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15 Profitable White Label Products to Sell in 2024

GemPages Team
14 minutes read
15 Profitable White Label Products to Sell in 2024

If there is a prize for a business model that cuts costs, saves time, and gets your products out to the market at lightning speed, white labeling will take the crown. For eCommerce aspirants, this approach could be your next best friend. 

How so? Keep on reading to learn more about all things white label, including our top picks for the best white label products to sell in 2024!

In this chapter, we will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of white label products and the benefits of selling those products.

What is a White Label Product?

White label products are initially unlabeled under any brand

White label products will be customized according to the reseller's branding (Source: Pexels)

A white label product is manufactured by one company and sold by multiple businesses. This means one prototype is uniformly designed and then rebranded to fit under a brand’s identity. The end consumers will associate the products with the brand, rather than the supplier.

White label products can be print-on-demand items or even dropshipped directly to customers. Therefore, this business model is viable in various industries in the eCommerce sector.

A typical white label product acquirement process often has five steps: picking a supplier, choosing a product, branding, manufacturing, and distributing the final product. It goes without saying that the process differs, as factors like product type, supplier, local law, etc. can influence the overall production.

Differences Between White Label and Private Label

White label and private label often go hand in hand and sometimes be used interchangeably. While both of them share similar characteristics, certain differences separate these two coined terms.

White Label

Private Label

Products manufactured for multiple retailers

Products manufactured for one single retailer

Products cannot be modified, only the brand can be changed

Products can be modified based on the retailer’s needs, including product features, packaging, and branding

Quick production and market entry

Products take longer to develop and distribute

Per-unit prices are lower

Per-unit prices are higher due to exclusive product features

All in all, the essences of white label vs. private label products lie in the liberty to alter products to fit with the brand’s identity. While the lack of customization simplifies the production for white label products, private label allows sellers to tweak the products based on customer’s feedback as time goes on.

Pros and Cons of White Labeling

The comparison table above has glazed over the attributes of white label products. Now we will explore the setbacks and benefits of white labeling in detail.

Pros of Selling White Label Products

  • Cost-efficiency: lower maintenance and per-unit costs.
  • Lower risks: products are put through tried-and-true methods before market entry.
  • Branding opportunities: new products can be introduced in a short period, which upholds diversity and trendiness.
  • Higher marketability: instead of catering products specifically to address unique needs and preferences, a generic white label product is more appealing to a wider audience.

Cons of Selling White Label Products

  • Pricing competition: price wars might break out between competitors carrying the same products.
  • No customization: the need for product alteration might arise based on customer feedback.

When Should You Sell White Label Products?

White labeling is a common business practice, but there are certain periods where this model gets to work its magic more than others. Let’s find out when you should start selling white label products as an eCommerce merchant.

  • You want to start a business quickly: white labeling omits the hassle of extensive product research and development. Once you have locked in a product, there is little work needed to be done before introducing it, hence the ability to launch your business right away.
  • You want to capitalize on a trending product: if there is a high demand for a particular product, white labeling will help you bring it to your digital storefront promptly.
  • Your R&D budget is limited: not many entrepreneurs can afford to spend the big bucks at the start of their businesses, thus, white label products are a neat solution to hit the ground running.
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15 Best White Label Products to Sell in 2024

Looking for the best white label products to sell? Below are 15 most profitable products and examples of businesses that succeeded in the niches that you can learn from.

1. Earplugs

Screenshot of Loop Earplugs’ website.

Loop Earplugs enables amazing experiences without the burden of loud noises.

Earplugs are no longer an oddity that people only reach for when traveling or going to concerts. These tiny guys can help users who cannot withstand loud noises in public settings or individuals with sleeping problems to have a more fulfilling life. Loop Earplugs stands at the forefront of the earplug revolution, which explains the rapid growth trend of this brand in recent years.

Screenshot of Loop Earplugs’ growing trend on Exploding Topics.

Loop Earplugs is growing at a rapid rate in the past 5 years. Source: Exploding Topics.

If you are looking to enter this industry, why not try a white label model? Earplugs are a brilliant product that requires little to no modifications. Simply find a trustworthy supplier and build your brand around this impactful product to see it take off.

2. Toner pads

If you are not familiar with the skincare world, the latest toner pad fad might not ring a bell. That said, the interest in this product is nothing short of booming.

When in doubt, go on Reddit. This website is the biggest host for numerous subreddits that garner hundreds of thousands of active users daily. By looking up “toner pads” in r/SkincareAddiction - the largest subreddit for skincare enthusiasts, a long list of recent posts regarding this trending item will pop up. People are constantly looking for the best toner pad brands to try, and you can target this pain point with a solid white label toner pad line.

Screenshot of Cosrx’s website.

Cosrx is one of the most well-known Korean brands that offers the best toner pads on the market.

Cosrx is acing the game with its high-praised toner pads. If you have not been able to build a reputation like this famous Korean skincare company, white labeling is a solid strategy to try out to take advantage of this trending product.

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3. Yoga gear

Practicing yoga has become a part of many people’s daily routines. You don’t have to be a devoted yogi to both love this spiritual practice, and to sell yoga gear as well.

