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Top 15 Shopify Electronics Store Examples (2024)

GemPages Team
12 minutes read
Top 15 Shopify Electronics Store Examples (2024)

The digital era has shifted the way we communicate, study, work, and go about our lives. The need for convenience led to the rise of electronic devices, namely computers, smartphones, and tablets. A palm-sized, portable device has never been this accessible to people of all backgrounds, thanks to the exponential growth of electronic outlets. In this market, the eCommerce sector is becoming more and more prevalent.

We will take you through the best Shopify electronics store examples in this blog post to give you a thorough outlook on this niche, as well as practical tips to jumpstart your own business.

An Overview of The eCommerce Electronics Market

This chapter will center around the statistics of Consumer Electronics, AKA the range of products that are designed for everyday use by individuals.

As we enter 2024, the global Consumer Electronics industry is predicted to reach $463 billion. This notable number reflects the compound annual growth rate of 11% from 2022 to 2030.

Since this is a broad market, it’s essential to dive into different product segments.

Per Grand View Research, the dominant product is none other than smartphones. This segment witnessed a revenue share of 58.3% in 2022 and will continue to grow in the next 6 years.

While tablets are also a sought-after category, the desktop segment is expected to meet a slight plunge due to users’ preferences for portable items. This is noteworthy for sellers who are weighing options for what products to carry.

Region-wise, the USA tops the chart with the most Shopify electronics stores, followed by the UK, Canada, and Australia. While this means these countries have the most competitive markets, it is also a good sign for a thriving audience.

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Overall, electronic devices are among the most common items to be sold online, specifically Shopify. To give you a better look at what and how to sell, we will delve into the best Shopify electronics stores below.

The Best 15 Shopify Electronics Stores That We Love

Turtle Beach

Screenshot of Turtle Beach’s website

Turtle Beach has an extensive collection of gaming gear for all of your needs.

First on the list is Turtle Beach - a US-based gaming gear provider. Priding itself as the pioneer in gaming audio, the company does not disappoint. On its online store, you can find various types of headsets for PC, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles alongside controllers, microphones, and simulation gear.

Layout-wise, the website bears a dark background, with a focus on visually striking photographs. The hero image is reserved to promote Turtle Beach’s latest product, with an inviting Call-to-action (CTA) button. A nifty comparison feature helps users make a more informed buying decision and creates a smoother journey.

Screenshot of Turtle Beach’s product comparison chart.

Quickly compare products to find your best match with Turtle Beach’s comparison feature.

Learn more: What is a Product Comparison Table and Step-by-Step Guides to Create


Screenshot of Ohsnap’s website.

Shop phone accessories and other exclusive gear on Ohsnap’s snazzy storefront.

With the aim to provide smartphone accessories that protect and complement your devices, Ohsnap focuses on bringing the most original and innovative products to the market. The brand does not rely on creating flashy electronic items, but rather a cohesive collection of slick and high-quality products. This team has launched phone grips, mounts, wireless chargers, and two lines of exclusive Snapwallet and Snapstuff items.

Ohsnap’s online store is minimal, but no less vibrant thanks to the use of pops of pastel colors and attention-grabbing GIFs. The navigation bar is simplified with two dropdown menus that let you explore its products or check out the tutorials and FAQs. As a whole, this brand’s website is straightforward and user-friendly.


Screenshot of PopSockets’ website.

Never lose grip of your phone again with PopSockets’ classic product collections.

PopSockets’ specialty is its phone grips - a handy extension that helps you hold onto your phone more securely. Thus, there is no wonder the online store revolves around this famous accessory. That said, other collections are not neglected by this company. Visitors are free to browse its MagSafe, wallets, mounts, and cases - all designed for Apple aficionados.

Apart from the intuitive online store, PopSockets is not short of web pages that transcribe the brand’s mission. A “Purpose” segment is used to spread its Environmental and Social Impact, Purpose, Animal Welfare Policy, and the like. The Ambassador Program lets buyers join the exclusive PopSockets community that comes with inviting incentives.

This excellent website is what grants PopSockets a solid spot in the best Shopify electronics store list.

Wildflower Cases

Screenshot of Wildflower’s website.

Shop the perfect case for your phone from Wildflower’s online store.

Designed for a wide range of iPhones, Wildflower Cases’ products are especially appealing to a younger demographic. Their phone cases and keychains embody a cutesy vibe but are no less protective.

The website’s color scheme is bright and playful, in which community is the core element. On its homepage, you can find a Featured Collabs section, a UGC where buyers can be spotted sporting the brand’s cases in their Instagram posts, as well as a constantly updated blog list. Wildflower Cases makes it easy for shoppers to browse, compare, and buy its products with this simple but sweet online store.


Screenshot of Anker’s website.

Anker is a hub for your charging accessory needs, with a wide array of powerbanks, chargers, and cables.

