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7 Shopify Landing Page Examples from Top Brands (+ Tips)

GemPages Team
18 minutes read
Shopify landing page examples

Shopify landing pages are like a digital doorway that brings shoppers closer to that "Add to Cart" moment. 

And the goal? Transform those prospects into happy customers! 

To succeed, you need to truly speak to your audience's needs while pushing them to take action. And there is no better way to achieve that than learning from the top high-converting landing pages. 

In this article, we’ve put together 7 beautifully-designed Shopify landing page examples from the top brands. On each landing page example, we’ll reveal the secrets behind their success to help you implement them in your store.

Common Types of Shopify Landing Pages

Here’s a list of the most common types of Shopify landing pages that top brands build for their campaigns:

  • Click-through page
  • Lead generation page
  • Product landing page
  • Collection landing page
  • Special offer landing page
  • Product bundle landing page
  • Seasonal landing page

1. Click-through Page

Imagine a digital doorway that leads your visitors from curiosity to an opportunity for conversion. That's what a great click-through page does. 

The click through landing page warms up your visitors, teasing their interest with eye-catching visuals, a powerful headline, and a glimpse of what you're offering. Then, through an irresistible Call to Action button, it guides them to a page where conversions happen.  

As gliding seamlessly through your sales and marketing funnels, it will ensure that only genuinely interested (and highly convertible) audiences make it through.

2. Lead Generation Landing Page

In fact, not everyone is going to buy from your site on their first visit. Don't let all that traffic you're driving go to waste. 

Instead, offer them something irresistible and get their contact info to keep them hooked. That's where a killer landing page for lead generation comes in. 

It entices visitors with valuable content. The end goal? Nurture and convert these leads into loyal customers when they're ready.

email capture landing page example

The email capture landing page example from Shopify. They engage visitors to sign up and get notified when their AI-generated product descriptions feature is on air.

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3. Product Landing Page

Product pages are for giving information about a specific product. On the other hand, a product landing page is designed with one goal in mind: conversion.

It showcases your brand's unique value proposition, tells your story, highlights why customers should choose you, and creates a sense of urgency to buy.

Let’s take a look at one of the best practices for eCommerce product landing pages below.

product page product landing page comparison

The difference between a product landing page and a product page from Supply

As you can see, their product landing page differs from a typical product page. The product landing page provides visitors with more product information and persuades them to take action. 

Meanwhile, its product landing page focuses more on the benefits and clearly shows how they are different from others with the limited-time offer of the SE Starter Set.

4. Collection Landing Page

A regular collection page simply displays products in a basic, organized fashion. While a product collection landing page takes it to the next level, creating a unique and memorable shopping experience for customers. 

Not only does it showcase related products, but it also guides shoppers through a seamless buying experience that highlights your brand and draws customers in. Plus, you can showcase products in a way that might have gone overlooked on a default page. 

And the best part? With a few simple elements added, you can create a collection landing page that converts and stands out from the crowd. 

Head over to our complete guide about Shopify collections and start creating a stunning product collection landing page today!

5. Special Offer Landing Page

Imagine you want to boost your sales during the holiday. You need a dedicated landing page that showcases all the items involved in your sale and encourages shoppers to add more to their carts. 

And guess what? A special offer landing page does just that! This landing page is not only easy to browse through your on-sale products but also creates a sense of urgency by reminding customers about the looming deadline. 

6. Seasonal Landing Page

It's no secret that consumer demand shifts with the seasons. The seasonal landing page is specifically tailored to each season. Not only will this promote your products, but it'll also provide relevant information that caters to the needs of that time of year. 

Whether it's New Year's, Black Friday, Mother's Day, or Father’s Day, the discount landing page is the perfect way to drive sales and keep your customers coming back for more.

By doing this, you can attract more visitors to your site and increase sales of your seasonal items. 

7. Product Bundle Landing Page

The product bundle landing pages showcase a variety of bundle options that are carefully curated to solve a specific problem. 

And it's not just about showing the product bundle. To create a high-converting bundle landing page, there are lots of things to consider which are:

  • An amazing social proof
  • A persuasive copy
  • A clear call-to-action
  • And many more

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Shopify Landing Page Examples You Should Emulate for Success

1. GemPages - Click Through Landing Page Example

To get started, we feature our landing page about the Shopify landing page.

What Makes Our Landing Page Design Stand Out?

gempages landing page example

The Shopify landing page example from GemPages

At first glance, we capture the visitors’ attention with a solid benefit-centered headline. Following is a subheading explaining that GemPages has everything you need to build high-converting landing pages for your marketing campaigns. 

