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Eco-Friendly Products of 2024: The Best Sustainable Products to Sell

GemPages Team
8 minutes read

Sustainability has been the talk of the town for decades, and the consumer’s demand for sustainable products has never been this evident. As eco-friendliness is becoming a standard necessity in online shopping, this is a prime time for sellers to be aware of this growing consumption pattern.

In this blog post, we will delve into various sustainable product ideas for eCommerce sellers. If you are looking to achieve more sustainability, check out these eco-friendly products to hit the ground running.

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Eco-Friendly Product Guide for eCommerce Sellers

To begin driving your business toward a more earth-friendly practice, it is important to know the answers to the questions below.

What are Eco-Friendly Products?

Eco-friendly products are made from natural materials and ingredients with little to no harm to our planet. Since this is an umbrella term, a wide array of products can be classified as eco-friendly. Below are several common products that fall into this criterion:

  • Bamboo toothbrushes/cutlery
  • Reusable straws
  • Natural skincare products
  • Recycled clothing
  • Biodegradable plastic bags
  • etc.

Pro tip: Earth-day 2024 is coming to town, so push your eco-friendly product right now. Plus, one of the simple ways to stimulate customers' fomo mentality is to add elements such as countdown timer, bundle product, etc.

What Makes an Eco-Friendly Business?

An eco-friendly business is more than a store selling plastic-free products. In eCommerce, there are baseline requirements for businesses to be classified as eco-friendly, which largely depends on each company’s local laws.

In general, an eco-friendly business has a completely sustainable operation, from material sourcing, manufacturing, producing, packaging, and shipping. 

An important notice: it is recommended that sellers stray away from greenwashing.

In a nutshell, greenwashing is the act of falsely marketing a product or service as eco-friendly without actual evidence to back up these claims. 

An infamous instance of this unethical practice is Starbucks’ straw-less lid which was advertised as an effort to reduce the company’s environmental footprint. The catch? This innovative lid contains more plastic than the good ol’ lid and straw combo.

Therefore, building a sustainable business requires actual knowledge and genuine effort to protect the environment, rather than spouting fables and fairytales.

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Important note: If your store doesn't sell eco-friendly products, that's okay, you're not out of the game. Take advantage of the Shopify blog section, email marketing, or pop up boxes to share the spirit/message of your store this big day. It will be an effective way to raise your brand awareness.

How Does Shopify Work with Your Eco-Friendly Store?

Shopify, like many other eCommerce host platforms, is designed to empower business owners with the most unconventional product ideas. As long as your ideas comply with the website’s guidelines, you are good to go.

Thus, eco-friendly merchandise is not out of the left field when it comes to starting a Shopify-based storefront. Similar to other business ventures, an eco-friendly eCommerce store starts by following a solid store set-up guide. This platform’s multi-functional tools are a gold mine for both novice and veteran sellers to explore. Need more convincing? Let’s walk through our top picks for the best eco-friendly product ideas, alongside the best Shopify stores in the section ahead.

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10 Best Eco-Friendly Product Ideas for 2024

Numerous eCommerce merchants have tapped into this niche by offering environmentally friendly products that are widely accessible to the public, and they have seen great success. Let’s uncover their marketing tactics with us.

1. Reusable food packaging

    Beeswax wrap can be considered a new method of food wrapping, as its popularity has only arisen in the past few years. That said, the market is reported to grow beyond US$ 100.6 million in 2024, due to its acclaimed functionality and convenience.

    Looking to replace the hassle of cutting cling films and other plastic-made packaging to store your leftovers? The beeswax wrapping stands as the top choice for both buyers and sellers.

    Screenshot of Lunchskins’ website.

    Discover a healthier way to pack your daily lunch with Lunchskins.

    Lunchskins offers a top-notch solution for office and school goers to enjoy an on-the-go meal wherever they please with its fun collections of lunch bags and sacs. Similarly, Bee's Wrap presents a comprehensive repertoire of the most prized items on its digital storefront. Whether you start small or go in with a bang, this niche is an excellent idea to start with.

    Screenshot of Bee’s Wrap’s website.

    Bee’s Wrap makes food-wrapping more exciting and easy than ever.

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    2. Sustainable beauty products

    Clean beauty is a well-known term that refers to naturally sourced skincare and makeup products that make use of sustainable ingredients and ethical testing. It requires intensive knowledge for merchants to make themselves known in this industry. That said, with the forecasted market value of clean beauty at $15.3 billion by 2028, it is never too late to hop on this train.

    Screenshot of Humanrace’s website.

    Humanrace made skincare products that are not only good for you but the planet as well.

    Some recognizable names of eco-friendly product examples in the clean beauty sector are Humanrace and REN Skincare. Both stores chose a minimalist website layout to convey their visions and missions to our planet. Their similarities can also be spotted in the toxin-free ingredient lists, sustainable packaging, and an honest effort to minimize their carbon footprints.

