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10 Best Dropshipping Suppliers in USA (2024)

GemPages Team
13 minutes read
Dropshipping suppliers USA

Although they seem significantly different, a brick-and-mortar and an online business share more similarities than one may think. One of those is the presale procedure, which includes finding a fitting supplier for one’s preferred products and merchandise. A decent supplier will be able to provide you with high-quality products, thus lay a cornerstone for a thriving business.

If you aim to garner a loyal American customer base, partnering up with dropshipping suppliers in the USA is a good call. In this blog, we will spill the beans on the best US-based suppliers, alongside their pros and cons to give you the guidance you need to take on this handy business method.

Dropshipping In A Nutshell

Aspiring entrepreneurs are always eager to explore the abounding possibilities of starting one’s own business. Whether you have read one or two articles on dropshipping, or have done intensive research on this business model, there is no denying that dropshipping is one helluva incredible tool for online sellers to take into consideration.

So, what is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business method that allows a business to purchase inventory from a third party supplier when needed instead of keeping the products in stock. This sets dropshipping aside from a so-called traditional business model in which the seller is obligated to stock the merchandise on hand.

Though you take on the middleman role, every aspect of the chosen products from a supplier calls for your approval before they get shipped to your customers. If you are a first-timer entrepreneur, doing proper research on whether dropshipping is a match for your business is highly recommended.

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Why US Dropshipping Suppliers?

When in doubt, go local. And we are not just saying this for the sake of saying it. The benefits of having a cross-country supplier for your business will surely be shown as the business progresses. 

Below is a quick rundown of the few advantages of many.

  • Speedier shipping time: As compared to AliExpress or Banggood in China, the state-to-state delivery takes the cake on shipping time. Local shipping carriers such as UPS and USPS are instantly recognizable and trustworthy. Should there be any mishaps during the delivery process, it is quicker to get resolved for all parties involved.
  • All American favorites: Sourcing your products from halfway across the world means they may not always be up the local consumers’ alley. Having a well-stocked supplier in the same country will give you a little edge on offering the most diverse range of products your customers will love. The quality aspect is also worth a mention, especially when it comes to food products and clothings.
  • Easier purchasing process: This includes the before, during, and after. As you take on a dropship partner, you become their customer. If you are happy with their service, your own customers will be happy with your service as well. US-based dropshipping suppliers eliminates possible language barriers in comparison with international suppliers, as well as legal and custom issues when importing products from abroad. 
  • Build trust with the customers: Americans are among the most patriotic folks on earth. By seeing the stars and stripes on the product’s packaging, they will most likely tend to trust your products more than the competitor without that precious stamp of approval.

If we were able to convince you to give dropshipping a shot, keep scrolling to find out whether the nifty suppliers below will become your future business partners.

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Top 10 US-based Dropshipping Suppliers for Your eCommerce Store

CJdropshipping - General

Screenshot of the CJdropshipping website.

Easily browse products from CJdropshipping’s US warehouse.

CJdropshipping is one of the most detectable names in the dropshipping industry, with nine years in the game under their belt. This company owns warehouses in Germany, Thailand, China, and of course, the U.S. Their service allows sellers to perfect their marketing, while the logistics of their business will be promptly handled. And the best is, it comes in a low, low price!

If you haven’t had a clear cut idea about the types of products for your online store, this could be a good place to kick start your adventure to find the best dropshipping suppliers.


  • US-based warehouses with diverse products
  • Partners with Shopify, Etsy, eBay, etcetera.
  • Transparent shipping cost calculation


  • The website is not exactly the easiest to navigate
  • Generic shipping packaging with no custom options


Free to install, you pay for the products and shipping fee only.

Importify - Supplier Finder

Screenshot of the Importify website.

Importify makes dropshipping simple.

Importify is not a supplier, per se. It is a tool to help you sort and select the most suitable supplier that meets your needs. 

The chic looking website/app provides a list of suppliers in and outside of the USA, which you can deliberately choose to focus on US-based only suppliers by tuning the others out.

This is a helpful tool to save you time scouring the whole internet for trustworthy dropshipping suppliers. They have done the intensive work of compiling and organizing, all that’s left to do for you is to pick one (or some).