Anker has made a name for itself by being one of the top dogs in the charging accessory sub-niche. When tech lovers want to look for trustworthy and advanced charging options for their devices, Anker is a no-brainer.

Its online store is optimized, from the use of drop-down menus, compelling CTA buttons, a countdown timer to a blog and news segment, trust badges, and a community tab. Every detail is purposeful and well-placed. This UI-focused layout has made Anker one of the best in the eCommerce electronics scene.


Screenshot of Spigen’s website.

Tech lovers are certain to find electronics gear with guaranteed quality from Spigen.

Spigen has an impressive repertoire, where every customer is guaranteed to find what they want. By catering to Apple, Samsung, Google, and other big brands’ users - the online store becomes a hotbed for electronics accessories. This calls for a well-designed online store with an intuitive layout, and Spigen delivered just the thing.

Its navigation bar shows a list of product categories, where the details are neatly hidden behind the dropdown menus. This placement eliminates the need for excessive scrolling.

Instead of overcrowding its homepage with products, the brand focuses on bringing visual elements alongside noticeable CTA buttons that take buyers to specific web pages. This keeps Spigen’s main page clean and professional, while the whole store looks cohesive.

Peak Design

Screenshot of Peak Design’s website.

Camera gears made convenient and stylish with Peak Design’s collections.

At first glance, Peak Design may not look like your typical electronics store. The brand prioritizes people and planet over profit, and this vision has translated into its product. Whether it is bag accessories, mobile cases, or camera gear, everything is built to provide comfort and last for a long time. 

Peak Design’s website is a prime example of how to do content-rich web pages right. Its product page is filled with the item’s details, as well as several product overview videos. That said, sales-driven elements are precisely highlighted (i.e. Add to Cart button) so buyers are not lost in where to go next. The option to purchase pre-owned products is a unique feature.

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Screenshot of Nomad’s website.

Get all-round protection for your Apple products with electronics products from Nomad.

Another top choice for Apple users on this list is Nomad - an online brand with which we cannot fault anything.

The brand relies on the use of compelling visuals to let the products speak for themselves without excessive explanation. Wherever there are texts, they are bold and hard to miss.

Screenshot of Nomad’s DesignLab web page.

Customize your Apple Watch with Nomad’s DesignLab tool.

A unique feature of Nomad is the Apple Watch DesignLab, where users are presented with a shortcut to find the best band to go with their watch. Once satisfied with the design, simply click the “Add to Cart” button to start the checkout process instantly.


Screenshot of Rokform’s website.

Protect and equip your smartphone with Rokform’s first-rate products.

Though standing among other phone accessory brands, Rokform’s products make it stand out from the crowd. No need for intricate prints to sell, this brand’s phone cases and mounts embrace a modern, pitch-black color where quality stands before all.

There are many things to love about Rokform’s website, namely an integrated FAQ section on every product page, a handy Shop Pay payment gateway, several discount and reward programs, and many more. This brand owns a no-bull website where the user’s journey is streamlined to a T.


Screenshot of Ring’s website.

Ring is a prime example of a one-product store that excels at what it does.

Ring is one of the first house camera companies that has made it big in the US market, thanks to its user-friendly interface and straightforward functions.

With the objective of creating a safe living environment for everyone, Ring has come up with an assortment of security items to empower homes around the world. For everyday use, cameras, doorbells, and alarms make the perfect kit. If you own a fur baby, the Ring for Pets lets you watch and talk with your pets from anywhere, anytime.

The company’s website is clean, with CTA buttons scattered across the homepage that lead customers through a sales funnel that drives conversion. The product page is straightforward, with a sticky “Add to Cart” button that makes ordering fast and easy.

Skinnydip London

Screenshot of Skinnydip London’s website.

Skinnydip London is more than just an electronics store with its expansive collections of the trendiest tech accessories.

There are a plethora of phone accessory outlets, hence a highly competitive market. In order to float to the top, one has to possess an edge over its competitors. Skinnydip London is a textbook example of how a phone accessory brand should be.

Though having more than just smartphone accessories, this company knows the original cases are their specialty. That is why the whole website is built around finding the best phone cases for its customers, from the Shop by Phone Model, to the special feature on the coveted hero image. Skinnydip London also offers a personalization tool for buyers to customize their own phone cases in 4 simple steps. By implementing free shipping, student discounts, and a “shop now, pay later” payment method, shoppers are encouraged to purchase with utmost convenience.

Think Tank Photo

Screenshot of Think Tank Photo’s website.

Think Tank Photo empowers photographers with its top-notch travel camera gear.

Photography is a common interest of many, and most people often have to jump through hoops in order to take their camera equipment with them while traveling. Understanding this common problem, Think Tank Photo has built an online store dedicated to offering the best travel camera gear to photography lovers. 

Based on your needs, you can opt for a light shoulder bag or a full-on airport roller that houses all your camera possessions. Think Tank Photo makes it easy to browse, check out the products in detail, and place an order without any friction. The website bears a two-tone color combo with both studio and lifestyle photos, which give it a sleek and contemporary appearance.


