Top Five GemPages Alternatives to Consider in 2022

Ginny Tran
8 minutes read
Top Five GemPages Alternatives to Consider in 2022

While we always go the extra mile to improve your experience with GemPages, we understand that GemPages is not going to be the perfect page builder for all Shopify merchants. A one-size-fits-all solution simply doesn't exist.

That's why if you're here looking for GemPages alternatives, we're still willing to provide you with all the essential information you need.

This article will look at five GemPages alternatives, their features and drawbacks—to help you make a well-informed decision.


ecomsolid theme page builder

EcomSolid is a 2-in-1 solution combining a theme and a page builder that helps to take your store pages to the next level. You can quickly set up your store pages using theme templates and embellish them with the page builder. But the best part is you don't need to know a lick of code!

EcomSolid Features

Professionally crafted page templates

EcomSolid has a library of 20+ stylish, ready-made templates. Whatever your industry, your business model, and whatever types of pages you're about to create, you will likely find the EcomSolid template for you.

All these templates are mobile-responsive, so you can rest assured that your pages look on point on whatever devices your customers are using.

Does GemPages have this feature?

Absolutely, yes! GemPages has a lot more templates than EcomSolid—65+ polished templates for every industry, from cosmetics to pet toys. You don't need to start from scratch, just choose the template you like from our library, then make it yours by adding products, high-quality visuals, and some fresh content.

You can also dress your store in the festive spirit with a slew of tailor-made templates for Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and many more. With GemPages, designing holiday landing pages is no longer a tough nut to crack!

Sales-boosting add-ons

Besides design features, EcomSolid offers a decent range of add-ons to help instill urgency, build trust, and ultimately boost sales and conversions. Feel free to add as many add-ons as you want to your pages without worrying about slowing down your page speed. EcomSolid has earned Shopify's trust badge for having no impact on your store's loading speed.

Does GemPages have this feature?

GemPages offers 180+ elements and blocks that are designed to boost sales and conversions. This is much more than EcomSolid.

But it's not just about the quantity. GemPages also has more sophisticated elements that are not available on EcomSolid, including parallax scrolling effects, 3D images, and before and after images. You can combine all these advanced features to make your site come to life.

EcomSolid Drawbacks that GemPages solves

No drag-and-drop editor

EcomSolid is not a drag-and-drop editor, meaning you can't freely move elements or sections across your pages. Instead, you will need to go to the section library and add a section from there.

Meanwhile, GemPages is an intuitive drag-and-drop visual editor. In the GemPages dashboard, you can drag and drop any feature to any position you want and customize it to match the look and feel of your site. With GemPages, there's no limit to your creativity.

No page scheduling

Page scheduling is an advanced feature that allows you to set a date and a time for your page to go public.

Unfortunately, EcomSolid doesn’t support this feature yet. That means you might have to carry your laptop on holidays to launch your campaign pages.

GemPages, on the other hand, can give you a completely off-the-grid downtime because you determine when sales pages will be published beforehand. Your promotion can go live while you're enjoying your sunny beach getaway.


pagefly dashboard

PageFly dashboard

PageFly is a drag-and-drop page builder that helps to build and optimize your Shopify store pages for better sales and conversion.

PageFly Features

Responsive web design

All PageFly templates and elements are mobile-friendly, so you can rest assured that your customers can enjoy a seamless digital experience across devices.

Does GemPages have this feature?

100% yes! We understand that mobile-friendly designs provide a better user experience and drive conversion. That's why we always put responsiveness at the core of our designs.

With GemPages, responsive edits are generally inherited from larger screen sizes down to smaller ones. It means if you design your pages in the desktop view first, then all the settings will automatically apply to the remaining three views—laptop, tablet, and mobile. Then, you can freely make adjustments to each device if necessary.

3D images

PageFly supports 3D images as one of their product media types. You can add 3D models to help customers take a 360-degree view of your products instead of the usual scrolling and zooming with 2D images.

Does GemPages have this feature?

Like PageFly, GemPages also supports 3D product images. The best part is that uploading 3D images to the GemPages dashboard is super quick and easy; even newbies can do it in just a few minutes.

PageFly Drawbacks that GemPages solves

Lacks advanced animations

PageFly has a decent range of animations and effects. But most of them are pretty basic and are what other page builders already have.

You don't want to be just another online store, do you? To really take your storefront to the next level and stand out from the pack, you need something more sophisticated.

Here are some of GemPages advanced animations and elements that you can’t find on PageFly:

  • Video background
  • Parallax scrolling effect
  • Before and after images
  • Content and video popup
  • Dynamic checkout buttons
  • Flow actions
  • Related products
These features are your shortcuts to the unique, polished storefront that you've always dreamed of. Why choose only the basics when you can opt for GemPages and get so much more?


"I used PageFly which is a great app, but this is a level or two up. Easier to build a store and this app have [sic] support who can do things in your shop that you can not imagine. Amazing app!"

