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How to Create A Captivating Shopify Coming Soon Page (+ Examples)

GemPages Team
15 minutes read
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To successfully launch your online store (or your brand's new product line), you must do justice to the pre-launch. Think of the pre-launch as a way to plan your tease and gauge potential customers' attention and anticipation before your website (or page) is officially available to go live.

A Shopify coming soon page (or a Shopify pre-launch page) is one of the best pre-launch marketing tactics you can consider implementing during these times. Providing a glimpse into what's to come, triggering curiosity and interest, and gathering feedback - these are just a few of the benefits this page can bring about to help create and amplify maximum impact before your opening.

Follow our article and learn everything you need to know about creating a high-converting Shopify coming soon page.

Let's no longer wait and dig in!

What Is a Shopify Coming Soon Page?

A Shopify coming soon page (pre-launch page/ under-construction page) is a landing page that keeps your customers informed (and excited) about whatever is yet to come when you launch your new product line or whole store.

A Shopify coming soon page can answer these questions:

  • Who: Who are your potential customers? This will be the audience you are talking to.
  • What: Introduce your brand/ product to your customers. Show the audience what's it all about.
  • Why: Briefly state the benefits of your new brand/ product. Why should people click through to your site and purchase? Are you solving customers' needs?
  • When & Where: When are you launching? Which day of the week? What time? You can also provide further details such as location.
  • How: Provide ways customers can interact with your brand if they are interested in your new product or brand launch. This includes registering by email for more information, pre-purchasing, or getting a discount if a customer shares about the launch on their social media.

There are various ways you can answer the above questions and announce your launch. A combination of copy, images, animations, signup forms, social sharing buttons, live chat widgets, and so on would nail the deal.

The below example is Skate City's coming soon landing page. The page promotes a virtual game that can be played on various devices, including mobile. We say Skate City had not just announced their upcoming launch. They topped the job by adding just the right creative spice to inspire potential customers to anticipate the game!

Example of creative coming soon landing page

Skate City’s coming soon landing page featured a video in the above-the-fold section, keeping and leading customers to the CTA section or social sharing buttons to get notifications and updates about their launch.

Just a small note: There are two types of Shopify coming soon pages:

  • Shopify coming soon landing page for product launch: eCommerce brands use this type of page to announce a specific new product or line of products. In this case, the store is already live, and only one page will be added to the store to inform customers about the launch - this means customers can still visit any other page of the brand.

Example of Shopify coming soon landing page for product launch

Fashion Nova has a collection of coming soon products. Customers can click on a specific product and choose to be notified via email when the product is available.

  • Shopify coming soon landing page for brand launch: This coming soon page is used when a brand hasn't launched yet and is called a password page. Customers can only see the password page and have no access to the store.

Example of Shopify coming soon landing page for brand launch

Best Pet Unlimited is preparing for its launch. The site shows a simple password page and a section for interested customers to receive information and updates about the brand via their email.

How to Create and Set Up a Coming Soon Page in Shopify?

We've gone through some of the basics, and it's time to get in the work - how to build a coming soon page with Shopify. There are two useful and common ways to do this:

#1 Use Your Shopify Password Page to Create a Coming Soon Page

Shopify has a password page that benefits brands launching their store in progress. This page will keep their store hidden from the public until things are refined and ready to go live. Also, since it's password protected, you can easily allow certain people to access and view your store in the works by giving them the password.

Note: In case you are looking for ways to create a coming soon page for the launch of your new product line (and not a whole store), it is advised that you add a new landing page to your current live store.

Learn more: How To Create and Customize The Shopify Password Page?

1. From your Shopify admin dashboard, go to Online Store and select Preferences to enable password protection.

create shopify coming soon page by enabling password

You can type in your password and customize the message that will show up on your coming soon page when customers arrive here.

set password and customize a message for Shopify password page

2. Customize your coming soon page using the theme editor.

Once you’ve enabled the password page, it’s time to edit the page in your theme editor. From your Shopify domain dashboard, go to Online Store to select Themes and customize your current theme.

Note: In this guide, we are using the Shopify Dawn theme. The customization options may vary between different themes.

customize the coming soon page using theme editor

In the theme editor, choose Others in the top menu dropdown and select Password.

select password page in theme editor

You can edit your password's page header, footer, and body in the theme editor.

Important note: Since we're using the Online Store 2.0 Dawn theme, you can customize further and add various sections from other pages to your coming soon page, such as collection, blog post, email signup, contact form, and so many more!

customize password page in theme editor

In the page’s Header, edit, and custom the size of your logo.

customize header password page theme editor

Also, change the background image as you wish and add social media icons to your coming soon page to invite customers to follow your brand or latest updates.

customize footer of password page in theme editor

Overall, this one is straightforward and will get your coming soon page up quickly to capture leads and drive in a lot of customers for your pre-launch.