  • Available integration with the most popular eCommerce platforms
  • Customizable features in the app for the most optimized experience
  • Easy to switch suppliers should there be any issues


The app faces technical issues and glitches at times.


Importify offers three types of plan, starting at US$14.95/month (Basic), US$27.95/month (Premium) to US$37.95/month (Gold).

Spocket - USA and Europe Suppliers

Screenshot of the Spocket website.

Test out samples before purchasing with Spocket.

Sharing a lot of similarities with Importify, this is another nifty app for online sellers to utilize. Spocket houses suppliers in the USA, Europe and globally. The app can easily be found on most eCommerce platforms, with majorly positive reviews and comments.


  • Branded invoicing for your business
  • Discounts/wholesale prices (30% - 40%) with no minimum order required 
  • Offers product sample orders
  • Automated syncing with pre-existing online stores


Certain suppliers have been reported to have issues regarding their inventories.


Spocket is free to install, with three monthly plans: Starter (US$29.99), Pro (US$49.99) and Empire (US$99.99). A 14-day free trial is available.

Handshake - Jewelry

Screenshot of the Handshake website.

Shopify’s very own dropshipping marketplace.

Brought to you by Shopify, Handshake is branded as “the meeting point for passionate business owners”. The jewelry products are minimal, sleek and of high quality. If you feel like jewelry selling is the way to go, this could be the place to build your own catalog from their hundreds of dropship jewelry suppliers.


  • Free for both retailers and suppliers
  • 10000+ products to choose from
  • Automated Shopify app integration


  • Only available for the US market at the moment
  • Reselling on third party marketplaces are prohibited
  • There is an order minimum for every product


As mentioned, Handshake is free to use. Sellers only need to follow the guidelines properly.

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TopDawg - Pet Supplies

Screenshot of the TopDawg website.

Browse pet supplies on TopDawg.

Pet products are definitely a niche market, but a growing one. The desire to zhuzh your pets up with accessories and luxurious beds and toys is increasingly common. With their service, TopDawg aims to connect online sellers and pet product dropshippers who are in the same business with each other. Thousands of products in regard to your beloved fur babies are available on their website/app, alongside no-hassle shipping.


  • Huge collection of products
  • Integrations with Shopify, Amazon, eBay and other big names in the business
  • Wide price range (US$1 - US$400)
  • 2-day order processing time


  • There is an order processing time fee
  • Sellers ought to manually set up shipping costs for their orders


There is a free Startup plan, followed by Business, Scale and Premier plans which cost US$24, US$59 and a volume discounted amount per month, respectively.

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Trendsi - Women’s Clothings

 Screenshot of the Trendsi website.

Free signup with Trendsi.

Trendsi’s specialty is women’s clothings, which is advertised as a “one-stop-shop supply chain solution for your business”. They have a Shopify integrated app with an impressive rating of 4.9 stars among 1848 reviews. 


  • Pick, pack and ship service with branded invoice
  • Options for custom packaging and private labeling
  • Professional product photos that you can use
  • In-house products take 2-5 business days to ship, whereas globally sourced products take 5-10 business days


Trendsi currently offers app integration on Shopify only.


The app is free to install, you only need to pay for the products and shipping fee (starts from US$3.99).

Dripshipper - Coffee

Screenshot of the Dripshipper website.

Create your own coffee brand with Dripshipper.

Americans drink 146 billion cups of coffee yearly, which is up there on the list. Understanding this fondness, Dripshipper aims to supply your business with over 40 wholesale beans and types of coffee in their inventory. 


  • Custom label and brand
  • Available on eCommerce platforms for your online stores (Shopify, Wix, etcetera) as well as physical stores
  • FDA compliant with organic options
  • Coffees are roasted on the same day customers order, shipped within 3-5 business days


There are several complaints regarding the pre-built web page feature.


There are three plan tiers: Starter (US$30/month), Professional (US$99/month) and Elite (US$197/month) with a 14-day free trial.

Brybelly - Toys and Games

Screenshot of the Brybelly website.

Brybelly’s product categories.