- Napping Pack.

"Very nice app (GemPages). Support is amazing, they are usually always around and can help right away, which makes a big difference when you are trying to do something. I tried using PageFly first. PageFly feels a little more technical and needs more practice, but this is easier to pick up faster, I could still do everything here."

- Zest Balance.

No A/B testing feature

A/B testing, simply put, is the method that allows you to compare two versions of your page against each other to determine which one performs better.

This feature is not available on all PageFly plans. Hence, if you want to kiss guesswork goodbye and make data-driven decisions, go for GemPages instead.

The A/B testing feature is available on our Business plan ($29/month) and Advanced plan ($59/month). You can create a variation of your page, run two pages simultaneously, customize your test duration, and link to your Google Analytics.

The below video will give you a closer look into our A/B testing feature. Check it out!


shogun page builder

Shogun Page Builder

Shogun is a drag-and-drop visual builder that helps to build optimized Shopify landing pages, homepages, product pages, or any page types without design and coding skills.

Shogun Features

Global Styles

If you have to repeatedly edit every tiny detail on your pages to unify your store's appearance, then Global Styles is what you need. This feature allows you to make all your adjustments in a single place and apply them to each page, so you will no longer have to spend tons of time and effort ensuring your brand consistency.

With Shogun, this feature is available out-of-the-box. You can save, edit, and update Shogun's Global Styles and apply them on different pages. This reduces development time and creates a cohesive look across all of your store pages.

Does GemPages have this feature?

Global Styles is one of our core features. With GemPages Global Styles, you can:

  • Quickly import styles from your theme OR create a new preset from scratch AND customize the preset to your specific needs. All with just a few clicks;
  • Create as many preset as you wish;
  • Apply your preset to each of your pages.

Image compression and lazy loading tools

Of course, it's not only about page design. Brands also need to balance beauty and performance. Shogun has an image compression feature and lazy loading tool to preserve bandwidth and improve loading speed.

Does GemPages have this feature?

Yes. GemPages helps to compress media files automatically and comes with high-speed CDN external and a lazy loading feature. You can design your pages however you want, and add as many elements as you wish without worrying about speed—stunning sites without performance tradeoffs.

Shogun Drawbacks that GemPages solves

No unlimited pages

Shogun has four pricing plans, but no plan offers you an unlimited number of pages.

If your business is small to medium-sized, this might not be something you need to consider now. But if you're a large business or your business matures over time, you should really think about it.

Unlike Shogun, GemPages doesn't limit the number of pages you can create, no matter what GemPages plan you are on. So, why settle for less when you can always go for a page builder that knows no bounds like GemPages?

Not truly value for money

We're also confident saying that compared to Shogun, GemPages offers more bang for your buck. Take a look at GemPages' Business plan vs. Shogun's Measure plan to see the difference.

 Features GemPages' Business Plan - US$29/month Shogun’s Measure Plan - US$149/month
Unlimited pages Yes No
Template 65+ 30+
Element 100+ 33+
Custom code Yes No
SEO Controls Yes Yes
A/B Testing Yes Yes
Live chat support Yes Yes

As you can see, if you go with Shogun, you have to quintuple your budget but you get far fewer features.

Also, there are a bunch of important features that GemPages has that Shogun doesn't. They are before and after images, content and video popup, sticky elements, and flow actions.

Do you want to pay more to get less? Seriously?

"It's an awesome app, I was using [the] Shogun page [builder] before. And this is MUCH MORE POWERFUL and MORE FLEXIBLE and MORE EASY, and you can't believe that IT IS AT A LOWER PRICE. It's just too good to be true, but it happens."

- NIU Euro Shop.


zipify features

Zipify Page Builder

Zipify is a page builder and editor that enables you to build high-converting sales funnels, product, and landing pages.

Zipify Features

Compatible with most Shopify themes and Online Store 2.0

Zipify is compatible with most Shopify themes and Online Store 2.0. So basically, whatever Shopify theme you're using, you can install Zipify on top of it and start customizing for a more advanced storefront.

Does GemPages have this feature?

Yes. GemPages is also compatible with almost all Shopify themes and Online Store 2.0. We’ve got the ‘up-to-date’ tech label from Shopify, which approves that GemPages works with all the latest themes. But Zipify hasn't yet been officially recognized by Shopify for this feature.

Integrates with Shopify apps for seamless installation

At the time of writing, Zipify was able to integrate with seven Shopify apps, meaning Zipify users can install these apps right inside Zipify—without having to go to the Shopify App Store and then starting to set them up from scratch.

Does GemPages have this feature?

Absolutely! GemPages supports in-app integration with 34+ Shopify apps. This number definitely surpasses Zipify! Of course, we're always putting every effort into lengthening this list, so you can have everything you need—all in one place.