#2 Create a Temporary ‘Coming Soon’ Version of Your Current Theme

Another way to build a pre-launch page is to simply duplicate your current theme and create a ‘coming soon’ version with your Homepage made into a coming soon page. So you can publish the single temporary coming soon page as your theme while you’re still working on your official store launch version.

Pros? This gives you the flexibility to use all the sections to customize your under-construction page. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Duplicate your current theme in Online Store > Themes.

duplicate current theme to create coming soon version

2. Publish your duplicated theme.

publish duplicated theme

Now you have two versions of your store: the ‘coming soon’ version (your coming soon landing page - a single page or a few, it’s up to you!) and the official version you’re building up for the launch in the Theme library.

two versions store theme

Check out the below example of a temporary version - a coming soon landing page made by Shopify:

example of a duplicated current theme to make a temporary coming soon version

#3 Build Your Shopify Coming Soon Page with Shopify Apps

Here’s a third option and a straight-to-the-matter solution on how you can quickly set up a Shopify coming soon page: use Shopify coming soon apps!

We list some of the best below:

Under Construction Coming Soon

Under Construction Coming Soon Shopify App

Cost: $1.99/month

Under construction is a powerful page builder app with a drag-and-drop option designed to optimize your coming soon page conversion rate.


  • Auto schedule coming soon landing page based on daily settings and predefined date and time base.
  • Simple drag-and-drop widget for designing your page
  • Multiple timer types for a countdown
  • SEO Updates
  • Speed optimization
  • Continues updates
  • Set your custom Pre-loader icon
  • Password protection
  • Age Check - Age verification restricts access to underage users

Pre-launcher / Coming Soon

Pre-launcher / Coming Soon dashboard

Pre-launcher / Coming Soon dashboard

Cost: $2.99/ month

Pre-launcher is an application that allows you to set up a beautiful coming soon page where you can inform customers about your store before it starts. You will be able to attract customers and collect feedback information before the full launch of the store.


  • Easy install without modifying a theme.
  • Add a subscription form for collecting customers' emails.
  • Configure the countdown time to inform customers about the launch time of the shop.
  • Customize headline and subheading.
  • Add your logo.
  • Choose a quality background from our library or upload yours.
  • Select the font that best fits your brand.
  • Add links to social networks where your brand is already represented.
  • Add copyright to your company.
  • Add a link to the privacy policy.
  • Add promo-link to something else.
  • Add custom CSS for more thorough customization.
  • Change the title of the page.

The above coming soon apps work great to build an under-construction page in no time. However, once you've launched your store or product, they still have limitations in page customization and optimization. Thus, we introduce you to an all-around app that will set up your coming soon page with ease and maximum efficiency - GemPages.

#4 Set up Your Shopify Coming Soon Page with GemPages

GemPages landing page builder Shopify app

GemPages is a drag-and-drop page builder that allows you to build any store page with the highest customization ideal. With over 65 design elements and numerous templates, the coming soon page and your whole store can be refined in a flash.

All you need to do is duplicate your current theme and start right away editing and customizing your coming soon landing page with all the elements that fit your needs!

Customize your coming soon landing pages with GemPages
Quickly create and customize compelling, conversion-optimized coming soon landing pages to trigger curiosity and interest.


  • If you’re launching a whole store, create a landing page and set it as your Homepage.
  • If you’re launching a product line, simply create and add a new landing page to your current live store.

Learn more: How to create a high-converting Shopify landing page

Showcase Your New Product(s) With the Slider Element

In GemPages, the flexible Carousel element allows you to have multiple slides with multiple columns for each slide, and you can even control the speed at which each slide advances.

Gather Emails from Potential Customers with Contact Form Element

In GemPages, you have the Contact Form element and it’s fully customizable. Not only do contact forms provide a convenient way for shoppers to get in touch with you, but they also serve marketing purposes, such as generating more leads and growing your customer base.

Create a Sense of Urgency with the Count Down Element

Use GemPages’ countdown timer element to inform customers about the launch date.

set up a coming soon page with GemPages

Examples of Shopify Coming Soon Pages

We have some inspiring examples of how our customers have been able to create stunning coming-soon pages and showcase them for their pre-launch campaigns. Let's have a look at these unique pages.

#1 VibeWest

A standard coming soon page should include all the essential elements, such as the headline, the brand logo, a contact form, and social sharing. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t spice things up and play bold.