Established in 2004, Brybelly is where you can find games, toys and everything adjacent for both adults and kids. With over 3000 products, this website could be a match if your niche is in a similar caliber.

This company imports directly from overseas manufacturers, hence the competitive product prices. 

The website layout is straightforward, with product categories on top of the homepage. Since the name is not really suggestive of its specialties, visitors can immediately navigate with this user-friendly design.


  • Brybelly offers international shipping
  • No restocking fees
  • Transparent affiliated brands
  • Custom packaging to your customers if utilizing fulfillment


  • Brybelly currently does not have an integrated app on any eCommerce platforms
  • Same day shipping currently not available
  • Strict rules on re-selling on Amazon.


There are no membership fees, you only pay for the products and fulfillment.

Wholesale2b - General

Screenshot of the Wholesale2b website.

How dropshipping with Wholesale2b works.

Wholesale2b is determined to make dropshipping effortless for both suppliers and retailers. With 18 dropshipping plans and free sign up, first-timers are free to explore various paths to drive their business onto.


  • Offers a dropship course for beginners
  • Order and inventory automation
  • 100+ suppliers with a vast array of products


Since Wholesale2b operates on a large scale, there are suppliers who are not based in the USA. Therefore, make sure to double check before making a purchase from one.


The price plans are exclusive to each platform your store is based on.

Printify - Print-on-demand Dropshipper

Screenshot of the Printify website.

Start a print-on-demand business with Printify.

The last spot on our list is Printify - a dropshipping company that prints out your designs on their assortment of 800+ products and ships them directly to you customers. 

What’s special about this company apart from the other ones on the list is the exclusiveness of each product. They don’t (and can’t) mass produce without a design request from your end. If you are keen on taking a more liberal approach with your online store, then Printify will be right up your alley.


  • Integration with most big eCommerce platforms
  • A free Mockup Generator for sellers to try out different designs
  • Integration with Shutterstock allows sellers to browse and use their stock library for free and only pay after making a sale


Too many widgets and CTA buttons can overwhelm new visitors.


Free plan, Premium plan of US$24.99/month, and Enterprise plan for busy merchants with custom pricing.

Determine The Most Suitable Dropshipping Suppliers for Your Business

Dropshipping can do wonders for your online store. But there is no smooth sailing when it comes to entrepreneurship. At different stages in your journey, hardships are set to happen. Dropshipping is a double-edged sword, so the best piece of advice from us to you is to tread lightly.

But how?

Your budget, business size and overall goal are the determining factors to narrow down the types of dropshipping suppliers to go for.

For instance, you set up your online store with the intention of focusing on marketing and branding, with less attention to the logistics of the product. If so, partnering up with a supplier who takes care of all things behind the curtain is a smart move. Less time spent in this department equals more time spent to do things you prioritize.

Finance is unavoidably on the table as well. Are you willing to invest in a premade plan that will sway your business in a certain direction for hundreds of dollars per month, or do you prefer to pay for the essentials only? Pricing also hugely impacts the decision to go niche or wholesale. 

With that being said, our list is a reference on how to find dropship suppliers, but you are the one who knows your business best.


Our list of both priced and free dropshipping suppliers above hopefully has given you a more comprehensive outlook on this multifunctional business model. 

The economy is ever changing, and so is our way of doing business. By adapting yourself into what’s popping, without mindlessly jumping on the bandwagon, you will certainly be more aware of the next step to take on your own entrepreneurial journey. 

Now let’s sail this drop-ship to shore!

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FAQs about Dropshipping Suppliers USA

What is the difference between dropshipping and a standard business method?
A standard business method requires an existing inventory to complete customer’s orders. With dropshipping, the seller does not need to stock on inventory to fulfill orders. A third party supplier will take care of the products and shipping process for them.
How to start a dropshipping business on Shopify?
In a nutshell, you will need a Shopify store, an idea on the types of product you want to sell, and a dropshipping app.
Check out our recently published blog on the best Shopify dropshipping apps to have a closer look: 10 Best Shopify Dropshipping Apps in 2023
What are the benefits of having a dropshipping supplier in the USA?
A US-based dropshipping supplier ensures quick delivery, more transparent supply chain, trust within the community and avoids overseas legal issues.

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