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Top 15 Trending Products To Sell on Shopify (2024)

GemPages Team
7 minutes read
Top 15 Trending Products To Sell on Shopify (2024)

Opening an online store is one thing, deciding what products to sell is the irrefutable factor that can make or break your business. 

Whether you come into the eCommerce industry with a clear-cut business idea or are just figuring it out along the way, there are several means to aid you in finding the best product match for your online store.

Follow our nifty tricks to find the products that benefit you, alongside our recommendations for the current product trends that are the talk of the town. If this piques your interest, keep reading to stay in the loop for the current trending products on Shopify.

Tips and Tricks to Find the Best Products to Sell on Shopify

Depending on where you are based, your business motto, budget, and personal needs, the determinant factor in finding the best products to sell may differ. That said, we have compiled several helpful tips to speed up the process for you. Let’s dive in!

Screenshot of Google Trends’ homepage.

Google Trends captured users’ most popular queries, updated daily.

It is effortless to learn how to use Google Trends to find products to sell. This free tool is straightforward: find out what is on people’s lips and lean into it. By researching certain keywords, you can have an overview of said topics’ popularity across days, months, and years. 

This is a quick and easy tool to figure out whether that particular interest has depleted, or is still in style. Thus, it makes sorting out what products are trending more effectively.

If you are planning on expanding globally, this tool is also particularly useful to stay ahead of other regions’ trends as well.

2. Product research tools

Product research tools are a great addition to your product-hunting journey. These apps will not only aid you in finding the best-suited products based on current trends but also keep a record of your product catalog.

Several reputable names include Helium 10, Jungle Scout, SellerApp, and Exploding Topics. These tools have an intuitive interface, diverse price plans, and a solid reputation to back them up.

3. Sell seasonal products

    No matter how well a store performs, there are bound to be products that do not sell as fast as others.

    The rationale varies from business to business, but the product demand during different times of the year might be a contribution that you should take note of.

    It’s highly advised to stay aware of seasonal trends, holidays, and special occasions to pinpoint your products’ popularity. This will make inventory management more efficient as well.

    4. Keep an eye on the competitors

      This is a crucial step in any marketing strategy. By observing what your competitors are doing right and wrong, you will be able to make adjustments to your own business.

      It is a good call to go on their websites, check out the best-selling or new arrivals pages, and study their product collections. Trending products are not always a one-and-done ordeal, a comprehensive catalog in which every item matches well is a must. This is why keeping tabs on the competitors will give you a more in-depth picture of what to sell.

      5. Scour online communities

        A good rule of thumb: don’t underestimate the power of online communities and their influence.

        With the surge of adding the golden keyword “reddit” at the end of their search queries, web surfers want to make sure their online shopping experiences are as smooth as possible.

        But, how does this work?

        Reddit is a network of communities that house different interests and niches, made by and for real Internet users. By formatting the search query to include the site’s name, buyers are guaranteed authentic results, rather than paid ads and articles.

        For instance, by searching for “best mini laptops reddit”, search results from relevant communities, or subreddits, will pop up. Users can start browsing posts and comments to get the reviews they need.

        As sellers, this function is not to be overlooked. You can create posts to ask members about their opinions on certain topics and products, thus, collecting data and analyzing. This channel is a cost-effective and efficient way to find trending products to sell.

        6. Check out eCommerce sites’ best-sellers

        Screenshot of Amazon’s Best Sellers page.

        Sort through different departments to see which products are selling like hotcakes on this reputable marketplace.

        Most online markets like Amazon, eBay, or other retail companies have a “Best Sellers” section. This is your golden goose.

        Begin by leafing through their lists of the top trending products from different departments, then proceed to compare the popularity of these items between similar websites. This method will give you a better idea about what type of products to start investing in.

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        15 Best Products to Sell on Shopify in 2024

        Insulated tumblers

        The Stanley cups have taken the internet by storm. This craze contributed to the company’s substantial revenue jump from $73 million in 2019 to $750 million in 2023.

        Screenshot of Stanley’s website.

        Stanley became a trendy product among young shoppers in a short amount of time.

        Though Stanley has managed to recruit a solid following, other tumbler brands have also received a significant amount of exposure. This is your chance to tap into this market and make use of this trending product.

        Here are some product ideas surrounding this product:

        • Insulated cups
        • Cup accessories (sleeves, straws, straw stoppers, etc.).
        • Cup stickers
        • Tumbler nameplates

        Skincare products

        Screenshot of Google Trends’ result of the “skincare” search term.

        User’s interest in skincare in the US market in the past 5 years. Source: Google Trends.

        Google Trends has witnessed a steady growth in the skincare niche in the past years, due to newly-emerged skincare brands and fads. As a result, skincare now stands among the most common products to sell in the eCommerce market.