VibeWest made an impression as a brand that is strong in its presence, lively yet daring at the same time. Their coming soon page looks like a poster with their brand image and the headline ‘True to Yourself”.

We say the coming soon page can sure speak for the brand itself!

example of coming soon page

VibeWest played it up and made a presence on their coming soon page.

#2 BioTune

If you’re in the midst of tons of work to do for your pre-launch campaign and want to find a quick solution for the coming soon page - we have BioTune that nailed their page effortlessly!

example of coming soon page

BioTune’s coming soon page is how merchants can the job done in no time!

BioTune clearly announced their soon-to-be-launched website and even suggested what’s expected during the launch. Plus, we love how they demonstrated their brand identity here - neatly and minimally.

#3 Asphalte

Let’s move to another category: a coming soon page for your brand’s new line of products.

The fashion brand Asphalte completely nailed it. They did a fantastic job showcasing their pre-launch pages for the ‘Socks Incoming’ and ‘Coming Soon’ landing pages.

Bright, elegant, and engaging. Cheers to the brand’s mission statement:

‘At Asphalte, we're on a mission to kit out as many men as possible in quality clothes. We aim to provide a range of garments that are attractive, durable and accessible. Our main weapon is preordering.’

example of coming soon page

Here’s a glimpse into the brand’s ‘Socks Incoming’ landing page. It has a slider to show their product images, a short yet inviting description of what’s to offer (see the discount?), and a contact form with the launch date notified on it. Quite brilliant!

example of coming soon page

In their ‘Coming Soon’ page, Asphalte features a slider inviting customers to sign up to get notifications about available preorders. Once a visitor hits ‘I’m In’, he’s navigated to the ‘Socks Incoming’ page.

example of coming soon page

Asphalte also showcases their Back Soon product collection on the ‘Coming Soon’ landing page. Each product has a contact form, so interested customers can sign up and get a notification about available preorders.

example of coming soon page

Asphalte claims its advantage in preordering. This section on the coming soon landing page illustrates their work process regarding preorders and helps enhance the brand’s credibility and professionalism.

example of coming soon page

A big headline to remind and encourage customers to take action - sign up and fill in their emails in the contact form at the end of Asphalte’s coming soon page. They sure don’t miss a sale!

#4 Surprise-paris

We have one more fashion brand that topped their coming soon page for upcoming products: Surprise!

Their ‘Available Soon’ page seems rather like a calendar featuring products. Each product has a launch date and a contact form so customers can register for the sale.

There’s one more special thing about the Special’s coming soon page. They have a pop-up that offers a 30% discount for their products during the launch. This an excellent takeaway as to how you can create a high-converting Shopify coming soon page!

example of coming soon page

Surprise’s coming soon page for its line of new products.

Your coming soon pages could look like these
Try GemPages for free to create awesome coming soon pages. No coding is required.

Why Do You Need a Shopify Coming Soon Page

We all know it takes quite a while (and quite a lot of work) to launch anything new, be it a single product line or a whole store. From product development and building your brand to perfecting your eCommerce store, your official launch date may vary. Hence, it will be wise to take advantage of this time and promote your brand in advance while you're still building things up.

A Shopify coming soon page helps you create a pre-launch audience, cultivates their interest, and enables potential customers to have a way of interacting with your brand before the launch. This means a headstart in various aspects:

  • A beneficial pre-marketing tactic: A Shopify coming soon landing page helps spread the word about your product or brand in the marketplace in a relatively short time. One, you are communicating your brand to the world and how your product works. Two, you are capturing leads. Furthermore, with the right keywords, you are also winning the SEO game.
  • Test your messaging: A Shopify pre-launch page is like a preview of what and how you will showcase your brand/ product. We have good news: you can test different variations of your messaging (A/B testing) and find out what works best for your audience!
  • Build an email list of potential customers: Kudos to your pre-launch audience. With a coming soon page, visitors can leave out their email addresses for newsletters, brand/ product updates, or information about the launch. Aside from enriching a potential customer list, you can also build a social media following.
  • Gather early feedback: A Shopify under-construction page is where you put your brand/ product idea out in the world and see the reactions of so-called interested customers. Gauge this opportunity and learn more about what your customers think, what's their insight/ feedback, and how you can use all of this information to improve your product/brand.

With a compelling coming soon page, you are hitting two targets with one arrow: reaching your average conversion rate (~ >2% for the eCommerce industry) and growing traffic simultaneously.

What Makes an Awesome Shopify Coming Soon Page?

