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Introducing New Feature: GemPages Sales Funnels - Ultimate Solution for Maximizing Your Shopify Store Profit

GemPages Team
7 minutes read
gempages sales funnels

Have you ever felt frustrated and dismayed because you've spent heavily on advertising without seeing significant return on ad spend (ROAS), realizing your investments are yielding no tangible results?

Have you ever felt a mix of confusion and concern when you’ve acquired many customers but still experience low revenue, as you’ve struggled to understand when your growth isn't translating into financial success?

Have you ever felt a sense of missed opportunity when customers make a successful purchase but fail to return for more, leaving you questioning how to foster long-term loyalty and repeat business?

GemPages Sales Funnels can be the ultimate solution to your loss of sleep at night, haunted by revenue and profit issues. This is GemPages latest tool that will empower you - Shopify store owners - to effortlessly craft and fine-tune an exceptional sales journey, ensuring optimal conversion, average order value (AOV) growth, upsell opportunities, and ultimately maximize your Shopify store revenue.

Let's delve into the details, starting with

What is a Sales Funnel & Why It Matters?

A sales funnel:

is a marketing strategy created to walk customers through a journey — consisting of subsequent stages — from making them aware of your brand/product to enticing them to buy it.

A sales funnel’s benefit:

  • Great Insights on Customer Behavior: You can track the entire customer journey to see where customers drop off, where they linger, and so on. This helps you know how to optimize resources for each stage and improve customer targeting.
  • Enhance Conversion Rate (CR): When customers enter your optimized funnel, they experience a smooth journey from product awareness to understanding. This makes them more likely to purchase, boosting your store's conversion rate.
  • Boost Average Order Value (AOV): By earning customer trust and using upsell/downsell strategies, your store's average order value (AOV) will increase.
  • Increased Customer Loyalty: Retaining existing customers is often easier than acquiring new ones. With their information, you can nurture these relationships by sending attractive offers and introducing new products, keeping them loyal to your brand.

A Sales Funnel’s structure:

Normally, a sales funnel will have a structure of 6 steps

  • Awareness: This is where your ads appear through the Advertorial page, and Landing page,... to drive leads or warm up cold leads
  • Interest: Focus on solutions, and educate customers to help them evaluate product purchasing criteria through the Collection Page, Product page, etc
  • Consideration: At this stage, customers are likely to engage with your store. Utilize case studies, social proof, trust badges, and other persuasive elements to enhance their trust and commitment.
  • Purchase: At this step, you are halfway successful when the customer makes a purchase.
  • Post-purchase: At this stage, upsell and downsell offers can turn customers into advocates. Suggest these offers to gauge their interest and enhance their engagement.
  • Re-purchase: In the final step, sellers should maintain contact with customers through newsletters, emails, and phone calls, seeking opportunities to upgrade and expand product use.

In the initial steps, GemPages, a Shopify landing page builder, supports customers in customizing and optimizing pages from scratch without coding. We also offer 80+ pre-built templates designed by CRO experts for every niche and purpose, enabling customers to quickly create effective pages. 

The most important part - Post-purchase stage - is where our GemPages Sales Funnels feature shines, optimizing your sales journey. Continue reading to discover this powerful feature.

Important note: For new users, install GemPages and join our waitlist to explore this powerful feature. To all our current users, you guys do not need to re-install or update. Log in your Shopify store > Click Sales Funnels on the left side bar > Join Waitlist > Completed. Wait for us to open the list or contact us directly via Help Center. Thank you for choosing GemPages

GemPages vs Sales Funnel
Currently, you can build, customize, optimize the whole sales funnel with GemPages Sales Funnels feature.

Create Sales Funnel with GemPages’ New Feature

With our extensive experience in the Shopify ecosystem, GemPages understands the importance of optimizing the customer journey to increase AOV and CR. That's why we conducted thorough research on 6,7 and 8-figure brands to learn how they’re building their winning funnels with store pages and created the GemPages Sales Funnels feature. 

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No problem! Get started with GemPages' free plan. Explore wonderful features that can do wonders for your store.

Key highlights of this feature include:

  • Add and design post-purchase upsells/ downsells.
  • Incorporate and customize a second post-purchase upsell/ downsell offer.
  • Implement A/B testing with comprehensive metric reports, allowing sellers to fine-tune their pricing strategies. 
  • Increase SEO & speed optimization.
  • Optimize for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

How does GemPages Sales Funnel help Shopify Store owners?

GemPages Sales Funnel is a feature of GemPages so current users do not need to reinstall it. To create your first funnel head over to the Sales Funnel Dashboard from the GemPages sidebar menu and click on the “Create new funnel” button to start creating a funnel.

create sales funnels with gempages

The first part of your funnel is called Triggers. Sales Funnel triggers allow you to display a different post-purchase upsell offer to your customers based on the products they have purchased, thereby helping to increase CR.

Create sales funnel with GemPages Sales Funnel

GemPages' Sales Funnels feature provides a complete, editable sales funnel, ensuring a seamless buying journey. It covers every step from pre-sale to sales pages, checkout (Shopify's default page), and upsell/downsell pages.

With this optimized funnel, you will also easily find the most effective upsell product, with the highest CR to help increase revenue, etc., thanks to the A/B Offer Testing feature.

Important note: Ensure you consistently offer the right products and discounts for post-purchase offers. 

Create sales funnel with GemPages Sales Funnel

Don't settle for classic templates that are hard to convert with Post-Purchase Upsell offers. Get creative and craft multiple offers to optimize conversion rates. With GemPages Sales Funnels, we have an Editor to help you customize.

Customize post-purchase upsell page with GemPages Sales Funnels editor

Let's start customizing the design of the Upsell offer page according to your preferences, or you can use our available templates to create an optimized Upsell offer page with a high conversion rate.

Drawing from Shopify's UX guidelines for post-purchase upsells, we have provided useful elements to help users design comprehensive Post-Purchase Upsell offers, optimizing conversion rates.

Customize post-purchase upsell page with GemPages Sales Funnels editor

With just a few simple steps, you can ensure that your post-purchase upsell offer is presented to all users immediately after they successfully check out.

Your post-purchase upsell offer is successfully presented

Your post-purchase upsell offer is successfully presented.

Important note: For new users, install GemPages and join our waitlist to explore this powerful feature. To all our current users, you guys do not need to re-install or update. Log in your Shopify store > Click Sales Funnels on the left side bar > Join Waitlist > Completed. Wait for us to open the list or contact us directly via Help Center. Thank you for choosing GemPages

Wrapping up

With the latest Sales Funnels feature, GemPages empowers Shopify store owners to: effortlessly optimize their customer journey, fully customize the upsell page with the power of the GemPages editor, A/B testing offer, conditional triggers based on what customers buy. 

If you have any questions or require further clarification, our dedicated support team is here to assist you. Feel free to reach out to us via live chat or email us at

We highly value your continued partnership and eagerly anticipate bringing you an even more enhanced GemPages experience.

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FAQs about GemPages Sales Funnels

Is the GemPages Sales Funnels feature free?
No, the cost of the GemPages Sales Funnels depends on your GemPages plan. However, during our beta launch, you can utilize this feature for free with no limitations until June 30th.
Does the new sales funnel break the old, existing checkout flow?
No. GemPages Sales Funnels helps optimize the current checkout flow without any negative effects.
Does GemPages Sales Funnels provide downsell offers?
Yes. Both upsells and downsells will be offered, depending on users' customization.

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