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GemPages vs EComposer: Which Page Builder is Better for Your Shopify Store?

GemPages Team
10 minutes read
GemPages vs Ecomposer

Shopify - a complete commerce platform that lets anyone start, manage, and grow a business - attracts increasingly merchants to join. But what to do if you have no experience building an online store and no design or coding skills?

The emergence of page builder apps is truly the top solution you should apply without any consideration.

Among countless Shopify page builder apps, we would like to introduce to you GemPages and Ecomposer - two popular Shopify page builders (or landing page builders).

Both offer a wide range of features and benefits, ideal for store owners who want to build visual-stunning and high-converting online stores on Shopify. However, they also have unique features that suit the different needs of store owners. 

This article will compare these two page builders based on their pricing and features to help you quickly decide which is suitable for your store. 

Important update: From February 2024, The Shopify "$1 per month for the first 3 months" offer is no longer available. Instead, you can still explore Shopify with the new deal: Get 3 days free then first month for $1. Now let's embark on your business journey!

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GemPages vs EComposer: A General Comparison

Let’s take a look at the following comparison table and then you will have the best option for your needs.



1. Pricing Plan Overview

First Plan

Build - $29
Unlimited Published Pages

Standard - $19 
15 published pages/sections

Second Plan

Optimize - $59 
Unlimited Published Pages

Pro - $39 
50 published pages/sections

Highest Plan

Enterprise - $199
Unlimited Published Pages

Premium - $99
Unlimited Published Pages

2. Key Features

AI-powered Image-to-Layout feature (Beta)
(turn image/URL into editable layouts)

Yes Yes
(Only generating Content - Available from Pro Plan - $39/month)

Drag-and-drop Editor
(easy to build, customize, optimize pages)



Headless technology - ILP
(Building high-performance, mobile-optimized landing pages to boost users’ campaigns and increase conversion)



Unlimited Publishable Pages
(There's no limit to the number of pages you can publish)


Available at the highest plan (US$99/month) 

Standard Templates
(Pre-built homepage, landing page, product page, advertorial page,... templates)



Seasonal and Holiday Templates
(seasonal pre-built templates)



Native Elements
(Banner, Icon, Carousel, Sticky add to cart, Countdown timer, Animation, etc.)



 Font Manager
(supports Google Fonts to ensure the best loading speed and compatibility)



 Custom Code
Styling customization made possible with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.



SEO Control
(Edit the Title and Meta description of your pages)



Flow Actions
A feature that allows creating automated animations that trigger when customers interact with specific elements on your page.



Lazy Loading
(Load only the necessary content that is on display)



Global Style
A feature that helps a consistent style for specific sections/ elements across your page.


(From Pro plan - $39/month)

A/B Testing
(feature that allows you to test the 2 product templates)

(Only Available for V6)


Smart Optimization Assistant
GemMeter - A built-in automated tool capable of detecting design mistakes, evaluating page performance, and providing real-time suggestions to improve the conversion rates of your landing pages.

(Only Available in V6 and Mixed Users)


Share Pages
(export and import templates and blocks to use in different stores)



Publish Scheduling
(Set your desired date and time to live page)

(Only Available for Mixed Users - V7 Coming soon)


Activity Logs
(View the users' all history activities for the app)



Keyboard Shortcuts
(Quick operation with keyboard shortcut)



Version History & Autosave




(Coming soon in V7)


Live Video Support




The Verdict

Both GemPages and EComposer provide drag-and-drop interfaces that simplify the process of building engaging and interactive pages on Shopify. You can easily access various standard templates and elements to design your store. 

It can be said that the most obvious difference between these two apps is the number of live pages for users. Ecomposer imposes restrictions:

- Free plan allows only 1 published page, the $19/month plan permits 15 pages, and the $39/month plan allows up to 50 pages. To enjoy unlimited page publishing, users must upgrade to the highest package.

In contrast, GemPages offers unlimited page publishing starting from its first paid plan, priced at only $23/month. Anyway, both GemPages and EComposers are very reasonable in price, creating a level playing field to compare other features.

However, if you're looking for advanced features to enhance your store's aesthetics and performance, GemPages is an ideal choice. GemPages offers an impressive list of features that are designed to bring your online store to the next level, such as:

An outstanding feature exclusive to GemPages is the AI feature - Image-to-Layout. This feature takes page building to a new level by enabling users to turn URLs and images to editable layouts in a snap. Try this feature and you won't be disappointed.

With the desire to bring the best experience to users, GemPages always continuously absorbs customers' opinions and wishes and improves product quality. Some features that were unique to Ecomposer have also appeared in the GemPages editor, such as version history and autosave.

Besides, GemPages' strong support team is always ready to support you not only with live chat but also with live video support.

Overall, the choice between GemPages and EComposer depends on the specific features and functionalities store owners require for their online store.

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What Are Other Shopify Merchants Saying?

GemPages is a great tool for building high-converting landing pages or any other pages. Works well to integrate with other tools/software, and the support team is helpful (and fast). 5/5!

- Kratus.

I recently used GemPages to build a landing page for my business, and I was thrilled with the results! The platform was super easy to use, and I was able to create a beautiful page in no time. When I ran into a couple of snags, their customer service team was there to help me. They were so friendly and patient, and they quickly resolved my issues.

I highly recommend GemPages to anyone looking for a user-friendly landing page builder with great customer service. They exceeded my expectations!

- BestWhite.

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FAQ for GemPages vs Ecomposer

Is GemPages worth it?
According to customer reviews, GemPages is an app that can definitely be recommended to anyone currently part of the Shopify community looking for a smoother web page building experience.
What is GemPages used for?
GemPages is an effortless and conversion-focused page builder for Shopify stores. It comes with a proprietary drag-and drop editor that lets you create visual-stunning, high-converting, and SEO-friendly pages of all types and purposes.
Is GemPages free to use?
While the Free Plan helps you get familiar with our Editor and publish your first page, upgrading to a paid plan unlocks our premium features and unlimited pages.
Why use GemPages?
GemPages helps you turn more visitors into paying customers by making it easy for you to create, optimize and test Shopify funnels. No coding.
What is EComposer Shopify?
Just like GemPages, PageFly or Shogun, EComposer is a Shopify page builder. The general purpose of these apps is to help customers quickly build Shopify stores and boost sales.

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