We have walked you through the steps of creating a Shopify coming soon page; however, you will still be missing out on making your pre-launch page from ordinary to extraordinary without these four key tips:

KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid

The main goal of a coming soon page is to tell customers what's to come, gauge their interest, encourage them to take action - share their excitement, and get them to sign up. Although there's no strict rule or limit on what and how long your pre-launch page can be, generally, it'll be wise to keep it short, simple, and easy to understand.


  • Spice things up with your creativity.
  • Use words, symbols, images, videos, and a good tagline to see how quickly (and excited) customers can take action about your launch.
  • Remember that every element on your coming soon page should link together - this one leads to the following, just like a commercialized trailer of what's to be expected.

tips to create high-converting coming soon page

Harry's features their coming soon page in certain countries they're not yet available in. Everything is clear, straight, and simple - from the headline and the descriptor to the email form box and CTA to call customers to leave their email addresses.

Keep Contact. Gather Email Addresses. Add Social Sharings

The lead capture form is one of the essential elements to include in your coming soon page. Be ready to collect customers' emails and names to send them information about your latest updates, a discount, the launch date, or ask for feedback.

Even better, you can reward customers with incentives once they sign up and share about your launch on their social media! Here are some of the incentives you can provide:

  • Early bird offer
  • Giveaways, free courses
  • Gifts or discounts
  • Brand preview
  • And so on


Do it like Saha with KickoffLabs! Saha rewarded customers who shared about their launch on social media with discounts and free giveaways. This pre-launch campaign gained Saha 20k signups.

tips to create high-converting coming soon page

Saha grabbed 20k signups with a 94% referral rate!

Set a Launch Date

Another element to boost your coming soon landing page conversion is to add a countdown timer to let customers know exactly when and how soon they will see the brand (or expected product) go live. Otherwise, if you don't have a particular time yet, generally mention your launching time, such as "Upcoming this Christmas" or "We are cooking up something special for this New Year's Eve".


A countdown timer will set your coming soon landing page apart from the vague 'soon is not enough, be calm' waiting headlines. Also, remember to follow through with what you promised since it'll help build up your brand's trustworthiness.

Make It Mobile-Friendly

According to Statista, more than 50% of worldwide traffic comes from mobile.


  • Make sure your page is mobile-optimized.
  • Choose a mobile-responsive theme or template.
  • Make images and CSS as light as possible.
  • Change button size and placement.
  • Use a large and readable font.
  • Eliminate pop-ups


And that should be it for now. Although there might be much work to creating a high-converting Shopify coming soon page, we have provided you with all the essential knowledge, steps, tricks, and even inspiration to tackle the task efficiently.

After all, a well-thought-out coming soon page will highly benefit your launch. It will prepare you to win the deal when you haven’t even started to sell yet!

For further details on how to build your pre-launch landing page with Shopify apps, refer to the ‘Build Your Shopify Under-Construction Page with Shopify Apps’ or ‘Set up Your Shopify Coming Soon Page with GemPages’ sections in this article.

FAQs about Shopify Coming Soon Page

What are the key elements of a high-converting coming soon page?
There are elements that will help you create an effective coming soon page:

1. Engaging and captivating headlines and subheadings
2. Short and compelling description copy and benefits
3. Attractive demonstrations (images, videos, and so on)
4. Simple but strong call to action (CTA)
5. Contact form and social sharing
How long should a coming soon page be?
A coming soon page can be one page or a few pages long. It all depends on your objectives. However, since a coming soon page is just a preview of your brand or products, we suggest it should be only one page.
Why does my Shopify store say opening soon?
It is possible that you have not yet launched your store or you may have set a specific launch date in the future. You can check your Shopify settings to see if your store is still in draft mode or if you have set a launch date. If you are still having trouble, you can contact Shopify customer support for further assistance.
How do I enable the coming soon page on Shopify?
To enable the coming soon page on your Shopify store, you can follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Shopify admin panel.
2. Click on Online Store in the left-hand menu.
3. Click on Preferences in the sub-menu.
4. Scroll down to the Password protection section.
5. Check the box next to Enable password to activate the coming soon page.
6. Customize the message that will be displayed on the coming soon page.
7. Set a password that customers will need to enter to access your store.
8. Click Save to apply the changes.
9. Once you have completed these steps, your Shopify store will display a coming soon page to visitors until you are ready to launch.
How do I get rid of the opening soon on Shopify?
To remove the opening soon page on your Shopify store and make your website live, you can follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Shopify admin panel.
2. Click on Online Store in the left-hand menu.
3. Click on Preferences in the sub-menu.
4. Scroll down to the Password protection section.
5. Uncheck the box next to Enable password to deactivate the coming soon page.
6. Click Save to apply the changes.
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