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15 Top Shopify Contact Us Page Examples (2023)

GemPages Team
12 minutes read
Shopify contact us page examples

What is a Shopify Contact Us Page?

While everyone is focused on the homepage or the product page, let's not forget about the humble yet vital Shopify Contact Us page. It may not be the star of the show, but it's still worth some love and attention.

So what's so great about contact pages? Well, they're where your customers gather your contact information - email, phone number, address - and they're also a chance to build trust and credibility with your potential and existing customers. 

What Should Be Written In Contact Us Page?

1. Contact Form

A contact form is a convenient way for customers to get in touch without having to leave the website. The form should include fields for the customer's name, email address, and message.

2. Contact Information

In addition to the contact form, it's important to include other ways for your customers to get in touch. This could include an email address, phone number, or even a good old-fashioned street address. 

3. Business Hours

If your store has specific business hours, make sure to tell people on your Shopify Contact Us page! No customer wants to wonder when they can expect a response. 

4. FAQ Section

Before they even need to get in touch, why not help them help themselves? An informative FAQ section on the Shopify Contact Us page can save everyone some time and effort.

5. Return Policy

If your store has a return policy, share it on the Contact Us page. Customers would want to know what to do if they change their mind or need a refund. 

6. Shipping information

A Contact Us page is also a place where you should be transparent on the delivery times, rates, and anything else your customers need to know before clicking that buy button.

7. Embed Google Map (if you have Offline store)

Embed a Google Map on the Shopify Contact Us page so people can find their way to your door.

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15 Examples of Shopify Contact Us Page 2023

It’s time dive into the juicy part of this article, because we’ve rounded up a diverse set of 15 Shopify 'Contact Us' page examples that can serve as your guide. From comprehensive designs to unique features, these examples cover a range of approaches that could elevate your customer interaction game. 

#1. Cosmo - Comprehensive Contact Us Page

If you want to find an inspiring example of comprehensive Shopify contact us page, look no further than Cosmo - a kids’ smart watch brand based in the US. It integrates all-you-need elements of a contact us page to help end users get support in variety of ways. 

As smart watch is an electronic device product, which may need technical support sometimes, Cosmo’s contact us page integrates User guide and FAQs for users to easily find instructions and support about the product and troubleshooting. 

What we like about the page:

  • All-in-one support options
  • User-friendly guide
  • Customizable search bar
  • Visually smart UI/UX

Cosmo Shopify Contact Us Page

Find all your support in Cosmo’s contact us page

#2. Ohsnap! - Enticing CTA Buttons

Ohsnap! is a brand based in the US that offers phone grips and accessories. They have implemented effective call-to-action buttons on their website, placed strategically below the contact form. These buttons are clear, colorful, and highly visible, encouraging customers to take immediate action. 

Ohsnap! also understands the most common queries from their customers, such as grip replacement and troubleshooting, and has simplified the process of getting in touch through these high-converting CTAs. As a result, visitors are encouraged to reach out without any confusion or distraction.

What we like about the page:

  • Clear and noticeable CTA
  • Straightforward content
  • Vibrant design

Ohsnap! Shopify Contact Us Page

Ohsnap! contact us page built with GemPages

#3. 100Pine Kitchen - Minimalist Contact Us Page

Sometimes, simplicity is the key to delivering a straightforward and user-friendly experience. 100Pine Kitchen, a kitchenware brand, excels in creating a minimalist Contact Us page that prioritizes clarity and ease of use.

By reducing clutter and distractions, this minimalist approach ensures that customers can easily locate and utilize the contact form. This streamlined design also makes it hassle-free for customers to get in touch, eliminating unnecessary steps.

What we like about this page:

  • Simple and straightforward contact details
  • No distractions
  • Easy-to-use contact form
  • Minimal design

100Pine Kitchen Shopify Contact Us Page

100Pine Kitchen contact us page built with GemPages

#4. Buster + Gracie - Comprehensive FAQs

Buster + Gracie, a custom pet portrait brand based in Canada, goes the extra mile to address common customer inquiries proactively. Their Contact Us page is thoughtfully divided into three equal sections, each dedicated to FAQs related to products, shipping, returns, and guarantees.