Right above the fold, we also highlight:

  • The number of pages built with GemPages
  • The number of Shopify brands and merchants who trusted GemPages
  • And the top Shopify brands that choose GemPages to accelerate their store design

gempages shopify landing page

We also capture the visitors’ pain points and clearly show how GemPages can resolve their problems with collapsible tabs. This approach displays only the topic headers, allowing customers to reveal additional information for the specific subjects that pique their interest.

So if you don’t want to overwhelm your audience with too much information, use collapsible tabs.

Scroll a little further, you'll see our template library carousel that showcases a wide range of landing page templates for any Shopify page type and purpose. 

gempages shopify landing page templates

The extensive Shopify landing page templates from GemPages

As more and more people prefer shopping on their smartphones, it’s important to create a seamless mobile experience. Here’s how it looks on mobile:

responsive shopify landing page example from gempages

GemPages’ mobile landing page covers all the important information that customers would be interested to know

Tip: When building a Shopify landing page on GemPages, you can easily preview how it looks on both desktop and mobile just by switching the icon at the top of the Editor. 

Match your landing pages with your brand
Check out all powerful elements that you can customize your store pages. No coding needed.

Key takeaways: You need to design a mobile landing page that is responsive across devices and text and buttons are easy to read even on a tiny screen. And make sure to check the page on mobile before hitting publish. 

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2. True Botanicals - Lead Generation Landing Page Example

True Botanicals’ subscription landing page is a great example to help you skip a blank canvas on your design.

What Makes The Landing Page Design Stand Out?

subscription landing page example

The subscription landing page example from the top Shopify brand - True Botanicals

This page is all about getting customers to make a purchase as quickly as possible. 

True Botanicals cleverly showcase the benefits of its subscription. Customers will save 15% and get a free cleanser and face oil if they sign up for True Botanicals’ membership. 

The skincare brand highlights the savings and perks that come with it. It also emphasizes the freedom for customers to let them choose the frequency of the order.

Key Takeaways

You can create separate landing pages for bundles. This strategy works well, especially for those bundles that combine your best-sellers with not-so-popular items.

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3. Wholier - Product Landing Page

Wholier’s landing page effectively highlights the key features and benefits of a product and encourages visitors to make a purchase. The brand follows a traditional layout often used in a Shopify product landing page design—and if it’s proven to work, why not?

Now, we’ll share some secrets that make them stand out from others.

What Makes The Landing Page Design Stand Out

product landing page example

The Wholier’s product landing page example

Many people who buy a health and wellness product are concerned about whether it contains harmful chemicals or not. With the “organic” product title and "the clean plant-based protein powder" description, visitors surely feel safe with their top-notch ingredients.  

Below the product description is the “buy-more-pay-less” section. While customers can buy organic protein one time, however, they’ll save $8 if they subscribe and purchase every 30, 45, or 60 days. This strategy will help your business increase AOV and reduce marketing costs.  

The brand also lists down the trust badge in a way that’s easy on the eye and wedged in between other long-form informative nuggets. 

Keep scrolling, you’ll notice the sticky add-to-cart bar at the bottom of the page to nudge visitors to take action. 

 product landing page design

Next up, the product’s benefits are crystal clear with text like “plant-powered” and “organic plant protein.” 

Focusing on organic plant protein, they showcase transparent information about their ingredients such as the benefits, source, etcetera. Therefore, visitors can be reassured that they’ll get a quality product.

health fitness product landing page example

Oh, did we mention, this product landing page is built with GemPages? GemPages gives you all the freedom to build any Shopify pages from scratch with a wide range of customizations or get a head start with our conversion-optimized page templates.

Customize your Shopify pages your way
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Key Takeaways

For the organic nutrition business, it's crucial to showcase your ingredients and highlight the benefits, crafting process, and sources. This way, your customers can make informed decisions and trust your brand even more. 

4. Baboon To The Moon - Collection Landing Page Example

The collection landing page from Baboon To The Moon is the perfect example of how to effectively entice a visitor with seasonal products.

What Makes The Landing Page Design Stand Out?

collection landing page example

Baboon To The Moon have an impressive UI overall, with a minimal collections page structure

At the top of the page, you instantly see the headline, as well as all new colors and new combinations of their products.

apparel collection landing page idea

As you hover over the product image, you then see a closer look and a “add to cart” button. This delightful user experience creates an effortless shopping journey on both desktop and mobile devices, making it a breeze to add items to cart.

Key Takeaways

Hovering over the photographs to add products to the cart is such a great UX idea for your landing page design. This approach saves cluttering the existing page when exploring products and most importantly, simplifies the shopping experience. 

5. Aisling Organics - Special Offer Landing Page

Aisling Organics nails its special offer landing page by bundling various products together based on its audience's specific needs. And it’s built with GemPages.

