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The Power of Video Landing Pages: Turning Clicks into Customers

GemPages Team
8 minutes read

Here’s a fun fact: People remember the most from what they see, a bit less from what they hear, and even less from what they read. With this in mind, instead of using long, boring sections of text, eCommerce businesses are now using video landing pages to stand out from the crowd.

What is a Video Landing Page?

A video landing page is a special webpage that captivates your interest mainly using videos. Instead of just reading text or looking at pictures, you'll see a video playing front and center when you visit these pages. The video is there to tell you something important, show off a product, or get you interested in something.

Types of Video Landing Pages

There are four main types of landing pages with videos, each with its unique features.

Supporting Video Landing Pages

Supporting video landing pages are traditional ones with videos included as supplementary content. These videos provide additional information or reassurance to visitors, such as app demonstrations or customer testimonials.

Pro tip: When it comes to creating powerful supporting video landing pages, GemPages can be a game-changer, enabling you to craft striking designs. With GemPages’ user-friendly interface and customizable templates, you can seamlessly enrich your landing page with captivating video content.

GemPages’ screenshot.

GemPages templates come equipped with video integration features, allowing users to insert their own videos effortlessly.

Background Video Landing Pages

This type of landing page contains a video that plays in the background of the landing page. Often, these videos autoplay when visitors arrive, instantly grabbing attention.

Hero Video Landing Pages

Similar to background video landing pages, hero video landing pages showcase a video prominently at the top of the page. However, the key difference is that hero videos typically require viewers to click “play” rather than auto-playing.

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Pop-up Video Landing Pages

Pop-up video landing pages, as the name suggests, refer to videos that pop up either when visitors arrive on the page or when they click a play button. These videos help keep the landing page clean and allow visitors to choose when to engage with the content.

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Benefits of Video Landing Pages

Improved Comprehension of Complex Information

Adding videos to landing pages makes it easier to understand complicated information. A systematic approach is essential to delve into intricate details, and videos excel at this. They help provide clear explanations and highlight important points. Visually appealing animations and motion graphics make it simpler for viewers to grasp the information.

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Formation of Emotional Bonds

A landing page with video can stimulate multiple senses simultaneously, forging an emotional bond with the viewer. When great storytelling, compelling narration, and vibrant animations come together, they evoke a spectrum of emotions, ranging from joy and excitement to nostalgia. By harnessing these emotions, videos establish a connection with the viewer and enrich their overall experience.

GemPages’ template of video landing page

Surge in Conversion Rate

Recent reports reveal that videos used on a landing page can increase conversions by up to 86%. In today's digital world, capturing visitor attention is crucial. Text and image-only pages often fall short in captivating audiences, leading to brief visits because people tend to quickly skim through them and miss important details. However, pages with videos see longer visits, about five minutes on average. Videos effectively convey information, keeping audiences engaged and driving the success of conversions.

Boost in SEO Performance

Search engines check how good and relevant a landing page is by looking at components like videos. Videos offer opportunities to build backlinks, elevate mobile user experience, and boost social shares. Plus, if you make your videos easy to find in search results and use the right keywords, more people will click on them, thereby enhancing brand visibility.

Best 8 Landing Page Examples with Videos

Beardbrand - Supporting Video Landing Page

Beardbrand successfully utilizes its founder's image to shape customer behavior in a video expressing gratitude to its customers. Directly thanking customers for buying their grooming products, the video establishes a personal connection, making customers feel valued and appreciated. This not only enhances engagement with the brand but also cultivates a positive rapport that may lead to repeat purchases. 

Moreover, satisfied customers may share their positive experiences, further improving Beardbrand’s reputation and attracting new customers through word-of-mouth recommendations.

Beardbrand's screenshot.

Beardbrand uses its founder's image in a gratitude video to foster customer connection and potential repeat purchases.

Then I Met You - Background Video Landing Page

A product video is an indispensable asset for a landing page, especially for a Korean skincare brand like Then I Met You. In Then I Met You's video, the product's first appearance in water brings a refreshing touch, immediately capturing the viewer's attention. This screen not only adds intrigue but also highlights the product's key attributes, such as its ability to cleanse and hydrate the skin. Such a smart move to showcase the items’ benefits. 

Furthermore, the video clearly conveys the product's gentle texture, derived from natural ingredients, while vividly describing the comfort and pleasure of using the cleanser. It also demonstrates Then I Met You's skincare efficacy across various skin types, appealing to a wider audience and enhancing its accessibility.

Then I Met You's screenshot.

Then I Met You's video landing page demonstrates its product's refreshing appearance, soft texture, and suitability for various skin types to gain more trust and appeal to a wider audience.

Shopify Plus - Hero Video Landing Page

Shopify Plus serves as a robust eCommerce platform tailored for high-growth merchants and brands with significant annual revenue. Through a single top-of-page video, Shopify Plus efficiently communicates its offerings solely.

Within seconds, visitors are introduced to the intuitive and user-friendly interface of Shopify Plus, witnessing first hand its customizable store designs and streamlined payment processes.

Besides, beyond highlighting its features, the video delves into the strategic benefits of choosing Shopify Plus for online business needs. It emphasizes the platform's scalability, reliability, and ability to accommodate the unique requirements of high-growth merchants and brands. By articulating these advantages, the video not only informs but also persuades potential users, making a compelling case for why Shopify Plus is the optimal solution for driving success in the eCommerce realm.