Zipify Drawbacks that GemPages solves

Zipify only has two pricing plans

If you're a small-sized business or just starting out, chances are you will find Zipify's plans a little over your budget, not to mention their range of features are not that great (more on this shortly).

"Excellent page builder for my webshop! The service is also top-class, and I got help immediately from the tech team. Tested PageFly and really wasn't for me, Zipify is too expensive. So I would recommend Gempages for sure."

- Stabil Posture

Meanwhile, GemPages has three pricing plans, and the price is accessible for all businesses, big or small. Here's what GemPages offers:

gempages pricingplans

GemPages Pricing Plans

Zipify lacks some of the most essential features

Zipify has neither a drag-and-drop editor nor Global Styles feature. Yes, you read it right!

Remember when we talked about EcomSolid? EcomSolid is not a drag-and-drop builder either. But it's kind of reasonable because EcomSolid is not that expensive—its highest plan only costs $39 per month.

But if you are paying $67 per month for a non-drag-and-drop page builder, you may want to rethink your investment.

Meanwhile, GemPages, starting from $15 per month, powers your design experience with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor. With our drag-and-drop editor, you can see how an element looks in multiple positions with one swift move.

And because Zipify doesn't support the Global Styles feature, chances are you will end up tweaking every detail on different pages all over again. This can be boring and time-consuming! Why not save yourself from this long and painful task with GemPages Global Styles?


layouthub page builder

LayoutHub Page Builder

LayoutHub is an easy page builder that helps merchants quickly set up an online store with any page type by using their library of pre-designed layouts and blocks.

LayoutHub Features

SEO Control

Apart from driving more traffic to a website, SEO can be complementary to brand awareness. The more visible your pages are in search results, the faster you can attract the right customers to your business.

With LayoutHub, you have complete control over on-page meta descriptions, titles, and alt-tags. You can easily configure these settings for Google bots and crawlers.

Does GemPages have this feature?

We understand that speed and mobile responsiveness are two of the most crucial ranking factors. That's why all GemPages templates and elements are optimized for speed and mobile-responsiveness.

Besides that, we also grant our users granular control over image SEO. You can provide search engines with a text description of what's on the image by adding an alt tag and alt text for your image. This improves accessibility, and if you include your keywords, your chances of ranking in image searches too.

The ability to add custom code

LayoutHub supports adding custom code to further customize your Shopify store. This feature is mainly geared towards developers and tech-savvy users who demand a one-of-a-kind functionality that might go beyond what a page builder offers.

Does GemPages have this feature?

GemPages page builder is powerful and flexible, and you can solve most challenges with built-in templates and elements. But of course, you can always add custom code for a special feature that meets the unique needs of your business.

If there is a feature you wish to have on GemPages, let us know and we'll see what we can do. At GemPages, your opinions always matter.

LayoutHub Drawbacks that GemPages solves

No flow action feature

Flow actions are custom actions that render a flow. They are efficient methods to enhance engagement and calls-to-action.

This feature is currently not available on LayoutHub but comes by default on GemPages. For the technical details, see: How to create automated interactions using the flow action feature.

Unable to transfer pages

We know that with many sleek templates coming out, you might be tempted to change the style of an existing page. Instead of inputting everything all over again, you can transfer your templates and blocks to the destination page in just a few minutes.

Unfortunately, you are unable to do so on LayoutHub. But if you go for GemPages, you can transfer your pages without a hitch. Designing your storefront is getting easier and more efficient, so you can invest more time in acquiring new customers for your store.

Why Is GemPages Still The Best Page Builder for Your Shopify Store?

While there's no denying that all of these GemPages alternatives have fantastic features, they also have some drawbacks that keep them from being truly great.

Instead of tradeoffs, why not choose GemPages and get the most of all these GemPages alternatives with none of the drawbacks?
GemPages will give you:

  • The intuitive drag-and-drop editor that EcomSolid, Zipify, and LayoutHub don't have.
  • The advanced features that EcomSolid, PageFly, and Zipify don't offer.
  • The ease of use and stability that PageFly lacks.
  • The value for money that Shogun will not.
  • And the endless customization that none of these GemPages alternatives has to offer.

"For Shopify, this is the best page builder app out there, and I've tried them all...Shogun, PageFly, Zipify... but GemPages takes the cake. It integrates with Shopify..., it has all the customization you need (unlike Shogun, Zipify), and it actually works, no bugs (unlike PageFly)."

- Cotton Coat.

Besides top-notch features, GemPages also offers you round-the-clock support. No matter which GemPages plan you go with. No matter what issues you encounter. We've got your back, always!

Also, GemPages is the only Shopify page builder among this GemPages alternatives list offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can get your money back if you change your mind in the first 30 days. But please share with us anything you are not yet satisfied with, so we can improve GemPages for you.

We always strive for the best, and never settle for less.

It’s time to raise the bar for your storefront. Try GemPages today!