By organizing FAQs in this manner, Buster + Gracie significantly reduces the number of repetitive inquiries, saving time and resources for both customers and the business.

FAQs about products

FAQs about shipping

FAQs about returns and guarantees

Buster + Gracie Contact Us Page built with GemPages

Moreover, understanding that not all queries can be addressed in the FAQs section, the brand provides a contact form as well, ensuring customers can directly reach out to the customer support team for personalized assistance.

What we like about this page:

  • FAQs that cover all the bases
  • Sleek and simple design
  • Pops of vibrant color that catch the eye

#5. Sticker Phantom - Engaging Introduction

Sticker Phantom, a US-based custom printing shop, understands the importance of making a positive first impression. Their Contact Us page begins with an engaging and welcoming introduction that immediately sets a friendly and approachable tone.

By crafting an introduction that resonates with their brand identity, Sticker Phantom establishes a warm and inviting atmosphere for customers. This personalized touch creates a sense of connection and makes customers feel valued even before they initiate contact.

The rest of the page such as FAQs, contact information or contact form are also highly focused, creating a comprehensive experience for customers from start to finish. 

What we like about this page:

  • A personalized intro that hits the nail on the head
  • Clear contact information
  • A tidy and well-organized layout

 Sticker Phantom contact us page

Sticker Phantom Contact Us Page built with GemPages

Your Contact Us Page could look like that
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#6. My Derma Dream - Contact Us Page with Limited Time Offer Integration

Incorporating limited-time offers into the Contact Us page can be a game-changer in driving sales and customer engagement. My Derma Dream, a Miami-based skincare brand, strategically integrates exclusive limited-time offers into its Contact Us page.

By placing these enticing offers in the header above the navigation menu, the brand creates a sense of urgency, encouraging visitors to act quickly before the offer expires. 

My Derma Dream contact us page

My Derma Dream Contact Us Page built with GemPages

Scrolling down, customers can find a well-designed lead-capture form, encouraging customers to become a subscriber to receive exclusive discounts. This integration effectively boosts customer motivation and creates a win-win situation where customers benefit from exclusive discounts, and the business gains loyal customers through subscriptions.

My Derma Dream contact us page

Promotion form built with GemPages

What we like about this page:

  • Discount with limited time offer on header
  • Promotion form for subscribers to boost customer loyalty

#7. BetterMan - Branded Contact Us Page

A consistent and branded design can significantly impact customer perception and brand recognition. BetterMan, a Men's Health & Wellness Products based in the UK, goes the extra mile by aligning their Contact Us page with their overall branding and style.

With on-brand messaging, consistent colors (blue, white, black) and fonts (HelveticaNeue and Sans-serif), this page reinforces BetterMan's identity and showcases their commitment to a seamless and unified user experience across all touchpoints. 

Also, the brand displays a picture of its office, which can increase brand awareness and authority. This attention to branding enhances customer trust and builds a strong emotional connection with the brand.

What we like about this page:

  • On-brand messaging
  • Nice photo
  • Consistent design elements (fonts, graphics)
  • Social media integration

BetterMan contact us page

BetterMan Contact Us page built with GemPages

#8. PensPlus - Location-specific Contact Us Page

PensPlus, a pens brand based in the UK with a physical store in Oxford, excels in providing a location-specific Contact Us page that caters to both online and offline customers. This page integrates various features to enhance communication and convenience.

At the heart of the Contact Us page, PensPlus showcases a full-width map that dynamically centers on their physical store's location in Oxford. This map integration not only aids customers in locating the store but also reinforces the brand's presence in the local area.