With the yoga market size predicted to reach $66.2 billion by 2027, starting a yoga gear business is a solid idea. By utilizing white labeling, the heavy work will be lifted off your shoulders. Your main priority is to advertise and get your name out there.

Screenshot of Alo Yoga’s website.

Alo Yoga is a leading brand of yoga clothes and accessories.

Alo Yoga has cemented its place as a household name for yoga clothes and gear. This impressive repertoire took lots of effort and time to build, thus, white labeling is a feasible solution to get one foot in the door more quickly. Companies like Tokalon Clothing offer yoga clothing options for white label businesses in this niche.

4. Reusable mugs

Unless you have been living under a rock, the Stanley cup trend couldn’t have been missed. Taking the internet by storm in late 2023, this company has revolutionized and changed the reusable mugs niche for years to come.

Screenshot of Stanley 1913’s website.

The Stanley cup witnessed a surge in sales as the internet became obsessed with this reusable mug company.

Although the heat has subsided a bit, the call for reusable, insulated mugs is still on the rise. With brands like Yeti, MiiR, and Circular&CO. making waves by pumping out new and innovative products, you can follow suit and start a reusable drinkware company with the assistance of white labeling. For a product with a simplistic premise like a cup, quality should be the top priority. Thus, finding a reliable manufacturer is the first step to guarantee a long-lasting business.

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5. Journals and planners

If you think the birth of digital devices has dampened our habits of keeping journals and planners, think again. The Bullet Journal AKA Bujo movement keeps the writing routine alive for over a million people, which shows just how profitable this niche can be.

Screenshot of Bullet Journal’s website.

Bullet Journal has a transformative effect on individuals who long for a more organized routine.

Need help determining which journal and planner manufacturer to partner with? Check out Zazzle and Alibaba to start browsing the products they are providing and jumpstart your eCommerce store.

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6. Phone cases

This palm-size, portable device has gradually become an inseparable part of our daily lives, thus, it is no wonder that a protective and appealing phone case is never redundant.

Just days ago, the world-famous singer Taylor Swift went viral with her eye-catching phone case, which prompted thousands of people to scour the web for the information. The skincare brand Rhode launched a phone case with a built-in lip tint holder that got Gen Z-ers obsessed. These recent instances prove that despite being a saturated market, the interest in innovative, celebrity-influenced phone cases never dies down.

Screenshot of Rhode’s website.

Rhode capitalized on a common product like a phone case to advertise its lip gloss.

Phone cases are a Jack of all trades since they fit with every business model, including white labeling. Thus, it is as easy as pie to kickstart your phone case storefront today.

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7. Gimbals and tripods

Screenshot of JOBY’s website.

JOBY is a textbook example of an equipment store that caters to content creation.

Gimbals and tripods are another sub-niche within phone accessories. Reasons for this equipment to be on our list? The apparent growth of personal videotaping and professional content creation across social media.

As internet surfers have become familiar with short-form content, many people want to turn it into a side hustle or even a full-time job. This calls for steady gear that helps materialize their content. 

Stores like JOBY carry tripods, stands, selfie sticks, etc. for both cameras and smartphones. These products are good ideas for your upcoming white label business.

8. Scented candles

Screenshot of Snif’s website.

The candle industry is not short of brilliant brands who are changing the game, such as Snif.

Who doesn’t love a relaxing scented candle that makes the room smell like a tropical paradise or a luxury resort? Candles are diverse products that fit perfectly with a white label model. They are uniformed, quick to rebrand, and do not require intensive product research.

Snif’s candle collection embodies a minimal look, with the quality standing above all. This is a good source of inspiration for you to visualize your future candle business, including the number and scalability of these products.

9. Jewelry

Screenshot of Maison Miru’s website.

Maison Miru is a contemporary jewelry brand with a chic and affordable product catalog.

Jewelry stores like the Shopify-based Maison Miru are prime examples of how to do branding. Though the designs are elementary, they have managed to create a consistent brand identity with the digital storefront. This is solid proof of how well jewelry performs with a white label approach, as even the most basic items can be marketable.

Still unsure whether this industry is worth a shot? With the current market size valued at $232.94 billion in 2024 and forecasted to reach $343.90 in 2032, jewelry is a gift that keeps on giving.

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10. Collagen supplements

Screenshot of Vital Proteins’ website.

Vital Proteins’ collagen powder went viral and became the store’s bestseller.

Collagen is what keeps us looking youthful, and the collagen supplements market is forecasted to witness a steady growth rate of 6.4% from $ 1,655.7 million to $ 3,089.7 million in 2034. If you are in the supplement niche, adding collagen to your catalog is a smart move to boost your business.

By following the path of Vital Proteins with its viral collagen peptides powder, you could be the next business to take the internet by storm. Source your products from an FDA-approved supplier and kick your business into gears in a matter of weeks.

11. Pet supplies

Screenshot of cat toothpaste’s growing trend on Exploding Topics.

Cat toothpaste is a sub-niche that is growing in demand in the pet supplies market. Source: Exploding Topics.