        You can focus on skincare products only, where each item is designed to combat an exclusive skin problem. One brand that has seen major success with this business model is Topicals - a skincare brand that tackles stubborn skin conditions.

        Screenshot of Topicals’ website.

        Topicals is one of the newly introduced skincare businesses that has found immense success on Shopify.

        On the flip side, by also carrying makeup products, your customers will have a wider range of selections. Thus, a more diverse demographic.

        Some Shopify-approved skincare products for your consideration:

        • Sunscreen
        • Oil cleanser
        • Guasha
        • Face mask
        • Anti-aging cream
        • Lip balm
        • Vegan items

        Indie artwork

        The digital art market is forecasted to grow at a steady pace until 2030, since the appreciation for art of every form never seems to fade away. This data is worth your consideration to tap into this profitable niche.

        Indie artwork refers to art made by independent artists, with a diverse price range and styles. If you have a knack for art, why not open up an online store for it?

        With thriving Shopify stores like 20x200 and Wall of Art whose mottos center around building communities, you can create an art store of the same caliber. 

        Screenshot of Wall of Art’s website.

        Wall of Art embraces a community of talented artists, whose premium art is proudly displayed and sold in the store.

        Read more on Shopify art stores in this blog post: 15 Best Shopify Art Stores To Inspire You in 2024
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        Mobile accessories

        In this era of digital natives, having a personal portable device is no longer unobtainable. With an estimated number of 4.74 billion smartphone users worldwide in 2024, the eCommerce mobile market is an essential solution.

        Among Shopify-hosted mobile stores, PopSockets is leading the pack. The company offers a wide array of Apple accessories, with unique collaboration campaigns with notable brands.

        Screenshot of PopSockets’ website.

        Browsing PopSockets’ online store will inspire you to start your mobile accessories business.

        You can opt for an original line of mobile accessories, or adopt a dropshipping model to focus on other facets of your business apart from production.

        Get familiar with these product ideas:

        • Phone case
        • Phone charm
        • Tripod
        • Portable charger
        • Screen protector
        • Bluetooth speaker

        Pet treats

        Screenshot of Zesty Paws’ website.

        Zesty Paws is a Shopify-based pet store that offers the most tasty treats for your furry friends.

        People have been owning pets since the dawn of time, and it will not change anytime soon.

        Since pet treats are often in the form of kibbles, supplements, and packaged wet food, they are the bee’s knees among the most trending products to sell on Shopify.

        The work on your end is to develop an FDA-approved formula and tap into a niche that you want your business to represent.

        Here are some pet treat product ideas for you:

        • Jerky treats
        • CBD-infused supplements 
        • Dental chews
        • Rawhide
        • Freeze-dried treats

        Fitness apparel

        When it comes to fitness apparel in eCommerce, the sky’s the limit. With clothing being one of the best niches of all time, there are several ways that you can go about this.

        While athleisure brands like Splits59 and Alo Yoga carry contemporary, limited designs that enable comfort, Gymshark goes all out with an extensive collection of gym wear for every fitness enthusiast.

        Find your style and take note of these product recommendations:

        • Leggings
        • Sports bra
        • Hat and sneakers
        • Joggers and sweatpants

        Health supplements 

        The trusted Google Trends shows an increasing interest in “health supplements” from internet users in the last 5 years, which is solid evidence in the viability of this niche.

        Since this is a multifaceted market, there are numerous approaches to the vitamins and health supplements industry.

        Screenshot of Not Pot’s website.

        Not Pot embodies a visually pleasing website to promote its CBD gummies and oil.

        Some of the coveted names in the Shopify ecosystem are Not Pot and Sugarbear Pro. While both of these stores fall into the same category, their product lines, brand aesthetics, demographics, etc. are wildly different. This shows how versatile this market can be.

        Trending products in this market are:

        • CBD oil
        • Collagen supplement
        • Gummy vitamins
        • Supplement for pets

        Travel gears

        Since the world started to open up after the pandemic, the urge to travel is heating up again. Although there are certain household names when it comes to travel accessories, buyers are always looking for cheaper or more innovative brands. If this seems like a viable niche for you, let’s check out which products are trending:

        • Travel bottle
        • Luggage scale
        • Power Bank
        • Travel pillow
        • Toiletry bag
        • Earplugs
        • Trekking backpacks

        Screenshot of BÉIS’s website.

        BÉIS makes functional and fashionable travel gear.

        Sustainable products

        Going sustainable is no longer a grand ideology, as it can start by learning and changing your everyday activities. Thus, this niche is considered an umbrella term for different products that help shoppers move towards a greener lifestyle.

        From yoga mats that are made from recycled corks to glass frames that use biodegradable materials, companies like Yoloha Yoga and Dick Moby are textbook examples of sustainable eCommerce done right.

        If this niche is your calling, consider these product ideas:

        • Bamboo toothbrushes
        • Reusable straws
        • Vegan beauty products
        • Natural cleaning products
        • Beeswax wraps

        Meal kits

        You know what they said, modern problems require modern solutions.