What Makes The Landing Page Design Stand Out?

special offer Shopify landing page examples

Aisling Organics choose GemPages to design their special offer landing page

A discount offer is hard to resist, no matter what you think about buying. But nothing turns a shopper off faster than hidden fees. Aisling Organics knows this all too well. That’s why they offer free shipping for all customers.

Also, when you hover over the images, you will see the added animation. This makes their products more appealing to customers.

Key Takeaways

Did you know that seventy-nine percent of people are more likely to shop online when there’s free shipping? So, it’s important to display the shipping fee crystal clearly and easily to understand. It will make the shopping experience smoother and more straightforward.

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6. Wild - Seasonal Sale Landing Page Example

Wild is a sustainable natural deodorant business that shakes up the throwaway culture of bathroom products with high-performing products made from natural ingredients that never compromise on convenience or efficacy.

What Makes The Landing Page Design Stand Out?

seasonal sale shopify landing page examples

The sustainable natural deodorant Wild created a spring sale landing page

Wild starts off its sale landing page with a clear and concise headline “Spring Sale 20% Off”. Following is a friendly reminder that this sale isn’t going to last forever. The time-limited deal no doubt induces the fear of missing out on customers.

Plus, the product shots really go with the “wild” vibe.

seasonal landing page on shopify

This personal care brand has also leveraged a video to showcase how it works and how it’s different from other brands.

Then, scrolling down to the bottom of the page, you’ll see the beautifully-designed product pics, accompanied by spring stickers and add-to-cart buttons. This way makes it easy for people to add items to their carts.

seasonal sale landing page example

Key Takeaways

You may want to optimize the limited space and highlight all the latest offers. But the more you display, the greater the chance your customers will feel overwhelmed (especially if they can't find what they're looking for). So make sure to keep your above-the-fold clear and concise.  

7. Huppy - Product Bundle Landing Page Example

Huppy’s product bundle landing page is another great example to serve as inspiration in the health & wellness industry.

What Makes The Landing Page Design Stand Out

bundle landing page example

The Huppy’s product bundle landing page

Huppy sells toothpaste, but in a better way. The brand is on a mission to prove that smiles are better off without plastic, cruelty, and toxic ingredients. 

This Shopify bundle landing page gives any visitor all the essential information before making a purchase, including a brief description, bundle pricing, benefits, social proof, comparison table, trust badge, and money-back guarantee.

Together with the visual image, the product description addresses the specific problems and communicates with their audiences how the product can make their lives happier and healthier.

When clicking on an “Unlock Offer” button, you will be navigated to the bundle details section, where you have more information about the product and its price.

bundling landing page example

Instead of buying toothpaste tablets for one or two persons, you’ll save $78 if getting the 4-persons bundle. And if you subscribe and purchase the toothpaste tablets every four months, the price drops to 15% off for each.

This tactic not only encourages customers to purchase more, but it also establishes loyalty in their customers. The more they buy, the better they will have.

social proof on product bundling page

A little further, there is a social proof section that features user-generated content videos from TikTok with an impressive view.

Have you noticed the little sticky bar at the top of the page? It's like a friendly reminder that says "Hey, you don't want to miss out on this awesome deal, do you?”

product comparison table on bundle landing page

Following is a comparison table that shares Huppy’s unique value proposition over other toothpaste options. 

We all know that sometimes, it feels overwhelming for customers when they have to decide which product is better. With a product comparison table, you will give them a much better shopping experience. 

The key is to really hone in on what your customers care about most and highlight the features that matter most to them.

Key Takeaways

If you identify products that seem to be added to shoppers’ carts time after time, we strongly recommend you should implement “the bundling of favorite items” like Huppy. 

This approach will help customers save more time on regular purchases and enjoy a consistent price advantage over time without worrying about overspending. 

Accelerate Shopify Landing Page Design Today

There are many types of Shopify landing pages. They are designed to educate, convince, and establish trust - all aimed at guiding potential customers down the sales funnel, in line with the initial campaign that led them there.  

So take note of the above-mentioned Shopify landing page examples to start designing compelling, click-worthy landing pages that enhance the customer journey and skyrocket conversion rates.

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FAQs about Shopify Landing Page Examples

What are the most common Shopify landing page types for marketing campaigns?
There are 7 different types of landing pages that marketers can build for their campaigns, including:

1. Click-through page
2. Lead generation page
3. Product landing page
4. Collection landing page
5. Special offer landing page
6. Product bundle landing page
7. Seasonal landing page
How to create a landing page for Facebook and Instagram?
If you want to create a social media landing page quickly and easily, think about using a page builder like GemPages. With over 80 customizable templates and a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, you can create the Shopify landing page without any coding skills. And if you want to be extra creative, you can even build a page from scratch. GemPages give you all the freedom to easily make quick fixes and optimizations.
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