Screenshot of PITAKA’s website.

Phone accessories are made differently by PITAKA - a modern brand with a mission.

Another phone accessories brand for your consideration is PITAKA - an original eCommerce store whose designs are rooted in a humanistic spirit. If you are looking for a protective phone case with an elegant look, PITAKA’s store will be your one-stop shop. 

The website is easy to navigate, with a convenient top menu and easy-to-spot free shipping bar. However, the most prominent feature of this online store is the various programs for different target groups. Whether you are a student, designer, business, or club member - PITAKA has got you covered with exclusive incentives and perks.


Screenshot of HyperX’s website.

Explore an extensive collection of gaming gears on HyperX’s eCommerce store.

Whether you are a pro gamer or simply a tech lover, HyperX will likely be a familiar name. Designed by people within the gaming industry, the team knows what you want and provides only the products of utmost quality.

From the “Shop By Category” menu option, users can explore a vast collection of classic gaming accessories, from headsets, keyboards, monitors, controllers to mice and microphones. Feeling overwhelmed with choices? Use its smart filter to leaf through products by price, color, platform, and the like. With an intuitive online store and worldwide reputation, HyperX has cemented its position as one of the best in the electronics market.


Screenshot of JLab’s website.

Shop high-quality headphones and earbuds from JLab - a Shopify-based audio equipment brand.

JLab’s goal is to bring lab-quality sound to each customer who purchases its products. The company’s headphones and earbuds are diverse and affordable, which makes it one of the best-selling audio equipment brands in the US.

JLab’s online store may look simple, but it is full of useful details. From the innovative Virtual Try-on to an Interactive Quiz that guides you to your most-suited product, visitors are more prone to stay on its site longer.

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Tips and Tricks For a Topnotch Shopify Electronics Store

We have gone over the examples, now let’s look at how you can elevate your electronics store with the handy tips below.

Research your niche

As mentioned, the eCommerce electronics market is expansive. By narrowing down your options, you will be able to stick to a niche that fits your business model best.

To do this, it is imperative to conduct a thorough market research. Several common benchmarks to conclude your niche are target audience, geographical location, trending products, and the like. This way, it is easier to locate customer’s pain points and build your brand.

When in doubt, start small instead of stockpiling a large amount of products at once. Especially with an expensive line of products like electronic devices. If possible, opt for a one-product business model to find your footing before pulling out the big gun.

Tip: If your store is a part of the Shopify ecosystem, utilize its themes to zhuzh up your business effortlessly. Check out our article on Shopify themes to explore the best free Shopify themes for electronics businesses.

Set up a reliable shipping and return system

Unlike commonplace goods that are shipping-friendly such as clothes or packaged foods, electronics products require a more complicated delivery system due to their high price tags and fragile nature.

For an eCommerce business with no physical location, providing a dependable shipping and return system is the ultimate trust badge for customers. Some aspects to consider are:

  • Eligible shipping locations
  • Shipping rates
  • Return and refund policy
  • Accepted payment methods
  • Damaged product claims
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Build your brand on communities

Having a target demographic is not enough, knowing how to tap into the community aspect will level up your business tenfold.

For instance, many electronics stores carry gaming accessories. Products like headphones, keyboards, controllers, and even gaming chairs are popular within the gaming community. Similarly, cases and gears made specifically for Apple products are naturally marketed towards buyers who love this brand.

Online electronics stores have begun to offer affiliate or referral programs to encourage word-of-mouth marketing and spread brand awareness. A brilliant example is the HyperX Partner Program - a business model where content creators are uplifted and compensated, as part of the #HyperXFamily. This way, the brand will receive organic exposure from its customers.

Key Takeaways

These Shopify electronics stores are living proof that this is a diverse and lucrative market. By making use of Shopify’s multifaceted features, sellers can kickstart an electronics business without any hassle.

To help you tailor your store to capture your business’s mission perfectly, GemPages aims to be your go-to landing page builder with our high-converting store templates and automated features. Now it is your turn to start building the business of your dreams.

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FAQ About Shopify Electronics Stores

Can I sell electronic products on Shopify?
You can sell a wide range of electronic products on Shopify. It is easy to set up a store and choose a plan that fits your needs for a successful electronics store. Third-party apps that help you boost conversions are also a bonus point of operating on this platform.
What type of electronic products sell best on Shopify?
Electronics that sell best on Shopify include mobile and wireless products, smart speakers, home video cameras, headphones and earbuds, and gaming devices. You can choose to carry one or more types of products, depending on your preferences and business size.
How do I ship electronic products internationally?
Shipping electronic products is made simple if your store is based on Shopify. By utilizing Shopify Shipping, major shipping carriers are automatically accessible from your store’s dashboard. Alternatively, third-party apps will help you configure your shipping system with potentially challenging items like electronic goods.

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