Shopify Plus’s screenshot.

Shopify Plus effectively conveys its features and benefits in just a video.

Healthy Root Dolls - Pop Up Video Landing Page

In the case of Healthy Roots, the video not only grabs attention but also offers clear and diverse demonstrations of how to care for the dolls' hair. This effectively educates potential customers about the product and its usage, boosting their understanding and confidence in purchasing. 

In addition, Healthy Roots' pop-up video seamlessly integrates with the landing page's user experience. When visitors click on the pop-up video, it expands to the center of the screen, providing an immersive viewing experience. providing an immersive viewing experience. Subsequently, a corresponding product link appears below the video, offering users a convenient pathway to purchase immediately. This streamlined buying process enhances satisfaction and increases conversion rates.

Healthy Roots' screenshots.

Healthy Roots' pop-up video contributes to simplifying purchases and enhancing conversion rates.

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Cowboy - Background Video Landing Page

Cowboy, renowned for its urban-centric connected electric bikes, employs a captivating approach on its video landing page to engage and convert customers. Through a meticulously crafted video, Cowboy showcases not only the sleek design of its bikes but also their practical applications in urban environments, emphasizing their adaptability to diverse needs and preferences.

Yet, the video's spotlight shines on the demonstration of the bike’s exceptional glide, a unique selling point that separates Cowboy from its rivals. By highlighting this feature, the video elevates brand awareness and establishes a deep emotional connection with the audience. As customers connect on a personal level with the brand, they are more likely to develop loyalty and consider Cowboy for their biking needs. 

Cowboy's screenshot.

Cowboy highlights its urban electric bikes' unique glide with a video.

Suta - Supporting Video Landing Page

Suta incorporates video testimonials into its landing page for social proof. But what makes Suta unique is how they present these videos. They are like a little social media feed, with customer names and views displayed. 

The use of high-quality, autoplay videos immediately grabs visitors' attention, adding vibrancy and dynamism to the page. This visual appeal not only enhances the overall user experience but also reinforces the credibility of the testimonials. Furthermore, clicking on a video hides the others, facilitating focus. Below each video, there are product links below that allow for seamless shopping directly from the content.

Suta's screenshot.

Suta's landing page uniquely presents testimonials video with product links below. 

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Figs - Background Video Landing Page

Figs specializes in crafting technically advanced products tailored for today's healthcare professionals. Despite operating within a niche market, Figs distinguishes itself from competitors through its innovative approach, especially with its killer video landing page.

What sets this landing page apart is the clear and brief introduction video featured prominently at the top. In a quick watch, visitors receive a thorough overview of the product, from its style and color options to its comfort. This swift yet comprehensive video makes Figs the premier choice for healthcare professionals seeking top-tier apparel.

Fig’s landing page impresses with a video providing a brief introduction to its product. 

Cocofloss - Background Video Landing Page

Cocofloss, a big name in oral care, leverages a CEO-led video on its landing page to captivate its audience. The presence of the CEO in the video adds a layer of credibility and instills confidence in the usage of Cocofloss products. The CEO also takes the opportunity to provide thorough and detailed explanations of the various benefits offered by Cocofloss products, thereby enhancing the understanding and appreciation of the audience.

Additionally, the CEO highlights a significant feature of Cocofloss's top-selling product. Unlike traditional toothbrushes solely focused on cleaning teeth, Cocofloss's toothbrush is engineered to facilitate the internal reconstruction of teeth, providing a comprehensive solution to dental care needs. This emphasis solidifies Cocofloss as a reliable and trustworthy partner for customers striving to uphold optimal dental health.

Cocofloss’s screenshot.

Cocofloss leverages a CEO-led video offering detailed product benefits, emphasizing a commitment to oral health beyond toothpaste.

Pro tip: For those searching for how to create a video landing page, consider using GemPages with an extensive range of customizable templates.

Integrate Videos Into Your Designs Today!

Video landing pages are a game-changer for eCommerce businesses looking to elevate their online presence and connect with their audience in a meaningful way. 

By leveraging the unique advantages of video content, businesses can create compelling and immersive experiences that drive engagement, foster brand loyalty, and ultimately, achieve their business goals.

So, why not incorporate video into your landing page today with just a few simple steps using GemPages?

Step 1: Within the GemPages editor, search for the video element by typing it into the search bar.

Step 2: Choose the video source – either insert weblinks for YouTube, Vimeo, or upload to Shopify for HTML5. Then, change the thumbnail image to match your preferences.

Note -  How to get an HTML5 link: 

Step 1: Access your Shopify admin dashboard. Click on "Content", then select "Files".

Step 2: Choose the "Upload file" option and upload your video.

Step 3: Once the file is uploaded successfully, copy the provided link.

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FAQs about Video Landing Pages

What is a video landing page?
A video landing page is a web page designed to showcase a video as a main focal point, often used to convey information, promote a product, or engage visitors.
How to create a video landing page?
To create a landing page with video, you can use page builders like GemPages, select a template, insert your video, and customize the design.
Why is it considered a best practice to include an image or video on a landing page?
Because it enhances visual appeal and increases engagement, persuading visitors to stay and take action.
Can I embed a video in a landing page?
Yes. Most platforms provide options to embed videos directly into landing pages using embedding codes or integrated tools.

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