        Amidst the dreaded pandemic when we were stuck at home, finding an alternative to going out for groceries was a must. This was when meal kit companies like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron were heavensends.

        Getting groceries delivered to your front door enables you to try different cuisines at a frequency of your choice, what not to love?

        If you are not yet operating at a large scale like the two companies above, here is a list of meal kit product ideas for your eCommerce store:

        • Single cuisine meal kits
        • Vegan and vegetarian meal kits
        • Diet meal kits
        • Dessert-only meal kits


        A classic piece of jewelry never goes out of style. With the convenience of eCommerce, customers can now shop, try on, and place an order for their favorite necklace without stepping out of the door.

        If you are passionate about everything gems and trinkets, the jewelry could be calling your name. Afraid that this niche requires a large sum of investment? It doesn’t have to be! Take Daisy for an example: this store offers elegant yet affordable jewelry that is made for everyday wear.

        Screenshot of Daisy’s website.

        Daisy carries an admirable repertoire of jewelry items in its online store.

        Some items to complete your jewelry line:

        • Necklace and pendants
        • Bracelets
        • Earrings
        • Rings
        • Body chains
        • Anklets
        • Grills
        • Pearl
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        Gaming gears

        The gaming industry is an ever-evolving market. With the total revenue of the worldwide gaming market reported at nearly $347 billion in 2022, it is never too late to enter this industry.

        Some eCommerce gaming stores that have paved the way are HyperX, Turtle Beach, and KontrolFreek. As this is a diverse industry, it is highly advised that you are fully equipped with intensive knowledge about the gaming world.

        Gaming gear product ideas:

        • Headphones
        • Controllers
        • Microphones
        • Keyboard
        • Monitor

        Handmade products

        Being named by Shopify as one of the most creative business ideas for 2024, this could be the year in which the handmade products market sees an imposing boost.

        One brilliant store example where handmade goods get to shine is East Fork Pottery - a North Carolina-based business where every pottery piece is made with love.

        Screenshot of East Fork Pottery’s website.

        East Fork’s products are made by a team of talented potters with an undying passion for pottery.

        If you want to spread the word on the heartfelt nature of handmade products, take a peep at some of the product niches here:

        • Art
        • Pottery
        • Jewelry
        • Home decor
        • Candle

        Print-on-demand (POD) is a service which young startups can make use of, due to the lower chance of risks and less inventory management. 

        How so?

        Since each product is made after a buyer has placed an order, there are little to no excessive inventory costs, unsold stocks, and the like. Plus, the customization option is a glaring incentive for customers.

        Some POD products that sell well:

        • T-shirt and hoodie
        • Mug
        • Phone case
        • Hat
        • Tote bag

        Subscription service

        A subscription-based business model in eCommerce refers to products or services that are sold on a recurring basis. This method can be applied to a wide variety of products across different fields.

        Screenshot of Who Gives A Crap’s website.

        Who Gives A Crap provides a subscription service for toilet paper - a daily-used item in every household.

        On Shopify, implementing a subscription as a purchase option is simple with a plethora of third-party apps. These tools will shoulder the heavy work for you so that you can focus on developing the products themselves.

        In this niche, perishable goods are more popular than most. Here is the list of trending products that are excellent in a subscription model:

        • Foreign snacks
        • Razors and shaving foam
        • Toilet paper
        • Pet food
        • Dental care

        The Bottom Line

        If you are looking to launch or transform your online business in 2024, our guide of these most trending products on Shopify above will give you a helping hand. However, the possibilities are endless. Every business strategy comes with trials and errors, thus, it is important to build a solid business plan before diving head first into producing or dropshipping products.

        GemPages aims to empower young startups with fully Shopify-integrated functions. If you are unsure where to start, how about giving us a try?

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        How to find trending products to sell on Shopify?
        There are several ways to find popular products to sell on Shopify. You can either use a handy trend-updating app like Google Trends or take on the work yourself by scouring online communities and checking out the best-sellers tab on eCommerce sites.
        What products are popular on Shopify?
        Some trending products on Shopify in 2024 are:
      1. Insulated tumblers
      2. Skincare products
      3. Indie artwork
      4. Mobile accessories
      5. Pet treats
      6. Sports apparel
      7. Health supplements
      8. Travel gears
      9. Sustainable products
      10. Meal kits
      11. Jewelry
      12. Gaming gears
      13. Handmade products
      14. Print-on-demand products
      15. Subscription service
      16. What products can be dropshipped on Shopify?
        Dropshipping is a versatile business method, which applies to most products on Shopify. Some of the common products to be dropshipped are kitchen gadgets, baby products, clothing and fashion, pet care, and so on.
        Check out the full list here: 150 Best Items to Dropship on Shopify.

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