have become an essential part of our lives, giving the industry a strong and stable demand all year round.

Tips: Consider starting a blog or a YouTube channel to provide set-up help or tutorials for these home technology tools. This can help increase your brand awareness and credibility.

Top Dropshipping Products in Tools & Home Improvements:

  1. Air Filters
  2. Bedroom Led Lights
  3. Ring Video Doorbells
  4. Hanging Wall Hooks
  5. Extension Cords
  6. Water Filter Pitchers
  7. Home Fire Extinguishers
  8. Solar Outdoor Lights
  9. Smart Plugs
  10. Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  11. Mini Projectors
  12. Mini Air Purifiers
  13. Vacuum Cleaners
  14. Bluetooth Speakers
  15. Security Cameras

10. Sustainable Products

Google Trends’ data on sustainable products

Worldwide interests towards sustainable products over the past five years. Source: Google Trends

Sustainable living has recently gained popularity as modern consumers are becoming more conscious of their product choices and are prone to seeking products with a lower environmental impact.

The change in their shopping habits leads to increased demand for vegan, organic, eco-friendly, and natural alternatives to traditional products, making this growing market one of the best niches for dropshipping.

Sustainable products

Important notes: If you are thinking of operating a dropshipping business focused on sustainable products, it is crucial to ensure that the products you are dropshipping are high quality, durable, and actually sustainable, not just labeled as such. This way, you can build a good reputation as a reliable dropshipping business for sustainable products.

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Top Dropshipping Products in Sustainable Products:

  1. Reusable Water Bottles
  2. Reusable Coffee Pods
  3. Reusable Storage Bags
  4. Beeswax Wraps
  5. Reusable Produce Bags
  6. Reusable Shopping Bags
  7. Tote Bags
  8. Reusable Makeup Wipes
  9. Reusable Diapers
  10. Biodegradable Pots
  11. Metal Straws
  12. Organic Apparel
  13. Food Cycler
  14. Reusable Cleaning Cloths
  15. Recycled Bath Tissue Papers
  16. Plant-based Laundry Detergents

The Final Verdict

Finding the best dropshipping products to sell can be challenging, but by following some guidelines, you can increase your chances of success.

It's essential to identify products that meet the needs of your target market and fit with your brand and business goals. Products that solve problems, are trending, offer high-profit margins, and have high quality can be a great starting point for your dropshipping business.

Once you’ve found the best dropshipping niche and products for your business, the rest of the process is pretty simple.

It’s time to let the world know about your fantastic business by building a functional and stunning dropshipping store using GemPages and setting out a great set of effective marketing strategies to keep your business rolling. 


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FAQs about Best Dropshipping Products

How do I find dropshipping products that actually sell?
Several valuable strategies to find dropshipping products with a high potential for success include:

1. Analyze product demand
2. Check social media
3. Search major eCommerce marketplaces for best-selling products
4. Find quality dropshipping products with high profit margins
5. Work with a reliable dropshipping supplier
What are the trending dropshipping products to sell in 2023?
The best-selling products for dropshipping can vary depending on market trends and consumer demand. However, here are examples of dropshipping products that make for a profitable business:>

1. Clothing
2. Beauty and personal care
3. Home decor
4. Pet supplies
5. Smart home technology
5. Baby products
What are the best dropshipping suppliers?
Below are some of the best dropshipping suppliers you can consider to source products from:

1. AliExpress
2. Alibaba
3. Spocket
4. CJDropshipping
5. Oberlo
6. SaleHoo

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