BetterMan contact us page

BetterMan Contact Us page built with GemPages

For customers who prefer in-person shopping or need immediate assistance, PensPlus prominently displays the store locator and clear hours of operation. This inclusion ensures customers can easily plan their visits and access assistance when the physical store is open.

What we like about this page: 

  • Dynamic map integration
  • Store locator
  • Comprehensigve contact information for each location
  • Hours of operation

BetterMan contact form

BetterMan Contact Form

#9. Trulean - Product-focused Contact Us Page 

Trulean, an all-natural supplement brand based in the US, understands the importance of focusing on their products to drive customer engagement. Their Product-focused Contact Us page delivers a visually compelling and user-centric experience.

Trulean employs eye-catching and attention-grabbing hero banners, showcasing high-quality product images. These visually appealing banners immediately draw the customer's attention, creating a positive first impression and reinforcing the brand's commitment to product excellence.

Trulean contact us page

Trulean Contact Us page built with GemPages

Scroll down, Trulean cleverly incorporates product recommendations in the form of thumbnail images. Each thumbnail is linked to the respective product detail pages, offering customers to explore the brand's product range.

Trulean contact us page

Trulean’s product recommendations

What we like about this: 

  • Product recommendations
  • Product thumbnails and CTA button to product detailed page
  • Eye-catching product images
Your Contact Us Page could look like that
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#10. Rise - Contact Us Page with Chatbot Support

Rise, a Canadian retailer specializing in building materials and garden equipment, offers various support options, ensuring customers can choose the most convenient method to address their inquiries and concerns.

At the right conner of their Contact Us page, Rise integrates a user-friendly and interactive chatbot, welcoming visitors and prompting them to select their preferred type of inquiry.

To enhance self-service and empower customers to find quick answers, the chatbot includes an integrated FAQ search bar, which allows customers to enter keywords related to their questions and instantly receive relevant results from the FAQ section.

Rise contact us page

Rise Contact Us page built with GemPages

For customers who want to track their order status, Rise offers an option within the chatbot. By selecting this feature, customers can receive real-time updates on their order's progress, ensuring transparency and reducing the need for manual follow-ups.

Rise contact us page

Rise’s real-time order tracking

Another standout feature is that the persistent chatbot appears on every webpage throughout their website. This implementation ensures customers can easily access support and assistance from anywhere on the site. 

What we like about this page:

  • Multiple support options
  • Persistant chatbot appears on every page
  • Real-time order tracking

#12. Domegaia - Social Proof Contact Us Page

Domegaia, a Aircrete Building Tools brand based in the US, leverages social proof on their Contact Us page to establish credibility, trust, and showcase their industry recognition. 

At the heart of their Contact Us page, Domegaia proudly displays logos of reputable media outlets and platforms where their brand has been featured. These logos, which include mentions on TED, TinyHouseTalk, Surfaces Reporter, Sustainability Now, and more, serve as compelling endorsements of the brand's expertise and contributions to the industry.

Domegaia contact us page

Domegaia contact us page built with GemPages

To further bolster customer engagement and promote an omni-channel presence, Domegaia incorporates links to their official social media profiles, including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest. Customers can conveniently contact the brand through their preferred social media platforms, fostering seamless communication and brand interaction.

What we like about this page: 

  • As Seen On icons
  • Trusted elements
  • Social integration

#13. LAPALETTE - Contact Us Page with Hero Banner

LAPALETTE, a women's bags and backpacks brand based in the US, leverages a large hero to make a striking first impression and enhance the overall user experience.

The hero banner on LAPALETTE's Contact Us page is prominently displayed at the top, immediately drawing visitors' attention upon landing on the page. This visually stunning section typically features high-quality image of their bags collection, designed to leave a lasting impression and increase brand awareness.

LAPALETTE contact us page

LAPALETTE  contact us page built with GemPages

What we like about this page: 

  • Large and enticing hero banner
  • Overlaid content on banner

#14. Ettika - Visual appealing Contact Us Page

Ettika, a jewelry and accessories store based in the US, creates a visually appealing and user-friendly experience for their customers.

