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GemPages vs PageFly: Which is Your Best Choice?

GemPages Team
12 minutes read
GemPages vs Pagefly

Shopify is by far one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the world. Building an online business on Shopify gives you the immense capabilities of its robust infrastructure and it can open a world of opportunities.

More and more people are joining this platform to learn and build their own business brand. So, as a Shopify store owner, what should you do to become different and stand out?

- Integrate drag-and-drop page builders, such as GemPages and PageFly. These Shopify third-party apps allow store owners to create stunning and high-converting sales, with many outstanding elements.

In this article, we’ll compare two Shopify top-rated page builders: GemPages vs PageFly. Our aim is to provide you with an unbiased and objective analysis so that you can select the best page builder for your business. 

So, let's get started and find out whether GemPages or PageFly comes out on top!

GemPages vs PageFly: A Detailed Comparison

Here’s how GemPages vs PageFly stack up against each other.




AI-powered Image-to-Layout feature (Beta)
(Turn image/URL into editable layouts)

Yes No

Drag-and-drop Editor
(Easy to build, customize, optimize pages)



Unlimited Publishable Pages
(There's no limit to the number of pages you can publish)


(Available from the most popular plan - US$29/month to the highest plan)


Available at the highest plan - US$99/month)

Headless technology - ILP
(Building high-performance, mobile-optimized landing pages to boost users’ campaigns and increase conversion)
Yes No

Standard Templates
(Pre-built homepage, landing page, product page, advertorial page,... templates)



Seasonal and Holiday Templates
(Seasonal pre-built templates)



Native Elements
(Banner, Icon, Carousel, Sticky add to cart, Countdown timer, Animation, etc.)



Custom Code
(Styling customization made possible with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)



Font Manager
(supports Google Fonts to ensure the best loading speed and compatibility)

(Only Available for Mixed Users)


Flow Actions
(A feature that allows creating automated animations that trigger when customers interact with specific elements on your page)

(Only Available for Mixed Users - V7 Coming soon)


SEO Control

(Edit the Title and Meta description of your pages)



Lazy Loading

(Load only the necessary content that is on display)



Global Style
(A feature that helps a consistent style for specific sections/ elements across your page)



A/B Testing
(feature that allows you to test the 2 product templates)

(Only Available in V6)


Smart Optimization Assistant

(GemMeter - A built-in automated tool capable of detecting design mistakes, evaluating page performance, and providing real-time suggestions to improve the conversion rates of your landing pages)

(Only Available in V6 and Mixed Users)


Publish Scheduling
(Set your desired date and time to live page)

(Only Available for Mixed Users - V7 Coming soon)


Activity Logs
(View the users' all history activities for the app)



Keyboard Shortcuts
(Quick operation with keyboard shortcut)



Share Pages
(export and import templates and blocks to use in different stores)
Yes No

Custom Service
(Help center)

Advanced Store Customization

Page Migration

Live Video Support Yes No

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The Verdict

Both GemPages and PageFly provide online merchants with a decent range of customizable templates, essential elements, and features to enhance the visual appearance of their store pages and improve conversion rates

PageFly does offer some fantastic features like custom code, lazy loading, and Global Style. However, PageFly falls short in terms of more advanced capabilities that could help online stores truly differentiate themselves and sell better. 

In contrast, GemPages merchants more tools to create an on-brand online presence, such as: 

Outstandingly, in version 7, GemPages released the first AI feature called Image-to-Layout. With its cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, this AI-powered feature can help you turn references into editable layouts in a snap, allowing you to channel your time and efforts into your business.


 Plus, GemPages is better value for money compared to PageFly. 

GemPages’ most popular plan sets you back US$59/month. In return, you will get unlimited publishable pages of any type.

On the other hand, PageFly's pay-as-you-go pricing model can quickly add up, with their unlimited publishable page feature only available at the high cost of US$199/month. 

That's 3.3x the cost of GemPages' plan for far fewer advanced sales-boosting features. Why pay more to get less? The choice is clear.


Here is the GemPages monthly pricing. And the best part? If you opt for an annual subscription, you'll get a whopping 20% off!


PageFly pricing plan

With that being said, PageFly is a good choice for stores that require basic customization of pages and standard templates to get them up and running. Meanwhile, GemPages offers endless customization and more advanced features that are best suited for businesses that aim to really raise the bar for their storefront to convert incredibly.

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What Are Other Shopify Merchants Saying?

Don't just take our word for it. Hear from our customers:

I used PageFly which is a great app, but this (GemPages) is a level or two up. Easier to build a store and this app have [sic] support who can do things in your shop that you can not imagine. Amazing app!

- Napping Pack.

Very nice app (GemPages). Support is amazing, they are usually always around and can help right away, which makes a big difference when you are trying to do something. I tried using PageFly first. PageFly feels a little more technical and needs more practice, but this is easier to pick up faster, I could still do everything here.

- Zest Balance.

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FAQ for GemPages vs PageFly

Is GemPages worth it?
According to customer reviews, GemPages is an app that can definitely be recommended to anyone currently part of the Shopify community looking for a smoother web page building experience.
What is GemPages used for?
GemPages is an effortless and conversion-focused page builder for Shopify stores. It comes with a proprietary drag-and drop editor that lets you create visual-stunning, high-converting, and SEO-friendly pages of all types and purposes.
Is GemPages free to use?
While the Free Plan helps you get familiar with our Editor and publish your first page, upgrading to a paid plan unlocks our premium features and unlimited pages.
Why use GemPages?
GemPages helps you turn more visitors into paying customers by making it easy for you to create, optimize and test Shopify funnels. No coding.
What is better than PageFly?
There are many Shopify page builder apps that are worth trying such as GemPages. Customers can experience the outstanding features of these apps for themselves to make objective comparisons and find the product they like.
Why is Shopify better than WordPress?
Shopify has a simple, user-friendly interface facilitating the effortless setup of online stores for businesses. On the other hand, WordPress, while slightly more complex, could be preferable for businesses seeking extensive customization options.

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