Pet care is an ever-growing topic since our furry (and non-furry) friends deserve only the best. This niche encompasses a plethora of sub-niches, such as pet treats, pet clothes, pet collars, pet dental care, custom pet products, etc. Only the topic of “ cat toothpaste” has a search volume growth rate of 85% within the past 5 years (as shown in the above picture). Thus, it is advised to cherry-pick the most suitable segment that works for you, instead of trying to cover everything.

You are guaranteed to come across many pet suppliers without actively looking. Your job is to rebrand and market the products well in order for your business to flourish.

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12. Kitchen gadgets

Screenshot of Beautiful by Drew.

The talented Drew Barrymore capitalized on the demands for aesthetically pleasing and functional kitchenware by opening up her own company - Beautiful By Drew.

Kitchenware never goes out of style. Everyone knows how to use a good ol’ pot or pan, and foodies are always on the hunt for first-rate cookware that elevates every dish.

It is no wonder that even the famous actress Drew Barrymore also wanted to dip her toes into this niche. Her visually enticing kitchenware line Beautiful by Drew is an excellent source of inspiration for aspiring sellers who want to tap into this sector. Items like stand mixers, kettles, air fryers, sauce pans, cookers, and the like are solid ideas for a white label kitchenware business.

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13. Office stationery

This niche is one of the top white label product examples due to its versatility and rising demand. On social platforms like TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube, it is incredibly common to come across a relaxing video about organizing one's workspace. Items like mini shelves, pens, washi tapes, headphone stands, etc. are common features of content like this, which pick up thousands of comments asking for product links. This goes to show the viability of a stationery storefront, especially using white labeling.

Screenshot of Shopify’s stationery business page.

It is easy and quick to set up your stationery business with Shopify’s multi-faceted features.

Shopify is a hotbed for office supplies and stationery businesses. With seamless setting up and all-around features to grow your store, sellers are free to source and brand stationery items from a quality supplier. By utilizing the white label model, you are free to invest in other aspects of your business, such as doing affiliate marketing with content creators to drive traffic and sales to your website.

13. Matcha products

It is not hard to find matcha on the must-try menu in your local coffee shop. The unique taste and a plethora of health benefits make this product one of the finest specialties in the world. The demand for this product will not go away any time soon, as the forecasted revenue will reach $5.5 billion by 2027.

Originating in China but made popular in Japan, now matcha can be added to your online store and shipped worldwide.

Screenshot of’s white label matcha collection.

Create your white label matcha business by partnering up with a trusty supplier like is a respectable wholesaler that offers high-quality white label matcha products. If this piques your interest, simply order samples or shoot them a message for custom pricing and start creating your own matcha brand.

15. Walking pad

Screenshot of WalkingPad’s website.

The original WalkingPad company revolutionized this equipment for everyday users who prefer indoor workouts.

As young millennials and Gen Z-ers are living in humble-sized apartments and houses, a bulky treadmill is not exactly a wise investment. A space-saving solution for indoor workouts is the walking pad - a compact and portable treadmill that can be used from the comfort of one’s own home. You are free to browse different models on the original WalkingPad's online store. 

Although this concept has existed for nearly a decade, it was made popular when the pandemic hit. From then on, the growth trend is predicted to steadily climb as time progresses.

Screenshot of walking pad’s growing trend on Exploding Topics.

Walking pad is an at-home workout equipment that witnessed a surge in interest in recent years. Source: Exploding Topics.

Wondering about the availability of white label workout equipment? US-based companies like Shelter Fitness offer just the thing. By adding the viral walking pad to your store, you will be able to build an impressive catalog of fitness equipment that appeals to a variety of customers.

Start Your White Label Business With Shopify Today

Now you have your white label product ready to hit the market. Before its official launch, make sure that you have a branded and fully informative landing page or website to tell your customers about your products. Don't forget to streamline the website visiting journey and provide your potential customers with an exceptional website experience to convert visits into purchases and foster loyalty. Tailor your storefront using top-notch page builders like GemPages today and maximize your business success.

FAQ about White Label Products

What is a white label product?
A white label product is a product that is manufactured by one company and rebranded by multiple businesses to be sold as their own. The term “white label” was coined based on the blank label on a product’s packaging, which can be customized by numerous companies.
What are the differences between white label and private label?
The differences between white label and private label seem subtle, but they largely determine a business’s operation.
  • Product manufacturing: While white label products are manufactured for multiple retailers, private labels are made for one single retailer
  • Modifiability: White label products cannot be modified, only the brand can be changed; Private label products can be modified based on the retailer’s needs
  • Production speed: White labels are produced and enter the market quickly, while private labels take longer to develop and distribute
  • Per-unit prices: Per-unit prices for private label products are higher, compared to white label products due to exclusive product features
  • What are the best white label products to sell?
    The best white label products to sell in 2024 are:
    1. Earplugs
    2. Toner pads
    3. Yoga gear
    4. Reusable mugs
    5. Journals and planners6. Phone cases
    7. Gimbals and tripods
    8. Scented candles
    9. Jewelry
    10. Collagen supplements
    11. Pet supplies
    12. Kitchen gadgets
    13. Office stationery14. Matcha products
    15. Walking pad

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