Ettika's Contact Us page immediately grabs visitors' attention with a visually striking design. The page includes creative elements like pop-up and captivating imagery that aligns with the brand's style. 

Ettika pop-ups

Ettika pop-ups

Ettika strategically employs visual hierarchy to organize information on the Contact Us page. By using contrasting colors, such as a combination of brown, beige and white, key sections and details are highlighted, ensuring that essential information stands out and is easily accessible to visitors. This visually striking design can be beneficial to e-shops, especially for jewelry shop like Ettika.

Ettika contact us page

Ettika contact us page built with GemPages

What we like about this page:

  • Eye catching pop-up and imagery
  • Clear and concise messaging
  • Visual hierarchy: contrasting colors, bold text, headings, subheadings
  • Use different emails for different purposes

#15. Fabricated Custom - Personalized Contact Us Page

Fabricated Custom, a screen printing shop based in the US, offers a personalized customer page, making customers feel valued and fostering stronger connections.

Fabricated Custom's Contact Us page showcases photos and titles of their team members, creating a sense of trust and transparency, and reinforcing their commitment to customer satisfaction.

 Fabricated Custom contact us page

Fabricated Custom contact us page built with GemPages

Instead of providing generic contact information, Fabricated Custom goes the extra mile by offering specific contact details for individual team members. This includes direct email addresses or extensions, enabling customers to communicate with the appropriate team member directly. This personalized approach streamlines communication and ensures inquiries are directed to the right person, leading to quicker and more tailored responses.

What we like about this page: 

  • Team member photos and titles
  • Contact information for specific team members
  • Personalized messaging

#16. Chubbies - Contact Us Page with Delivery-focused Strategy

Chubbies, a men's shorts brand based in Canada, takes a delivery-focused approach on their Contact Us page to ensure a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience for customers. 

Chubbies emphasizes their commitment to serving a global customer base by prominently featuring a world-wide shipping pop-up on their Contact Us page. This pop-up informs visitors that Chubbies offers shipping to various international destinations, boosting confidence among potential customers and expanding the brand's reach.

Chubbies contact us page

Chubbies contact us page

Recognizing the importance of offering diverse payment options, Chubbies integrates multiple payment methods on their Contact Us page. This includes credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, and possibly other secure payment gateways. By providing a range of payment choices, Chubbies accommodates different customer preferences and ensures a seamless checkout process.

What we like about this page: 

  • World wide shipping pop-up
  • Payment method integration
  • Free Shipping + Free Returns & Exchange
  • Available Stores
  • Short and simple, with users contact being placed on footer

Building a Shopify Contact Us Page That Fills Your Inbox Can Be a Piece of Cake

We have provided clear examples of how Shopify Contact Us Pages should look like to get you inspired. While the default Shopify contact us page templates can help you with the basics, you can always go extra miles to customize a page that matches your brand and specific business needs. Using GemPages, a top-rated Shopify page builder, is an easy yet effective way to perform advanced customization for your Shopify product pages. And the best part is you don't need to know a lick of code!

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FAQ About Shopify Contact Us Pages

What Should be Included in Shopify Contact Us Page?
1. Contact Form
2. Contact Information
3. Business Hours
4. FAQ Section
5. Return Policy
6. Shipping information
7. Embed Google Map (if you have an Offline store)
Check out our article for more details
Does Shopify Have a Contact Us Template?
Yes, Shopify does offer a default contact us page template that can be customized to meet the specific needs of a business. The template includes fields for the customer's name, email address, and message, as well as the business's phone number and physical address.
How Can I Improve My Contact Us Page?
There are several ways to improve your Shopify contact us page and make it more effective in providing customers with the information and resources they need to get in touch with your business. Here are some tips:1. Make it easy to find
2. Keep it simple
3. Use clear language
4. Provide multiple contact options
5. Include a FAQ section
6. Optimize for mobile
7. Test and iterate
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