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    Screenshot of REN’s website.

    REN leads the pack of clean skincare brands by only offering skincare solutions made from natural ingredients.

    3. Reusable cups and tumblers

    Looking for Earth Day gift ideas? These reusable cups not only make the perfect gifts but can also be the idea you need for your next sustainable business venture.

    It does not take much research for one to learn about the recent Stanley cup trend that took the internet by storm. Despite all the controversy around this buying fad, it is apparent that this is a brilliant niche to build your eco-friendly business.

    Screenshot of MiiR’s website.

    MiiR’s business ethics revolve around the planet and people.

    Apart from the worldwide famous Stanley cups, the recognizable brands Yeti and MiiR are our top picks as the MVPs in this niche. Both have the same product line but each brand has its own flair. While Yeti offers a fun customization option, MiiR has an intriguing podcast that lets you in on the brand’s secrets to success.

    Screenshot of Yeti’s website.

    Yeti made a name for itself as the leading tumbler brand whose products are made to last.

    Pro tip:  It can be seen that the common point of these Shopify stores is that they all focus a lot on visuals. Eye-catching colors palette and clear images are the first steps to attract customers to visit your store.

    4. Eco-friendly feminine care products

    Feminine care products have become more accessible and sustainable in recent years, which is a good sign of eliminating the taboo stigma around this subject. By aiming to be more eco-friendly, numerous brands have taken a step further towards protecting the planet and embracing women’s health.

    Screenshot of DAME’s website.

    DAME understands the ongoing demand for clean, toxin-free feminine care products and managed to deliver just the thing.

    There are a lot of brilliant brands out there, but DAME and Aisle stand out to us the most. Their boldsy and captivating messages are perfectly captured through the use of visuals and website design. With people and the planet as their core principles, these two brands excelled at conveying their visions and being transparent with their customers.

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    Screenshot of Aisle’s website.

    Comfort and sustainability are the top priorities of Aisle - a long-standing feminine care company.

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    5. Sustainable fashion

    The market value of the sustainable fashion industry will stand at $10.1 billion by 2025, as a result of the consumer’s increased awareness of the ins and outs of the fashion world. From a buyer’s perspective, fashion is not just about aesthetic and comfortable clothes, as ethical production and social impact play a huge role in making an informed decision.

    Screenshot of Omnes’ website.

    Omnes does not shy away from designing sustainable yet visually pleasing clothing.

    Sustainable fashion is all about the effort to balance between a visually pleasing catalog and its environmental impact. The two instances of Omnes and Pangaia show which direction fashion companies can go to create an alluring key visual, while still having sustainability at the core. While embodying different aesthetics, both brands feature “Sustainability” and “Our Mission” tabs that tell visitors where they stand when it comes to caring for the planet.

    Screenshot of Pangaia’s website.

    With the planet and people at its core, Pangaia’s products are all about functionality and sustainability.

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    6. Eco-friendly pet product

    Our furry friends are typically low-maintenance, but it does not mean pet care products have to be shabby. With the climbing rate of pet ownership, building an eco-friendly pet store never goes out of style.

    Screenshot of Earth Rated’s website.

    Every product from Earth Rated’s collection is ethically made and high-functioning.

    Earth Rated’s business vision is clear from the brand’s name alone. With a limited and focused product catalog, this pet company aims to be a “better environmental steward” by reducing its product environmental footprint.

    Dappled into the pet food market, Jiminy's guaranteed to only carry nutrient-dense proteins from insects, a clever tactic to provide our canine friends with first-rated food and our planet with love.

    Screenshot of Jiminy’s’ website.

    These planet-saving treats from Jiminy’s might just be what your pets need.

    7. Sustainable dental care products

    With a recommended lifespan of 3 months, toothbrushes stand among the top polluted plastics in the world. This is why consumers have been seeking alternatives to plastic dental care items, such as bamboo toothbrushes. The brands ahead are the prime examples of eco-friendly Shopify stores that belong to this marketable niche.

    Screenshot of Cocofloss’ website.

    Cocofloss’ extensive collection introduces a fun and eco-friendly method to take care of your dental health.

    With an easy-as-pie recycling program, Cocofloss managed to provide customers with an ample collection of dental care products while still remaining sustainable. Though owning a more humble catalog, Elims adopted a similar approach and became a well-known indie brand in this niche. On the other hand, Bite took it a notch further and eliminated plastic completely with its revolutionary toothpaste tablets and bamboo toothbrush collections.

    Screenshot of Bite’s website.

    Plastic-free teeth-brushing is the new craze that was revolutionized by Bite.

    Screenshot of Elims’ website.

    Take care of your dental health and the Earth by using Elims’ products.

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    8. Ethically-made yoga gear

    Yoga is an accessible physical and mental practice that anyone can try out. By the end of the decade, the number of yoga practitioners is reported to reach an astounding number of 350 million.

    Whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi, a trusty yoga mat is a must-have. Among a plethora of options, consumers will be drawn to a business with an ethical practice rather than one that leans towards mass production. This is when earth-friendly yoga gear gets to shine.

    Screenshot of Yoloha’s website.

    Breathe some fresh air into your yoga routine with the uniquely designed yoga mats from Yoloha.

    Yoloha Yoga and Manduka are both Shopify-based storefronts with sustainable yoga mat collections to elevate one’s practice sessions. While Yoloha builds its business upon the one-of-a-kind mats made from fine grain cork, Manduka’s products are all about sustainably harvested rubber. Apart from mats, other yoga props are also ideal goods for an eco-friendly business.

    Screenshot of Manduka’s website.

    Experience the utmost performance and sustainability with this yoga mat collection from Manduka.

    9. Low-waste meal kit service

    These days, almost everything can be ordered online. The global meal kit delivery market worldwide is projected to reach US$14.59bn by 2024, which goes to show how lucrative this niche can be.

    Busy households are no strangers to this service. While its convenience is undeniable, this handy service also helps consumers become more sustainable with the pre-portioned meal kits to avoid food waste. If you have a knack for the FnB market, why not try capitalizing on this growing consumer trend?

    Screenshot of Sakara’s website.

    Sakara goes beyond a food and supplement brand, for its earth-centered brand philosophy.

    Sakara is branded as a food delivery business whose philosophy revolves around people’s physical and mental wellness. Its meal programs are all powered by plants and gut-caring ingredients, which help calm and nourish your body.

    Screenshot of Patagonia Provisions’ website.

    Patagonia expands its vision by catering a food delivery service that is carefully crafted to elevate your every meal.

    Looking for a more traditional meal kit business inspiration? Patagonia Provisions and Mosaic have done a brilliant job at bringing their visions to customers via clear-cut brand images and efficient product catalogs. Whichever approach you choose, this niche is proven to be a growing eco-friendly trend.

    Screenshot of Mosaic’s website.

    Satisfy your cravings while protecting the planet with Mosaic’s veggie-filled meal kits.

    10. Sustainable travel accessories

    Finding sustainable options while traveling can be challenging, from avoiding overpacking all the way to eliminating plastic while you are on the move. By developing a high-quality travel gear brand, sellers can resolve this pain point.

    Screenshot of Calpak’s website.

    Traveling made chic and earth-friendly with Calpak’s exclusive line of recycled bags.

    Who says a durable travel bag has to be bulky and passé? Calpak is here to debunk the myth.

    With different collections of aesthetic travel bags, luggage, and organizers, this brand showcases a fun and fresh way to travel without any fuss. Better yet, its Tetra line features products made from recycled materials - a perfect option for conscious travelers who want to explore and care for the Earth at the same time.

    Another small but powerful travel accessory has to be Final's reusable straw. This compact metal straw will replace a dozen plastic ones that you will use at your travel destinations, or in other words, it will prevent a handful of plastic waste that will harm our environment in the long run.

    Screenshot of Final’s website.

    Enjoy a wonderful drink at your dream travel location with Final’s reusable straw.

    Pro tip: Creating a Shopify coming soon page to provide a glimpse into what's to come, triggering curiosity and interest in customers

    Transform Your Eco-Friendly Store with a Powerful Page Builder

    As long as you have equipped yourself with proper knowledge, starting a sustainable eCommerce business is a cakewalk. That said, to ensure your business is ethical through and through, it is important to not cut corners and view this as a “get rich quick” scheme. To not be left behind by competitors who have already acquired this eco-friendly badge, it is time for you to up the ante. For Shopify-based businesses, third-party apps like GemPages Landing Page Builder will provide the much-needed assistance to complete your sustainable storefront.

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    FAQ About Eco-Friendly Products

    What are eco-friendly products?
    Eco-friendly products refer to products that are made using natural and sustainable materials and ingredients, in which the manufacturing processes do not harm the environment. The term “eco-friendly” covers a wide variety of goods, including clothing, foods, cosmetics, travel gear, furniture, and so on.
    What are the differences between eco-friendly vs. sustainable products?
    Eco-friendly and sustainable are often used interchangeably. That said, there are certain differences in the nuances of these two terms. While eco-friendliness pertains to the practices and products that protect the well-being of the environment, sustainability concerns a more comprehensive concept that includes a long-term focus and overall higher standards.
    Are eco-friendly products in demand?
    Ever since consumers became aware of the environmental issues and their impact, their demand for eco-friendly products has increased. With a 71% rise in global searches for sustainable goods in the last five years, it is evident that the need for eco-friendly products has never died down.
    Where to start selling eco-friendly products online?
    Eco-friendly products, like many other profitable goods, can be sold via an online storefront hosted by an eCommerce platform. Some reputable host platforms are Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Amazon.
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